Thoughts on Amnesia

Amnesia Later Fandisk 発売おめでとう!

I enjoyed Amnesia, even though it’s not one of my favorites. (Thankfully, since I lose a lot of money for my favs) I’m looking forward to Ikki, Shin and Toma. ^__^ I had this draft of the first game which I was trying to write up a review which I never finished because I never got around to playing Kent.. I’m polishing it up (a little) to refresh my memory before playing the FD. Nothing but a short review and a personal impression aka. wtf messy thoughts about the game..

Side notes: I’ve started my new semester already and am getting overwhelmed by new subjects again. I’m still planning to finish my StS posts in detail so I don’t plan to write anything about Amnesia Later unless I feel like it. I may write just only my impressions. The only games I’m planning on clearing are Tales of Xillia (Milla’s side remaining) and Final Fantasy XIII-2. For otome I’m looking forward to Atelier Elkrone, Miyako FD and BWS:Bloody Nightmare.. and many more although I just can’t keep up anymore.


The heroine wakes up with Amnesia because a spirit called Orion collided into her mind taking up the place of her memories. So she and Orion have to find clues to make her recall her memories for Orion to be able to leave her mind. They also have to hide her Amnesia because the last thing she needs is to be hospitalized or taken advantage upon. The heroine has a boyfriend but she can’t remember him… during the month of August, a suspenseful love story begins..

Story : To be truthful, I was expecting a story with special abilities, secret organizations and mixing of the Amnesia world with the Desert Kingdom one. I mean, with those cool outfits you’d expect them to be doing part-time jobs as a front but secretly they’re doing something much cooler like in WeiB Kreuz? *bricked for wild imagination* Unfortunately, there’s none of that. It’s just a routine lifestyle of waking up, do something such as go to part-time work or on a date, go home, get some messages in your phone, worry about this and that then go to bed. ETC. Repeat for around 20 days then finally get some interesting story in the last few days or so.


Ignoring that actually a lot of the character revelations and romantic scenes were really well done. The good/normal/bad ends for that character reflect your choices well. I guess this is my favorite aspect of the game. The difference in the choices is subtle but add up to totally different and realistic results.

I also really liked how Ukyou’s story tied up every strange event in the other routes. The mystery was ok too.

Characters : Ikki, Shin and Kent were all good characters and I really enjoyed a lot of their scenes. Toma..Toma..Toma. I have to say I’m pretty mixed about him. Ukyou is too weird and creeped me out.. even though he’s a good character. Orion was cute too! As for side characters, Waka was the most interesting as he changed personalities with each route.

Art : Hanamura Mai (Desert Kingdom) Her art is very attractive and stylish which is what made this game so popular. Shin’s CGs were all very beautiful but I think most of all of Ukyou’s scenes and Toma’s kiss scenes weren’t that nice. I just don’t like Ukyou’s character design. My favorite character design is for the heroine – she’s so pretty and I love her clothes 😄

Music : MANYO. However unlike Clock Zero, Amnesia’s tracks weren’t awesome but they still complemented the atmosphere well. What can beat CZ’s fitting character themes, beautiful bgm throughout and even has an insert song? *kicked for off-topic* No character theme songs for Amnesia..残念

Bad points : Daily routine ruined some enjoyment for the romantic scenes because you were feeling bored when it suddenly came up and missed the build-ups. If this doesn’t bother you, you may enjoy the game a lot more than I did. It takes a lot of work to get all the ends. Sometimes the game was unnecessarily creepy. The heroine hardly ever talks nor thinks until the end of the game. They get away with it by saying she’s still recovering. During that time Orion will do all the thinking and she’ll just do whatever Orion tells her to or it’s choice time.

My playing order : Toma -> Shin -> Ikki -> Ukyou -> Kent (haven’t played yet) …I cheated
Favorite character (exactly after finishing) : Ikki ≧ Shin > Kent (?) > Ukyou >>>>>>>> Toma
Favorite character (now, a while after finishing) : Ikki > Shin > Toma >>> Ukyou          Kent=?
Favorite route (story) : Ukyou
Favorite scene : Orion and Niel’s scene in Ukyou’s ending, Shin’s happy end

Satisfaction: good 8/10 though I do think it’s overrated^^;

Why it’s not a favorite… because I don’t really care about the heroine and the character interaction. The system has nothing to do with it.

