CLOCK ZERO Drama CD それからの記憶 ~僕たちの中学生日記~

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This drama CD continues from the PSP limited edition short story from my previous post (❛◡❛٭)  In short, the CZ members excluding Nadeshiko relive memories of their middle school days together. We get to hear both the child versions in flashbacks and the adults making comments about it. At the ending, love solfege’s insert song ‘Aozora no kakuritsu’ is played in the background. It makes you feel warm and bubbly inside like finishing another happy ending for CZ.

Track 1 : The album of memories
Track 2 : Glorious spring days of a new semester
Track 3 : Summer boys
Track 4 : Heated battle! Shuurin gakuen’s autumn sports festival
Track 5 : Small discrepancy in winter
Track 6 : Love rivals, sakura, and because there’s tomorrow

It goes from spring, to summer, autumn, winter and back to spring again..

By the way, my translations/summaries are far from perfect, please feel free to correct or criticize me for mistakes/bad word usage. I’ll be happy with advice so I can improve myself next time. And about my fangirling rants.. there’s a lot of them in the beginning but they tend to disappear towards the end because I gradually got tired translating lmao even though Track 5,6 are my favorites. I love the rivalry between Rittan and Takato, and the part Madoka attempts to come in so much. I’ll be happy if you enjoy this post~

[TRACK 1 : The album of memories]

(Adult side.)

The CZ members have gathered to congratulate on Shuuya’s new movie, except Nadeshiko who was suddenly called home for urgent business so it’s just the boys today. Riichirou was staring wide-eyed at Shuuya on screen commenting that it feels strange. That’s because Shuuya is acting ‘normal’= bizarre, usually its outer space conversation (comment added by Madoka) LOL. Takato says the story was good and Shuuya’s acting was top class and awesome.. Riichirou agrees and Shuuya goes proudly OF’CORSE at the praise, saying he inherited it from his mother, he’ll soar to the top of the world and become a legend in the movie biz … while standing up making a pose and spills water on himself. 😄 Tora complains that he can’t order alcoholic drinks today and dealing with Shuuya is a hassle… apparently today will be alcohol-free because last time it was disastrous with drunk Takato, Rittan and Tono (Shuuya). Takato acts like he wasn’t part of it (no memory of it lol) but Riichirou claims that drunk Takato is even more troublesome than him (not true..Rittan doesn’t remember what he did when he’s drunk either XD) so Madoka says they’re both equally troublesome. Then he adds very sarcastically, [本当にひどかったですからね、あなたたち」(You’re all REALLY MEAN) So they Kampai! with soft drinks.

///Movie star Shuuya! wwww His pose while spilling water on himself is so funny! And so adorable. Ever since he was a kid, when he took Nadeshiko to see him as a model, he was the type who could do everything really well when he puts his mind to it. Yet he still sticks to his own personality and never pretends to be someone who he is not. How could I not love Shuuya (o≧▽≦)ノ

///Sarcastic Madoka is love ♥♥♥

Nakaba starts talking about how he found their middle school memorial photo album while cleaning and found himself poring over it nostalgically.. it brought back fond memories of their last school year together. Takato was the student council president and because of that there were a lot of troublesome activities (according to Riichirou).. and Madoka was the secretary (although he did all sorts of various jobs, Takato relied on him a lot because he was so dependable) Riichirou asks wasn’t it a bother since Madoka was being used to run around and do everything, and Madoka is like yes, it irritates him that he used to respect Takato at that time.. then Takato is happy that Madoka respected him and becomes embarrassed. Madoka has to tell him that was not a praise XD.

///This brings back so many CZ government memories that I’m just so amused that a similar event happened in the normal world tooヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡ And the numerous times Madoka says he’s not praising Takato/King (he also said something similar in the PS2 limited edition Drama CD) Have I ever mentioned how much I love Takato and Madoka together?

///cries for Rain because he’s not in this drama CD.. the CZ government is still missing him! Now I’ll just have to write about the PSP limited edition drama CD because Rain is in there *w* 

[TRACK 2 : Glorious spring days of a new semester ]

(Middle school side.)

