~*Happy New Year 2012*~

SYK-Genjou CZ-Nadeshiko Amnesia-heroine

Late! But Happy New Years to all! I wish you all the best this year and that there are lots of good new things to enjoy in 2012.

Last year was full of good memories (❛◡❛٭) I’ll also keep a list of my favorites for games/anime for 2011.. just as a reminder when I want to look back. And maybe for those who are interested. Of’corse it is biased (like me) *bricked* and I haven’t played that much due to being busy etc so I’ve missed out on a lot of things, don’t take it personally~ (more…)

CLOCK ZERO Portable & Random rants

CLOCK ZERO Portable is coming 2011.9.22 !!

I’m so happy~^__^ (I’ve been very happy ever since the announcement from Famitsu last week) I already can’t wait to replay the game so now I’ll wait for the PSP version instead. <- Yes, my obsession over CZ is WAYYY overboard.

Today the official site just opened with that Takato x Nadeshiko picture above which made me squeal with delight & surprise when I first saw it. You can get a big wallpaper version of it by registering in the banner campaign. *has made it my wallpaper, happily* It had a lot of funny questions. I chose Takato as my lover, Rittan as my best friend, Madoka as my little brother (young ver.) + as my big brother (adult ver.), Nakaba as my older brother (young ver.) and Rain as my younger brother (adult ver.) 😄 And naturally the King has to be Kaga Akira.

Official Sitehttp://www.otomate.jp/clock_zero_psp/

Let’s see. This is from both Famitsu and B’s Log :

  • New scenarios ..Does that mean new routes or just new scnenes? *wants Nakaba and Rain routes*
  • Added scenes after the ending  … YES! Can’t wait! I can never get enough of CZ!
  • Data install / 4:3 & 16:9 selection for CGs …basically like the S.Y.K ports. Shima-san must be pro at it by now which is why CZ’s port is getting released so fast. Shima-san bravo!
  • CG comments and more system voices

Now if only the sales are high enough so we can get a Fandisk after this, for the PSP. I hope Shima-san restarts the CZ staff blog too. *geasses everyone : Support CZ with ALL your power!* *Pastes CZ banners all over side widget WAHAHA XD* ♥♥♥ *gets bricked ack XD*

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Below are some very random rants about the games I’m playing and upcoming ones. (more…)

[MAD] 夏空のモノローグ Natsu no Ame

Natsuzora no Monologue is a really good game and it’s sad that so few people play it. I want to write a review for it sometime (after I finish S.Y.K) .. For the mean time, here’s a good MAD from nicovideo. *Spoilers/voice clips MAD*

Song is from an eroge of the same name, I think.


I’m Yukiru. Welcome to my new blog: Yume no Shizuku!

Finally, after becoming an otome game fangirl for a few months, I decided to create my own blog
to write down my thoughts about the games I’ve been playing and those I’m interested in.
I’m formally a RPG/anime/manga/seiyuu fangirl so from time to time I may write
impressions of those too. Simply, I’ll write about anything that captures my heart.

More about me: please see About page.

I’m new to both otome games and blogging so if anything is wrong please feel free to
comment and tell me. I also LOVE fangirl discussions! *_* (starry eyes)
Comments are always welcome.

Kore kara, Yoroshiku ne!