Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.4 Hinase Mitsuru’s story

I love Hinase’s story to pieces and I couldn’t stand missing details so the post turned out really long.. Now I understand how other bloggers make such long posts and I admire them for being able to keep it up. This post covers all of Chapter 4 and Hinase’s route. The post is different from the previous posts, and is divided into 5 parts but it’s still a huge slightly over 10k word wall of text ;w; (one with all my love). Please take your time reading? The next posts I make for StS will be similar to the first post. Hinase’s really special that’s why it turned out like this ;w;

Random edit: Hinase is voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa (FF:FFH FF Versus 13’s Noctis)
His voice acting and singing is so good I pretty much became a fan of him now..

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post. Important events about Hinase that happen during Ch.1-3 are also in the previous post.

[ Chapter 4 : (Hinase Mitsuru’s story) ]

Confession – Falling in Love

Chapter 4 starts with Sayo and Hinase going out together for the date that was decided since Chapter 3. He took her to a movie she liked and let her choose what to eat. Sayo takes him to her favorite cafe, they exchange some of their meal. Sayo is surprised that his meal is spicy and marvels at him for being able to eat it with a straight face. They talk about their favorite food and both say they like sweet things. Then he takes her to a secret place.. it’s the clock tower. Sayo is surprised and excited when he shows her the key because she’s always been fascinated by it’s mystery. They climb up to the top where it’s quiet because the clock isn’t working, then see the view from its balcony.. //So romantic!! *ドキドキ*ヾ(≧∇≦*)〃←obviously loves clock towers someone please take me there too// When they come down, Sayo was very happy and she had a great time, so she ran off to buy a bouquet of roses for Hinase as a token of gratitude. Hinase accepts it and then he confesses his love to her (again). This time he’s serious and he’d like an answer 3 days later.

The next day, Sayo meets her father in the same cafe but with a totally different atmosphere. Her father is angry that he had to come out all the way to meet her. They’re in the cafe because Sayo refused to go to the Toono main house. He hands her an envelope with photos and information inside. She’s to attend a ceremony to meet the man who will become her fiancé (arranged marriage). Sayo is enraged and profoundly refuses. When Sayo mentions Tooya, her father snaps and tells her not to mention that name in front of him again. O_o?  He then leaves saying if she doesn’t go, she won’t be allowed to live in her current house anymore and don’t forget that she is living now because of him. (There’s no love in Sayo’s father at all)

Sayo is left in the cafe by herself. Coincidentally Hinase has also been there from the start because he likes sweet things and the cakes here are delicious. He overheard everything. He asks her shall I take you away? Somewhere far away, where no one knows us.’ Sayo leaves the envelope there without opening it. As they’re leaving the cafe, they run into Fushimachi (the bookshop owner) and Ao. They’re surprised that Sayo is crying and they go to the bookstore for tea. Hinase tells them he once ran away from home because he hated his strict grandmother. But he came back because he realized this was the only place he could return to. After a while Sayo stops crying and Fushimachi says her tears are like passing rain. Ao thinks passing rain is beautiful and smiles. Sayo wants him to smile more because that’s the first time he ever smiled. She walks home with Hinase, he tells her too bad someone got in the way or he would have snatched her away. Sayo asks where to? since the place he has to return to is here. Hinase says who says he can’t leave the house again? He’ll take her away anytime she wants, just tell him when.

That night Tooya combs Sayo’s hair, gently and lovingly. Why is Tooya not acknowledged in the Toono house? Even Hinase was surprised to hear Sayo has a brother, he thought she was an only child. Sayo’s story is pretty famous so it’s strange Hinase didn’t know. It could be that Tooya is only visible to special people, like Chiyo. If Tooya’s not her real brother, then what is this game with fake siblings? Tomoe had one too.

* * *

At school, Natsume is now having lunch together with the group. They chat and still don’t quite get along (Kaho!♥) Sayo now has a proper bentou (by Kaho or by herself) but Hinase is still eating jelly drinks for busy people.. even Natsume who has to do part-time, doesn’t approve of it. //Their conversation touches the topic of putting up an act in front of people as a way to fit in society. Hinase says it’s like wearing makeup. Acting nicer and not always saying what they think. Natsume outright says that he doesn’t like Sayo’s manners. They’re quite the opposite. Hinase is quite the opposite too. Everyone has their own way of making their identity.. *does some self reflection* (´・ω・`) 

After school, Sayo has a chat with Kaho. Kaho is pissed because of Natsume’s bad-mouthed personality. Sayo says before he was cold but now he’s warm.. it feels like he’s not faking anything. That’s true (❛◡❛٭) They talk about lies, Kaho says she thinks lying is troublesome because if she lies once, she’ll have to lie again. However Kaho doesn’t hate lies, even she lies sometimes herself, but she prefers to hear the truth. Suddenly the girl who confessed to Hinase in the classroom the other day walks by. Sayo wonders if Hinase rejected her completely yet or not. Kaho asks her what’s wrong and Sayo says ‘Hinase-sempai is strange isn’t he? I can’t understand what he’s truly thinking.’ Kaho: (´・ω・`)? ‘So Sayo-chan wants to know Hinase-sempai’s true thoughts?’ Since Sayo is curious about Hinase, Kaho says he’s smart and popular but it’s hard to understand what he’s really thinking. Sayo keeps thinking about him since her answer is due the next day.

* * *

The next day, the answer is already inside her heart. After school, Sayo and Hinase meet up in an empty classroom. She tells him she doesn’t know whether she likes (as in love) him or not but she doesn’t hate him, and she was happy when he confessed to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about him after that. Hinase asks if that means she’ll date him and she says yes. YES!_ρ(∇≦*) Hinase takes her hand and comes close.. he gently touches her hair and asks ‘how far will you let me do since now we’re dating?’ His hand traces from her cheeks to her shoulder.. to her heart. Sayo closes her eyes.. at first it’s just a light touch. Then it gradually becomes deeper. Each time it becomes sweeter like sweet melting chocolate…

(〃゚艸゚):;*。 ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・ ヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡

‘Sayo?’ ‘Who’s calling my name?’ ‘I brought you some tea. Can you get up?’ Sayo wakes up in Hinase’s room.

…………….. ガ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ン!!! !!!!  (((( ;°Д°)))) ま、ま、まさか?!m, maybe she just passed out with a kiss??

Sayo’s surprised that Hinase is calling her name now. I’m shocked about something else. He calls her Sayo again. (His voice really makes you feel nice .. (´◡`)) She asks him to bring her some sugar for the tea. When Hinase comes back he encounters his strict grandmother in front of his room. Sayo overhears them and quickly hides in a wardrobe. Safe… anyway Sayo says she should go home through the window like a prince who climbed up the castle to see the princess. Hinase: ‘You’re the prince?’ Sayo: ‘You’re the princess?’ They exchange smiles happily. //aww They’re so cute (*´◡`*) CG pls?

Sayo has a strange dream that night about a princess locked in a tower, asking for someone to free her. For some reason she realizes she was crying in her sleep.

* * *

The next morning Hinase is in front of her house, waiting to go to school together thinking she may be lonely. She was because of the dream and reaches her hand towards him. He takes it and says ‘let’s go, princess’.

Lunchtime. Kaho is sulking. (Kaho♥) She’s shocked. Everyone else in school is shocked too, everyone’s been asking how did Hinase catch the beautiful Toono Sayo. Hinase says it’s a secret. Natsume says he doesn’t mind and they make a good match since they’re both the type he can’t understand what they are thinking. Kirishima also sees that they’re a good match socially. Kirishima gets clobbered by something, and leaves. (Most likely Chiyo, that’s strange.. it seems Sayo can’t see Chiyo anymore.) Natsume leaves too. Kaho insists she’ll stay and Hinase says he doesn’t mind. He was the one who butted in, he’s thankful because it made him so happy. He calls Sayo’s name and touches her hand.. Kaho is super shocked and runs off crying ‘Hinase you jerk!!!’. 😄 Sayo asks him to be nice to Kaho because she’s a precious friend. Hinase says now they’re alone it’s not so bad but he accepts that it’s his fault for making everyone run off. He’ll make Sayo say that she loves him some day.. Sayo sees him eating jelly food again so she offers to make him bentou, like what a couple would do. He touches her shoulder and whispers in her ear, ‘we did that a lot yesterday’ …… !!!(。>﹏<。)Hinase you kill me Sayo can’t stop blushing so she gets up saying she has to go after Kaho to ask her for cooking lessons. Hinase laughs and calls after her he’ll be looking forward to the bentou.

