CZPSP Epilogue and Limited Edition Short Story

Truthfully I haven’t finished all of CZ PSP yet. >///< I don’t want it to end so I haven’t played any of the Yuushinkai routes yet. I did however, play the epilogue and loved it. But the more lovable thing is the new drama CD. I will write about that but since they are all connected, I’ll write about everything orderly.

The new epilogue continues after [End No.6 Autumn wind’s farewell] when the story ends after the first part in Shuurin Gakuen and nothing happens. After burying the time capsule , everyone lives on normally and Nadeshiko has not paired up with anyone… SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME AND ALL EXTRAS!

CZPSP Epilogue : ~Story towards the Future~

10 years after, the CZ members gather again to dig up the time capsule they dug in the past.

Riichirou is the same as ever.. complaining about how Nadeshiko went into his house without telling since they’re childhood friends. It turns out that Rittan hadn’t heard about the meeting and she was right to check up on him since he hadn’t prepared yet.

They run into Nakaba and Madoka, they haven’t met since high school. Nakaba is calmer but he hasn’t changed compared to Madoka. He’s become .. Bishop. 😄 Nadeshiko says his cute honest side has gone.. they all tease Rittan as usual. (Isn’t Rittan always being teased? XD)

They meet Takato in the classroom /////// He’s in a suit because he slipped out from work. He hasn’t met Madoka for 4 years (Nakaba for 3 since Madoka is younger) but Takato, Rittan and Nadeshiko met up only last month. They relive memories of the quizzes for a while. Rittan still can’t accept pudding with shouyu however he accepts they had fun, which Nakaba comments that he’s become more honest…resulting in a prompt「うるさい黙れ。行くぞ」(shut up, let’s go) >w<//…Yes, like in his own routes, Rittan became more honest as he grows up.

Late (as usual), Tora and Shuuya make their flashy arrival on a motorbike. To everyone’s surprise, Tora’s license and records are clean. I love Tora’s うるせえ黙れ towards Shuuya’s hilariously scientific explanations which make no sense/ and that Shuuya tried to so stuff like stand on the motorbike etc annoying the hell out of Tora XD. Shuuya is a model and actor. Tora also has a proper job as a technician (he didn’t go to uni). Madoka is a rising-star jewelry designer and Nakaba is a famous chef. Takato is working to become the heir of his father’s company and is not doing much research anymore. Riichirou and Nadeshiko are 4th year uni students, Nadeshiko in medical school. They’re all fulfilling their dreams ;w; (happy for them)

They dig up the capsule together. Inside there’s: Takato’s pocket clock, a tea whisk, Nakaba’s favorite anime DVD (which he already rebought in Blu-ray lol), Madoka’s first strap, Tokita Rei’s CD, nuts and bolts (which Tora doesn’t remember putting in.. it shows he liked fiddling with machines), dominoes, the quiz list, blackboard rubber, pencil shavings, quiz script (Shuuya’s junk) and everyone’s letters.

Madoka reads the whole of Nakaba’s out loud lol. It’s so Nakaba. Nadeshiko cried after reading hers.. they couldn’t remember Kaga sensei.. she proposed they make a new time capsule for 10 years in the future. Everyone will go to drink together after… to be continued.

To 10 years later – Nadeshiko,

Is she now living without regrets? She once wanted to grow up quickly but the special lessons made her realize that she should focus on having fun in the present. Even though she’s a child who can’t do anything like an adult, there are many things she will only be able to enjoy and experience now. By doing those things, she can grow up. So if 10 years later, she forgets these important feelings, please recall them.. the things she held dear and the warm feelings she had ten years ago..

PS. Has she forgotten the teacher who gave them these special lessons and arranged for them to make a time capsule? She wanted to remember his words so she wrote them down. Kaga sensei told her that the most important thing is the present. The time were are living at this moment may become a memory or simply forgotten. So in order to remember it more even a little, we should treasure it. At that time, she didn’t understand fully but she knew from the bottom of her heart that that world was undoubtedly broken. However it was an important place for her.

Don’t forget, never ever neglect the present.. a sad event may happen anytime, at those times these feelings will support you…

* * *

Yukiru’s rant/comments:「撫子の涙 Nadeshiko’s tears」CZ takes an alternate timeline approach*, in which different futures branch out from different decisions, so there will still be a high probability of the same or very similar things happen in all worlds.. In Takato’s route, Nadeshiko once dreamt of meeting another young Takato in a different timeline as a result of her synchronization. So this Nadeshiko who hasn’t fallen in love with anyone yet, has synchronized with of all the happenings in the other worlds (routes) even though she can’t remember them.. so she cried. We, the player, are the part of Nadeshiko that knows everything ;w; thus this end happens after we finished all the other ends.

