Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.4 Hinase Mitsuru’s story

I love Hinase’s story to pieces and I couldn’t stand missing details so the post turned out really long.. Now I understand how other bloggers make such long posts and I admire them for being able to keep it up. This post covers all of Chapter 4 and Hinase’s route. The post is different from the previous posts, and is divided into 5 parts but it’s still a huge slightly over 10k word wall of text ;w; (one with all my love). Please take your time reading? The next posts I make for StS will be similar to the first post. Hinase’s really special that’s why it turned out like this ;w;

Random edit: Hinase is voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa (FF:FFH FF Versus 13’s Noctis)
His voice acting and singing is so good I pretty much became a fan of him now..

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post. Important events about Hinase that happen during Ch.1-3 are also in the previous post.

[ Chapter 4 : (Hinase Mitsuru’s story) ]


Shinigami to Shoujo: Prologue, Ch.1-3

死神と少女 応援中!

Shinigami to Shoujo official site :

I recently started playing Shinigami to Shoujo. It’s a very enchanting story filled with deep meanings, and is as good and fulfilling as everyone says it is. I’ve finished Hinase’s story (Ch.4) and it’s already my second favorite game after Clock Zero. It’s a story I’d recommend with all my heart; its beautiful, heartwarming and bittersweet. If you’re going to play it, please don’t spoil yourself because my writing can’t do it justice.. in fact, please read Chocolatemix’s non-spoiler review if you’re still deciding. Otherwise I’d love to share the story and my thoughts about it with you. It’s also been a long while since I wrote full summaries/impressions of a game since Aiyoku no Eustia. がんばったわ \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/

 This post covers the prologue, Ch.1-3, Kaho’s ending and everything about Hinase before entering his route. It’s around 3400 words long. Not too long. This will not be the case for Hinase’s post *rolls eyes*