Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.5 Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo

Somehow Nanaki’s route felt really quick and I was pretty much .____. the whole route because I couldn’t really synchronize with the whole story about Chiyo. I really enjoyed Nanaki’s moments near his ending– but they came so late so I felt there wasn’t enough ;w; I don’t have much to say like in Hinase’s route so I’ll just be quick. Feel free to (actually please do) enlighten me about the story, I love discussion and I love learning other opinions different from my own. Nanaki and Chiyo’s relationship is only half of the importance of this chapter. (I ended up writing an analysis section on it, feel free to criticize my unorganized tl;dr writing) The other half of the chapter contributes a lot on moving the story forwards the next chapter in Shinigami to Shoujo. So I’ll be covering all about Ao and Tooya in this chapter too.

Voice actors = Kirishima Nanaki: Chiba Susumu // Chiyo: Nojima Kenji

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post.

[ Chapter 5 : Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo’s story ]

All about Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo before Ch.5

– Kirishima Nanaki is special because he can see things that other people can’t. He’s always had Chiyo as a best friend, since he’s the only one who can see Chiyo.. they’ve always been together. He can also see memories in locations like how he read Tomoe’s lover’s memories in the area of the clock tower. Sayo always calls him Kirishima-sempai.

– Nanaki is captain of the Kendou club and he’s very strict and is a great leader. He is very kind inside but often keeps a stern appearance. Even so, his actions show that he always watches out for and takes good care of people around him.

– He’s a tsundere 😄

– He also wears glasses sometimes. You can choose for Sayo to have a megane fetish and praise him for it, many times and he’ll get somewhat embarrassed. 8D

– He’s also a great cook and cares about nutrition. AKA THE PERFECT HUSBANDO.

– He also hates to lose. He was very enthusiastic in ch.3’s bentou competition.

– Chiyo is a ghost? He was very lonely until Nanaki met him at the cosmos field. He was very happy to meet Sayo and Ao who could also see him.

– In Ch.4 after rejecting Hinase, Sayo walks home together with Nanaki and Chiyo. Chiyo seems to be cheering Nanaki and Sayo because he really likes them both.

– After the incident with real!Hinase pushing Sayo to the wall, Chiyo offered to follow Sayo to protect her. He was genuinely happy when she allowed him to and blushed very hard. After Sayo said she likes his company he kept blushing all the time until I admit, I started getting sick of it because it made him look like a girl with a boy’s voice. From then I saw him as very girly. Then he was like this big stalker when he stared at her intensely all the time during class. He’s so pure but … -_- *bitter laugh you stalkerrrr*  When real!Hinase stole a peck from Sayo’s cheek for the cookie, he got very angry at Nanaki for letting it happen. Only girls fuss over something like that! He fusses over very small things and is interested in love interest itself for example. Then again Nanaki is very manly, so Chiyo may be minding over these small things in his place. ….

Chapter 5 (beginning)

Sayo meets real!Hinase (from now called Mitsuru) and Nanaki in the library. Mitsuru is having a hard time because he left his studies for years, and in the last exam fake!Hinase purposely submitted blank sheets for every subject. Now Mitsuru’s reaping those results. ふふふ(〃゚艸゚):;*。 Nanaki is determined to tutor him, he insists it’ll hurt his good will if he doesn’t. He’s such a good person. Kaho is also struggling with her studies. They agree to study at the library on weekends.

On Saturday, Sayo meets Nanaki and they go to the cosmos field together with Chiyo to find Mitsuru sleeping there, slacking off. Mitsuru comments that Sayo and Nanaki are like a couple. Nanaki tells them his type is like Yamato Nadeshiko and Sayo is stubborn yet not gifted with words.

Chiyo really really likes sakura, he said that while gazing longingly at the sakura trees. It’s fall now so they agree to see the sakura together next spring. At the cosmos field, Chiyo mentions how the place makes him feel at peace.

The routes split here* Unfortunately I’m not going to be detailed about the events in this route nor the two endings, you may want to read details somewhere else. I will cover only the main points and the flashbacks.

Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo Route

Sayo goes to study with Kaho at the library. They run into Wilheim and inside it’s actually Natsume, doing part-time job. He agrees to help Kaho with maths. In addition to studying, Kaho also took up accessory making from beads. She offers to make a corsage for Sayo. Sayo does it too and she makes a pink sakura bracelet for Chiyo. Kaho makes friends with two more girls because they ask her to teach them bead making too. Sayo is happy to see Kaho so pleased.

During this time, Sayo gradually becomes closer to Nanaki and Chiyo.

One day, Kirishima falls to the ground so Sayo runs to help him and gives him a handkerchief. Later that day, when Sayo is walking with Kirishima in the hallway, a ball comes flying and breaks the window. Kirishima pulls Sayo into a tight embrace, protecting her from the shards of broken glass. Sayo gets scared when she sees the glass and is attacked by a wave of trauma. She starts screaming ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m the witch! Please don’t disappear, お母様!!!!’ and loses consciousness. Nanaki carries her to the infirmary and Sayo asks him to pet her head to help her calm down.

