Shinigami to Shoujo: Prologue, Ch.1-3

死神と少女 応援中!

Shinigami to Shoujo official site :

I recently started playing Shinigami to Shoujo. It’s a very enchanting story filled with deep meanings, and is as good and fulfilling as everyone says it is. I’ve finished Hinase’s story (Ch.4) and it’s already my second favorite game after Clock Zero. It’s a story I’d recommend with all my heart; its beautiful, heartwarming and bittersweet. If you’re going to play it, please don’t spoil yourself because my writing can’t do it justice.. in fact, please read Chocolatemix’s non-spoiler review if you’re still deciding. Otherwise I’d love to share the story and my thoughts about it with you. It’s also been a long while since I wrote full summaries/impressions of a game since Aiyoku no Eustia. がんばったわ \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/

 This post covers the prologue, Ch.1-3, Kaho’s ending and everything about Hinase before entering his route. It’s around 3400 words long. Not too long. This will not be the case for Hinase’s post *rolls eyes*

[[Prologue & Introduction to Shinigami to Shoujo]]

The game starts with Toono Sayo listening to her brother, Toono Tooya, read a story for her. The story is about a bird in a cage.  The bird in the cage has always wanted to leave the cage when another bird comes by and promises to come back to take it away. But the other bird never comes, end of story.

-> What do you think of this story? What do you think happened? The truth behind the story will never change and the story has already ended but the difference is your perception about it.

Tooya is the one who wrote that story, he’s a novelist. He and Sayo love each other very much and they live together just the two of them, away from their parent’s house. Tooya tells Sayo that he is writing a new story about a Shinigami (god of death)–a lonely shinigami who meets a girl and they both set out on a journey together to find the most beautiful word in the world. The next day on her way back from school, Sayo meets a man calling himself a shinigami with no memories in front of the town’s broken clock tower. She’s surprised but isn’t scared of him. She names him Ao, for the color of his eyes which are blue like the sky at sunset. Ao likes reading books so the owner of an old bookstore lets him stay there. Eventually during the first 3 chapters, Sayo asks Ao to search for the most beautiful word in the world with her then they witness and are involved in various events in the town together. These various events are all related to a story Tooya wrote, for example the first chapter’s events can be related to the bird in the cage. Each time a chapter ends, the Shinigami to Shoujo story book will have a new chapter.

The other main characters are Hinase Mitsuru, he’s a cheerful outgoing senior in Sayo’s school ex-student council president who likes to tease; he likes to call Sayo a princess and says that he likes her – it’s hard to know what he’s really thinking. Kirishima Nanaki, he has a calm attitude (quite tsundere), he’s serious and hardworking and also the captain of the Kendou club. Nanaki is close friends with Chiyo, who is an existence like a ghost, only Sayo, Nanaki, and Ao can see him. Lastly there’s Kaho, Sayo’s best friend. These first chapters are full of scenes which gradually let us know and become familiar with all the characters.

*I’ll be writing the main story in paragraphs like above and the details / character scenes / foreshadowing / opinions with blue text like this. They can be skipped to read later. Both black and blue parts contain spoilers from this point.

[[Chapter 1 : The Bird in a Cage]]

Sayo and Ao meet a girl named Tomoe at the broken clock tower. Tomoe is a patient with anemia and unstable mental conditions as she lost 1 year of memories in her life. Unlike Ao, who is perfectly fine with having no memories at all, Tomoe feels emptiness and frustration over her missing memories. She eventually recalls them, she was in love with a teacher in high school and they had promised to run away together. However her lover never came, and in extreme anguish over being betrayed she had tried to commit suicide. Sayo confronts her asking is that what really happened? Tomoe attacks Sayo out of jealousy because her lover had spoken of having a fiancé with beautiful long black hair. Nanaki reveals the truth by reading the memories in the area of the clock tower. The truth is that the teacher had died in a train accident on the night of their promise. He had loved her until his very last moment. Tomoe’s story was over from the moment she stopped believing in her lover. Tomoe cries over that and how she had tried to erase those memories all together. Tomoe’s sister, a girl with short black hair comforts her. The sister is actually her teacher’s former fiancé and she has been taking care of Tomoe ever since the incident. Tomoe’s love story has ended but she still lives on..

