CLOCK ZERO Drama CD それからの記憶 ~僕たちの中学生日記~

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This drama CD continues from the PSP limited edition short story from my previous post (❛◡❛٭)  In short, the CZ members excluding Nadeshiko relive memories of their middle school days together. We get to hear both the child versions in flashbacks and the adults making comments about it. At the ending, love solfege’s insert song ‘Aozora no kakuritsu’ is played in the background. It makes you feel warm and bubbly inside like finishing another happy ending for CZ.

Track 1 : The album of memories
Track 2 : Glorious spring days of a new semester
Track 3 : Summer boys
Track 4 : Heated battle! Shuurin gakuen’s autumn sports festival
Track 5 : Small discrepancy in winter
Track 6 : Love rivals, sakura, and because there’s tomorrow

It goes from spring, to summer, autumn, winter and back to spring again..

By the way, my translations/summaries are far from perfect, please feel free to correct or criticize me for mistakes/bad word usage. I’ll be happy with advice so I can improve myself next time. And about my fangirling rants.. there’s a lot of them in the beginning but they tend to disappear towards the end because I gradually got tired translating lmao even though Track 5,6 are my favorites. I love the rivalry between Rittan and Takato, and the part Madoka attempts to come in so much. I’ll be happy if you enjoy this post~


CZPSP Epilogue and Limited Edition Short Story

Truthfully I haven’t finished all of CZ PSP yet. >///< I don’t want it to end so I haven’t played any of the Yuushinkai routes yet. I did however, play the epilogue and loved it. But the more lovable thing is the new drama CD. I will write about that but since they are all connected, I’ll write about everything orderly.

The new epilogue continues after [End No.6 Autumn wind’s farewell] when the story ends after the first part in Shuurin Gakuen and nothing happens. After burying the time capsule , everyone lives on normally and Nadeshiko has not paired up with anyone… SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME AND ALL EXTRAS!

CZPSP Epilogue : ~Story towards the Future~


☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

Finally~ my dearest beloved game CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable is released! I’ve been excited over this since forever especially since the countdown voices started and probably because of that – I’m super hyped even though I’m in the middle of exams and assignment deadlines! I’m so happy more people can enjoy CZ and that so many people who loved the PS2 version, bought the PSP version and are really anticipating a 2nd play through for the new content. Hooray for CZ love!^_^ I will still wait for a fan disk forever!

I’m very happy in Twitter lately. ^_^ Since a lot of my friends will be playing CZ for the first time, we’ll be playing it together.. although I may start a bit late. (Really busy lately) Anyway, this is a little CZ information/recommendations/tips post with what you want to know before playing. This post is spoiler free.

  • What’s new in the PSP version?
  • Tips for new players / Guides / Playing order
  • Countdown voice downloads
  • CZ Merchandise talk


CLOCK ZERO Portable & Random rants

CLOCK ZERO Portable is coming 2011.9.22 !!

I’m so happy~^__^ (I’ve been very happy ever since the announcement from Famitsu last week) I already can’t wait to replay the game so now I’ll wait for the PSP version instead. <- Yes, my obsession over CZ is WAYYY overboard.

Today the official site just opened with that Takato x Nadeshiko picture above which made me squeal with delight & surprise when I first saw it. You can get a big wallpaper version of it by registering in the banner campaign. *has made it my wallpaper, happily* It had a lot of funny questions. I chose Takato as my lover, Rittan as my best friend, Madoka as my little brother (young ver.) + as my big brother (adult ver.), Nakaba as my older brother (young ver.) and Rain as my younger brother (adult ver.) 😄 And naturally the King has to be Kaga Akira.

Official Site

Let’s see. This is from both Famitsu and B’s Log :

  • New scenarios ..Does that mean new routes or just new scnenes? *wants Nakaba and Rain routes*
  • Added scenes after the ending  … YES! Can’t wait! I can never get enough of CZ!
  • Data install / 4:3 & 16:9 selection for CGs …basically like the S.Y.K ports. Shima-san must be pro at it by now which is why CZ’s port is getting released so fast. Shima-san bravo!
  • CG comments and more system voices

Now if only the sales are high enough so we can get a Fandisk after this, for the PSP. I hope Shima-san restarts the CZ staff blog too. *geasses everyone : Support CZ with ALL your power!* *Pastes CZ banners all over side widget WAHAHA XD* ♥♥♥ *gets bricked ack XD*

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Below are some very random rants about the games I’m playing and upcoming ones. (more…)