Madoka came to call Takato since Takato didn’t return after leaving the student council room, he was talking with Riichirou and Nakaba. Madoka appears to be working diligently, and Riichirou is surprised that Madoka entered the council. It was Takato and Nadeshiko who convinced him, saying it would be a good chance for him to mingle with other people other than him and Nakaba. Madoka said they used Nakaba to threaten him into entering, however their reason made sense so he did but he complains ‘because of that, now he has less time with Nakaba.’ Takato tells them even if Madoka said that, he’s actually cooperating with everyone just fine. Riichirou asks him isn’t Madoka being used by Takato to do lots of troublesome things since a lot of nonsensical activities were held since Takato became president. Nakaba said now they’re having lots of fun because of it. When Riichirou still warns Madoka not to get too involved in the mess, he’s known Takato for a while and Takato can become quite extravagant. Madoka says that’s not so because Takato handles most of the council work by himself so on the contrary he’s learnt a lot. *I cannot resist honest Madoka honestly praising Takato!!XD*

//It’s interesting how everyone is giving off a middle school aura (the middle between the game’s child ver. and adult ver.) some haven’t changed much (Rittan, Takato), some have (Madoka). I want to hug Madoka for being so cute here! 素直な円が可愛過ぎてぎゅっとしたい!hnggggg >w<♥ He was so adorable that naturally he’d be irritated at himself in the future www
///Takato’s cheerful ahaha laughs when he’s a bit embarrassed make me happy all the time ♥ And yes, his curiosity can get out of hands sometimes 😄
///Riichirou seems to be always battering Takato but there’s no deep grudge in it, its just that Riichirou hates troublesome stuff, it’s harder for him to take care of others that way and he’s just tsundere ww
///Nakaba is such a caring brother! ♥

Takato is also the class president and does work outside of school so Nakaba is worried if he can handle the work but apparently Takato is a genius so no problem<33 he’s ok and he’s just the vice class pres. Riichirou’s not doing it (Rittan : think I’ll do anything so troublesome?) but Takato says it’s good to mingle with the class sometimes, so Rittan finds out that people came over to talk with him during recess was because Takato didn’t want him to be lonely. Nakaba says they were worried over him since he’s the only one in class C. The CZ members have never been in the same class before, they think how good it would be to be together (Rittan says it’ll be chaos for sure – do not want <- Rittan you tsundere! w w)

//Takato and Nakaba have their ways of taking care of Rittan too! 😄 awww the CZ members make such a good bunch! Damnit.. if I am going to fangirl over everything this post is never going to end! 

So Nakaba proposes they see hanami (seeing cherry blossoms) together. Nakaba will invite Nadeshiko, Takato will invite Tora – Nadeshiko and Tono (Shuuya) would probably be able to convince him. Takato is about to say how Tora has… (probably referring to the events revealed in the prior short story about Tora) …when Shuuya drops by and tells them not to add a banana (totally out of context again XD) Lately Shuuya has been out of school for work and Madoka says Nakaba has been crying over his TV drama, over a scene where he made two friends make up. Takato asks him why he’s wearing Tora’s jersey, Shuuya’s about to reply when speak of the devil, Tora comes charging towards them at full speed. He’s about to complain but sees his jersey and complains about that first since he thought it might have been a prank. Rittan and Nakaba don’t think anyone would dare play pranks on Tora but Shuuya gets genuinely worried and makes a big scene over how could he let anyone hurt Tora.

Shuuya: Pranked? Toranosuke, you’re being bullied?
Tora: HUHHHH?? (in total disbelief)
Shuuya: (sad touching bgm) Sorry, I let someone hurt you. As a friend, to think I didn’t realize it. Who did it, tell me and I’ll go to face them and negotiate for you to stop bullying my dear friend..
Tora: The one in front of me wearing MY jersey, stop looking around IT’S YOU TOKITA!!
Shuuya: (continues sad touching bgm) What are you saying? Since when did I prank you, I’ve always been watching over you with feelings deeper than the ocean, wider than the lands.. why is your heart so rigid?