– Ao certainly loves reading. Sayo loves reading too, she often goes to read at the school library. She often visits the bookstore to check up on Ao. One day she takes him on a tour of the town, and they visit the cosmos field. It is there where she asks Ao to search for the most beautiful place in the world with her, she wasn’t sure herself why she said it. As for Ao, he’s mostly calm and expressionless but when he speaks, he’ll say pretty deep stuff.
– The sibling love between Sayo and Tooya is.. overboard? They hug A LOT and Sayo is so attached to him. Tooya is also super nice to her. He’ll come right away if she calls him. After the Tomoe incident, Sayo was probably feeling sad and lonely, she hugged and asked Tooya did he like her. Tooya replied with this EXTREMELY POETIC “I love you more than anyone or anything in the world. More than the deepest oceans, than the shining heavens, than poems of beautiful dreams, than the ephemeral day or eternal nights.. nothing can ever compare to my love for you.” O_o ちょ、お兄さん///////
– Kirishima-sempai looks stern but is actually a kind person. He came to warn Sayo not to get involved with Tomoe, he prefers to stay out of trouble even though he can see supernatural things and can read memories in certain places. Sayo also has some of this power, although she can’t read memories outright like Kirishima, she could feel Tomoe’s lost memories in a dream. A lot of this chapter introduces Chiyo, it takes a while for Sayo to realize only she and Kirishima can see him. Chiyo’s like a ghost, he doesn’t know how or why he became like this. He used to be very lonely until he met Nanaki, since then he stuck to him like glue.

[[Chapter 2 : Dreaming World]]

Sayo and Ao meet a strange young man dressed in weird clothes, calling himself Louis, the protagonist of a book called Dreaming World. He’s searching for Toono Tooya, the author of the book, to ask him to rewrite the ending of the story. Louis in the story was a man with nothing in particular, he was saved from being bullied by a beautiful woman named Rosa. He followed her to her castle encountering many adventures on his way. In the end, it turned out that Rosa was actually a witch, Louis had been tricked and he fell into the sea to his death. Sayo agrees to help him since he only has until sunset to stay in this world. However Tooya is not at home so they have to search for him in the town. They are joined by Hinase and Kirishima, all end up having a lot of fun but in the end they never find Tooya. Before the sun sets, Louis exclaims how beautiful the ocean is when it’s shining like rubies when the sun is about to descend into it.. then he jumps into the water ending his fate in the same way as Loius in the story. Nevertheless, he didn’t die and emerged from the water soon after. It turns out he was just a normal salary man desperate for adventure, desperate to become the center of the world like the protagonist of a story. Now he has to return to his everyday life. He is the protagonist of his own story, but the world will move on even if his story ends..

– Hinase has lots of scenes in this chapter, but I’ll leave them to talk about all at once, but a notable thing about him in this story is that he recognized that Louis was just acting right from the start. He said Louis had to be a better actor. Sayo and Kirishima were pretty much fooled, Kirishima jumped in the water after Louis.
– This chapter has a lot of foreshadowing. I guess I focused on mainly Hinase and Tooya? It also foreshadows that the events in the game can be related to the story.
– Kirishima came along wearing glasses. The game gives Sayo choices to praise him (you can even praise him a second time) for looking cool, Hinase will tease her of having a megane fetish.
– Sayo brought tea for Tooya in his room and he kissed her ever so sweetly asdfjk;l OMG I AM SERIOUSLY FALLING FOR MY OWN BROTHER asdkjfhla

[[Chapter 3 : I am a Cat]]