Nanaki had a fight with Chiyo (thats why he fell over) so Chiyo is not appearing around him anymore. Sayo becomes concerned for him and she tries to get them to make up. She insisted that she thinks of them as friends when Nanaki said it was none of her business. Aha! Persistent is the way to win guys 8D

They find Chiyo near the road of sakura trees, but Nanaki can’t see him. They both desperately call out to each other but Nanaki’s eyes reflect nothing noe can he hear Chiyo’s voice. Chiyo is scared and heart broken, he runs off.

Flashbacks about Nanaki & Chiyo (they’re throughout the chapter but I’ll just combine them here) Ref: 桐島-19,24,32,39,44

…Once he noticed it he was all alone. No one could hear his voice, however a young boy called out to him. ‘Hey you. The one in the kimono, yes you.’ Chiyo was all are you talking to me and surprised that the boy could see him. Chiyo is awed because no one ever spoke to him before. Nanaki thinks he’s a ghost but he isn’t scared because he’s strong. It doesn’t matter if he’s small. He’s not supposed to talk to ghosts but he did and he’ll take Chiyo along with him. Chiyo is already a worrywart but Nanaki is ‘if no one knows then there’ll be no problem. What’s your name?’ Then he says he’ll think about it for him. He also has to tell Chiyo that a man doesn’t take back his words to ensure him about it.

…Nanaki is trying his hardest to hide from Chiyo. He’s very stubborn about it. Why do you always find me? XDD かわいいなぁ Chiyo tells him he can feel his presence but little Nanaki doesn’t give up and runs off again. He nearly falls down a cliff and Chiyo saves him. When he says he doesn’t want to die and become like Chiyo yet. Chiyo: EH? Nanaki: What’s that EH? for, ofcorse I wouldn’t want to die BAKA! Chiyo: die? Nanaki: To die is to disappear. Chiyo cries at this and tells Nanaki not to die. Nanaki tells him not to cry coz he’s a man. <–This is so Nanaki that it’s so cute!

…Chiyo is so pleased and excited to see sakura. Nanaki comments he’s like a child so Chiyo says Nanaki is a baby then because he’s short. Nanaki says he’ll grow taller one day and Chiyo laughs. ‘Don’t laugh!’ XDD Why so cuteee. They talk about sakura when Nanaki’s brother comes along worried that he’s talking to himself and can’t make friends. Nanaki follows his brother because it’s reasonable.. but he still calls out to Chiyo.

…Nanaki’s grown taller than Chiyo now and he’s entering high school. Chiyo is surprised about it since middle school seemed like it just passed by. Nanaki: This is normal, BAKA. //Nanaki is such a tsundere 😄 Chiyo feels lonely that he’ll never age and will be left behind. They exchange some talk about which club Nanaki is going to enter and Chiyo is as always, talkative. This bothers Nanaki a bit and he asks him not to talk too much. Chiyo says it’s ok because Nanaki answers him. Nanaki points out that he does only when other people aren’t there. Chiyo feels lonely again.. so Nanaki walks down to the garden to see a sakura tree there. He watches over Chiyo happily enjoying the flowers. //Nanaki is SO NICE ;w; And he cares about Chiyo’s feelings so much.. a truly awesome and kind guy ;w; It also shows how precious Chiyo is to him.

…Chiyo sees Sayo for the first time and falls in love with her straight away. He was very excited when she could see him too. He hangs around with Sayo a lot. Nanaki asks Chiyo if he was with her even when Natsume and Kaho were there too, and he was. Nanaki warns Chiyo to look out because it’ll cause trouble for Sayo if she is perceived to be talking to herself by others. However a Chiyo in love forgets to be careful again proceeds for a while until Nanaki has to remind him that he’s not human. Chiyo pushes him on the floor, hurt, saying that Nanaki won’t ever understand his loneliness.. how he’s not a human so he can never talk or be with the one he loves.. so just talking is such a small thing! Nanaki says that Sayo is actually fragile, will Chiyo be able to protect her if she’s hurt by others because of talking to him? They should keep a distance as so not to hurt each other because Chiyo will never change. After that Chiyo ran off and Nanaki lost his ability to see him.

Kirishima Nanaki Ending

Sayo stays with Nanaki. He’s also shocked even though he remained calm and didn’t simply run after Chiyo but stayed behind saying there is nothing he can do at the moment anyway.

Sayo offers to be the middle person between Nanaki & Chiyo (3P). They enjoy some more time together.

Crepe incident. Chiyo goads Sayo into calling Nanaki by his name (she’s always referred to him as Kirishima-sempai). She does and Nanaki gets so shocked and embarrassed that he drops the crepe in his hand. She calls him again and his 何だ ‘what?’ voice was so priceless that I replayed it so many times. She also teased him by saying his name four times in a row. <—THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCENE SO ADORABLE

They wondered around the town together before ending at the cosmos field where Chiyo tells them that he’s the spirit of the cosmos field. He must disappear because once he remembered the truth about himself, it hurts him that he’s not human thus will not age like Nanaki and Sayo. It’s also compulsory for him to return to his true form anyway. Chiyo has always longed to see sakura and he calls Sayo his sakura flower.

He says goodbye and disappears with a strong wind, fluttering cosmos flower petals like autumn sakura.

More sad but beautiful partings for this game. Nanaki is actually hurting a lot inside. Sayo hugs him and says she’ll cry for him.

After that Nanaki confesses that he likes Sayo. They were brought together by Chiyo..