///I feel so sorry for Tora wwwwww

Nakaba asks, btw why is Tora all wet. Tora fell into the pond behind the school because of Shuuya had tried to stop him from getting into a fight. Takato said didn’t Tora promise not to fight anymore, Tora denies it but anyway he didn’t get in a fight. The other side wouldn’t listen so annoyed, Tora thought he’d give him a blow that’s all. Nakaba praises Shuuya for getting between a fight. In order to stop a fight, getting wet isn’t a big deal.. Shuuya’s words piss off Tora even more and he demands Shuuya return the jersey right now. Shuuya says what a shameful thing, I didn’t raise you to become like this = continued quarrel 😄 …Nakaba and Takato says they’re as close as ever and Takato finishes off his sentence earlier, that Tora has become softened around people. They all return to their classrooms.. Takato calling Tora to tell him to go to class, or he’ll go after him again.

///ROFL at Tora and Shuuya

(Adult side.)

Tora complains how Shuuya was always stealing his stuff, his school books for example. Madoka is surprised Tora even had school books .. Tora replied that naturally he left them all at school. Shuuya is happy and moved to tears how Tora is now surrounded by friends.. Tora just seriously want to punch Shuuya even now he can’t understand the things going on in that head XD. Madoka notes how Tora got into less fights from their second year, and it was because once they were in 3rd year, there were no seniors to call him. Takato recalls the name, Shinomiya Kaede, he knows because he was the student president. Takato knows the name, face and class of everyone in school XD. Anyway, Tora stopped fighting because he didn’t like it in the first place, and that Nadeshiko and Shuuya would be upset if he did. Madoka starts talking about the time they stayed over at Tora’s place during the summer…

///At this point, I realize I should have just translated the whole thing instead of paraphrasing orz

[Track 3 : Summer days]

Tora and Madoka were playing a game and Tora totally lost even though it was Madoka’s first time playing (but Madoka learned to use special moves really fast and abused it on Tora lol). Tora wants to go for Nakaba next and have him use a weak character so Tora can beat him all up but Madoka won’t allow it ‘I’ll protect Nakaba. Not only is he bad in studies and sports, but unless he’s careless he won’t show any talent in games either, this is a surefire situation which cannot be avoided.’ making Nakaba say he’ll cry 😄 Shuuya steps in to take revenge for Tora and tries to take the controller from Tora, who wouldn’t let him and tried to tell him to go away to no avail. It turns out Shuuya has broken countless controllers already XD.

They’ve been at this all day, Rittan and Takato are watching over them. Takato says it’s good that they got to meet up and hang out together like this, especially since it’s for Tora’s birthday. He says it’s a pity Nadeshiko had to go home first, but of’corse she couldn’t stay over surrounded by boys so yeah We all know the real fault is that Otomate won’t find a seiyuu for her. It’s already midnight so they might as well sleep (Tora and Nakaba are opposed, since it’s summer holidays they want to stay up all night) Shuuya suggests a pillow fight but Tora won’t let them wreck his place. So Nakaba suggests an revelation game instead, one related to love. But none of them has had a girlfriend so there’s nothing to expose, Madoka pointed that out. So they talk about confessions.. Takato and Rittan are very popular, they receive confessions every now and then, though Takato says Riichirou has received more.. on their graduation day he was confessed to 3 times and over 10 times during the semester. Even Tora saw him make girls cry on the rooftop countless times. Nakaba and Madoka once ran into a confession scene once and they act it out (Nakaba as Rittan and Madoka as girl)

(sparkles) Scene : after school at sunset on rooftop

Nakaba as Rittan : I don’t know anything about you. Are you saying that you really like me?
Madoka as girl : What’s that.. if you’re going out with Kurou-san, you could just say so
Nakaba as Rittan: Nadeshiko has nothing to do with it! I’m not going out with her, but the point is I can’t fall in love with someone I don’t even know in the first place.
Madoka as girl : Kanou-kun, hidoi! *runs away in tears*

