Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.5 Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo

Somehow Nanaki’s route felt really quick and I was pretty much .____. the whole route because I couldn’t really synchronize with the whole story about Chiyo. I really enjoyed Nanaki’s moments near his ending– but they came so late so I felt there wasn’t enough ;w; I don’t have much to say like in Hinase’s route so I’ll just be quick. Feel free to (actually please do) enlighten me about the story, I love discussion and I love learning other opinions different from my own. Nanaki and Chiyo’s relationship is only half of the importance of this chapter. (I ended up writing an analysis section on it, feel free to criticize my unorganized tl;dr writing) The other half of the chapter contributes a lot on moving the story forwards the next chapter in Shinigami to Shoujo. So I’ll be covering all about Ao and Tooya in this chapter too.

Voice actors = Kirishima Nanaki: Chiba Susumu // Chiyo: Nojima Kenji

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post.

[ Chapter 5 : Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo’s story ]