ああああああ They did it?! THAT WAS FASTうわわわわ B,but I thought she didn’t like him yet! w(゚ロ゚;=;゚ロ゚)w 

She finds Kaho still sulking. She’s sure Hinase has a bad personality.. though she’s not that surprised that they’re going-out. Sayo tells her that she accepted his confession because she didn’t hate him and she was happy that he reached his hand towards her, not because she liked him. Kaho is hmmm why not? If she doesn’t hate him doesn’t that mean she likes him? Sayo isn’t sure but Kaho points out that Sayo knows Hinase loves her that way yet she accepted it. Then she just lets out that she’s pissed at Hinase.. she thinks they look like a good couple but she doesn’t feel like it’s quite right. AND she still doesn’t know what Hinase is thinking. But in the first place, because he stole Sayo’s no.1 place from her. So Sayo tells her she’ll always love Kaho as a precious friend. Kaho is happy and agrees to teach Kaho cooking (even though it pisses her off that she’s doing it for Hinase). Kaho-chan かわいい(..>◡<..)

Sayo and Hinase meet up at the clock tower, people have been asking about them and Sayo feels apologetic to a girl that started crying on her answer. Hinase however tells her that he’s proud to be Sayo’s first. …… !!!(。>﹏<。)やめてくれうわわわ He invites her to his house again… but (thankfully) she doesn’t go. Instead Kaho comes to her house to make cookies since Sayo remembers Hinase said he liked sweet things.

* * *

The next day, Sayo gives Hinase cookies. He says they’re delicious. They have their usual quarrels, Kaho is happy that Natsume and Kirishima are there to bother Hinase. Hinase says Kaho should make a boyfriend. Kaho says she doesn’t have anyone she likes but Hinase teases that she does making a misunderstanding. (It’s fun to see Kaho being teased) Kaho hands him more cookies and Hinase says it’s as good as ever but Natsume spits out the cookie saying it’s salty. Kaho laughs at this, she put salt in them as a prank. She laughs at Hinase too and he accepts that the one who was tricked is at fault. Suddenly he pulls Sayo into a kiss, so fast she couldn’t resist. After he releases her, he turns to Kaho saying it’s his take-back and ‘thanks for the meal, Kaho-chan’, and leaves leaving a shocked Kaho frozen at the spot…

In the classroom, everyone is staring at them because Kaho is crying. (Poor Kaho, she’s so adorable) Natsume tells her it’s annoying stop crying already. Then he comments that it was the first time he saw Hinase angry, he’s the type that’s super scary when angered. He was smiling yet his eyes showed that he had completely snapped. They think probably he’s mad because he thought it was Sayo’s cooking, and he’d say everything she made was good. //Hinase’s angry side is so cool! O(≧∇≦)O I wish Takuyo could have made a CG for this instead of the weird freeze screen they did

That evening in his room, Sayo asks Hinase why he was so angry and he says salt cookies were too much. He thought Sayo had made them so he acted like they were good. But he’s sorry for making Kaho cry, and to Sayo too, for kissing her in front of everyone like that. He says he’s not an adult and he likes her more than her cooking. And then then then can I sensor this? ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙.. he says ‘Please let me eat you’ *dies and rolls over in bed blushing* Sayo asks ‘are you a wolf? Is it scary in a wolf’s stomach?’ …….(*ノ∀ノ) cut! cut! ….. When they wake up Sayo is singing a soft song at the window. She says ‘sorry, princess. I must return soon. Before the witch returns’. Hinase laughs, ‘first I’m a wolf then I’m a princess, aren’t I a busy one’ and tells her his grandmother will be late, he hugs her and pleads her to stay. It feels nice in his embrace.(/ω\)It must.. Sayo says what she’s been thinking for a while, she doesn’t want to keep hiding like this. Hinase doesn’t recommend that because his grandmother is like a fossil, she desires perfectness in everyone including herself. Sayo says he doesn’t look he type to be tied down but Hinase says that’s not so. He wouldn’t mind being tied up by her. (≧  ≦*)!Then they are enveloped in darkness again…. *covers self with blankets..can I start crying together with Kaho?* Then again why don’t they just go R18 (*ノ∀ノ) Oh ok. They’re lovey-dovey – that’s fine!

* * *

Sayo has dinner at Hinase’s house. The house caretaker is all over Sayo, excited that Mitsuru’s girlfriend is so pretty and kind. She says Mitsuru is a kind person so please take good care of him. Suddenly Hinase’s grandmother comes in and Sayo nervously introduces herself. She says she has no mother. Hinase’s grandmother knows about the Toono case and insults her saying that her father is just a commoner while her mother had nothing except beauty, now their daughter comes into a boy’s house in the middle of the night. Hinase stops that and says he won’t forgive any more even if she’s his grandmother. The fact that Sayo is Toono’s successor won’t change and it was him who invited Sayo here. He takes her hand and they leave.

At the park, Hinase apologizes and tells her that his grandmother is just afraid of him disappearing again. His parents also ran away together because the old lady disapproved of them.. later they both got killed in a car accident. Then Hinase ran away from home. Sayo is sympathetic to his grandmother. Sayo changes the topic to her own house’s.. Hinase knows all about it. Hearing it hurts Sayo and she suddenly asks him to take her away like he once said. But he asks ‘to where?’ He touches her cheek, telling her softly that ‘She is herself. It doesn’t matter who her parents are, as long as she’s Toono Sayo. She’ll always be Toono Sayo, his beautiful precious princess.’ Sayo starts crying and calls his name ‘Mitsuru-san…Mitsuru-san, Mitsuru-san!!’

At that time, she didn’t know the what was behind his sweet words..

* * *

Madly in Love – The Truth

The next morning, Hinase is in front of her house to pick her up again. She apologizes for what happened yesterday. When she calls him ‘Hinase-sempai’, he says it’s ok to call him by his name like yesterday.. she does and blushes. He kisses her because she’s so cute.

After that Sayo became attached to Mitsuru, he would come to see her every morning and they would stay together every night as long as time allowed them to. Since that day, Sayo was madly in love with him. 

Kaho and the rest get sick at their sweetness at lunchtime. After school, Kaho suddenly apologizes to Mitsuru (for the cookie incident) and runs off. Mitsuru laughs loudly and says she so cute and honest, but Sayo is the cutest. Kaho-chan (〃゚艸゚):;*。

* * *

That weekend, they go on a date at the batting center and have some ume ice, then they go to the cosmos field where Sayo lets Mitsuru rest his head on her lap. Mitsuru touches her hair and says it feels like he has everything in his hands. Sayo is feeling happy and safe, she wants to stay like this forever.. she asks Mitsuru if she can meet his grandmother again, properly this time. He agrees and tells her that the partner who she is to be arranged in marriage with is him. She’s surprised. He says he didn’t tell her because he loves her and doesn’t want her to feel forced.

* * *

At school, Kaho is happy for Sayo now because she looks so lively lately. That evening Sayo goes looking for Mitsuru, but runs into the mysterious girl saying bye to ‘Micchan’ again. She goes into the classroom saying she doesn’t doubt them because believes in Mitsuru. But she puts her arms around him and says she won’t give him to anyone. She’s a girl who gets strongly jealous. Then she confesses that she loves him.. madly. (o≧▽≦)ノ YAY SAYO! But somehow this also gives a bad feeling..

* * *

The next Sunday, Sayo goes to the Hinase manor. She sees someone like Hinase wearing a cap leave, then Mitsuru comes out of the house to greet her. What was that? (´・ω・`) She meets his grandmother formally. The lady acknowledges their relationship but requests them to act like minors and mind their status. All went well, and after Mitsuru tells her that he wants to meet her family too. Sayo wonders if he would love her if she wasn’t the daughter of the Toono house. Mitsuru thinks for a moment and ensures her that he already has. He says the prince has saved the princess from the witch in the tower, however he feels sorry for the witch. They should accept the witch’s curse. Sayo says if it’s with him, she won’t mind the atonement. He kisses her and says if with her, he wouldn’t mind receiving more atonement. (more?)

Now they’re in Sayo’s bedroom. Sayo thanks him for being beside her. (UM.. What happened to Tooya?) Mitsuru comments how he’s gotten to know many sides of Sayo, a weak side, a stubborn side, an adult side, a childish side… all of them are ‘Toono Sayo’. He makes a sad face and tells her to sleep. Come to think of it, what about Mitsuru?

* * *

Sayo asks her father to continue with the arranged marriage ceremony. Her father is thinking only about profit, for the first time she pities him. She happily tells Mitsuru that they’re nearing their happy end.