Sayo picks up a stuffed toy cat from the streets and takes it home. Ao has been coming to school lately to visit the library, he was allowed in because Hinase lied to the teachers that Ao is an exchange student. There’s a boy called Natsume Yuuki in the same class as Sayo and Kaho, for some reason he seems to hate Sayo and is rude to her, pissing Kaho off. Lately Sayo, Kaho, Hinase and Nanaki (and Chiyo) have been having lunch together. Nanaki and Kaho are proud of their lunch boxes so Hinase suggests they have a homemade lunch box contest. Sayo is not much of a cook (her favorite food is cup ramen) but she’s dragged into the contest too. At the market, a mascot cat named Wilheim helps her buy chicken. She makes a teriyaki lunch box. Later, Sayo accompanies Ao to the hospital for a checkup and she meets Natsume and his older sister. Natsume’s sister calls Sayo ‘Toono Tsubaki’, and comments on how she is beautiful just like her mother. Sayo surprisingly denies very strongly that she’s not like that woman at all and gets all flustered. Natsume starts pointing it out to her face that she knows she’s the daughter of a ruthless monster and a prostitute, he hates her since the Toono family destroyed his life, and when she acts like she’s a victim it pisses him off. Sayo is overcome by trauma and Ao takes her home. Tooya finds her in bed and gets jealous at Ao. Sayo breaks down at the sight of Tooya and he tells her he loves her because she is herself. The next morning, Natsume is rude to Sayo again so this time, Kaho slaps him for it. The next day Natsume apologizes for saying harsh words and Sayo makes Kaho apologize too.

Sayo and Ao run into Wilheim (the mascot cat) again and have tea together. Wilheim starts shooting questions about Natsume, it seems he’s Natsume’s ‘friend’ (to me he acts more like a dad). Wilheim sneaks into school to peek at Natsume, Sayo and co end up helping him. One day Natsume spaces out in class so Sayo helps him answer a question and accompanies him to the infirmary. He’s been working part-time hard while looking for something so he hasn’t been getting enough sleep. Afterwards Sayo and co comes back to check and sees Wilheim in the room with a sleeping Natsume. They talk and Wil tells them about Natsume. Sayo apologizes because it was her family’s fault. Wil starts bashing Sayo much in the same manner as Natsume did and says Natsume is poor/pitiful. Once again, Kaho awesomely cuts in again ‘is being rich wrong? What do you want by saying all that? Proud of being poor? I won’t side with you and besides, Natsume can decide whether he’s pitiful or not by himself’. Wilheim says he knows that Natsume is crying so Kaho says she knows that Sayo is crying too! Wilheim realizes his mistake and runs away. Natsume reveals that he heard their whole conversation but he doesn’t know who the hell Wilheim is. Natsume wonders if Wilheim was the one who stole his stuffed cat from his house. Sayo tells him she picked it up and Natsume wants to go to get it immediately as it’s an important possession to him. At home Tooya says he’s returned it to its owner (Wilheim) so they chase him to the clock tower. There Wilheim gives the cat toy back to Natsume. Apparently Natsume doesn’t care that his toy can’t do anything but just being there is enough. Wilheim is touched and realized that what he tried to do for Natsume (aka stalking him) was unneeded; he was already loved for what he was. He cheers Natsume onwards before running off, with Natsume chasing after him for stealing his prized toy and breaking into his house.

Kaho’s ending

Right after Wilheim runs off, Sayo hugs Kaho and thanks her for always standing up for her. Then there’s Kaho’s thoughts from the scene when Kaho and Sayo first became friends. Kaho knew she was cute so she didn’t care what other people said; she liked to be honest, even if it made her appear stuck up so she didn’t have any friends. Sayo caught her eye from the start of the term; she was so beautiful and had an unapproachable aura. One day Kaho was accused of blackmailing her father to ruin another girl’s life because she hated her. Kaho didn’t do it but she became really sad that no one was on her side. But then Sayo suddenly came over and stood up for Kaho. After that they became best friends and every day school became fun. Kaho knows Sayo is quiet and likes to keep her feelings bottled up inside without showing them, yet she’s struggling to grow up like herself. Kaho won’t ask her but believes someday Sayo will open her heart. She wants to be by Sayo’s side always, to be there for her when she needs a shoulder of support. The ending is a special scene of them both doing opposite hairstyles for a day.