And they marry and have two kids named Chiaki and Chiharu. The names are wonderful because they use the kanji ‘Chi’ (a thousand) like Chiyo combined with ‘aki’ autumn and ‘haru’ spring. So somehow they fulfilled Chiyo’s dream (cosmos meeting sakura).


…I love how young Nanaki is shown and you gradually start seeing Kirishima-sempai in a new light (because young!Nanaki is so cute!). You can see how he’s matured to become a tsundere but actually hasn’t changed much; he’s still straight forward and short-tempered. His kindness comes from the core. I love it when his childish side reappears through the usual hard-working stern cover he makes up. He’s so adorable. Everywhere it shows that he’d make a great husband and father. Which he did. ♥ My only complaint is that the time they were in love was NOT NEARLY ENOUGH? (*´Д`*) ←wanted more

* * * * *

Chiyo Ending

Sayo runs after Chiyo instead. Then basically the events are the same minus the falling in love scenes with Nanaki. Instead she gets to learn Chiyo’s side of feelings. How lonely he was, how much Nanaki means to him and his feelings towards Sayo. He fell in love with Sayo at first sight.

Chiyo kisses Sayo (Nanaki had to tell him to) before he disappears.

Then in the future, a man and a woman meet under the falling sakura..


I admit I kept thinking Chiyo should have just been a girl in love with Nanaki and I might fall for the story more. This plot is eroge-like. Chiyo only met Sayo for a short while.. it doesn’t make me believe his love for Sayo, enough to call her his ‘spring sakura’, is deep enough. Hinase’s was love at first sight too but there was much more longing in Hinase. At least to me. Hinase went great lengths to do something for Sayo showing his deep love but Chiyo hardly did anything except treasure the moments he was with her.

It’s revealed that he loved Sayo at first sight.. similar to Hinase. But Chiyo isn’t dangerously sweet-like-melting-chocolate with his words like Hinase. Instead he’s simple and honest.

We all know he’s going to disappear. Apparently I have high resistance towards this type of plot. I know it’s supposed to be making me feel sad, but when my heart was hardly moved, it left me feeling heartless.. a feeling I really hate. *laughs bitterly* Not that I didn’t like it.. just I didn’t like the characters enough to be moved. As I mentioned above, feel free to enlighten me with your feelings if I’m missing a point.

* * *


Akogare (the word means a longing for, a deep desire, a dream, admiration) ...Cosmos’s wish to see the spring sakura. It’s revealed in the shinigami to shoujo story book.

No matter how many thousand years pass, cosmos and sakura can never meet. But is it wrong for one to yearn for it? People know some things are impossible, yet we can’t help yearning for it. Is it stupid? Is it beautiful? …I can’t answer this question because dreaming or yearning is a beautiful thing yet we can never ignore reality. However I think miracles are beautiful. If we never yearned, miracles would never be so probably yearning is beautiful? At least, there is a beautiful side to it. So the most beautiful word cannot have two sides to it and cannot exist without another word..

Existence or Illusion

What exactly is the existence that is Chiyo? A spirit or illusion? 

He was born from the cosmos’s pure wish, ‘Just once I want to see sakura. Just only once, it’s fine even if I disappear afterwards.’ A strong wish of nature. A strong wish of the cosmos growing in the field overlooking this small town of Narikane. But he has a heart; he thinks, feels and loves — very much like a human. And then he just disappears and it wasn’t after he saw sakura. It doesn’t make sense how he came to regard Sayo (a human girl) as his sakura. Sakura is sakura, his original wish is obviously the flower not a girl. So why did Chiyo have to disappear? After I first finished the chapter for the first time, I was pretty much ‘SORRY CHIYO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE POINT OF YOUR EXISTENCE’ (ㆀ˘・_・˘) And after racking my mind unable to find an answer I left the post unfinished until I had finished the game… to avoid SPOILERS that may affect your experience in the later chapters, skip this by scrolling down until after the next picture.

Let’s answer the first question first.

Unless a human had a hand in Chiyo’s creation, his existence would not make any sense. He was just there, staring at the scenery staying still like trees do all the time never feeling bored or lonely until.. he met young!Nanaki. From then he started realizing how lonely he was. Therefore Nanaki, who can see strong memories of a place (ref=Ch.1) noticed the wish of the cosmos and gave birth to Chiyo’s illusion. Nanaki named him ‘Chiyo’, they became best friends and they had fun together. Chiyo’s existence/illusion has 2 purposes, (1) as a mirror of Nanaki’s loneliness combined with (2) the wish of the cosmos to see sakura. It explains his disappearance in Nanaki’s route and why both always knew the location of one another.

Why did Chiyo have to disappear?

The reasons behind this is actually more complex than it seems. (1) Because Chiyo is not human? He doesn’t age.. he is eternal while humans grow old and will eventually die.. leaving Chiyo alone for eternity. In case if he loves a human they can never be together.. it’s painful. Therefore, it best if Chiyo disappears? Another thing that didn’t make sense unless you understand that Chiyo’s existence is also tied to Nanaki in addition to being the cosmos. So I pretty much understand my .___. feelings at that time now. If he were really just the cosmos, there would be no reason for him to feel like that and disappear when he did. He would have been eternal like nature.