* * *

One day after school, Kirishima tells Sayo that Ao hasn’t been seen anywhere lately.. then the mysterious girl has something to say to Mitsuru, so Sayo leaves without him. In town, she sees his grandmother so she follows her to the Hinase grave. Sayo calls out to her, then she is allowed to call her Yukari-sama. Sayo wants to get closer to her for everyone’s sake because she intends to continue their relationship. Yukari doesn’t understand what it feels like to marry with love, because she married to a man through arrangements. She doesn’t understand how love can make people ignore a stable life for an uncertain future. Now she’s lived a life without hardships except that her husband passed away. She asks if Sayo pities her, Sayo says yes because she wished for love. Sayo can feel that Yukari is regretting that she opposed Mitsuru’s parent’s marriage.. Yukari changes the subject to Sayo. She accepts that she is an existence that shouldn’t be and she hates her house. However she envied Yukari because Yukari didn’t marry with love yet she loved her son and grandchild, while Sayo herself was born with love but wasn’t loved. Yukari says they are both pitiful women.. Sayo agrees but adds that they both have Mitsuru. Yukari looks at Sayo in a new light and smiles. //I cried. I am so weak to grandmothers. ;w; And how loving the same man can change the hearts of even strict mother-in-laws

That night Sayo lies thinking about Mitsuru when he climbs in from her window, and presses her to the bed. Then he touches her hair gently as if she were his most precious treasure. Sayo loves it and so do I.ヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡ This CG is just SO aggressive and seductive, passionate yet gentle and SO SEXY (*´Д`)ハァハァ

He’s surprised when Sayo tells him she’s on good terms with Yukari now, they both love him. He quickly regains his composure saying he knows. He’s about to ask her something but suddenly his eyes wavered as if hesitating. He suddenly changes from his sweet voice to a serious one. ‘Do you remember the story about the prince and the princess on the tower? What if the one who climbed up the tower wasn’t the prince? What if he was a criminal?’ Hinase laughs when she says the prince will always be a prince to her. He says it was all a joke, a lie. There’s sarcasm in his voice. He flops beside her and starts telling her a story about a homeless and poor boy. The boy was hungry and didn’t know what to do. So he saw a shadow near a bread shop, he yelled ‘theif!!’ and the shopkeeper ran out of the shop so the boy grabbed all the bread he could and ran. After that he kept lying to get what he wanted then fled the town. Through lies he got food, money, a warm house, status, everything. But one day his lies were exposed. He didn’t know that his lies hurt others. But even when he knew, he didn’t stop lying. He couldn’t be happy if he didn’t lie. However no one believed his lies anymore so he lost everything. Then what happened to the boy, no one knows… the end. Sayo cried although she didn’t know why.

* * *

The next morning, he’s gone and didn’t come to school.

After school, Sayo is summoned to the Hinase manor. Mitsuru and Yukari are there, then Mitsuru calls her ‘ojou’ shocking her. Yukari reveals to her the truth, sworn by her family’s name, that the Hinase Mitsuru until the day before was a fake. The real one is the one in this room = Real!Hinase. They look and sound completely identical. Real!Hinase one met Sayo twice, once at the cafe the first day she met her father, he had offered to take her away. The other time was when he passed her in front of the manor wearing a cap. The fake one managed to copy Hinase Mitsuru’s personality perfectly.. and was even more perfect than the real one. Real!Hinase was always afraid that even though he was real, he would be judged as the fake. Then he’d never be himself again.. he breaks down because he’s furious that no one ever noticed that the one here was a fake. If he had to resort to having people distinguish between the two by asking them both questions, wouldn’t that mean his existence was worthless? He searched and searched for a difference and finally found it, but the fake had fled at the last moment stealing some of their money with him.

Real!Hinase tells Sayo he has his pride and what if he says he likes her. Sayo asks him to take her away and he answers yes. Sayo starts crying because the Mitsuru she loves wouldn’t take her away. She cries that he’s not her Mitsuru-san, he’s not her prince. Real!Hinase snaps at this saying Mitsuru is HIS name. IT’S HIM. HIS APPEARANCE. HIS HOUSE. ALL HIS. HE IS HINASE MITSURU. If he’s not perfect, does that mean he’s not himself? He breaks the stuff around him in a rage.. and hurt over how no one ever noticed… Yukari cries saying it’s her fault for not realizing, she was too happy when she thought he’d come back. She cries and keeps apologizing over and over..

Sayo starts laughing because she can’t understand anything anymore. If the one she had been with all along was a fake, then were all those sweet words and gentle movements all a lie too? She laughs until tears won’t stop coming out.

* * *

Sayo wonders around alone at night with a rose in her hand.. thinking. The thorns hurt her, she crushes it to the ground then grasps the petals as if sorry for it.. when the mysterious girl comes by and tells her that ‘he’ is at the seaport. Sayo starts running…

…He’s there.

He’s mesmerizing.

Sayo asks him to take her with him, and he answers ‘if it is your wish’. She asks who he is and he says even he wants to know that. Sayo gets angry but he says he really had nothing; no name, no money, no family, no status, no place in the society. His personality, his way of speaking were all created. He had approached her because she was Toono, he wanted that. Sayo says he’s the worst, yet she loved him. She didn’t know the real Hinase Mitsuru. He still asks her if she loved him or ‘Hinase Mitsuru’. She asks him if there was any truth in his words that he said to her or were they all lies. He says all he did was cast a magic spell on her. Why why why? Why can’t you say that you truly loved me? She hates him so much she wants to kill him. He doesn’t mind that she thinks of him that strongly. Finally Sayo says she can’t understand what is the truth and what are the lies.. he takes pride in those words saying that otherwise the lie would be meaningless. Maybe he’s lying because he likes her? He wants everything that is her. He reaches out to her and touches her eyes, her cheek, her neck.. and her heart. Sayo agrees to give him everything if he grants her one wish.

The scene with Real!Hinase breaking down and Yukari crying apologizing to him comes to mind.. and herself. She’s been tricked. She is now in love with him because he cast a spell on her. ‘You are Toono Sayo. You are yourself, it doesn’t matter who your parents are.‘ Tooya said those same magic words to her. (Come to think of it, how come Tooya and Ao just simply disappeared?) Everyone is now hurt because of his lies. Even so she loves him and wants to know the real him who isn’t a lie.

She asks him not to lie anymore. He asks why? When Sayo says because it’ll hurt others and it’ll hurt himself, he answers that he was saved by lies. It’s a no. A tear drops down Sayo’s cheek, her vision becomes hazy. She asks one last question ‘do you love me?’ He says ‘yes’. …omg IT’S A LIE. Sayo calls him a liar. He laughs and leaves, never to appear in front of her again. ….orz That last lie totally hurt like it ripped my heart. Because she asked him not to lie, from that moment he didn’t love her anymore.

* * *

Sayo becomes the fiancé of real!Hinase. The ceremony is boring and real!Hinase asks her to escape with him.

The prince manages to convince the princess that he is the real prince.
The two sometimes sneak out of the tower but they always return.
No one knows what happened to them. No one knows what happened to the witch..


ひどい..;w; He lied until the very end. It’s heartbreaking yet beautiful.. and then ends tragic because Sayo becomes engaged to someone she doesn’t know at all. And I’m all for fake!Hinase because he was the one with us the whole game. I guess I pity real!Hinase but ironically he left his house by himself.. what can he say about an imposter who takes his place? It’s part of the consequences of leaving. When he said ‘who would have imagined a fake exactly like him and more perfect than him taking his place? Why didn’t anyone notice???’  I’m like ‘hey even you couldn’t imagine it yourself, how can you blame others?’ I guess he learnt his lesson. His grandmother must have learnt one too.

I consider this a bad ending. You can also get the happy ending straight away (That’s what I did) I loved it but I was still confused.. I didn’t understand what was the truth, what was behind the lies and what was the meaning of the lies. I also considered Sayo in love because of the magic spell, she did fall madly in love after that moment. It felt different when I played it again after finishing Ch.4 so that’s how I’ll write about it here.

* * * * *

Rejection – Differentiation

Here we continue with Chapter 4 and the story of Shinigami to Shoujo…

Note : Let me make this clear. The summary in this post will be focused on only Hinase and Ch.4’s main story. Everything else such as foreshadowing for future chapters (mainly involving Kirishima and Chiyo) will be intentionally left out for Ch.5 Also Sayo doesn’t love Hinase once we take this route so you’ll see my thoughts contradict with Sayo’s.

After the confession, Sayo realizes she doesn’t love Hinase that way so she says no. (.◕ฺˇд ˇ◕ฺ;) She tells him she feels that his love for her isn’t real. Hinase’s expression becomes deeper for a moment and he says ‘that’s mean, it’s like saying his words are a lie.’ そうです。ひどーい! *gives alcohol to CZ members including Madoka and make them shower her with hidoi avalanche* He tells her he truly loved her, from the moment they met he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He’d go to see her or tag along with her because he liked her. //WHY DO YOU SAY THE TRUTH ONLY WHEN I REJECTED YOU?!?? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS TO REJECT YOU?? Can I die of heartbreak right here and now? ;A; // Sayo apologizes again. He says she doesn’t have to because it can’t be helped that she doesn’t love him. Even if he can’t accept that she denied his words, he has no hope anyway. He tells her not to make such a sad face, he won’t hate her but he’ll keep a bit more distance. He asks her to forgive him for making her feel bad. She calls after him to ask ‘why me?’ He doesn’t answer.