– Personally I loved Ch.3 a lot. I hated Natsume at the beginning for being so rude to Sayo. It’s not even her fault but he hates her for it and says really mean things to her. He on the other hand never apologized even though he was wrong. It turns out that he hates her ojou-sama attitude; how she’s polite to everyone and apologizes even if she doesn’t think she’s wrong. But Wilheim truly loved Natsume and would be on his side no matter what. In the end, we finally see that Natsume has a bad mouth but isn’t a bad person. He’s simply grumpily honest lol. I honestly thought Wil was Natsume’s father at first, their personalities are so similar. The stuffed toy thing was a pleasant twist. I was going to kick Wil when he did another Natsume to Sayo.. but Kaho was too awesome. I love Kaho and her friendship with Sayo. But that doesn’t mean Wil-Natsume aren’t true friends. It doesn’t matter if a few things are lacking here and there, friends are always dear to each other.

– Ao seemed considerate but sometimes he is too honest. He straightforwardly asked Sayo why she denies her own birth (she denies being that woman’s daughter, hating her mother because she was a prostitute) even though it is a fact. He couldn’t understand it. Tooya had to make him shut up by saying sometimes words can hurt people. It’s the first time Ao apologized.

– The lunch box scene was lots of fun. Kirishima and Kaho both hate losing, and Hinase just wanted to have fun + eat Sayo’s homemade bentou. Hinase’s not a good cook, he bought a bentou from the convenient store and lied to them. Natsume was called in to be the judge and he chooses Kaho’s or Sayo’s based on whether Sayo succeeds/fails. If she succeeds, Kaho will be really proud of her and tell her to be confident in herself, she believes in her. If Sayo fails, Hinase will assure Sayo he thinks it’s delicious and eats it all up impressing her. Later that day, Kaho offers to make bentou for Sayo everyday.

– Tooya gets jealous that Sayo made bentou for someone else so she makes some for him too.

– There are two stories in this chapter. One of a white cat and a black cat who rarely talks. They fight and the white one makes up by cooking teriyaki for the black cat. The other is Wil’s story. This is the only story that doesn’t really involve anything about Sayo. The first two seemed to have deeper meanings(?) because they can relate to Sayo. Sayo also told Ao that shortly before this, she didn’t go outdoors much = she was also like a ‘bird in a cage’. In ‘Dreaming World’ it turns out that Rosa (who looks like Sayo) is actually the witch. In ch.3, there’s a scene of Sayo looking at the mirror after she nearly broke down in the Natsume incident. She knew no matter how he denies or pretends to forget it, her birth can’t be changed. There’s another her in the reflection, it smiled at her like a witch. The princess in Ch.4’s story is also obviously based on Sayo.

– The funny moments are also priceless.. Wil slips out that he’s been sneaking into Natsume’s house to help with the cleaning and cook meals for him. Kaho and Kirishima were on Wil’s side but then they’re all ‘…you stalker’. Natsume chases Wil and Sayo even joins in! 😄


[All about Hinase before we enter his story]

He first met Sayo on her first day of school, she was looking for the library. He called a princess right from the start. Since then he’s been calling out to her and occasionally coming around to see her in the library. Right from the prologue he told her he likes her. Sayo can either blush or ask him out (as a joke). It’s funny that if she asks him out, he freezes because he took it seriously XD. Sayo never takes him seriously though, like there’s still a wall between them. Anyway after that he calls her ‘ojou’ because she doesn’t like being called a princess.

