☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

☆ CLOCK ZERO Portable 発売おめでとう!☆

Finally~ my dearest beloved game CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable is released! I’ve been excited over this since forever especially since the countdown voices started and probably because of that – I’m super hyped even though I’m in the middle of exams and assignment deadlines! I’m so happy more people can enjoy CZ and that so many people who loved the PS2 version, bought the PSP version and are really anticipating a 2nd play through for the new content. Hooray for CZ love!^_^ I will still wait for a fan disk forever!

I’m very happy in Twitter lately. ^_^ Since a lot of my friends will be playing CZ for the first time, we’ll be playing it together.. although I may start a bit late. (Really busy lately) Anyway, this is a little CZ information/recommendations/tips post with what you want to know before playing. This post is spoiler free.

  • What’s new in the PSP version?
  • Tips for new players / Guides / Playing order
  • Countdown voice downloads
  • CZ Merchandise talk

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【病みトーマMAD】I deal Forest~S style~【AMNESIA】

お久しぶりです!I’ve been gone for so long! Well, not really because if you’ve been following me on twitter or looking at my tweet bar on the right, I’ve been pretty much alive and I’m still hopelessly obsessed with CZ as ever (like always). I also love Takato and Okita-san more than ever (like always, again). While I haven’t changed much as a fangirl, I’ve faced a lot of changes in RL which has made me really busy lately, since 2 months ago. I flopped over a few timelines time zones and landed in the southern hemisphere smack in the middle of winter, and also started studying in a new field. It’s really great except for how my otome life got reduced, I didn’t have any time to play anything beyond Shinigami to Shoujo’s prologue.. but lately I had a break so I played Amnesia. ^_^

I’ve been writing a review/impressions post for Amnesia but it’s not finished yet. Partly because I haven’t cleared the game properly yet. Also because this MAD had a big effect on my opinion for Toma. I really HATED him at first but now.. I’m starting to like him 😄


The original is from here : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15488237

It’s a really awesome MAD 😄 SCARYYYY (>∀<*)♪ UWAAAA
The song is awesome too – I’ve always liked Kotoko and I’ve music, Kawada Mami etc..
*bricked for posting a MAD that will make everyone misunderstand Amnesia for being a horror game or something*

I’m still going to post my review/impressions on the game even though it’s rather incomplete (missing Kent) but it’s now or probably a long time after because I’m going to busy and gone again very soon.

Hakuouki Junsouroku & Okita Souji pre-fangirl post

~ Because love often comes when you’re least expecting it ~

Okita Souji LEFT Saitou Hajime RIGHT

Okita Souji (Left) It all started with this picture.

Suddenly, I fell in love with Okita Souji..

I wasn’t in the mood for S.Y.K so I “tested” Hakuouki on my PSP instead since it’s been there since forever. I was attracted to Souji since his first appearance in the prologue. At first he was being rather evil/ijiwaru and seems to want to kill you but the next second he was laughing and introduced himself. His smile was just captivating. So before I knew it I was going through the game focusing only on him (I kept staring at him and thinking he was hot). Later when he started coughing, my heart just dropped out of concern, and I realized I’d fallen for him. I messed up and didn’t get into his route on the first try (obviously since I was ignoring almost everything else) so I had to replay it. I began reading the text properly in the second time, and fell for him even more…

Then I got Hakuouki Junsouroku…

So some parts in the shared route I’ve played 3 times already lol. I have a PS3 but haven’t been using it much (I cleared FF13 JP, my sis cleared FF13 ENG, that’s all. srsly underused.) so I just decided to go get Junsouroku and I don’t regret it. So what’s good about the PS3 version?

High Definition makes the game look REALLY good ♥_♥. Everything is super clear, big, crisp and colorful. Especially the kanji, it’s so clear and crisp that it makes you want to copy them onto paper as Japanese practice. It’s on a whole different level from PS2 games (in which the kanji breaks up on your screen because it is too LQ). Best way to savior the beauty of Kazuki Yone’s gorgeous CG, period.

AAS (Action Animation System) The blinking and lip movement looks really good 😄 ..Especially when Souji blinks twice AHHHH >///< But the breathing looks like the picture is distorting or like the character is on a boat. People actually don’t sway their heads like furafura all the time but oh well, the movements are subtle and don’t annoy you.

Custom PS3 Themes & Trophies
Souji’s custom theme is love <333 I mean, really love.
The background picture changes and they all look too hot.
Never loved my PS3 more. 😄

Download Content (DLC)
I don’t have a PSN account so I dunno.

Hmm, other than that it’s pretty much the same. The last extra CG in the portable version isn’t there. (The one with Souji falling with sakura petals at his stomach) I think you need DLC to get that.