* * *

The next day Hinase won’t join the group for lunch. Sayo goes home with Kirishima and Chiyo. A moment after they go separate ways, Sayo is locked to a wall by a Hinase who is different from his usual self today. He says he has always wanted to talk to her and he did this just to make sure she wouldn’t get away.

Kirishima and Chiyo come back to see what’s wrong. Hinase(?) says just wanted to ask Sayo about himself. He tells them ‘Do not trust Hinase Mitsuru because he’s a liar.’ Kirishima says that doesn’t make sense. Hinase(?) leaves telling they’ll learn the truth soon. //O_o Real!Hinase makes an appearance!

That night Tooya tells Sayo a story.

One day, a traveller is lost and he asks two guys which way to go. One kindly tells him to go through the forest. The other one tells him that he must go around the forest because a big bad wolf is waiting there. The villagers know that the first guy is an honest person and the second is a liar. The traveller believes the honest guy so he takes the forest route. However the road is blocked and he can go no further.. the liar knew that so he said there was a wolf on purpose. So the liar is a kind person.. but the honest guy is a kind person too because he didn’t know about the blockage. 

Which guy do you think is kinder? 

This is my answer  : I think ‘not knowing’ is not wrong but ‘knowing’ is not entirely an accidental byproduct. Not all knowledge/truth of the world is gained by chance. It is also gained through effort. How he found out isn’t explained, but supposing both guys have never actually used the route, somehow the liar found out. So in this case the liar, is the more kinder one. In other words, curiosity is kinder than ignorance.

* * *

The next morning Sayo meets Hinase and he’s the same as usual. Sayo and Kirishima wonder if it could be that there is another Hinase but they look and sound exactly the same so they can’t believe it. So they approach Hinase together and Hinase tells them that he has no memory of meeting them the day before. He also has nothing more to talk to Sayo about, he was already rejected (and Kirishima knows about it). If they don’t believe him, they are welcome to come to his house to confirm it because he has witnesses who saw him at home. Later at the library, they agree to visit Hinase’s house and Ao will go too.

At Hinase’s house, they meet Hinase’s grandmother who is very strict and hates foreigners. She huffs at the herb tea because she only likes Japanese green tea. This time Hinase didn’t want sugar in his tea like the time Sayo was crying in Fushimachi’s bookstore. The strict grandmother starts complaining for bringing a foreigner (Ao) into her house. Before the old lady can insult Ao even more, Hinase simply asks her to confirm that he came home early and was in his room the whole time yesterday and she did. Hinase then excuses them and they go to his room. He tells them that his mother was a foreign lady so his grandmother was strongly against his parents marriage. His mother and father ran away from her and got killed in a car accident. When he ran away from home too, she was very upset. He also shows them his childhood album.

Sayo and co are confused. They don’t know why Hinase would make those lies. Kirishima walks home with Sayo again and they meet Hinase(?) in front of Sayo’s house. Hinase(?) goes ‘nice to meet you. I’m the real Hinase Mitsuru.’ He tells them that there’s an old saying that in this world, there are 2-3 people who look exactly like you. There’s also the legend of doppelgängers. //Seeing one’s doppelgänger is considered an omen of death–wikipedia// He asks them to help them find the difference (evidence) between him and the fake!Hinase who is taking his place at school and at home. He doesn’t want to expose himself (we know why from Hinase’s route – he’s scared of being branded as the fake which would cause him to lose his identity etc) and also because fake!Hinase is trying to kill him. Real!Hinase will also be secretly investigating fake!Hinase. They agree to meet at Fushimachi’s bookstore every evening to catch up with each other.

* * *

…So they all observe the fake!Hinase at school. Ao even sits on a tree to observe him. Fake!Hinase acts as if there was no fake or real Hinase in the first place. Days pass by but they can’t find any differences.

One day at another meeting, Fushimachi gives Sayo a story book by Tooya called ‘The Swindler and the Princess’. Real!Hinase starts calling the group by different names to make him different from the fake. He calls Sayo ‘Sayo-chan’ and attempts to call Kirishima ‘Nakki’. Kirishima strongly refuses. Real!Hinase asks them to continue with the observation.

//I’m quite pissed at how Sayo obediently follows real!Hinase’s orders and they all work against fake!Hinase. This is sad because the one they’ve known all along is fake!Hinase. What will happen if the fake is exposed and the real takes his place? Why isn’t Sayo concerned at all? I’d be concerned even if I didn’t like Hinase.. What is real!Hinase up to??

* * *

Sayo asks Hinase at school to have lunch with them like before because it’s lonely without him. Hinase can’t refuse because he still likes Sayo. It’s been a while since they had lunch together, since Wilheim came to school. Hinase still says he likes Sayo. Sayo says she’s not cute and Hinase tells her she is. He realizes she’s still suspecting him and accepts that maybe she might not be cute. But he likes her more that way.. so Sayo says he’s weird. (fake!Hinase hnggg(>∀<*)♪) Hinase is as playful personality is just so like Hinase. Both of them are like this. She doubts if there are really two Hinase’s.

At another meeting, Real!Hinase explains to them that he’s scared of being judged as the fake. He also tells them there are 3 Hinase Mitsuru’s. Real!Hinase, Fake!Hinase and ideal!Hinase. Both the real and the fake are acting as ideal!Hinase, that’s why no one can recognize the difference. However the fake!Hinase excels at everything, he is even more perfect than real!Hinase therefore fake!Hinase is closer to ideal!Hinase. Anyway the real!Hinase wants everything back, because he is the real and that’s a fact that can’t be changed. *applauds to Takuyo writers* btw I strived to say that fake!Hinase is different than real!Hinase because imo the fake is obviously kinder. Particularly in this route I felt nothing for the real except he’s fishy ←私がだまされた

After the real!Hinase leaves, Kirishima asks Chiyo to follow him because things are getting fishy. However Chiyo fails and cries over how useless he is. Oh, for goodness sake Chiyo, be a man! なさげない! Kirishima and Sayo aren’t surprised, they somehow knew Chiyo was going to fail because that’s his fate. They both seem to be able to feel fate, to an extent. Hmm destiny? (´・ω・`) 運命か..

That night Tooya gives Sayo some advice.. ‘With words, one can make infinite lies however there can only be one truth. There is only one Hinase Mitsuru in the story. Look for something other than words, something that can’t be faked.’

* * *

The next day at school Sayo consults about it with Ao, who is on a tree spying at Hinase. Ao says it’s physical characteristics. Even if they look exactly the same, there must be something else. If they are not to believe words, then they shouldn’t believe that there are two Hinase’s. //Ao views things very objectively, doesn’t he? His judgement is free of bias and emotion (´・ω・`) 変なやつ

After school Sayo bakes cookies with Kaho before going to the secret meeting with real!Hinase. There she presents them the cookies that she made. Real!Hinase takes one and comments that its delicious. While Kirishima and Ao are arguing about names, real!Hinase steals a peck on Sayo’s cheek and Chiyo becomes very upset about it. After real!Hinase leaves, Sayo gives cookies to Ao and Kirishima and they say it’s sweet.. Sayo says that’s because they are cookies.

At home, she gives a cookie to Tooya after he hugs her for a ‘recharge’. Tooya-niisan 😄 *hugs* She presents him cookies. Tooya picks a one and pops it into Sayo’s mouth. She is surprised because the cookie is salty! Sayo realized that in one of the batches she must have mistook salt for sugar (there are ones with red and blue ribbons). Then she realizes something.

* * *

The next day she gives fake!Hinase a cookie at school and he says its delicious. She asks him to meet her after school in the classroom. She wants to go to his house and meet his grandmother again (to make up for their unplanned meeting last time). He says she could have asked him at lunch, but Sayo wanted to talk to him alone. This makes fake!Hinase say it’ll make him think he can have another chance so he comes closer and touches her hair.. *omg memories of the sweet-like-chocolate kiss pop up.. in my head not Sayo’s orz* she stops his lips with the back of her hand before they come too close. SAYO NO BAKA!! NOW I AM CRAVING HIS LIPS She brings up the time they first met (huh? why?) and since then Hinase has been getting close to her. He says yes, that’s because he likes her. Then she looks into his eyes and asks ‘why are you lying?’ He plays dumb. She says ‘it’s ok if you don’t understand. Please look forward to Sunday.’ //WAIT WHAT!?! IS SHE PLANNING TO EXPOSE EVERYTHING THEN AND THERE!? She hasn’t even given any thought to what will happen to one of them? And then Hinase just said that he likes her and right after that she asks why he’s lying.. That timing makes it like questioning that his love to her is a lie OMG THIS BREAKS MY HEART (つД`) Why so bold now Sayo? Shouldn’t she consult about it first?