In Ch.1, Hinase walks home with her and says ‘he’ll do everything for her’ like walk with her to school everyday. She sees it as a joke but Hinase seems serious so she says she already arranged to meet Kaho every morning. She met him again by chance after school and he asked her to go somewhere together since they’re both free, but it turns out he was evading a junior who called him to go back to the student council. Hinase was such a perfect president that the successors are stressed out. I love student presidents 😄

In Ch.2, Sayo and Kaho see him buying a rose one day. She asks him about it later and he tries to get her to say if it bothers her or not. The day they meet Louis, Hinase is carrying a rose again but he tags along out of curiosity. The team split up to search for Tooya, if Sayo goes with Hinase, she’ll bring up the rose topic again. He takes her on a detour to his parents’ grave and places the new rose for it. He’s been doing this every day. He tells her again he wants to be with her, that’s why he followed her. His voice was deeper for a moment.. (?) He scatters petals from the old rose into the wind and the thorns cut his hand. There’s a hidden choice which appears from second play for Sayo to lick it. ////(〃゚艸゚):;*。 (o≧▽≦)ノ

In Ch.3, Hinase gets more serious in advancing at Sayo. The first time about the rose topic, he let it slip pretty easily. Now he climbs into Sayo’s classroom from the window to ask her to lunch starting the everyday lunch party. He helps Wil and Ao in the school.. one day Sayo went looking for him and sees him with another girl in a classroom, suspiciously making out(?). He then asks Sayo if she minded or not.. saying that if her were her, he’d be jealous. He makes a deep voice again pressing her for an answer while holding her arm. When Sayo seems surprised he promptly changes back to normal, asking her on a date for sneaking up on him. She agrees/he’ll make her say yes even if she was going to reject.

– In the last scene when everyone is happy, Hinase is happy to see Sayo smile. Ao asks why and Hinase says he likes Sayo again.. he’s happy to see the one he loves smile. He also took her hand when running after Wil to the clock tower. This is a sign you’re set to enter his route.

To Be Continued in Ch.4 …

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  1. Happily reading your thoughts on StS! I’m so happy you decided to continue reading (playing) this title. It’s like reading a real novel than by playing game (truthfully, this was the first time I felt a VN which looked exactly the same as hard to read/puzzling novel). StS really is big change from a usual VN/otome games.

    About Tooya, well, his and Sayo’s relationships is really similar to a lovers than brother-sister. I had it quiet unpleasant to know about their kissing moment, while still being siblings (So, I didn’t write much about that in post, because I didn’t want readers to start feeling disgusted at their act). But after knowing it all, I became to love Tooya’s story even more.

    Kirishima and Hinase are friends who always helps Sayo in the prologue (and goes on). I feel like they’re really my friend to understand the story, catching more news and fun atmosphere. For Ao, I don’t know. He seems doesn’t appear much in other’s stories, besides Tooya’s route. So maybe, this first time, you won’t feel anything for him except mysteries around his true nature, And Chiyo… Urh, don’t know what to say but I just felt him as someone I know (can’t feel him as real friend).

    • hehe~ I’m actually slowly following you because I know we have similar tastes (..>◡<..)✧ I’m very impressed by StS’s story telling.. it’s also so so deep. I guess it’s even deeper than CZ. I’m really looking forward to the rest *must hurry up and finish post so I can play*

      To be truthful.. my feelings for Chiyo are now うざい+STALKER lol I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a girl with a boy’s body and voice いやああ 考えるだけできもい!!
      As for Ao, he’s too emotionless = つまらないやつ!
      Nanaki is まじめでいいよ and Tooya is 怪しくてやばいお兄さんw
      …and lastly, Hinase is 私の愛しい王子様 lol

      • What a great way of describing your feelings towards them! Hinase is a ouji-sama, even in his storyline. Yes, Chiyo is a bit (uh, not a bit but always) too noisy. I think his role doesn’t affecting the story much. Same with Yume, I would describe Tooya as favorite brother character. And Kaho is a very considerate friend. I love the interaction between characters in StS and their roles for each route. Very interesting indeed.