(2) True reason = Nanaki felt at one point he should let go and move on. Since Chiyo’s existence is tied to Nanaki, it would be double painful for Chiyo to be around even if Nanaki has already realized the truth (did he? did he just think the reason was (1) in his route and he knew (2) only in Tooya/Ao’s route? This game likes to trick us doesn’t it?). It is painful but it was a decision he made, it was the best for himself and for Chiyo.

However Chiyo did not simply disappear because… Sayo was thrown into the equation making it 3P XD. She started supporting Chiyo’s existence–explaining how Nanaki couldn’t notice Chiyo first while Sayo could. There is another factor that made this happen, Nanaki’s power to see abnormal things disappeared. The reason he lost this power when he did .. is obviously a plot device lol. He lost his role as the ‘observer’ and became a real part of the story who would live a happy end with Sayo. \o/ DEEP.

Random: I don’t know why both Nanaki and Sayo can still remember Chiyo. /o\ やっぱりbecause Nanaki is special?

Random: Why can’t illusions age? *bricked for impossible question*


What you see is not correct (not as you see it).

It was so interesting to see how Sayo responded to this sentence’s ambiguity.

How do you judge an illusion is not true・incorrect・non-existent? One of the wonderful themes Shinigami to Shoujo presents to us. A Beautiful Mind. Human imagination is powerful, who are we to judge if we can’t feel or see it, to say such a thing doesn’t exist? What we still don’t know about the world is deeper than the deepest oceans.

Sorry for being repetitive. When you start talking about 2 words, they engage and intertwine like an infinite loop.

You gotta admit Nanaki and Chiyo get the most beautiful CGs in the game.

* * * * *

Prelude to Chapter 6

Unlike in Ch.4, the rest of Ch.5 which continues the story does not give much more depth about the Nanaki & Chiyo’s story like it did with Hinase’s case. Instead something completely different happens. To continue the story it means Sayo does not feel anything special for Hinase, Kirishima nor for Chiyo. In this case, she is very attached to her brother, Tooya.

About Tooya and Sayo before Ch.5

– Tooya is sweet and poetic with his words. Actually, his words are even sweeter than Hinase’s. Does this mean men with sweet words are liars? <- Don’t take that negatively, I love Hinase and Lelouch, both are pretty much master liars. Hinase once said a liar was right beside Sayo, he’s probably referring to Tooya. It doesn’t seem like Tooya is Sayo’s real brother. Hinase didn’t know Sayo had a brother and he knew all about Sayo and her background since before the game. Sayo’s story is well known across the town because the Toono house is so rich and infamous, and both she and her mother, Toono Tsubaki, are just so beautiful. The proof is that Sayo’s father totally ignores Tooya’s existence and treats only Sayo as the heir of the Toono house. He also yelled at Sayo never to mention Tooya’s name again in front of him. When Kaho came to Sayo’s house, he went out therefore Kaho has never met him. This could likely mean, only Sayo and special people can see him. However this is proven wrong when Fushimachi (the bookshop owner) can also see him. But then Fushimachi may be special too even though he can’t see Chiyo. The most mysterious part about him is he literally disappears in Hinase, Nanaki & Chiyo’s endings. Sayo then acts as if she has never had a brother in the first place. Ao disappears too but Sayo still remembers his existence. WEIRD.

– Tooya is the one writing all the stories that relate directly to events in each chapter. He’s also writing Shinigami to Shoujo. One can’t be normal to be able to write stories which control or tell the stories of people’s lives………………… that’s what a shinigami does.

– Morning is like the beginning. Night is the end. Twilight is the time nearing the ending..

– Tooya loves Sayo almost ridiculously so much.. he’s afraid of her leaving him. He loves her more than anything in the world. Each time he tells Sayo, I’m amazed by his words… he also spoils her. Something that is not always good for her. He also gets very jealous of other guys.

– Sayo has a trauma from her past. She hates her house very badly. She denied her birth and fainted after the hospital incident with Natsume’s sister who mentioned her mother’s name, Toono Tsubaki. Ao had to take her back home and put her in bed. Then there’s the mirror scene where she hates her own face and her reflection smiles at her like a witch. She broke down to Tooya about it saying that she’s a child born from a prostitute and a heartless man. Tooya comforted her saying that she is Toono Sayo and he loves her no matter who her parents are. That’s the same words that Hinase used to put her under a spell.. so Sayo now is under Tooya’s spell (?)

About Ao and Sayo before Ch.5 for more go to Silvra *bricked*

– Ao doesn’t care much about living, he’s emotionless and doesn’t mind having no memories. He just likes reading books. Loves in fact because he’ll occasionally go to the library and to Sayo’s house to borrow books from Tooya.

– Tooya and Ao do not get along AT ALL from the start. Tooya is often quite rude to him but Ao doesn’t seem to mind.

– There was a scene where Sayo asked him about feelings and emotions.. they are things that humans possess. Ao even though he appears emotionless at times, possess emotions too. He first smiled when Sayo stopped crying in Ch.4 and that he thought her tears were beautiful. It was a sudden smile and Sayo was very surprised.

– Sayo starts going to the bookshop to meet Ao regularly after their meeting at the clock tower. They share a common interest in the clock tower’s mystery and their love for reading books. Sayo is also concerned about Ao. In Ch.4 when Sayo was afraid to confront Hinase alone, Ao told her that she wasn’t alone.. he’s with her. Sayo also wanted him to be with her.