That evening she tells real!Hinase that she arranged a meeting to reveal the truth. She says she’s confident that she can differentiate between the two and that she believes in him. He accepts her plan. After he leaves Sayo wonders with the rest about why people lie. This story started with lies.. if there weren’t any lies there would be no story. She can see the ending so she thinks the lie is sad.. however there are also good lies. She also lied, why? Ao says lies are necessary for a story. Anything that is not true, anything that is created equals a lie. However stories that have truth also exist. Lies are created because they are necessary.. for oneself’s sake or for another’s sake. A story is a lie.. but at the same time it is the truth because there’s only one of it. If there’s only one, even a lie may become a truth. //Ao can say pretty interesting things sometimes (´・ω・`) What do you think about lies?

* * *

Revelations – Farewell

On Sunday Sayo and co gather at the Hinase manor. Yukari is unhappy to see them but fake!Hinase persuades her to listen to what Sayo has to say. Sayo brought some tea and offers to make some for them. They all comment it is delicious except Yukari who hates Koucha. Sayo then asks her ‘do you know what Hinase-sempai likes?’ She wants to know how much she knows him. She doesn’t know him as much as Yukari does but there is something they must think about carefully. Yukari is offended so Sayo changes the question to ‘how was Hinase-sempai like when he was young?’ Yukari-sama answers that he is her prized grandchild, a boy who thinks calmly without fussing and has the power to act. He will surely become a perfect gentleman. Sayo brings up the topic that he once ran away from home because he was tired of acting as her ideal grandchild. Yukari flinches but points out that even so he came back. Sayo asks her if she ever looked at him properly after he came back. Yukari yells at her to get out and that her rudeness is as expected of her lowly birth. Sayo flinches but calms herself and fakes a cheerful face, she announces that she poisoned their tea.

It’s a poison that only affects liars. She drinks it to prove it then spills the tea. Fake!Hinase asks the maid to get a towel and Yukari asks him if he is protecting her. Fake!Hinase says yes, because he likes her. Sayo turns to him saying she observed him to find a difference between him and the real one as he had asked. Fake!Hinase asks what is she talking about. She reveals that the cookie she gave him (as real!Hinase) had salt in it instead of sugar yet he didn’t notice. He might have been pretending for her sake but it felt wrong. She gave him (as fake!Hinase) another cookie at school. Now she asks him ‘was it sweet?’ Fake!Hinase smiles and says ‘I wonder if I should say, it was salty?’ (cue dark BGM) O_o”omg this is a serious disorder but his attitude didn’t flinch at all upon being exposed. I love guys who don’t waver during times like this..マジかっこいい♥ Takato ヾ(≧∇≦*)〃

Sayo reveals that the Hinase Mitsuru here does not have the ability to taste. He didn’t realize the tabasco that she put in his tea. Yukari goes pale because he was not like that when he was young, the real!Hinase always liked sweets. Sayo points out that the one here is a fake, Yukari shudders in disbelief. Ao points out again that there was no real!Hinase in the first place, they were both fake!Hinase. Fake!Hinase applauds to Sayo congratulating her for solving the problem he gave her. //Haha I was tricked *congratulations Takuyo!*

Fake!Hinase tells them a story. //omg wait *sudden realization* my heart can’t take this// Many years ago, a swindler who deceived people for a living arrived at this town full of rich people. To his surprise, there was a rich old lady whose son had gone missing and that son looked exactly like him. He decided to take his place, he research and copied then he was accepted into the Hinase household without a doubt as ‘Hinase Mitsuru’. Then he lived a happy life.. the end. He declares that he is not the real Hinase Mitsuru. He is just a criminal totally unrelated to him.

Yukari is shocked. Sayo asks if he will give himself in to atone for his sins. /kicks Sayo Fake!Hinase asks ‘what sins?’ He never caused anyone any harm. Yukari was happy to see him. No one ever noticed because Hinase Mitsuru in the first place was a created existence. He remembers Yukari told him everything from how to act, how to speak, and what kind of person to become. He understood at once why the real one had run away. He was expected to be ‘perfect’.. he was not expected to be himself. It was easy to become Hinase Mitsuru. ..Yukari refuses to believe it but the maids can’t deny the many changes when they think carefully. Yukari starts asking about the real one.. she starts breaking down at the thought that her grandson had never returned.. like her son. (poor Yukari ;w; she wished the best for her grandson but it back-fired on her) She reaches out to fake!Mitsuru asking him to tell her everything is all a lie. Fake!Mitsuru withdraws his hand, Yukari loses her balance and falls to the ground. He turns and runs out of the room.

Sayo looks at Yukari questioning why? in despair. Sayo can’t help but point out to her that she must accept the truth. All this happened because she never looked at her own grandson for who he was, even though she was the one closest to him. //gosh! How mean she is! Not to Yukari but to fake!Hinase seriously….-_- Does she realize that fake!Hinase effectively loses his place by what she did? He didn’t do anything wrong.. had it never been exposed, had real!Hinase never returned, everyone would have lived happily ever after… and she expected him to give himself in? He doesn’t deserve that! /kicks her again

* * *

Sayo and co follow fake!Hinase to the seaport with the help of Chiyo. Fake!Hinase tells them yes, he’s running away. He doesn’t like it but hates being caught. If they hadn’t found out the truth he would have been able to become the real!Hinase. Sayo says that’s a lie. If he had wanted to become the real one he would have easily been able to make up a much better lie or even become the real one if he had wished. Why did he lie to them to make them move in a direction that would expose the truth? //the answer to that is what has been making my heart ache all along and my heart pain only gets worse and worse…ああああ Noooo please don’t go…!

Actually all I can think of is HE’S SO HOT SERIOUSLY (屮゜Д゜)屮

Fake!Hinase tells them a good liar mixes truth into his lies. But a really good liar is one that keeps lying continuously. Sayo asks then why did he stop lying? //stop it my heart will break//Ao butts in (well he does ask). Ao says the he (fake!Hinase) is full of contradictions. He was perfect as ideal!Hinase Mitsuru yet he made them find the evidence that the fake is a fake. He obviously wanted to show to at least Sayo something. What is it? Did he want Sayo to realize his existence? //asdghjkl。°(°´Д`°)°。I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE! もう私にはだめだ(号泣)/kicks Ao for speaking in a monotone voice

A boat is arriving. Fake!Hinase says ‘too bad. Time’s up’. Sayo asks if he will really leave? /kicks her in tears stop him now! He teasingly asks if she will be lonely.. when she doesn’t answer he tells her not to worry, as the real!Hinase will be there. She cries that that will not be him. He tells her ‘he’ didn’t exist from the start.. she doesn’t understand that. She doesn’t understand her feelings.. //she doesn’t love him because the story must go on…how sad ;w; 切な過ぎて死ぬ // ..but the one who was with her was always ‘him’. Without him she’ll be lonely…

Fake!Hinase reaches his hand towards her but Kirishima pulls Sayo back /kicks Nanaki and throws tears at him *sobs* Fake!Hinase says he won’t do anything to her. He leans over and whispers in her ear ‘You are a princess under a spell. I know how to break it. But princess, those words may break you.. like with me, don’t believe in words.. a liar is right beside you.’ In the end, he never touched her. DISAPPOINTED *sobs harder* He says ‘farewell, princess’ and disappears never to return again. いやだ!行かないで!Please don’t leave me..・゜・(つД`)・゜・

Ao asks what he said, Sayo says she doesn’t understand. Her vision goes hazy and tears start falling.. Ao asks if she understands why she is crying and she says because she is sad and lonely. She pleads in her head, please don’t leave me alone? She murmurs that she should have at least asked his name.. //His name?…名前?そんなのってどうでもいいのに Stupid Sayo, who cares what his name is.. *wipes tears* // The mysterious girl (fake!Hinase’s friend) appears saying ‘that person’ probably doesn’t have a name. She tells him that ‘that person’ is actually very talented, he lies as normally as breathing. He left a present for Sayo, it’s the key to the clock tower.. she entrusts it to Sayo. This is her token of respect to the beautiful girl that captivated the heart of the most notorious swindler.

They rush to the clock tower. At the top they find a book, Sayo suddenly cries ‘Don’t open it!’ surprising everyone including herself. They also find Real!Hinase there, gagged and tied up. He’s mad at the fake but laughs when they say he’s already left. He sarcastically says now he’ll be branded as a liar, who’ll believe him? No one knows the difference between him and the fake. Sayo reaches out to him saying she knows.

