Thoughts on Amnesia

Amnesia Later Fandisk 発売おめでとう!

I enjoyed Amnesia, even though it’s not one of my favorites. (Thankfully, since I lose a lot of money for my favs) I’m looking forward to Ikki, Shin and Toma. ^__^ I had this draft of the first game which I was trying to write up a review which I never finished because I never got around to playing Kent.. I’m polishing it up (a little) to refresh my memory before playing the FD. Nothing but a short review and a personal impression aka. wtf messy thoughts about the game..

Side notes: I’ve started my new semester already and am getting overwhelmed by new subjects again. I’m still planning to finish my StS posts in detail so I don’t plan to write anything about Amnesia Later unless I feel like it. I may write just only my impressions. The only games I’m planning on clearing are Tales of Xillia (Milla’s side remaining) and Final Fantasy XIII-2. For otome I’m looking forward to Atelier Elkrone, Miyako FD and BWS:Bloody Nightmare.. and many more although I just can’t keep up anymore.


【病みトーマMAD】I deal Forest~S style~【AMNESIA】

お久しぶりです!I’ve been gone for so long! Well, not really because if you’ve been following me on twitter or looking at my tweet bar on the right, I’ve been pretty much alive and I’m still hopelessly obsessed with CZ as ever (like always). I also love Takato and Okita-san more than ever (like always, again). While I haven’t changed much as a fangirl, I’ve faced a lot of changes in RL which has made me really busy lately, since 2 months ago. I flopped over a few timelines time zones and landed in the southern hemisphere smack in the middle of winter, and also started studying in a new field. It’s really great except for how my otome life got reduced, I didn’t have any time to play anything beyond Shinigami to Shoujo’s prologue.. but lately I had a break so I played Amnesia. ^_^

I’ve been writing a review/impressions post for Amnesia but it’s not finished yet. Partly because I haven’t cleared the game properly yet. Also because this MAD had a big effect on my opinion for Toma. I really HATED him at first but now.. I’m starting to like him 😄


The original is from here :

It’s a really awesome MAD 😄 SCARYYYY (>∀<*)♪ UWAAAA
The song is awesome too – I’ve always liked Kotoko and I’ve music, Kawada Mami etc..
*bricked for posting a MAD that will make everyone misunderstand Amnesia for being a horror game or something*

I’m still going to post my review/impressions on the game even though it’s rather incomplete (missing Kent) but it’s now or probably a long time after because I’m going to busy and gone again very soon.