Heroine’s name: Sometimes I associate myself with her and sometimes I don’t. I named her Yukiru, then Mio.. they didn’t fit so later I named her Maiko/Maika (intended meaning = 迷子 lost child). BTW, 2ch calls her Mai for the artist’s name.

* * *

Character Route Impressions *spoiler*

Disclaimer: These are just MY thoughts and are complemented with a summary of the plot. You don’t have to agree with me and you’re better off not reading this unless you’ve finished the game yourself, because I wasn’t holding back on writing about my feelings as I played the game. I’m not trying to impose my thoughts onto you, I’m only writing this down in case anyone would like to know what one otome gamer thought/felt/experienced while playing this game. Also you’ll be spoiled flat in a very short time compared to reading any of the longer summaries out there because the point of this impression isn’t about details.


I started out with Toma because for some reason, Toma is very popular with the Japanese otome gamers. Yandere boom? A lot of them were also Takato fans so I was really looking forward to Toma. And the Amnesia team was a mix between the Desert Kingdom team and CZ team, and Shima-san (CZ’s director) was supervising the whole project so I really had my hopes up.

Toma is your childhood friend along with Shin. They both love the heroine (you) and protected her since she was young. Toma is the older one so he takes the role of watching-over both you and Shin. He’s really kind, brotherly like, cheerful and is very nice to you. He’s the considerate type and always cares about others feelings when doing something.


At first, all is pretty well and the heroine gets hospitalized for getting her head hit for a few days and it’s already boring. Toma denies to the nurse that they’re not a couple. After getting released, despite trying to hide it, Toma finds out really fast that the heroine has amnesia. Then he takes care of everything for her, thinking that the amnesia and how the heroine doesn’t talk much was because she hit her head. While walking to a back alley she got some flashbacks, she asked Toma if he was her bf and he said yes before she passed out.

The two+Orion go on dates to see if the heroine recalls anything when they realize she’s being pranked. Her mailbox is filled with bugs and rotten egg, she gets hate mail, someone cuts her hair from behind and Toma has to save her from numerous incidents (falling potted plants, nearly getting pushed in front of a train etc) So Toma makes her take a break from part-time work and stay in his room instead to be safe. Toma has weird actions sometimes and he’s secretive about the heroine to Shin. Trying to find more information and BORED, she goes out alone… which makes Toma unhappy because he’s protective of her. Every time she gets flashbacks, she’ll pass out. She’ll start sleeping all the time, which is weird, it turns out TOMA’S BEEN DRUGGING HER. O_O When she confronts him that she wants to go out… he forces himself upon her and kisses her, then HE LOCKS HER IN A CAGE. O_O WTF!


OK so it’s all because he really cares about her, really loves her, he’s been caring about her feelings and holding back all this time. Oh and he says its for her safety .. but BAKA! BAKA DESU!(ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ He gives her jigsaw puzzles and fills the cage with toys to try to make her happy. HAHA VERY FUNNY. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ He starts being a creepy and crazy yandere.. but in my eyes, 救えのないバカやろう. This continues for a while..


The only scene I got a little dokidoki was when the heroine touched Toma’s face during the brief time he let her out of the cage. He looked that he really regretted it and said he would disappear from her and Shin after this. He had a painful look.

Later the Toma finds out that the heroine has been sneaking out of the cage, he gets really MAD and pushes her down on the floor. But then the heroine’s diary falls down and they both read it.. to reveal that the heroine was in love with Toma from the start. So Toma realized that he MISUNDERSTOOD everything because he thought she was in love with Shin. -_- And he starts apologizing for everything stupid thing he’s done. (insert me = emotionless, wasn’t that so obvious) And it turns out that the pranks were by Ikki’s fanclub. Not surprising either. So the heroine forgives him because she knows he really loves her and they have a happy end called “Your taste for men is really weird”. WHICH IS SO TRUE.