* * *

Afterwards, Real!Hinase talks to Sayo and co at school. He left home and for the first time, he was free and others accepted him for who he was. But then he came back and all this happened. He never found out the difference between him and the fake. He tells her that he met her once at the cafe, acting as fake!Hinase. He was spying on fake!Hinase who started acting strangely.. sneaking out of the house to meet them at the bookstore, and he had totally noticed he was being spied on. One day, he was caught and tied up.. after that when he went back to the house, his grandmother listened to him without saying a word. Then she cried and apologized to him over and over.. though he hasn’t forgiven her for not noticing earlier.

His lies were for Real!Hinase’s sake. They were for Yukari’s sake. They were for… Sayo’s sake *starts crying again*

* * *

(Monologue by the mysterious girl about the notorious swindler)

Do you understand his lies?

Do you remember the scene where they first met?

‘Konnichiwa, Princess. What are you doing over there?’
‘Who are you?’
‘Me? I called Hinase Mitsuru. Princess, I believe it’s fate that we met today, could you please tell me your name?’
‘Toono Sayo’
‘Toono Sayo? Are you a new student?’
‘Yes, I’m looking for the library..’
‘So the princess is lost, huh’
‘Um, could you please stop calling me that?’
‘As a princess?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Why?’
‘Because it doesn’t suit me’
‘Really? The first moment I saw you, I thought you were exactly like a princess locked up in a thorny tower’
‘You’re words are sweet, aren’t they?’
‘Not as much. But if you don’t like it that’s too bad. What should I call you?’
‘How about my name?’
‘I’m not a person worthy of calling your name’
‘Hey, if you want to go to the library, shall I take you there now?’
‘Yes, please!’


OK. I seriously want to CLOBBER MYSELF for going from summarizing almost everything to translating EVERYTHING. Now I might as well say ‘Hey Takuyo! I might as well translate the whole game for you for free..that’s how much I enjoyed your game’ Just kidding. Not. I’d do it if I had time but I don’t. Actually, I’m sorry I wrote too much, I couldn’t stop myself.. the game really is meant to be experienced by yourself ;w; I should shut up already

How can I describe that I really love this kind of story telling? We played Hinase’s route first so we know that there is a real!Hinase running around and it was compelling to ‘ok it’s real!Hinase’ to the fake!Hinase’s lies. Well, I was tricked. Then similar events like the cookie incident reoccur but each time reveals something different yet relates to the events in the other route. And furthermost, the story is so beautiful I can’t stop being impressed and more impressed.

Chapter 4 ends with another farewell, this time even more heart breaking than the last. Parting ways is sad and lonely, but farewells are inevitable… that is the feeling that Sayo learnt. She still has a long way (3 more chapters) to go…

But for now I honestly don’t care what happens next in Shinigami to Shoujo. All I want to do now is to run after him — not fake!Hinase but the notorious swindler …the liar with a kind heart… the one I love…


* * * * *

Lies = Kindness

Do you understand his lies?

Do you remember the scene where they first met?

If you do… the spell is now broken.. let’s go back in time once again..

AH.. lies are everywhere. But everywhere there’s also the truth mixed in it.

Every time he told Sayo he liked her was the truth. But at that time Sayo didn’t believe it, however he really did always come to see her whenever he could.. his actions prove it. It was the truth but felt like a lie. Almost everything else was a lie.. his name, his personality, his way of speaking, his relationships.. They were lies but felt like the truth. However whatever he said, they still came from him, his teasing personality has always been his and no one else’s..

The rose.. was a symbol of gratitude for everything that he has now, he gave it to real!Hinase’s parents even though they’re not his real parents. But he went there every now and then to give them a rose just the same…

His deep voice he sometimes uses.. is his real voice when he’s not acting as fake!Hinase. He only ever used it in front of her.. Ao was right. He wanted only Sayo to know of his existence …only her…

The sad face he made when he said he knew many sides of Sayo but they’re all ‘Toono Sayo’.. it was because he didn’t have an identity nor personality of his own…

It was probably after ch.2 that he realized that real!Hinase came back. He became desperate for Sayo because of that reason. He got his accomplice to act as a girl just to make Sayo jealous on purpose. That’s just like him. He even used it as a chance to ask Sayo for a date.. which he wouldn’t let her refuse. He should have hurried and left as soon as possible. He wanted to stay with her until the last possible moment.. he wanted to take a bet. If only she would fall in love with him..

She was curious about him. He had a chance to make her fall in love with him. Even if he had to resort to casting a magic spell on her, he wanted to make the most out of the little time that was left…

Although everything was a lie, the feelings of happiness were as true as true could be. Every kiss, every time he hugged her, every time they exchanged sweet words and acted like lovers, every time they played their prince-princess games. That time he rested his head upon her lap in the cosmos field.. it was the happiest moment of his life. It was the moment he had everything…

If not for his lies, all those happy moments full of love would have never happened…

If only he became real!Hinase, he could be with her forever… but he never chose that path…why?

If real!Hinase hadn’t showed up, he must have intended to act as Hinase Mitsuru forever.. for his own sake, for Yukari’s sake. He would continue lying all his life.. that’s how serious his lie is. However he must have planned from the start that if real!Hinase ever returned, he would give the position back. He could kill the real one and become the real one, but he wouldn’t. Instead he went out of his way to save the real one afterwards …as atonement? …as gratitude for lending him a place to stay?

He knew that his lies could hurt others.. but he still chose to lie. Why? Because he knew that the truth could also hurt others too.. there was no difference. As long as he could use lies to save others too..

AH.. finally I understand. It doesn’t matter, which is a lie and which isn’t.
Because all of his lies are those of kindness.

On the last day, he came up to meet Sayo again for the last time… to touch her as if she were is his greatest treasure. It was the first time his voice ever wavered.. the time he thought he might never see her again. He loved her so much.. so much he was about to ask her to run away with him.. but he changed his mind at the last moment. He could have done everything to be with her yet he still chose not to.. however if she were to be stolen by someone else, he wanted to destroy everything with his own hands.. instead he told her a story about himself.

* * *

Sayo follows him to the seaport and asks him to take her with him. He says ‘if it is your wish’…a lie. The truth is ‘only if you truly love the real me’. She asks who he is and he says even he wants to know that. It’s the truth. He had nothing at all. He’s been deceiving her all along. He said he approached her because she is a Toono, he wanted her status. ..a lie. He’s testing her. He asks her if she really loves him, or does she love ‘Hinase Mitsuru’. Their love was just a fake love. ..I know. But even so I was truly happy. 私はもう迷わない She asked ‘Were all the words of love and words that saved me lies?’ ..’Yes. I just cast a spell on you’ …lies & truth. He did cast a spell on her but all his words weren’t all lies. He tells her ‘Maybe I love you so I lied to you.’ ..truth.

He came up close to her.. ‘From the first moment I saw you, I was charmed. I wanted you from the bottom of my heart. Can I have your body? Can I have your heart? Can I have your name? I want your everything.’ Finally he says the truth.. his words are so sweet like sweet melting chocolate. He reached out his hand towards her and touched her eyes, her cheek, her lips, her neck, and stopped at her heart. /SATISFIED (*´◡`*) TOUCH ME MORE

Sayo proposes to give him her everything if he grants her one wish.

Please lie..

…..It doesn’t matter if he lies. As long as they are kind lies, please keep lying to me forever. If two people spin lies together then it’ll be no different from truth.

Sayo softly touches his cheek without diverting her eyes, smiling beautifully like a princess of a fairy-tale.

Sayo: ‘Let’s play a make-believe game. I am the princess trapped in the tower by the witch. You are the swindler who stole the princess’s heart. The princess fell in love with the prince. But the prince was actually the swindler who was aiming for the witch’s treasure. Even so, the princess chose the swindler instead of the real prince, and they escaped together to a far away place. …it’s easy for you, isn’t it? Just keep on lying forever.’
Him: ‘What’s the outcome of that story?’
Sayo: ‘I wonder. Please see it for yourself.’

He laughs.

Sayo: ‘Can I have all of your lies?’
Him: ‘Yes, princess. I’ll give you all my lies.’

He hugged her ever so tightly. It didn’t matter what was a lie, the truth made her happy.

Sayo: ‘Prince, please take me away from here..’
Him: ‘Yes’

* * *

The two are now called the prince and the princess. They arrive in a new land by boat. The princess thanks the sailor, who asks them where they’re from. The prince answers that they’re from a country in the far far east.. and she’s actually the princess from that country and now they’re currently on the run. He laughs and cheers them on. The prince asks the princess if she regrets coming with him, but she doesn’t because she was the one who asked to follow him. Even if their money runs out they can find a job to work for it. It doesn’t matter if her hands become rough. Her love for him will never die. It’s ok that he’s not the real prince, because the one who she is in love is, is the the fake prince. The prince is impressed at the princess’s strength. He says she’ll always be his one and only princess.

