CZPSP Epilogue and Limited Edition Short Story

Truthfully I haven’t finished all of CZ PSP yet. >///< I don’t want it to end so I haven’t played any of the Yuushinkai routes yet. I did however, play the epilogue and loved it. But the more lovable thing is the new drama CD. I will write about that but since they are all connected, I’ll write about everything orderly.

The new epilogue continues after [End No.6 Autumn wind’s farewell] when the story ends after the first part in Shuurin Gakuen and nothing happens. After burying the time capsule , everyone lives on normally and Nadeshiko has not paired up with anyone… SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME AND ALL EXTRAS!

CZPSP Epilogue : ~Story towards the Future~


☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

Finally~ my dearest beloved game CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable is released! I’ve been excited over this since forever especially since the countdown voices started and probably because of that – I’m super hyped even though I’m in the middle of exams and assignment deadlines! I’m so happy more people can enjoy CZ and that so many people who loved the PS2 version, bought the PSP version and are really anticipating a 2nd play through for the new content. Hooray for CZ love!^_^ I will still wait for a fan disk forever!

I’m very happy in Twitter lately. ^_^ Since a lot of my friends will be playing CZ for the first time, we’ll be playing it together.. although I may start a bit late. (Really busy lately) Anyway, this is a little CZ information/recommendations/tips post with what you want to know before playing. This post is spoiler free.

  • What’s new in the PSP version?
  • Tips for new players / Guides / Playing order
  • Countdown voice downloads
  • CZ Merchandise talk