I can’t believe that a lot of Japanese gamers compare Toma to Takato just because they’re both sort of over-protective and yandere(?). But Takato wasn’t stupid and NEVER tried to lock her up even though he was super worried about her. He also NEVER FORCED HIMSELF UPON HER. (Even though he did make her kiss him, but it was still different.) You could really feel Takato’s pain and sorrow. But Toma’s case just didn’t convince me. Been holding back from loving one for ages because he wasn’t brave enough to confess and possibly destroy their relationship = messed up? GET A GRIP =_=’

Bad end. He locks her in the cage forever.. CG is beautiful = Somehow I really like this end 8D. Normal end, he just disappears.

Those were my feelings right after playing the game, I hated him LMAO. But after that I started liking him because I like his personality and his interaction with the others. Actually when all of the characters are together in a shared situation, I like him the most because he’s cheerful and a bit evil 8D For Ikki, I like him best when he’s a couple with the heroine.

* * *


So the heroine wakes up in a hospital with bandages around her head when Shin barges into the room and kisses her straight away. O_O


A nice long hot passionate kiss. >////< In fact he’s always kissing her suddenly.

But when he speaks, he’s a cold, strict, bad-mouthed tsundere. A little rude^^; Totally opposite of Toma. They’re all childhood friends the same as Toma’s route. But you see from the start that Shin is not a bad person and that he genuinely cares for the heroine too. He’s also hiding a lot of passionate love for her and there are a lot more examples following the sudden kiss. He’s really sudden..XD He’s the only guy I felt his love through his actions and had doki*doki moments throughout the route.

As if we were still unsure of his love, Shin confirms it to us again. He also reveals some vulnerability that because she lost her memories, would their time together as lover turn to bubbles(nothing)? He can’t stand it not to touch her even though she’s right in front of him. He can’t go back to being childhood friends. He can’t wait for her memories to come back.. XDD He’s so passionate and aggressive! XDD

The mystery was about who was the culprit behind the heroine’s accident from falling off a cliff. It seemed like an accident but actually there’s more to it and the heroine couldn’t remember. Shin was being accused by the police and they even took him away for questioning for a whole week. Once he was released, he came to hug the heroine right after..


The finding the culprit thing was.. boring^^. But actually we didn’t have to do anything because Shin was doing all the hard work for us. Shin pulled the strings to find/make evidence and he also set up the scenes to make the heroine remember what happened on that night. He’s a really cool calculating person and doesn’t lose his cool even in situations after the heroine fell, he heard her scream but he didn’t run looking for her. Instead he stayed to explain everything to the police because it would be more efficient that way. It gave him bad memories.. but I thought it was responsible and reliable. But he still gets scared and the heroine knows it, and it’s lovely how the heroine gives him support.

They also sit and talk often. It’s really nice that even though he has a bad mouth (calls her baka) a lot of the time, he still sits down and explains it to make sure she understands… Well, the heroine is annoying here since she doesn’t say anything properly.


In the end, Toma was the culprit. When he found the heroine, she mistook him for Shin, so Toma got jealous and dropped her(?) and made her head got bumped on a rock = amnesia =_=” *rolls eyes at Toma* Toma turns himself in after Shin shows him he got all the evidence yet didn’t tell the police.

Other scenes

Shin apologizes to the heroine. He’s been blaming himself for teasing her, causing her to fall down the cliff in the first place. He blamed himself for lots of things including how he couldn’t let the heroine go. He said “I’ll make you so happy that idiot Toma has to smile and say ‘it can’t be helped'”. YEAH! YOU SHOW HIM! (o≧▽≦)ノ

The crying CG is VERY PRETTY. But the inclusion of this scene felt forced in an attempt to add some setsunai to the story but I don’t see anything setsunai about it so duh.