‘My prince, how far shall you take me?’ ‘
My princess, I will take you as far as you wish.’


…They can now be a prince and princess or whatever they want to be forever…just like a fairy tale.

Would you believe it that I stupidly started crying when I started writing the black part of the ending? (And then I probably cried a few more times when rewatching the scenes) What can I say? When Sayo touched his face and he realized she loved the real him, he was so happy from the bottom of his heart.. and I probably don’t need to say that I love the fairy-tale ending to bits. I’m sure they’re both filled with happiness.. finally they’re together..

The blue parts are just so messy. Sorry if it sounded like a fanfic or something.  It’s strange how the route in Ch.4 made me fall in love more than in Hinase’s route. Anyway I am now all talked out! \(^O^)/

Random : Fake!Hinase often makes a sad face when presented something to eat and he’ll say it smells nice. It must be torture to be unable to taste anything. ;w; But I thought spiciness didn’t exactly require sense of taste to be able to feel it?

Time for nonsense: In the game it’s difficult to notice it because the PSP is so small and there’s a black haze at the bottom of the screen to let us read the text easier. Did you ever notice how broad Hinase’s shoulders are? (*/∀\*) How strong he looks when he’s pushing Sayo down on the bed and and and aghhhh how Sayo is in the middle between Ahhh *cannot say it* (*/////∇/////*) Or when he’s locking her to the wall.. how he’s always smiling gently yet his eyes are super sharp in are gazing at Sayo with a deep passionate (what do call it gaze? 眼差し) AHHH HE’S SO SEXYYY His chest looks so gooddd and I love his eyessss! Can I stare at his CGs foreverrrr Fandisk please?? Can I request a picture of him hugging Sayo? Dame da I can’t stop looking at him…hnggggggg ←major cause of delays in writing post exposed

Secrets : The mysterious girl who is fake!Hinase’s friend is actually a boy.


~The Swindler and the Princess~

Once upon a time, a thief heard of a treasure locked up in a high tower.
He climbed up but found nothing except a beautiful princess.
He told her he was the prince who had come to save her.
The thief came to see the princess everyday and he was enchanted by her beauty and high spirits
The princess asked him ‘Please take me away from this tower’ but the thief wouldn’t take her away.
One day, another man climbs up the tower saying he is the prince, the previous one was a fake
The princess was so sad, she plunged out of the top of the tower..
But the thief was under the tower and caught her
She asked him again ‘please take me away from this tower’
The thief tells her that he lied to her. Will she forgive him?
The princess says she lied to him too. The witch in the tower is actually her.
It didn’t matter to her whether he was a liar. She chose him.
Finally the thief says ‘Yes’


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  1. きゃああああああぁ~王子様!!それとも、狼さん?姫様wwww?

    I can’t express how much fun it was to read this whole post. UGH, I’m reminded of all the scenes in Hinase’s route and I just want to bawl my eyes out now as well. *shares tissues* That lunch scene when he chased everyone away was HILARIOUS and so sexy (*ノ∀ノ). I felt like Nanaki was actually kind of angry/jealous there when Hinase persisted on asking Nanaki if he and Sayo looked good as a couple. And when Nanaki finally grumpily answers he spills his tea (because of Chiyo?) ww. And then.. then.. 「口直し」(〃゚艸゚):;*. Also, the scene right after she accepted to be his girlfriend shocked me too. Did they actually.. do something? It’d be nice if they did, but at the same time (/ω\).

    I loved the story featured in this chapter. Fairy-tale endings are my favorite too, but the story with the swindler and the princess and how they’re both liars is amazing. Especially the line about how if two people are lying then there’s nothing left but the truth (makes you think about that). The Lies = Kindness section just made me so sad and teary 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. After having beaten his route, it took a very long time for me to come to terms with Hinase and what I felt for him because he seemed like such a liar. But through his actions you can clearly see that he loved Sayo very very very much. All the things he could have done that he didn’t do.. like kill real!Hinase or steal all the money and run.. Nope! Instead he stayed to be with Sayo and even leaves her clues (the book in the clock tower).

    I won’t spoil anything of course, but there’s a reason for why Ao and Tooya disappear in Hinase’s route ww. さすがTakuyo! They really outdid themselves and I think there are barely any loose ends left over? I’d LOVE a FD but at the same time.. I can’t really think of what a FD could add.. They wouldn’t be able to do anything with the story, but I guess maybe short romantic scenes? Ugh, I don’t know ww it’d be so nice if they added more but at the same time this story was just so perfect that I’m afraid trying to add more would ruin it.

    Random Thoughts: 日生の低い声が大好き大好き大好き~~!Every time he teased her and talked about being 意地悪 just killed me in a good way ww. Also, I absolutely LOVE the fact that what is considered the “happy” end is Sayo choosing for him to continue lying to her. It’s just so.. perfect! Different from how most stories would do it where lies are considered bad things and a compulsive liar would obviously be evil. But no, StS makes you think about all this and realize that lies have a certain kindness and truth in them too. Uwaah.. Hinase ;w; I can’t think of anything more to add right now, so I think I should end this xD;; (it’s long too orz).

    • (*´ω`*) I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m glad I can enjoy loving Hinase with you now (>∀・)☆> He’s really amazing and deep love is my favorite.

      I was a bit satisfied with my own explanation (=I didn’t care about the story thus they disappeared + Hinase cast a spell on Sayo freeing her from Tooya’s spell, he had the story book so he could have done it) Maybe I’ll be proven wrong again. I love it when Takuyo manages to mislead me.

      I agree! The lying end is SO PERFECT! ・:*:・(*´∀`*)・:*:・ ←tears of happiness
      The Rapunzel motif thing Suri-chan brought up in twitter was also very interesting. I find it very interesting how Sayo gets the role of both the princess and the witch in a lot of the stories. (Yumemiru sekai too) That scene of her with the mirror just popped up in my head. I think it’s like how people have two sides to them, a dark side which they keep hidden within themselves. Sayo has a dark side which she’s been hiding (lying) from Hinase making them both liars. It does sort of imply that everyone lies so there is no point in hating liars except those who lie only for their own sake not anyone else’s. fake!Hinase lies for everyone’s sake… he’s so awesome and kind ;w; *loves him too much now*

  2. All I could say follow Takuyo’s recommended pattern for the flow of the story
    Everything will be clear once you finish all the arcs. It is all thanks to the mystery and story telling that I played this nonstop last summer.

  3. Silvra

     /  February 19, 2012

    haha, I see some random anger towards Ao and Sayo there wwww But it’s no wonder, seeing how much you love Hinase xD I keep getting annoyed at Tooya for ruining my Ao moments *kicked* even tho some of their exchanges are quite funny www

    Ao views things very objectively, doesn’t he? His judgement is free of bias and emotion
    This is one of the reasons why I think he’s a great and interesting character, as well part of my reason for liking him so much xD He is like a voice of reason in the stories, and he often has the role of a narrator, the one who always stands away from everyone else and thanks to his knowledge can have an objective look at the story. In this way he’s doing his role perfectly, and to me it just feels right. He can’t be an emotional character because if he was, he wouldn’t be able to look at things in a calm and objective way. Ao gives us hints so that we can understand the story better or look at it from another perspective. (whatever his reasons may be)
    But enough about Ao xD *kicks self*

    I wasn’t really that angry at Sayo when I played through this chapter, but maybe it was because I was looking at it purely from the theme’s perspective xD Sayo was only trying to see the end of the story, even if she was the one moving it forward. Her desire to know the truth took over everything else. And even if she loved Hinase, I think that in most of us there is a need to know the truth about those who are dear to us, even if it’s unconscious. Usually only truly delusional people trapped in their own mind’s ideals are able to accept everything as is, but that’s just because they don’t really care as much. True love is something that requires both sides to be open to each other and trying to understand each other, otherwise it’s just blind love that may hurt both ourselves and the others. That’s why in the good end for Sayo&Hinase even though Sayo knows the truth, she actively chooses Hinase’s way of living – because she was able to see an accept it, but only after she was made aware of it, and so she knew this is what he was. Hinase also accepted Sayo’s wish and as such he could feel much better knowing that the person he loves accepts him for what he is, and chooses him despite the fact that she knows everything. Pretty much an ideal ending there – you can feel they really accept and love each other – even though at first glance it looks flawed (‘how can you call it a happy end when she doesn’t even try to straighten him out?’ is probably what many people would think about it. But Hinase doesn’t need to be “straightened”, he already is. And he is able to find his turth in Sayo). Going farther by this line of reasoning, we come to another question, which is “what makes us what we are?”. I think the answer for Hinase is that it’s being acknowledged and accepted by a person dear to him makes him feel ‘himself’. I think it’s actually true for both Hinases. This is, of course, different for all of us. But it’s definitely something worth thinking about. It’s one of the best and most complicated themes out there – what makes us what we are? what is identity? Takuyo’s take on the problem is amazing. It also shows a conflict between morality and law; they’re not equal and that what sometimes turns out to be morally good (as an ultimate outcome, not means) isn’t necessarily good when we look at it from the perspective of the rules we created. This in turn leads to the question: is absolute law necessary? would we be unable to live if law could be changed according to circumstances (as in, more than it actually can), is our morality in danger if we go against the rules that bind us? is it really a sin if one is doing something good through means that are not exactly “right”?