///Nakaba acting as Rittan is so Rittan-like XDDD And yeah, Rittan is the most popular character for the child ver.! 😄

Shuuya calls him evil for making girls cry lol Rittan has to tell him not to say things that will create misunderstandings. Rittan is distracted how everyone literally knows about him so much and Nakaba says because its about Rittan (which doesn’t make sense lol). So Rittan changes the topic to Nakaba, Nakaba’s pretty popular too. Madoka looks like he should be popular but Nakaba sighs hearing that. He tells them that Madoka told the girls who confessed to him ‘you’re actually aiming for Nakaba right? Your true objective is obvious’ and glared at them, then after that no one dared to confess to Madoka ever again. Nakaba is worried for Madoka’s future lol. Since Tora has been acting milder, girls have started confessing to him too, though he can’t remember a thing about them afterwards, even when he rejected a pretty famous girl and it became a big rumor. As for Shuuya, he’s a model and actor so he has lots of fans even outside the school waiting for him at the gate. Tora says that’s because they don’t know inside he’s an alien XD. Shuuya doesn’t even realize some of his fans are stalkers. 😄

Anyway no one has a girlfriend, Takato and Riichirou say that’s because they can’t love someone they don’t really know, Takato adds that he’s happy that they liked him though. Nakaba and Tora say that’s because they like Nadeshiko right? Takato : Eh.. Rittan: I don’t. //tsundere Rittan!! Nakaba points out that Takato is nice to everyone but Rittan treats only Nadeshiko specially. Rittan answers that that’s natural because they’re childhood friends and have been together for a long time. When Nakaba teases him that he just accepted that Nadeshiko was special, he rejects saying it’s not the kind of special that Nakaba is thinking about. //Not honest as usual.

Nakaba starts asking how everyone thinks about Nadeshiko, which is becoming like a real revelation game so they dive under the blankets. Takato says Nadeshiko is precious to him, she has a lot of qualities he doesn’t have, talking to her is really interesting.. he wants to stay with her more. Shuuya says she’s a charming, strong willed girl. For Tora, she’s a noisy, meddlesome girl.. but better than other girls. Madoka says she’s easy to talk to compared to other girls, that’s all because the only one special to him is Nakaba, even though it’s supposed to be that way, sometimes his stance wavers, troubling him. ///I love how Madoka just accepted Nadeshiko is really special XDDD Doesn’t it remind you of what he said in his route (*´∇`*) Nakaba also thinks she’s cute and she’s become pretty lately, so many people have confessed to her, sometimes he gets doki when talking to her.

Rittan goes hmmm so Takato says they don’t know when someone will become a rival, Rittan denies it again. Takato asks him again if he’s thinking of remaining just childhood friends forever and a tension develops between them. Tora, Nakaba and Madoka notice Rittan is slightly wavered by Takato’s words and Tora proposes a bet between who will go out with Nadeshiko. Nakaba says the kind Takato gets a lot of points but childhood friend Rittan’s position stands a really good chance. Shuuya butts in saying they could always bet on him. Rittan protests how they suddenly start betting on him on their own and sulks (and probably slips out from under the blankets or something so the others can’t see him). Rittan starts a monologue about how Nadeshiko is special to him, because she’s his childhood friend. He knows how she’s becoming popular.. she might choose someone in the near future, he doesn’t want to go out with her with the same feelings of those that confessed to her….bla bla bla

…Tora starts snoring and Shuuya starts talking in his sleep. ///Ishida’s snoring voice is sooo cute XDD!!! So Madoka suggests the rest pretend to fall asleep too, although Takato wants to hear more. Rittan proceeds to saying he doesn’t mind if someone in this group goes out with her, but he’ll… then he realizes everyone is asleep and goes WTF. 😄

(Adult side.)

Then Riichirou finds out they were pretending to be asleep, he sulks again complaining that everyone has been making a fool out of him. Takato says that’s no such thing, Rittan is loved by everyone.

That was the last time they could fool around because after that they entered the exam period. The next time they had fun together was during the sports festival. They recall Riichirou’s and Takato’s contest..