The happy ending is really cute. Shin isn’t shy to kiss her but he’s really embarrassed to hold her hand. So the heroine asks him to hold it. She protests about how Shin never listens to her wishes – that’s not called being kind. He asks since when did he not listen to her wishes and she tells him, plenty of times. He won’t take her to the zoo, he won’t let her into his room and he never told her that he loves her directly without changing the subject. So “I’m angry because I love you” doesn’t count. So he holds her hand, says he’ll take her to the zoo, he’ll let her into his room since his secret (his practicing the bass to enter her band) was exposed already, and that he loves her. Which the heroine says “see? it’s always connected to something else”. So he goes quiet for a bit and tells her “I like you. I really like you. I love you.” making her smile with happiness. OK THAT WAS CUTEEEE! MOEEEEヾ(≧∇≦*)/❤

Shin’s love for the heroine was explained very nicely too. He used to see her as only a childhood friend but then when the heroine entered a band, she sucked, he told her directly and harshly that if she wasn’t going to try harder just give up. But the next year, she had gotten so much better he was shocked and impressed. Then she came over to him with a smile saying it was because of his harsh words last year, so she could improve herself, thanking him. So since then Shin liked her as a girl. The heroine also felt that Shin’s harsh words were thinking of her more than Toma’s kind words. I really like this couple (but I don’t consider the heroine to be me).

…In one of the bad ends, Toma steals the heroine away from Shin to lock her up for eternity. VERY FUNNY TOMA. In another one, Ukyou stabs her out of nowhere. VERY FUNNY UKYOU. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

* * *


While Shin was a nice character in a predictable way (but I enjoyed it anyway), Ikki was unpredictable for me. Like if I were the heroine, I’d probably keep looking at his face trying to see deep inside his eyes to find out what he’s thinking, does he really love me, to try to see his soul. And even though I knew this is an otome game, and naturally the guy HAS TO fall for the heroine, but I couldn’t stop some of my natural girl instinct not to trust guys (especially playboys). I would have surely got a bad end had I not followed a guide. Interestingly, we have to hide our amnesia from Ikki during the whole route. It’s bad end and he is VERY HURT if he finds out. ;A; omg that scene

Although Ikki appears to be our boyfriend, he’s always surrounded by girls (his fanclub) and he always treats them nicely.. and just spells stereotypical playboy all over the place. He even has a weird power in his eyes that makes people fall in love with him with eye-contact. Super-natural huh? The mystery in this route is about Ikki, does he really love you, how your relationship was before and how to hide your amnesia from him. Boring? NOT AT ALL! Well, actually all the routes are mostly boring only because of the daily routine thing and Orion talking too much nonsense sometimes. Gradually getting to see the real Ikki is the interesting part. Sadly, this is the route I started getting really sick of the routine and I was too busy feeling annoyed to focus on the emotion build-up properly. AHHH THIS STUPID DAY SYSTEM!

While going to part-time work, we gradually see signs that Ikki really does love us. Which was sweet but still not as sweet as Shin because Shin doesn’t hold back while Ikki does. It’s very considerate of him (Ikki) though. Like he really treasures us. Funny I didn’t feel anything for Toma, it was like he was just a coward. But at times, people around the heroine start putting ideas on you that Ikki just becomes lovers with a girl for 3 months and then break up. It’s just a game to get girls to fall for him then he dumps them. Since this is a game, believe in him = happy end, don’t = game over. In reality, isn’t falling for him then crying from getting dumped a scary possibility?

The scene that got me was.. this one. “Please stay with me. Please don’t go.. or I’LL DIE.”


It was like Ikki was screaming to your face: BELIEVE ME!!! Which worked very well because after that I felt: OK, I’M GOING TO FALL FOR YOU. I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A GAME ANYMORE, IF YOU NEED ME I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU. I’LL BELIEVE IN YOU. IKKI~~~~~~~~>/////< I am so weak against guys feeling pain. I can’t stand it.. and Ikki was just, he was really hurt about being a playboy. Hurt that girls push emotions onto him, that he’s hurting them. He really needs true love.. but wait.. WHY ME? WHY IS SUCH A HOT GUY IN LOVE WITH LITTLE ME? This is still too good to be true…

I believe I never found the answer.. if anyone knows please explain it to me..

Then there’s a trip to the same resort where we fell off a cliff in Shin’s route, and we go on a test of courage with Ikki’s fangirls. HAHA. ASKING FOR TROUBLE. But Ikki comes to save the day before we were bullied..