    Then we have Yukari, she is an important piece in this story. The way a person interprets the ultimate outcome of everything that happened in this chapter can be greatly affected and changed basing on what the player thinks about her. She is there to ask us “is it right to force your own ideals onto others?”. Yukari is definitely a sad character. She is suffering because of her mistakes. However, did she really have no way of changing her fate? Especially the second time. She did not learn from her mistake, instead, she made another one, and even bigger one at that. Because she lost her son that in her mind was a direct result of him going against her wishes, she felt that it was right to force her own way of thinking onto her grandson. In that way, she did learn something from her mistake, but in a very mistaken way. She thought that by making Hinase do what she thinks is right and what she wants him to do she will be able to keep him by her side. I agree with the real!Hinase that he had the right to be angry, and he had every right to leave the house eventually. Now, we don’t know how he did it. Did he try hard enough to show her that he wants to be seen as himself? Or did he just suddenly snapped, tired at trying to be who he isn’t, and left? The fault is probably on both sides, because if you think about it, that’s how it is most of the time. I think that both Hinase and Yukari aren’t bad people at heart, that’s why I can’t blame only one side exclusively. Yukari lived caught up in her ideals, and she wanted others to live in the same way. She was ignoring the individuality that lies at the base of all of our personalities. By this, she also represents the Japanese society. Real!Hinase represents those who try to go against their upbringing, yet fail at doing so because they don’t know anything else. He ultimately feels that he has to go back because unconsciously he can’t think of any other way to live, he feels uncomfortable with other ideas. He was trying to be perfect for too long. Fake!Hinase represents those who try to balance both sides and as such they try to make both others and themselves happy. He agrees to do what Yukari tells him to, but at the same time he is aware of what he is doing, and he is able to stay himself (none of them is “wrong”. They’re both “right” in their own way). But is it really possible? He always lied. Lies were his world, they were his truth. However, when he met Sayo and fell in love with her, he suddenly realized that he is not truly himself. Only when he found someone who was dear to him he felt that he doesn’t want to be someone else, he did everything so that Sayo could realize that he is himself. He wanted her to remember him as what he really was, not as the one he was acting out. He wanted her to see the real him. In this way, I think it was necessary for the real!Hinase to come back, and fake!Hinase had to be exposed. Even if real!Hinase haven’t come back, I think fake!Hinase would eventually feel the need to expose himself to Sayo in some way. Everything in this chapter, from the beginning till the end is showing us that nothing really depends only on ourselves. There are other people involved, and they will have their own take on things. So, will we try to adjust so that others will be happy but as a price we will lose part or all of out individuality, or will we try to fight for our identity no matter what?

    As for lies, I don’t think they’re only a bad thing. I also agree that if something is a lie for long enough it will eventually become the truth. If not only from the perspective of the surroundings, because we have no means to know if something was true once or not. If a person 1000 years ago was said to be the bad one by the society even though he was in fact trying to do the right thing, how can we say for sure that it’s the truth now? Or if it’s a lie? Even that what we know by “facts” can be subjective, and people who wrote chronicles and other documents had their own way of thinking and they looked at things from their own perspective, too. I imagine history is full of such cases. And ultimately it’s for us to decide what we want to believe in.
    Look how far can you go starting with a simple word that is “a lie”. Great way to tell a story with different layers, but still making it feel like one simple and interesting story! Every chapter in this game can be enjoyed even without going *this* far with analysis, and at the same it can be enjoyed by those who love to look for hidden meanings in everything (like me, lol) :3 I’m still impressed *w* I’m sure it took a lot of time to come up with all that, so all my respect goes to the scenario writer *bows*

    This has become a bit too long and philosophical, lol. I won’t go any further (tho I could still keep going www), both due to word limit and to the fact that I’m still planning to write a post about this chapter xD
    Shinigami to Shoujo is an amazing story and we can play through it both while being very emotional and while looking at it from a bystander’s perspective, like Ao tells us to. This game is perfect material for repeated playthroughs, because we see so much more the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th time through it. 1st time can be emotional, then the 2nd more calm, and it’s a lot of fun to compare one’s impressions then 8D

    lots of cookies for you if you read all that, seriously m(__)m

    • *bricked for taking too much time to reply*

      Ao is free from bias and emotion… I can really feel your love for Ao www 😄 *counters by showering Hinase with love–/shot* …I keep thinking about Ao in the later chapters. He □□□□□□ and □□□□□□□ □□□□ □□□□□-□□□□ so imo he becomes more interesting? *bricked for the spoiler censors* In these first chapters, I thought of Tooya in a similar way.. he points out ideas and hints so we view the story in a different perspective. He’s also the writer of the books so it seemed as if he knew about the stories? I found them both very mysterious. You could say Ao is unbiased but Tooya is extremely biased for Sayo. They’re also both bookworms? … I liked both. From Ch.5 I started preferring Ao –let’s fangirl about Ao in Ch.5-6 later 😄 *bricked for bringing up Tooya* 😄

      Sayo was trying to see the end of the story *_* wow THIS. In a way, she was trying to move forward but I’m sure it never crossed her mind that her actions would lead to an end with a separation with Hinase.. seeing how upset she was at the end of the chapter. So I kicked her for.. not caring enough to think ahead? I mean pointing out that someone is a fake member of a household to one’s family is a big thing. Sayo tries to move forward and learn about the people around her even though she’s actually afraid of the story ending and people disappearing around her. You pointed out a very interesting contradiction 😄 and I love your description of wanting to know more about the people you love. It reminds me of how Sayo was particularly awesome in the scene which she approaches Hinase’s grandmother.

      Actually since you’ve reached Ch.6, you can probably see that Sayo’s character and her understanding/how she takes things is very different between the individual routes and the shared route that leads to her breakdown in Ch.5..

      Hinase’s ending is an ideal ending …. *my heart expands happily at that* It’s awesome that in order for the ending to be ideal, the reader has to know both sides of the story in Ch.4. I guess he really would have revealed the truth to Sayo one day, had real!Hinase not come along. By then it would be much easier for Sayo to know the real him.. he wouldn’t have to take such drastic measures like what happened because he had little time. Although little time left does make every moment matter and ends with awesome results (if successful). …I really love this story ;w; I love how it symbolizes so many things like you said (the Japanese society one is such an awesome one.. it was directly addressing this issue of arranged marriage. And the identity questions) I love how it prompts us to make these kind of reflective questions. Even ‘mirror’ is a depth word for us. Tooya’s story and Ao’s story (the story of Shinigami to Shoujo as a whole) also symbolizes wonderful aspects .. I think you’ll know when you reach it. While I enjoyed the later parts less than I enjoyed Ch.4, I consider StS one of the greatest pieces of literature ever mainly because the symbolization.

      Did you come to like Yukari? I agree she made terrible mistakes (yes, many times) but they never came from bad intentions.. it’s very difficult to judge right and wrong, she does actually represent humans in general.. we keep repeating mistakes even though we didn’t mean to. This is true for Tomoe too, we didn’t mean to doubt and distrust.. but it happens.

      ;w; I love fake!Hinase <–random

      I mean he did sacrifice his identity for a place in society. I guess Shinigami to Shoujo gave us one answer for one of your questions.. even if you lie about everything (as fake!Hinase did.. usually it's hardly even possible for one to lie that much.. he's an extreme case) so even if you lie 'act to fit in' until you lose all your identity.. you are still yourself. Your actions will still reflect who you are, and someone will definitely see you for who you are through your lies. And it's so important that someone does. So it's all right that people's identities are manipulated and controlled (extent depends on person) by law, morality, social rules and relationships (where everyone thinks and perceives things differently).

      I'd love to analyze the whole story to bits and pieces 😄 actually– it's that fun to think about things. I actually bought a copy of the game for myself since I want to pay respect to the creators for a work that I enjoy so deeply.. HNGG I cannot express how much I enjoyed all the philosophy in your super long comment ;w; TAKUYOにも君にも心からありがとう!面白いです!Now I'm motivated to write something about Ch.6 and Tooya (which I've put off for so long) 😄


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