///I just realized the amount of Nakaba dialogue.(´ω`○)←happy for Nakaba

[Track 4 : Heated battle! Shuurin gakuen’s autumn sports festival]

(Middle school side.)

Madoka will be participating in the 借り物競走 (scavenger hunt race). Takato made Tora come to the event.. Tora’s in the 騎馬戦 (3-man race) which Nakaba is in it too. Madoka and Shuuya’s fight is about to start. Madoka is ok giving Shuuya a head start, Shuuya starts saying he’ll fight with all his power, there’ll be no holding back. Right after starting, Shuuya falls flat on his face as predicted and calls out ‘I can’t go any further. don’t worry about me, Madoka, just keep going!’ Madoka: ‘I’ll do that. Nakaba told me to win so I will. Bye. お先に失礼します’ and leaves Tono saying ‘are you really going to leave me?’ in the dust. //Shuuya always creates laughs 😄 Madoka then has to find something from the audience and take it to the finish line. Madoka brought Nadeshiko along with him to the finish line. (Everyone was wondering why Nadeshiko? What he had to bring was a senior and according to Madoka, Nadeshiko was the closest one nearby.)

There’s some time before Nakaba’s and Tora’s race. They remember fondly that the CZ quizzes were also held during this time (autumn). Shuuya remembers Kaga sensei’s name.. Shuuya is the only one who remembers about Kaga sensei and the sad broken world. But he thinks that Kaga sensei is also living by doing his best even now. Everyone hope their old teacher is doing well. ;w; Takato recalls his phrase 「反省はしてるけど、後悔はしていません」(He reflects on what he did, but he doesn’t regret it) and says it was cool.

It’s time for Nakaba and Tora’s race. Takato hopes Tora will win. Madoka is rooting for Nakaba and wishes he won’t get hurt. Tora and Madoka get into a fight because Tora says he’s tired of Madoka’s obsession with his brother and tells him to cut it out and grow up already. Madoka starts saying that’s none of Tora’s business when Nakaba comes between them, calling Tora for the race. During the fight Nakaba says he won’t forgive anyone who teases his beloved brother. They both won’t lose. Tora aims for Nakaba’s face, if anyone falls they lose (he’s serious).. and it turns into a heated fight. Tora attacks Nakaba with all his fight, but Nakaba uses that chance to evade and steal Tora’s headband.. winning! ///NAKABA WINSSSS And against Tora too \^w^/ BRAVO!!

The last is a match between Takato and Riichirou in a running race. Takato is happy to compete with Riichirou, he’s also actually nervous even though he looks cheerful as usual. He provokes Riichirou to run with all his might and no holding back. Takato says he’s happy that they’re not holding back and that he’s always serious unlike Riichirou, Riichirou answers that he’s always serious too but he’ll never win against Takato.. they reach the finish line.

(Adult side.)

Nakaba asked who won because they appeared to reach the goal near the same time so he didn’t know. Madoka thought Takato had won because he remembered that Riichirou seemed bitterly disappointed afterwards. But Takato said actually it was Rittan who won because in the video, he went in first by a little bit. Riichirou said he was bitter because even though he won, it didn’t feel like it. Maybe because he was successfully provoked by Takato? This reminds Nakaba of a time that Takato and Rittan had another clash after this…

///Takato vs Riichirou. Naturally Rittan can’t win against Takato in studies because Takato is a genius and Takato is so out-going and popular so I think he’s always felt somewhat inferior to Takato. But that’s not true, Rittan is actually more popular (both in-game and amongst CZ fans according to the polls) and he also won the race so physically he’s a bit stronger than Takato. That makes sense. ‘w’ I love how Takato keeps pushing Rittan to be more confident… Takato is just so kind!

[Track 5 : Small discrepancy in winter ]

(Middle school side.)

They’re near the exams and Nakaba is complaining to Tora.
Nakaba: How come you hardly attend classes yet can understand it so quickly?
Tora: I find it so mysterious that you attend the classes yet have so much trouble understanding it.