Dokidoki moment = kiss under the falling star 😄 I LOVED THIS SCENE XDDD


In the end, Ikki obviously really does love and treasure us and he protects us from the fangirls, making a dent on the wall of the maid cafe.. which Waka obviously saw and will charge for. 😄 Waka was impressed with Ikki though.. War mode waka is cool! Then in the ending, Ikki kisses you in the middle of the crowd. XDD AHHH I LIKE THAT ヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡

I think I really must have been half asleep too much of the time.. there is serious lack of detail in my summaries. *hides under desk from Ilinox* <–lol this was there from my original draft and I laughed at it afterwards


Ikki’s bad ends and normal end didn’t involve a scary Ukyou for once and were actually the better bad ends of the game because they showed more about Ikki’s personality and what would have happened if we didn’t believe him and such. I REALLY LIKED the bad end in which Ikki snaps and goes off to break the fangirls for breaking the heroine. XDDDD I’M EVIL I LIKE THAT, NO I LIKED IT BECAUSE IKKI WAS SOOOO COOL!XDD ああああああO(≧∇≦)O

* * *


….I was going to stop here and save the game for later, because I was so bored of the system and just wanted it to end. But I got interested in Ukyou because someone said “Amnesia is a game for him” so I cheated. LOL But now everyone has convinced me to play Kent’s route so I will.. <–until now I never got to it ;w; (later edit)

* * *


Ukyou has been appearing in every route just to freak us out. And kill the heroine whenever he gets the chance. He even pushed us off the roof of a hospital once. WTF? He also appears to have 2 personalities, a normal one and a freaky evil one. He scared the hell out of me in Toma’s route ;_; What was that? Suddenly saying how he’d suffered so much from falling into that well, so he shoved the heroine into it and laughed? UM NOT FUNNY. But it’s also clue that he’s saying he’s died before. How could that be possible?

So Ukyou’s route is the final big mystery of the game. And it’s really mysterious. Just Day 1 into his route, you can already get a bad end if you don’t believe his warning and go into the university. You’ll get caught in an explosion and blow up. O_O? And it happens multiple times, Ukyou will come and warn you and if you don’t believe him, you’ll die a horrible death like getting clobbered by falling concrete. ETC. WTF? And Ukyou is being SO NICE ALL OF A SUDDEN. IT’S CREEPY. I CANNOT FORGET HOW YOU KILLED ME MULTIPLE TIMES. Now he’s trying to save us. Desperately even. He has this ability to predict the future (?) or know when bad things will happen. He saved us even more times than Toma did. And he’s being very passionate about it. Like he comes running to confirm that we didn’t leave our house. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

Ukyou will come to the maid cafe regularly and Waka likes him. Ukyou’s profession is a photographer. But the guy sleeps in the middle of a park. He’s a homeless?


This is not really connected to the story, but all of the characters will make appearances in this route. It was nice to see everyone doing part-time job at the same time for once. They also go to a festival together and have a shaved ice eating contest. Toma’s flavor was lemon, Kent’s was green tea, Ikki’s was blue hawaii (he commented that it tasted like medicine LOL), Shin’s was melon and Ukyou’s was strawberry. The switch at the end was interesting.. but I doubt that Shin would like strawberry. Strawberry is perfect for Ukyou! And Shin really liked melon soda since his route. Natsukashii>w<

Ukyou’s kind personality is.. rather unbelievable. He’s also a crybaby. O_O? Not really my type.

It seems that he’s been in love with the heroine for a long time. Which doesn’t really fit.

The heroine has to try to meet Ukyou often and be worried for him. Sometimes he’s at a shrine but the other times, you’ll find him sleeping in the park. Half asleep he jumps up with his evil personality and strangles her. -_-” CHOTTO. UGLY CG. But soon he snaps out of it and apologizes and says he’ll turn himself in. The heroine plays along with him but doesn’t mind. He warns her that he’s dangerous.

Then insert lots of scenes to show that Ukyou truly loves and cares for the heroine and how his evil personality wants her dead, while the good one is always trying to save her.