* Note: Except Rittan’s route. Apparently I don’t know when to stop blabbering once I start so skip this color if you don’t want to read my opinions on the timeline approach in Rittan’s route. I still prefer to think the timeline doesn’t work the same as the other routes in Rittan’s route. That’s because his route is the only one where the future was successfully changed by changing the past instead of just having a new future branch off from that point. Also because Rittan tried countless and thousands of times to prevent Nadeshiko’s accident and failed every time. If the accident was always caused by Rain, after numerous attempts Rittan should have been able to figure it out by then. But if the timeline works like in Steins;Gate, that would seem much more reasonable. Though I don’t really know what Rittan was doing in his route.. wandering around searching for young Nadeshiko everywhere like that and never finding out that it was Takato who snatched her away. He has a lot of trust for Takato so he didn’t want to doubt him (始まりの記憶) but then it’s just so バレバレ obvious. Losing Nadeshiko totally disrupted his logic mind, I guess. Rittan was pretty broken too.

CZPSP Limited Edition booklet 
CZメンバー同窓会 〜未来への物語〜

Kampai! .. Yes, this event happens directly after digging the capsule >w<

Everyone’s orders : whiskey/wine, ImoShouchuu (distilled liquor made from sweet potato), Salty dog cocktail (vodka and grapefruit juice), Cassis Orange cocktail (a sweet cocktail popular among Japanese ladies), Japanese sake, BEER MORE BEER

The izakaya (restaurant) is famous and it was Nakaba who reserved it. Madoka says Nakaba’s face is now well known so he used it as a dirty trick to get it, which Shuuya starts praising him for doing evil deeds just for them. Takato thanks Nakaba for it, making Nakaba blush since the praise is from Takato aka. super genius. Riichirou says to Nadeshiko that she’s not a child anymore so eat everything. Nadeshiko says she will but gives her prawns to Riichirou anyway.

It’s a special meeting because if not for the quiz sessions that Kaga sensei created, this odd group of totally different people would have never gotten together.

Shuuya starts off by trying to order dessert. He seriously wants to have something sweet, right now which Tora goes off “why are you being serious all of a sudden” Gateau Chocola.. simply so Shuuya. Everyone is the same and Nadeshiko is really happy to meet everyone again.

* * *

On her 3rd glass of cocktail, Nadeshiko’s head was starting to spin and she was going to ask for a glass of water instead when she looked up and saw Riichirou staring intensely at her. He said “you became really beautiful” making her wide-eyed because she never thought Riichirou would ever say that. He proceeds to ask her to stay with him that night because he probably can’t go home. Nadeshiko says he’s acting strangely so Takato asks him if he’s drunk. Riichirou denies it and tells him not to butt in, he’s talking with Nadeshiko. Takato concludes he’s drunk and offers to change places with Nadeshiko. Ri tells him that Nadeshiko being beside him is normal, don’t keep Nadeshiko just to himself. Takato says since Rittan is saying his true feelings, he’ll reveal his true feelings too..

* * *

Nakaba comments that Nadeshiko is also drunk but they’ll probably be ok since Takato is with them. Then Madoka says Takato is actually drunk too, just his face doesn’t show it so it’s hard to tell. (Madoka is really good at seeing through people! *see comment) Tora says that side are really weak to alcohol, then sees Shuuya fast asleep. Tora knows Shuuya is the type that sleeps first then wakes up and rampages. Nakaba only got drunk once when he was younger and created a big fuss.. but once he learned how to drink he’s actually quite strong. It ran from his family. Tora talks about Madoka, then Madoka says he’s really strong but that’s not related to Nakaba since they’re not real siblings. Tora apparently didn’t know because he skipped class a lot back then. They remember how Madoka was abnormally attached to Nakaba in the past, he’s changed now even though he still loves his family the most but he’s found other important things too. Tora makes a compliment on that the Hanabusa family is a true family so Madoka compliments that Tora is a nice person.. to which Tora says it makes him feel sick. lol Tora is not honest 😄 Shuuya then starts talking in his sleep for Tora to let go of the hostage.. dreaming on his own accord again. They talk about how Shuuya was always close to Tora, then how Rittan/Nadeshiko/Takato were always close. Somehow Nakaba and Madoka became close to Takato too. Especially Madoka, in middle school Madoka/Nadeshiko once gave cooking lessons to Takato ..*w* something that Madoka dosen’t want to recall. 😄 Tora says Nakaba is the chef, why didn’t he teach him. It turns out that Nakaba was already busy that time and didn’t have time after school.