Tora is worried if Nakaba can pass his exams and Nakaba says he’s sure a miracle will happen. Tora tells him to study diligently.. which Nakaba goes orz upon hearing ‘diligent’ from Tora. Takato has been tutoring them and says Nakaba’s scores have gotten much better and Tora is actually smart so if he’d study properly he’d surely get good grades. Shuuya has been looking out the window all the time, he’s been looking at Rittan and Nadeshiko, who look like they’ve just had a fight. Takato is concerned about them. They see Nadeshiko leave, then Nakaba calls out to Rittan, with Tora complaining ‘read the atmosphere, idiot!’ Madoka comes into the room, and comments that aren’t they always fighting? Takato tells him this time it feels different.

Madoka came to call Takato because one of the projects he created required too much mental effort for most school members.. so Takato leaves. Tora compliments that Takato has been watching over their studies every day, attending the student council and also entering an external division.. yet seems to have time to spare. Madoka tells him that Takato’s performance is so remarkable without even having to study, and he’s already been recommended as a special case. Madoka and Shuuya are worried about Tora, since his attendance marks are pretty low. Nakaba never missed any, Madoka says the good thing about Nakaba is he doesn’t catch colds–intended sarcasm that idiots don’t catch colds (or sty similar). Nakaba is sad the time they can be together is coming to and end since everyone will go their separate ways. Shuuya says it’ll make them feel lonely.

Takato comes out of the student council room and runs into Rittan. He apologizes for overseeing but asks if he’s ok, did they fight? Rittan asks him if he knew that Nadeshiko was taking exams to enter an external division. Takato says he knew. Rittan says as expected, she consulted with him while he just learned about it today, from a guy who wasn’t even close to Nadeshiko. Takato tries to explain that he knew because of a different reason, not because Nadeshiko consulted him but Rittan says it doesn’t matter. Whoever she consults is her choice. Whatever she does, or where she goes, is none of his business.. he doesn’t care. That makes Takato angry, and he asks him whether he really means it. ‘Then what? It’s none of your business’ is Rittan’s reply. Takato says it is, because he likes Nadeshiko, so if Riichirou hurts her, he won’t forgive it. It’s true that Nadeshiko is free to choose what she wants to do, but if he didn’t care why would Rittan be angry. So just stop being stubborn and face it. Rittan says that Takato’s composure pisses him off, stop messing with him and turns to leave. Takato calls after him not to run away and listen to him say that Nadeshiko didn’t consult with anyone. That probably she wanted to consult with Riichirou the most, but if Rittan keeps being stubborn like this, maybe that will change. It’ll become as Riichirou said a moment ago. Even if he’s the closest one to Nadeshiko now because he’s a childhood friend, if he thinks that will never change then he’s mistaken. Rittan says he knows that without saying so Takato asks what he’ll do for Nadeshiko, not what she thinks. Rittan is wavered and runs off saying ‘shut up, don’t speak like you know everything.’

///Rittan is being so sulky lol. Serious Takato is love *bricked* I love how Takato is showing a lot of feelings here although he is being rather mean to Rittan.

Takato sighs. Madoka says its not like him to say those things to Riichirou. Takato is surprised at himself but he couldn’t let that go by. Madoka asks if that means hurting Nadeshiko but Takato knows that both of them trust each other so that’s not the case. Madoka can’t understand why Takato was angry. So Takato says because he likes Nadeshiko, yet he feels that his feelings can’t compare to Riichirou’s. Madoka thought if it were Takato, he’d be confident that he wouldn’t lose. (Madoka knows Takato so well even here) So Takato accepts that Riichirou is the only person he thinks he hasn’t ever won and doesn’t know if he can win. But Riichirou always thinks lowly of himself, so Takato doesn’t want him to think like that. So Madoka says he understands Rittan, how they’re closer than anyone, so he’s afraid of losing her more than anyone, and because they’re so close, he doesn’t know what to do not to break their bond. No matter how close one is, sometimes feelings have to be put into words for the other to understand, Nadeshiko once told him. Madoka is sure Rittan understands that too and Takato agrees. So Madoka is confused why Takato confronted Rittan like that. Takato is thinking they’re nearly graduating and soon it’ll become too late.. he wants Rittan to stop holding back as a rival. Takato just wants it to be a fair fight, it’s not that he’s over confident. So Madoka asks Takato instead of Rittan, that even though he said that, Takato hasn’t told his feelings to Nadeshiko either, isn’t he holding back too? Then Madoka asks what if someone else takes Nadeshiko while the two of them are bothering about their friendship? For example, him (Madoka). When that time comes, what would he do? Support them or fight to be by her side? Takato says he’ll fight, no matter who it is (including Madoka) he won’t run away. He wants Nadeshiko to like him back, he’ll keep trying. Madoka says Takato should show that serious part of him to Riichirou and walks away leaving Takato behind.