One day he just breaks it all down to her. Ukyou can actually cross between the different parallel worlds and he’s been doing it all just to save her. The reason is because the heroine actually got mixed up in a explosion in the university on the 1st of August, she fell into a coma and died on the 25th of August. Ukyou has been trying desperately to change that. CLOCK ZERO XDDD Ukyou met Niel, Orion’s master who is a god, and Niel granted his wish. But even if Ukyou prevented her from getting mixed up in the explosion, her fate is still to die on the 25th. So the world, trying to reach that conclusion, will automatically try to kill her until the 25th in order to reach the same conclusion. STEINS;GATE XDDD Desperate, Ukyou crosses to different dimensions to save her in another dimension. However, in the other parallel worlds Ukyou was not supposed to exist, therefore the world considered him an irregularity and tried to get rid of him. So Ukyou faced certain death countless thousands of times… so he developed a 6th sense for the world’s actions and also a second personality which started from extreme fear and suffering while dying countless thousands of times, yet he still couldn’t give up his wish.. ironically his second personality would kill the heroine in order to save himself. OK AWESOME! (≧∇≦*) I AM SO BIASED TOWARDS PLOTS LIKE THIS. FAV STORY GOES TO UKYOU ROUTE! But Ukyou’s still too creepy for me to like his character. Is this how some people feel about Takato?

Then Ukyou wonders about something. Usually certain death is inevitable and the world will ALWAYS succeed in correcting it’s anomalies. But this time there must be something that is blocking the world from getting to the heroine’s existence. Orion is Niel’s disciple so that’s the reason Orion was drawn to the heroine. But when she told Ukyou about it, suddenly Ukyou switched to his evil personality and said SO THAT’S HOW IT IS. NOW I CAN KILL YOU. BAD END.


So you’re NOT supposed to tell him. =_=”’ Ukyou told the heroine to stay in her room. If she survives through the 25th day, she’ll be fine. Then he says (again) he’s srsly dangerous so stay away, and leaves.

After a while, Orion points out that if she lives through, then probably the world will try to get rid of Ukyou instead. I don’t really understand the logic behind that but it makes it tragic all right. (I LIKE TRAGIC /KICKED) Shocked, the heroine runs out to find Ukyou despite Orion’s protests saying that she’ll die. She makes it through numerous accidents but Ikki’s fangirls find her at the shrine and they lock her up in it. Their fireworks set the shrine on fire.. luckily Ukyou comes to save her. He’s shocked that she came out just to find him.. but all she wants to do is tell Ukyou that she loves him. It starts raining so they run into the heroine’s university or else they’ll get struck by lightning lmao. Only a little time is remaining until the 25th is over.

Of’corse the last boss in Ukyou’s route is.. DARK!Ukyou.

After some running playing tag Ukyou pulls out his knife..  ..and stabs himself. And dies.. BAD END.


Just kidding. Orion’s master, Neil, appears and asks if the heroine forgives Ukyou. SAY NO for an end where the heroine wakes up and forgets Ukyou.. she’s now free to get the other guys. SAY YES and Neil will use all his remaining powers to create a miracle. After all only gods can change destiny. Neil disappears with Orion, who thanks them for ending this long journey across different worlds.


Ukyou and the heroine can live happily ever after, they meet Niel and Orion reborn as humans.. for some reason I loved this scene. It signaled that Amnesia finally reached a true happy end.


– I kept thinking about Clock Zero all the time because of this… CZ Limited edition package

– Shin keeps stealing the spotlight. In the Normal edition cover, it should be Ukyou protecting the heroine from Death but while they were doing the photo shots, Shin chucks poor Ukyou out the window and takes his place putting on his best cool&serious look…. Shin you….

– Just some rant about the creators of Amnesia.. I try to keep track of which creators I like in Otomate. I love Shima Reiko (CZ,SYK’s director) she’s producer/supervisor for Amnesia. Director for Amnesia is 東中ルミエ (a new director)…if you notice Amnesia’s staff blogs, she’s really polite and calm (unlike Shima-D who is a fangirl, I like enthusiastic people so I prefer her. I just like hearing about her inspiration and love for her characters.) Well, Amnesia was FD planned from the start so they’d have to save good ideas for the FD instead of letting them go in the staff blog. I think it was the marketing for Amnesia which is what really succeeded (and the plan for Hanamura Mai to make the art stylish). And for the scenario writers, we have Nazuna who wrote most of everything (Shin, Ikki, Kent). And there’s another writer (who wrote Armen Noir) wrote Toma and Ukyou’s route. I guess no one noticed any difference and that just shows how good Otomate edits their work.