Chapter 5 (Additional scenes in beginning and cont. from the route split)

– At the end of Chapter 4, Sayo is sad because fake!Hinase left her forever. She goes to the seaport to wonder about it (remember? she didn’t understand her feelings about Hinase). Tooya goes to her and comforts her.

– Special scene with Ao and Tooya at the park. Sayo asks Tooya not to disappear from her. Tooya wonders if something sad happened but he says Sayo is the one that will disappear from him. The Ao comes and the children around the park play with him. Sayo is then called ‘the princess taken captive by the bad guy’ (Tooya lol) and dragged off to play too. (〃゚艸゚):;*。This scene was so cute! Ao = power rangers …dies imagining it.

– The same things happen in the beginning of Ch.5 before entering Nanaki’s route. But instead of going to study with Kaho and Natsume at the library, Sayo chose to stay at home with her beloved brother, Tooya. Or in Ao’s route, Ao. This makes a significant difference. She becomes closer to Nanaki and Chiyo, but they still keep a distance. Kaho still starts making accessories and she gave Sayo a corsage, a white one because Kaho thought Sayo would look good with white instead of her usual black. Sayo wears it at school and everyone praises her. Then Kaho tells her it’s not a rose but a tsubaki.. Sayo goes blank at this. Inside she’s very much shaken but she tries hard to keep her calm. However she took the corsage off immediately.

– TOOYA EVENTS: They go on walks together and go to Fushimachi’s bookstore. It’s very strange because Fushimachi can see Tooya. He greeted Tooya once Sayo told him Tooya came too. Tooya was looking at books at that time. Anyway, most of the time Sayo just stays with him, loves him and he always says he loves her and is scared of her disappearing.

– AO EVENT: Sayo goes out to meet Ao and she suggests they go to eat sushi together. Ao likes sushi.
Sayo: So you know spinning sushi (conveyor belt train sushi)
Ao: Why does it have to spin?
Sayo: You’ll see once we get there.
After eating sushi…
Ao: I don’t get it.
///I burst out laughing at his emotionless voice here! I love this scene (〃゚艸゚):;*。

After the sushi event, suddenly it rains so they run back to Fushimachi (Ao calls him Haruo) ‘s bookstore. Ao changes back into his white robes and Sayo comments that she likes his private clothes better. Sayo falls asleep on Ao’s shoulder. He says her head is light and they have a little talk about ‘light-headed meaning not-thinking-enough’ but Ao just meant her head wasn’t heavy as in weight.


Sayo invites Ao for dinner at her house, Tooya isn’t happy about it. He’s very jealous. They have cup-ramen!

Sayo will go to her room and look at the book fake!Hinase gave her. She’s scared of opening it because if she feels that everything will end if she does. Sayo is scared of endings. Either Tooya or Ao will come to see her in the room. In Ao’s route, he’ll ask why Sayo is troubled because of it. He also points out her lie when she says she’s not. Anyway he leans in pretty close to her and Sayo gets pulled in because Ao’s eyes are so beautiful (or she stumbles or something) and she kisses him. Then she asks him if he’ll save her. She’s scared as if time had stopped.. please… then Tooya will come in and rage at Ao for trying to steal Sayo.


After this at night, Sayo and Ao want to read the same book so they read it together then Ao ends up staying the night.


They walk around in town together visiting the cosmos field again. They meet Chiyo at the sakura lane. Noticable thing is Tooya can’t see Chiyo. (my predictions were wrong or is he lying?) Ao says Tooya should understand, or so he thought. Tooya believes Sayo’s words that Chiyo is really there without a doubt (because he believes everything Sayo says) and greets Chiyo.


Sayo meets Ao at the library and he’s wearing private clothes. Sayo asks him if he’s wearing them because she told him she likes it.

Chiyo is supportive of Sayo and Ao? He says it’s a wonderful thing to be able to express thoughts with words. Ao says that he wants to get to know Sayo more.. that’s why he said them in words. Then Sayo counters with a contradiction ‘however I did not’. I love that contradiction it felt so deep! Women don’t always put everything in words.. They also talk about how Sayo wants Tooya to agree with all of her words, and confirm them. Ao knows Tooya all so well that Sayo is everything to Tooya.

Ch.5 main event

– Sayo and Kaho have a little chat with Natsume and Sayo gets to guess what Natsume’s part-time job is. If she gets it right, Natsume loses and will have to do something for them. There are tons of choices and I went through them all because the later ones were so funny.. superhero, alien, etc He’ll say BA-KA. AHO. etc. XDD The correct choice is ‘a cat’, ofcorse since it’s Wilheim. Also if you pick a same choice twice, he’ll say you’re an idiot because you said that before. Kaho will respond with a VERY HILARIOUS ANSWER バーカ!あんぽんたん!馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿馬鹿!ちんちくりん!ヾ(≧∇≦*)〃*laughs head off*

– Sayo never started making bead accessories with Kaho, and she didn’t feel the need to make a sakura-themed one for Chiyo. Around the time that Nanaki can’t see Chiyo, it turns out that this time Sayo becomes unable to see Chiyo instead. She’s shocked.