/////Madoka shocks Takato, proclaims his love for Nadeshiko and also takes revenge at Takato for making Rittan run away in tears at the same time. Madoka is sooo awesome XDDDD How can I not fangirl over Madoka. ASDFJKL!XD And the BGM is Shuuen no Ichibyou doesn’t help in me fangirling all over this scene あああ

(Adult side.)

Takato comments that he was really childish, he was lost and hesitated. He didn’t think he’ll receive a reply to that in that fashion. Takato started smiling to himself in a satisfied way. Then after the exam periods ended, it was time for their graduation ceremony.

(Middle school side.)

Takato invites Nakaba, Madoka, Shuuya to walk home together with Tora. Takato caught Tora and brought him along. It’s Valentine’s day. Last year Takato received so many chocolates he couldn’t carry them all but today Nakaba noticed he doesn’t have much stuff. Tora tells them Takato rejected them all. This year he accepted only one. Rittan comes walking by, but promptly turns back. Takato calls after him, ‘you turned back upon seeing my face, didn’t you? If you don’t come back, I’ll call you RITTAN in a loud voice’. So he came back saying DO NOT CALL HIM THAT. He has a ton of chocos because the girls forced them on him. Rittan gets disappointed when he learns everyone received chocolates from Nadeshiko. Takato is happy that they made up but Rittan says they never fought in the first place. Now their exams are over and all that’s left is to wait for results so Nakaba suggests calling Nadeshiko and hang out together. Shuuya says lets go! and charges backwards into the men’s toilet.

(Adult side.)

Seven years have passed since that graduation day. Tora says it seems like a long time. When they recall it, it was a lot of fun. Even if they haven’t been together for a while, when they meet again, it’s just like yesterday.. that’s called real friendship. Takato wants their relationship to last many years to come.. Their talk returns to Riichirou’s and Takato’s relationship if nothing changes. So everyone decides to fight for Nadeshiko without holding back. Takato sees it as a rival proclamation and says he’ll show no mercy.  ////KING’S VOICE!!  Shuuya asks something to Takato in private: ‘Now, are you happy?’ Takato is like Eh? what’s that all of a sudden but Shuuya is serious. Takato says ‘yes, he is. Since he met everyone, he’s been having a lot of fun and he’s treasured every moment.’ Shuuya is happy with that answer, he says that he is glad that in this world everyone is happy.



[Track 6 : Love rivals, sakura, and because there’s tomorrow]

(Middle school side.)

Takato finishes the speech in the graduation ceremony. After that Nakaba calls everyone for a group photo in front of the clock tower because it’s the place of their memories. Riichirou has something to say to Takato and Nadeshiko so the others go first. Riichirou says because today is their graduation day, he will give the answer to Takato’s question of what he will do. He’s Nadeshiko’s childhood friend and that will never change, he won’t let it. He understands her more than anyone so only he can be by her side. He can’t think of breaking this relationship between them. A childhood friend won’t ever lose to just any school friend in the same year. I won’t give this position to you, Rittan makes his rival proclamation against Takato ending the sweet bgm suddenly and he quickly ends up by saying that’s all he wants to say and runs off.