So if you have a PS3 and haven’t played or want to play it again, I highly recommend the PS3 version. Also because wireless controllers rock

Then I cleared Souji’s route.

The story was VERY GOOD and VERY SAD (it made me cry a few times especially at the end). Actually the whole route was just really painful. I felt like my heart was getting trolled every now and then because my heart hurts when Souji gets hurt/suffers AND he’s like seriously ill, gets hurt and suffers ALL THE TIME. orz I’m a little bit ドS (sadist) so I sort of like it when my loved one gets hurt but since that’s because it hurts myself too, I guess I’m also a bit ドM (masochist) too? This got too much sometimes, and I felt tortured. But I still love it. But yappari I don’t want him to get hurt nor die;_; It’s a serious, bittersweet love story.. which I love very much. I love Souji’s character very much too. Everything about him and his life. <333 By the way, Souji is now my second favorite character behind CZ’s Takato. So now my otome favs rankings goes like this No.1 Takato No.2 Souji No.3 Takuma, Bishop <- Love them all to pieces and will always have a special place for them in my heart forever 😄 やっぱり切ない話しが大好き!

So now I’m attempting to write all my fangirl thoughts down, but same as with Takato it’s proving difficult because I can never organize my feelings once they overflow orz.. Apparently it’s going to take me a while so I’ll just post this part first and fangirl post later. There’s a little more rants of personal thoughts about Hakuouki below, no facts and very random. Read the full post »

CLOCK ZERO Portable & Random rants

CLOCK ZERO Portable is coming 2011.9.22 !!

I’m so happy~^__^ (I’ve been very happy ever since the announcement from Famitsu last week) I already can’t wait to replay the game so now I’ll wait for the PSP version instead. <- Yes, my obsession over CZ is WAYYY overboard.

Today the official site just opened with that Takato x Nadeshiko picture above which made me squeal with delight & surprise when I first saw it. You can get a big wallpaper version of it by registering in the banner campaign. *has made it my wallpaper, happily* It had a lot of funny questions. I chose Takato as my lover, Rittan as my best friend, Madoka as my little brother (young ver.) + as my big brother (adult ver.), Nakaba as my older brother (young ver.) and Rain as my younger brother (adult ver.) 😄 And naturally the King has to be Kaga Akira.

Official Sitehttp://www.otomate.jp/clock_zero_psp/

Let’s see. This is from both Famitsu and B’s Log :

  • New scenarios ..Does that mean new routes or just new scnenes? *wants Nakaba and Rain routes*
  • Added scenes after the ending  … YES! Can’t wait! I can never get enough of CZ!
  • Data install / 4:3 & 16:9 selection for CGs …basically like the S.Y.K ports. Shima-san must be pro at it by now which is why CZ’s port is getting released so fast. Shima-san bravo!
  • CG comments and more system voices

Now if only the sales are high enough so we can get a Fandisk after this, for the PSP. I hope Shima-san restarts the CZ staff blog too. *geasses everyone : Support CZ with ALL your power!* *Pastes CZ banners all over side widget WAHAHA XD* ♥♥♥ *gets bricked ack XD*

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Aiyoku no Eustia : Licia’s Ending

This is the last of my Aiyoku no Eustia posts. First, character popularity poll results! Then it’s Licia’s ending which is really short because there’s not much.

Girl’s side: 1st place = Licia! .. As expected. You can’t help loving her. She’s not a silly loli princess at all. 2nd place = Fione .. Not expected. She’s a very good girl but not my type I guess. 3rd place = Tia.

My favorites are Tia & Licia (can’t decide who I like more) and Melt.

Gentlemen’s side: results not announced yet. You can vote until Jun.15

I love Caim and Luciusssssss 😄 and I really like Sieg too. I also ship him with Eris.<3

Licia’s Ending

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Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 5 Tia’s arc (Part 2) + Final Impressions

I’m back! Finally I finished writing the ending…

Summary for Ending

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Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 5 Tia’s arc (Part 1)

Last arc.. I had to divide it into 2 parts because 1)it’s that long; 2)the end isn’t ready because I lost a portion of my notes due to a crash; and 3) I’m going on a field trip/holiday for 5 days. I really wanted to finish everything first but this is all I could do ^^;

Summary for Tia’s arc

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Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 4 Licia’s arc

Usually I don’t like lolis so I didn’t think I’d like Licia but it turned out that I loved her^_^ And I started thinking Aiyoku no Eustia was awesome. BTW, this post is ABSURDLY LONG, I swear it was an accident.

Summary for Licia’s arc

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