– If you’re still wondering how I thought about the game, then I’ll say again that I enjoyed and liked it quite a lot (despite my complaining about being bored over the daily routine system) but it’s not a favourite and I think it’s overrated (it’s not as good for how popular it is. There are many otome games that have better stories, characters, music, quality than Amnesia but aren’t as popular. I think Hakuouki has a deeper story and better characters worthy of it’s popularity but Amnesia is more pimped by beautiful art and smart marketing.) I like the game but my attitude towards it is a bit bitter, because the game is being pimped for money, not pimped by fans because the game is that good although I know Amnesia has a lot of fans who love it for real.. but other games have fans who love it for real too but only Amnesia is being pimped! It’s not fair! And I know and understand perfectly why it is so, because companies need profit and there is nothing wrong with that. But, it’s just, Otomate doesn’t care about me since I’m the minority so I am unhappy. I am not saying Amnesia shouldn’t be pimped nor do I wish people shouldn’t play it. If you love Amnesia I’ll still be more than happy to be friends with you. And I guess this rant was unnecessary, if you read it I’m thankful that you cared about my thoughts to read them. ^_^ (later edit)

* * *

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  1. *finds you under desk* щ(゚Д゚щ) WHY U NO HAVE MORE DETAILS IN IKKI’S ROUTE!? wwwww I’m kidding *glomps* (人´∀`*)I loved the way you summed up Ikki’s route.

    “Ikki was unpredictable for me… even though I knew this is an otome game, and naturally the guy HAS TO fall for the heroine, but I couldn’t stop some of my natural girl instinct not to trust guys (especially playboys).” You’re always so eloquent and I think this sums up my feelings a lot about his route. While the rest of the guys had more mystery around the plot in their route, like Shin’s is whodunnit, Toma’s is where’s her memory/who’s her boyfriend, Kent’s is what was our previous relationship, and Ukyo’s is WHY DO YOU KEEP KILLING ME, Ikki was the one that had unpredictability in character.

    I fought against my logic and feelings a lot in his route! Logic said that this was an otome game and I’d get a happy ending with him and he loves me (〃▽〃)キャー♪ but my feelings couldn’t help but be suspicious every time he stayed around his bitch brigade (I’m sorry, but I’m going to call them that forever /o\). I also thought that his route might be him being a playboy and then realizing that “OH THIS IS LOVE” (which would have made me dislike it because then it’d be cliche) but it was none of these!

    The way the depths of his love for the heroine and pain/weariness from his powers is revealed is just hnsnghannngh (´;ω;`) 気持ちが溢れ出してしまった。 I hope he’s even more romantic in the fandisk~! 楽しみにして!

    • XDDD *was found* (/ω\ ) 何を書いた自分でも分からなかったのに楽しんで読んでくれてありがとう〜!Ikki is soooo sweet in the FD! I mean naturally since it’s an FD I was already squealing at the scenes in New World mode. 😄 HNGGGG

  2. 読みながらニャニャして堪らないww

    I never likened Takuto – Toma; they just feel different to me, especially because the relationship with the heroine (Nadeshiko) for CZ is more developed than here in Amnesia, so you also understand Takato better…so nope, I can’t cross them over like that.

    Haha Shin just remained neutral to me…the cool, monotonous voice Kakihara chose to use just didn’t sit well with me. Idk I feel guilty for using that as an excuse but yeah.

    Actually for Ikki’s route isn’t the plot-point more like: so what are his true feelings for me? Since the heroine keeps hearing all sorts of random perspectives. I think Taniyama did lots of favours for me for Ikki, especially in the drunk scene.

    Ukyou’s like the OTP of the game. I actually like his personality, I find it refreshingly pure lol.

    Lastly, please finish off Kent’s route. www

    • Ah, those who compared Toma to Takato were all Japanese fans! I stalk some CZ fans in their blogs ….. and I also have 鷹斗 on twitter search…..(/ω\)なんだかきもいですね *hides from bricks hurled from the land of the rising sun* But then seeing their love for CZ & Takato always keeps my love for him fueled too<33 Takato is always on my mind so I couldn't help thinking about him and why there was so much voice saying Toma reminded them of Takato etc.