– Then she finds out that Kaho has made new friends, they’re the girls who asked Kaho to teach them bead-making.. Sayo gets another blow here. Kaho used to be only with her. But now she has others.. She is extremely shocked because it seems everyone around her is disappearing one by one. Some trauma comes up and she thinks ‘IT’S BECAUSE HER FAULT’. The words break inside her mind at the same time the baseball hits the window.

– She’s protected by Nanaki again. Glass flies everywhere with a large breaking sound, scattering shards all over the floor.. showing her reflection. Sayo gets flashbacks again. They are shown to be much more worse and scarier than in Nanaki’s route.. she sees the room in the Toono house. She starts screaming that she’s sorry.. please forgive her.. she’s a witch.. please don’t leave me! Mother!! And faints.

– After she wakes up in the infirmary, Nanaki is there and she’s able to see Chiyo again. However Chiyo is there to say goodbye as it’s his last day. She pleads him not to disappear. She tries to spend as much time with him as possible and holds onto his hand tightly as if afraid. She wants to go to the cosmos field but as they walk past the clock tower, Sayo turns around to find him already gone. She’s devastated with all the losses around her and runs to Tooya arms… OR Ao will talk about how ‘the end’ is inevitable. He is a shinigami, he is the end.

Anyway chapter 5 ends in despair.


* The point in which the routes split makes all the difference! In Nanaki’s route, she’s perfectly normal because she sticks to Kaho, Natsume, Kirishima and Chiyo. Staying too much with either Ao or especially Tooya results in the final trigger of loneliness and disappearances which leads to quite a serious breakdown. Wow. Takuyo amazes me with the use of Visual Novel as their storytelling device. Simply awesome.

By the way, I came to like Nanaki a lot more in the end… but I’ll leave that for the atogaki.

I’m sorry there’s lack of details on mostly Tooya’s scenes in Ch.5 (I lost my notes…) Even if I didn’t lose my notes, my brain got data overload after finishing the game so I can’t remember minor events. /orz\ I know Tooya is always loving and supporting Sayo.. almost too much imho. He spoils her so much and I don’t really think it is good for her. It was very sweet yet felt wrong.. even more so when Sayo starts being with her friends less in order to stay with Tooya. The choices make Sayo declare her love for him so much..too much? On the other hand, Ao’s sweet scenes and how they’re gradually getting close to each other was the part I enjoyed most about the second half of this chapter. It’s feels very slow and natural, while the sudden kiss had a hint of chemistry. Not too much, but it was definitely there. Subtle. I still feel like I missed a lot! Especially for Tooya.. I really want to talk about more but there’s still a ton of things I want to talk about this game for the later chapters. They are really really awesome.. like this game is really really awesome. (..>◡<..)

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  1. Hmm, I have a lot to say about Tooya ww but I think I’ll leave that for your Tooya post. You will be making one right? 8D;; PS. I love the “sweet-like-melting-chocolate” description for Hinase (*ノ∀ノ).

    Let’s get the light-hearted stuff out of the way first. Congratulations~ ヾ(*´∀`*)/ on finishing Ch.5’s post! I laughed so hard I started coughing when I read the part where you complained about Chiyo being a stalker, because that’s what I felt too www. I was like “Wait.. you just fell in love with her at first sight and started following her around everywhere?!”

    It definitely felt that the fake!Hinase showed his love more deeply.. especially when, if he’s rejected, he works hard to leave clues and the book to free Sayo from the spell. In his hidden routes, he reveals that he wants to see if Sayo will pick him out of everyone. The fact that he’s letting her choose, without him doing anything to tip the scales in his favor by killing real!Hinase or something just shows how much he respects her I think. While Chiyo just seems to idolize and obsess over her? I pretty much took the same things you did away from his short story, though I didn’t spend as much time as you did in thinking about it (๑→‿←๑).

    I felt that Chiyo’s existence isn’t tied to Nanaki. I feel like Nanaki manages to maintain his “observer” post in all routes except his own, where like you said he enters the story and thus loses his position. The reason I think this is because I felt like Chiyo’s story dealt with.. “akogare” like you said about longing and deep want. My thoughts are that he started off as a cosmos spirit content to just watch the seasons pass by, but his meeting with Nanaki opened him up to human desires and wants? It put ideas in his head maybe. The way I see it.. you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it? By meeting Nanaki, who can see him, he experiences loneliness and so he starts wanting things like friendships or people who can see him.

    I’m not sure where his obsession with wanting to meet the sakura comes from.. maybe it was just some yearning for the impossible like you said? But I think he shifted that to Sayo when he saw her. To him, Sayo idealizes the sakura. Maybe, deep down, he knows that she’s unattainable to him because he’s a spirit and so he just starts looking at her as the sakura. To him, Sayo IS the sakura and I think that’s why he has to disappear once he finally realizes he’s finally met the sakura? My thoughts are getting kind of muddled wwww (/ω\). I didn’t like Chiyo’s or Nanaki’s story very much either so I wasn’t paying as much attention as I probably should have ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ.

    Oh! Back to Tooya and Fushimachi and all the weird stuff. I’m not sure if you already found the answers to these questions, or if the questions you wrote in this post are still the questions you have, but I’ll just drop my thoughts about that here if you don’t mind (๑→‿←๑). I think Fushimachi is also special, because he’s the one who wrote StS so that might be why he can see Tooya? By writing that book, in a sense, he managed to contain a Shinigami in his story? Or constrain a Shinigami to his story? He’s also called a 魔法使 in Ao’s route ww.