////Finally Rittan made his move making the two perfect rivals. It was cute to see how he gradually became embarrassed and he runs away again! (leaving just the two under the sakura.. perfect!) (〃゚艸゚):;*。 

Takato is surprised that Rittan said that and says he lost the first match. Nadeshiko doesn’t understand what he’s saying. So Takato tells her that it’s Riichirou’s decision. And that his decision is the same, even though today is their graduation day, he wants to keep seeing Nadeshiko’s smile closely like this. He’ll be waiting for her to have the same feelings, even if it takes time. He’ll keep trying and won’t lose to Riichirou. Then he gets embarrassed but says it’s not a joke so please remember both his and Riichirou’s feelings.

(Love solfege insert song [Aozora no Kakuritsu] starts playing)

Takato says let’s go to meet the others but Nadeshiko stops for a moment to enjoy the beautiful sakura in the spring breeze. The sakura makes Takato a bit lonely that he’ll be in a different school from everyone because he had so much fun with everyone. But now he’s anticipating more new experiences and meeting new people in the future. He used to enjoy the times with everyone so much that he wished this moment would continue forever, if only time would stop then. But now he’s come to think that even so, he wishes for tomorrow to come, and for him to be able to enjoy it. Not only today, but tomorrow, there is a future for everyone.


////When I listened to this for the first time, I was moved to tears. Takato! It’s such a beautiful ending. It also feels like a Takato x Nadeshiko ending ✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。 The sakura reminds me so much of their return ending epilogue. lol *bricked by Rittan fans* By the way, the booklet focuses more on Rittan and his fight with Nadeshiko, Nadeshiko’s feelings and feels like a Rittan ending. So there’s something for everyone. For those curious, Riichirou made up with Nadeshiko by giving her a lucky charm before her exam day.

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  1. D’awwww~ I need to continue listening to the rest. X3 I like how the Takato vs. Rittan rivalry is slowly brought out. And hnnng Shuuya. I always feel so sad knowing that only he remembers. ;w; But in the epilogue of the PSP game no one seemed to remember Kaga-sensei’s name anymore?

    • Shuuyaaaaaaaa <– I always go like that every time there's a scene with him. I've always thought that Shuuya has always remembered Kaga sensei's name and he's the only one with a memories of the broken world. I also love the scenes when Shuuya and Nadeshiko keep reminding themselves about the events so they don't forget them in one of the epilogues. Shuuya is really a special existence to CZ ;w; he's the weirdest kindest character ever too<33 I guess the PSP epilogue glossed over it? I can't remember if Shuuya said anything or not but all the others completely forgot Kaga Akira's face and name, but they'll recognize it if reminded.

  2. Uwaah, thank you for this drama CD translation!! I like chp3 where they had talk over their famous confession. Just that, I’ve been thinking if all of CZ members really that famous ? Of course it’s a bit strange if none of them is a commoner, but yeah, they’re all cute. Okay, that means, CZ members aren’t a commoner!! They’re famous and lots of girls loves them. Nadeshiko is also famous. Love the drama played by Nakaba and Madoka.

    The ending is also very sweet. Rivalry between Rittan and Takato! Ah, if they ever make new drama CD again, I’d like to hear about their competition after the reunion… And yeah, I’d love it when you mentioned Takato tried to make Rittan to be more confident of himself. He’s a little good boy even if when he’s still a child.

    • You’re welcome!^w^ Thanks for urging me to finish it and I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

      I liked that part too! Everyone gets lots of confessions and received tons of chocolates on Valentines Day. Probably Nadeshiko had boys asking her to go home with him all day on Valentines ~ but I believe she made chocolates only for the CZ members (and teachers). It’s really funny that Riichirou made a disappointed face after he found out she gave chocolates to everyone not just him. <33

      I really want to see Nadeshiko and everyone dating and having fun while in middle school, high school, university and after that (start work, get married, have kids) too. I bet it'll be so sweet~ yes, we need more! I still dream of seeing Takato and Nadeshiko going to the aquarium together. Of'corse Takato has always been full of kindness since he was young ^w^ that's why I started getting so hurt right from the start when we met him as an adult in his route ;w; 鷹斗がいつも優しいから ううう 好きすぎて辛いw w


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