      Ukyou = refreshingly pure… that's the word I'd describe Chiyo with~ Now I can see why both didn't appeal to me. Pure boys who cry easily..hmm. Although I did say I liked Ukyou's story the best ^_^ and that's still how I think of Amnesia.

      ;w; ;w; ;w; ;w; *hides under the table*

      • I see I see. O: いや~ そういうことをするってやっぱりゆきるちゃん可愛いなぁ(ノ´ω`*) 愛が感じる!

        That’s true, now that you mentioned it both Ukyou and Chiyo have similar personalities haha. Yup indeed, Ukyou has the best story.

        No no don’t hide, come out and play~ www

  3. Hello (^_^)
    i come from germany and i can not speak english weill *sorry* (.__.)””
    i have a question about “amnesia later”: It gives the game in various modes (for the PSP, PC, ect.) i am interest in PSP and i want to know, whether the game is in english (and of course in japanese). can i change the japanese texts to english texts? (o.o) do you understand? xD (sry, i am really really bad in english!!! >__<)
    Thank you for your attention…
    bye, Anzu
    ps.: is it okay for you, when you write a email to me? (^.^)°

    • It is for PSP only and is Japanese only. There is no way to make it in English. The only English otome game from Otomate is Hakuoki.

      • Hi, thanks for your answer! ❤
        i have only one question! then i go far away from you! 😄
        do you know otome games in english for the psp? (ôo) it is a shame, that in germany there are no otome games… (<_///<) Thank you for your attention! (^_^)
        bye, bye, Anzu

  4. Do you know the difference between Amnesia and Amnesia Later..?

    • Yes, Amnesia is the main game and Later is the fan disk. Later has shorter scenarios which take place after the events in the main game plus extra side-stories. And in case you’re wondering, Amnesia Crowd is like another story (the writers wanted to add more elements to the main game so they made another version) mixed with a fan disk for Later (new stories after the events in Later), plus mini games, hence the title Crowd which basically means a mixture of things.

  5. lilgamergal

     /  February 20, 2013

    i love shin and toma~ (lol i like that cage cg too for some reason :I) but good ~
    -Will forever love Shin and Toma~- (=w=)/))

    • Sorry for the late reply.
      I like Shin a lot too in the original game! (I didn’t play Later and don’t plan to).
      I like Toma the most when he’s with the others and when he’s not yandere lol.

  6. Fro

     /  February 27, 2013

    Kento please (・´∀`・)

  7. Tanaka Tomoyuki

     /  February 27, 2013

    Just checking, have you played Kent’s route yet? It’s been a year, the anime has been released, and I was wondering if you had more details on his route. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, no.. I’ve been very busy lately and I can’t find the time to even finish games properly. I can’t even watch the anime since the connection in my place is bad so I can’t dl anything. You can find lovely detailed summaries on my friends’ sites: see Yumemirusekai, Love colored sky or Chocolate mix (she loves Kent :D). Thanks for dropping by!

  8. zaldar

     /  December 8, 2013

    So I thought I would post this here as you might have a larger chance of seeing it. My import of Aiyoku NoEustia came…ordered since Yandere had enough of a translation done make it playable. Will be adding my impressions of each part as I go through it to yours. May want to mention that a translation patch is out for those like me who don’t speak Japanese…

    • Yukiru

       /  December 8, 2013

      \(╹◡╹๑) hi there! So finally you got Eustia! This game is still a favorite of mine so I still remember it fondly. I’ve yet to find another game on par with it, in terms of its dark fantasy atmosphere and how well written it is. Yes, I know about the patch (since they did the prologue very long ago). However, I never heard any progress on the translation since they released the patch for Fione’s arc ‘A’. Speaking of Eustia, a few months ago I found an image song album by Ceui for it and the songs are beautiful and dark-fantasy themed, very fitting with the game’s atmosphere, so I definitely recommend listening to it. It’s called Seeking Asphodelus (Official site: there are three samples there.) All the songs made me nostalgic since they describe each character’s feelings perfectly.


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