    Tooya disappears all the time because his existence is literally tied to Sayo (´;ω;`). 「次第に、少女と二人でいるうちに、何もなかった俺は少女の心を映し出すようになっていた」 <– these lines made me feel really emotional 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。.

    PS. I.. uh.. think I also went on a rambling spree wwww tl;dr random thoughts ;w; ごめんなさい!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! (*´ω`*) StS is highly ambiguous and I think that’s one of it’s strong points so hearing how someone else interpreted it.. opens up your mind. \o/ ‘You don’t know what your missing until you experienced it’ … like if you’ve always been alone you’d never feel lonely but once you’ve had a friend once, you can never stand being alone again.. 確かにあるよね

      I think Chiyo’s (cosmos’s) yearning for sakura started out from ‘the name’ lol. Cosmos is referred to as ‘autumn sakura’ so it’s natural to be curious about what you were named after, I guess. He probably eavesdropped on all the visitors who came along. Or else the cosmos field is overlooking the city so basically it can see everything including the row of sakura trees that Chiyo likes to lurk around.

      Thinking about how Chiyo suddenly switched his dream from sakura=flower to sakura=Sayo.. makes me add some more dislike points to him. He really did say that she was like the sakura to him and that Chiyo end. Unless he’s tied to Nanaki, it’s really hard for me to accept his existence (I have no chance of seeing him at all lol) Nanaki likes Sayo, therefore Chiyo liking her too is just natural? <–none of my interpretations are in his favor lmao.. ストーカーを放っておきますw とにかく日生が大好き!*bricked*

      Ah the atogaki.. I don't think Haruo can see nor hear Tooya at all 😄 He just knows Sayo's situation well so he played along in order not to 'break her'. Like Nanaki has a role in the story and also the role of the 'observer', Haruo is the same with the role of 'the author(s)'.

      LOL Tooya rant at the end .. Tooya is loved <33www I will hurry up and write it up XDD

  2. Haha, somehow not many people end up liking Chiyo. 😄 I can’t dislike him ‘cos of his seiyuu, and I like his puppy personality. www I find him very pure so you know, concerning of how he would help Sayo, he can never do stuff like Hinase ‘cos he can’t think so far ahead. (Or maybe ‘cos he’s from a cosmos so he’s not exactly human so he can’t think very complex thoughts……/bricked) Moreover, his actions are very limited ‘cos he’s an illusion. I can see why he’s so attached to Nanaki, and later Sayo. Maybe it’s ‘cos I’m a bit like that – it’s not easy for me to have people I can get along with very well. So with close friends I can sometimes be a bit clingy and I’ve to keep myself in check. Same for Chiyo. I guess his stalker tendencies are creepy but then keeping in mind that’s he’s pure and a lonely existence, I can’t bring myself to dislike him.

    However, I was very confused at the epilogues where it shows Chiyo “reborn” and meets the girl under the sakura tree, and then the one showing all three of them together. Especially for the first one, I couldn’t distinguish if that was really the “future” or the “past” because of their dressing and stuff.

    I personally liked the cosmos story for this chapter a lot ‘cos longing after what seems the impossible…seems very human to me, ironically. It’s silly. But sometimes if we don’t desire what appears like the impossible and chase after it, who knows whether we’ll make it a reality? It doesn’t have to be the miracle kind of act like how Chiyo got turned into human form but sometimes we don’t know if we don’t try. So to me, we need to imagine what we want so that it’s possible (or not) to make it true. The cliché example would be how men longed to fly and have wings blah blah blah. At least for me, I felt this message coming out whenever bits of the cosmos story was told here. Maybe I’m stretching things too far.

    In addition, I felt that it reflects Sayo’s feelings in a way. This also relates to why Tooya acts like that for Sayo so I can’t blame him. (spoiler for later chapters) Well, I’ll leave those for another time.

    And Nanaki’s ending was the happiest ending out of all the characters, really. So adorable. But my heart ached for him when he could only look at Chiyo disappear. ;A; But I agree his romance came out rather late on due to the constant focus on his relationship with Chiyo. Yet it also felt essential…idk lol. It’s like Hinase leaving, then the sudden separation between Nanaki and Chiyo (where they sometimes take each other for granted) was quite the reality check.

    Hnnng I’m really sorry for the hopeless comment-rant. But just some love for the not-so-loved characters lol. I’m pretty sure my comments on your later posts will alllllll be about Tooya though. 😄

    • Poor Chiyo .. xD; I liked him more while I was actually playing the game because I did feel he was pure (especially in Ch.4) I knew he had no bad intentions.. but when you think too much about him while not playing, the annoying parts and his unimpressive points prevail. Due to the game’s deepness, a lot of the time I’m not playing but just thinking about it.. especially since he’s ‘not’ human, his existence had to have a proper meaning or else it would have just been meaninglessly tragic.