  2. ヾ(≧▽≦)ノヾ(≧▽≦)ノ~~ ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. 日生のポスト楽しみにしておく。I love your tag “favorite game” wwww.

    I love reading your thoughts in blue for this game, but unfortunately I can’t think of anything interesting to write *can’t stop flailing at Hinase CGs (/ω\)* Also can’t wait for the artbook to release, though I forgot when that was. *replays the OST*

    PS. Don’t you think Hinase’s love for Sayo is super super deep? Did you end up playing the hidden Hinase scenes after you finished his chapter? 8D

    • ヾ(≧▽≦)ノヾ(≧▽≦)ノHinase fangirl! Hinase is our prince!ヾ(≧▽≦)ノヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
      YES I think his love is SUPER SUPER SUPER DEEP…I AM SO WEAK TO THIS TYPE OF GUY … And yes, I played his hidden scenes. They’re quite the confusing ones aren’t they? I’m trying to make sense out of them even now ;w; StS can get so complicated. I’ll probably drop the questions somewhere in my Hinase post (now I’m only half done ;w; 少々お待ちくださいね)

  3. All my love for this game is just overflowing now ;w; If you have time that when you go back to get more hidden scenes (there are some where you’ve to play from the start), you should read some of Hinase’s lines again and suddenly you see something deeper – I feel that he’s one of the most complex characters in StS.

    You probably won’t feel something for Ao till later chapters. Chiyo’s story is actually really sad imo and Kirishima and Chiyo’s relationship is one of the most endearing friendships. But then again, I cried like in almost every chapter of this game lmao. I love the stories which accompany each chapter.

    Kaho is an awesome friend. I feel so heartened seeing how much she trusts Sayo. It’s really cute to see Natsume warm up to the gang too. :3

    And you’ll fall for Tooya, you must~~ My favourite brother character~~ ❤

    • I tried playing the secret scenes for Hinase and they’re really hard to understand! Especially the ones with the mysterious girl.. I was like I thought I understood him but maybe I don’t? o(╥﹏╥)o The game is sooo deep!

      Now all I can think of is Kirishima is SO NICE to be able to put up with Chiyo lmao. I mean Chiyo is so annoying! :/ Ahhh I must stop being annoyed by him since I’m starting Nanaki’s route asap

      Hehe~ I guess Tooya is your favorite? I can’t wait to know his story..(❛◡❛٭)

  4. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed that some names and stories have reference to Japanese Literature. I really do think it’s quite interesting – a friend told me that – that’s why I’m now more interested in JP literature.

    And yes, get all the scenes, I really like it on how they show it when you play it again. It will really give you a different perspective.

    As for Chiyo, judging from his clothes I think he possibly lived in Taisho era – that I think it explains why when he gets too close to a girl, he blushes easily – IIRC the people from that time are conservative – just having a physical contact with a female is a big deal. But then I never studied JP history ^^;;

    • (*゚▽゚*) That’s so interesting! I don’t know much about Jap Lit so I didn’t notice anything. Please tell me about it sometime (maybe later since I haven’t finished the game yet) Hmmm
      *will take your advice* (..>◡<..)

      Please don’t tell me boys in Taisho era are girly ;w; Everything about Chiyo is just so girly except his face/voice! Hopefully it’s just Chiyo who’s extreme lol

      PS. *hugs you* ありがとう〜・:*:・(*´∀`*)・:*:・

      • I can tell you about WiIhem’s arc over here

        Well of course not everyone are girly – I guess it is because he’s really a pure one – probably you will understand him a little bit better when you go to Kirishima’s arc.

        That was so interesting! I must look up the summary for Natsume Souseki’s I am a Cat. I’ve heard Natsume Souseki’s name before but it didn’t ring a bell when I saw Natsume Yuuki. StS is really awesome~~

      • There’s something about Kaho too – but I guess you will be able to find that out easily.

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