      You just made a nice point there! (about future or past) I automatically thought it was the future.. (ignored Chiyo’s clothes) I also thought it was the ‘present timeline future’ meaning Sayo’s future in the timeline where she loved Chiyo and he kissed her hair goodbye. Spirit of cosmos became human from meeting Nanaki –> falls in love with a girl –> girl loved him back –> can’t be together = disappears –> gets reborn as a real human through the power of love(tm) –> happy ending with girl *bricked for thinking too this point it doesn’t affect the main story anymore* But if you think it could be in the past.. IS INTERESTING lol. BTW, I think the CG with the 3 of them is just some happy wishful imagination. It could also be an illusion.

      Taking something for granted yet the next moment it’s gone.. lol I’m supposed to fall super hard for this kind of plot. CZ theme!! Although in Nanaki and Chiyo’s case, Nanaki had realized for a while what Chiyo was and knew their separation would eventually come. He was making himself ready. He’s just that majime; he takes things happening around him calmly and does his best. A lot of my thoughts turn into Nanaki appreciation instead.

      I need help on understanding Tooya lmao ;w; orz *looks forward to your comments* I wonder how in the world am I going to write a post for him.. 難しい

      • I don’t know if there’s a proper meaning to Chiyo’s existence…’cos he got what he initially wished for and that’s that. A flower’s life is tragically short.

        Haha I wasn’t sure if it really was a happily ever after or maybe it meant something more like a past memory etc. knowing Takuyo. ;;

        Yeah Nanaki realised it for a while (and later Chiyo). Maybe I wasn’t clear, but it was a sudden separation for Sayo and this affected her considerably since she tried so hard to keep them together.

        Will do so, with a dosage of my love for him lol~ 頑張ってね!><9

  3. My memories of the game are very foggy tbh so you are welcome to take this with a grain of salt, but I can’t help but jump in because I like Chiyo a lot personally. ;;;

    Chiyo equated Sayo to sakura in the sense that she was an entity that he couldn’t ever be with (by the virtue of being a spirit – IIRC he only calls Sayo sakura after realizing his identity, right?). Originally, he materialized into a spirit with human form and feelings because he wanted to see the flower sakura, but that wish had nothing to do with why he disappeared at the end of chapter 5. He disappeared because he realized his identity as cosmos.

    I disagree that Chiyo’s existence is tied to Nanaki’s. They’re very attached, yes, but they are more very close friends than a “creator and the created” sort of relationship. Since Chiyo is cosmos, I don’t understand your logic that Nanaki created him? Did they explicitly say this somewhere and I’m totally blanking out on that part of the script?

    • 千代が好かれている人にすみません ;w;
      I don’t think they explicitly explained it anywhere but there were clues everywhere in Ao’s route when the game started connecting all the stories in every chapter to merge into the story of StS. Sayo would frequently think of Nanaki and Chiyo’s case. I figured that Chiyo’s purpose in the story was to help readers understand more about Tooya. So I used the same logic with Sayo and Tooya to understand more about Chiyo. S&T’s relationship is far more than a ‘created and the created’ one too.. an illusion in StS is very powerful, it thinks for it’s own and has a heart. Tooya was created purely by Sayo but Chiyo isn’t purely by Nanaki, he’s also the cosmos thus they’re different. They both had to disappear for similar reasons. 本当にコスモスならば永遠にいられるはずなのに、「千代」が消えた。たとえ自分は何ものかが分かっても、どんなに孤独で苦しくても、どんなに人を傷つけても…それが消えなくてはならない理由には納得できない。Actually ‘cosmos’ didn’t disappear, it went back to being just cosmos like it had always been.. cosmos is eternal. ‘Chiyo’ is not because he’s an illusion. Illusions cannot exist without a creator.. なので説明がめちゃくちゃ分かりにくくてすいませんでした… this is treading very much into Tooya’s story 😄

      Ooh.. I understand the Sayo=sakura metaphor now xD ♪Out of reach♪でしょうww コメントありがとう!

      • Chiyo disappeared (i.e., returned to being a flower) because he remembered that he was a flower – is what I meant in my first point, so yes, I agree with you in that Chiyo is an ephemeral illusion. Errr I think both of our points are very convoluted lmao fundamentally it seems like we’re trying to say the same thing. xD

        Regardless of the depth of Sayo and Tooya’s relationship, the fact is that she created him, while Nanaki didn’t create Chiyo. We also agree on this, right…? I think the issue I have is that Tooya is literally a reflection of Sayo’s loneliness, but Chiyo has much more autonomy from Nanaki.

      • … No, I got your points. It’s just me who’s being convoluted *bricks self* Tries to make it clearer..
        [Tooya = Sayo’s illusion] O FACT
        [Chiyo = Nanaki’s illusion] X because Chiyo is cosmos (FACT) however
        [Chiyo = Cosmos (eternal)] X because Chiyo is not eternal, he disappeared leaving only cosmos.
        Therefore my opinion is [Chiyo = Nanaki’s illusion + cosmos (eternal)] explains everything including why Chiyo has more autonomy from Nanaki than T=S illusion.

      • OK, I think it’s your last point I’m confused about. Chiyo = cosmos, but Chiyo != eternal, so equating cosmos and eternity made me go bwuh? ww Chiyo is an illusion, no doubt about that, but he created himself (cosmos created Chiyo in its image). He is not Nanaki’s illusion.

        Of course, we can always disagree on this point. \o/

  4. I will wait for you to finish everything. I don’t want to interfere with your interpretation of the upcoming chapters 8D


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