… I WANT TO HEAR MORE OF THE COOKING STORY ;A; WHy did it stop there!? orzz And Nakaba! Nakaba should have given lessons to Takato LMAO even though with Madoka it’d be really interesting too but really.. WHY NOT NAKABA TOO ;A; XDD // Ah, actually the cooking story was probably referring to THIS.

Nakaba thinks for a moment about how Tora was scary before but now he’s changed and warmed up, and happily drinking with everyone. Nakaba is happy to be able to talk closely with Tora like this since he has always wanted to be close with Tora.. so he smiles. /insert imaginary Nagaoka CG of Nakaba smiling warmly with sparkles /AHHH NAKABA ROUTE DOKO?!?!? PLS DON’T TEASE LIKE DIS OTOMATEEE (>Д< )アアア央

Then Nakaba notices the trio on the other side of the table and goes “shouldn’t we stop them.. it looks like chaos is breaking out”…

* * *

Riichirou and Takato are fighting over the size of the Valentine’s chocolate they received from Nadeshiko. Riichirou thought she gave the honmei to Takato and cuts her off before she can explain none of them were honmei.. and Takato says she always gives chocolates to everyone, next time if only she could give it just to him.. ETC 😄 Anyway, things start to get messy.. Takato will keep trying until his feelings reach her.. Rittan telling him to keep away from her.. the one deciding is her and he won’t ever give up.. and Nadeshiko goes why are they bringing up these stories now of all times… with teary eyes (she’s getting drunk) lol

* * *

Madoka says he’s not worried. Probably tomorrow they’ll all blush and say let’s forget it and start over. <- Madokaらしい Nakaba starts talking that thought that Nadeshiko would choose one of them during their middle school years.. Tora thought so too and the two even made a bet over it. Tora betted for Rittan and Nakaba for Takato. /MORE POINTS TO NAKABA 8D *bricked for bias* But in the end there was no conclusion. Nakaba comments that Tora fell for Nadeshiko too didn’t he.. and Tora accepts remarking that didn’t everyone fall for her.. Madoka denies with he had no interest. <-またMadokaらしい Anyway Tora points out that everyone saw Nadeshiko as special, even Shuuya.. but for his case, his feelings towards her and Shuuya are a bit different. He’s thankful to them. Then Tora said it was because of them he was able to connect to the others. He recalled that during 2nd year of middle school, it was his turning point.

* * *

[Tora’s memories] In middle school Tora tried to push Nadeshiko away and hurt her feelings. Then Shuuya came to talk with him. Shuuya said he and Nadeshiko won’t stop approaching Tora and it’s not because they’re looking for someone else within him. It’s because they just don’t want to regret anything. It’s ok if Tora wants to punch him for it. Shuuya confronted him (about how somehow Nadeshiko had saved him just by calling out to him as usual when he was lost in his past) so now he’s doing the same and Tora was about to leave because he couldn’t stand hearing anymore, or he might change. But once he turned his back.. Shuuya called after him “Do you need us?” Tora couldn’t respond. It was too late, he had changed. He had realized he didn’t need them to be able to go on living but he was happy when they called him, and would mind if they were to disappear. He didn’t want to destroy the link between them. And the next day, Shuuya and Nadeshiko called out to him as usual. ///Tora is wild like he is in his route 😄 And he really hates it when other people try to see something he isn’t or compare him with someone else (like in his route). Yappari Tora dayo Shuuya is his oddball kind self too. Nadeshiko’s such an angel existence to everyone lol

* * *

Tora tells Nakaba and Madoka that he used to think they were annoying, but being around them didn’t make him feel bad. They ignored his protests and wouldn’t leave him alone… then Nakaba starts getting teary-eyed. 😄 aww. Madoka says Nakaba was the type to cry just by anticipating events in movies, and he feels a little like crying too. O_o –> awww *w* Madoka! But Tora says isn’t it because he’s getting drunk. I wanna see teary-eyed Madoka~~~~~~/bricked They note that Madoka also changed. Because of that Nakaba said he had to be more sensible. They all changed because Nadeshiko created the chance for them. He looks at the three of them currently involved in love trouble(?) again. They think about making another bet, this time as adults there will be no holding back. Madoka sort of wants them to stay like this forever but as they grow up, relationships have to change too. Some things change and some things won’t. ‘What’s important is yourself, now’ .. someone once said.. Nakaba’s is starting to become sentimental.. because he’s drunk? He accepts it but says Tora is even more sentimental ‘w’. They go through the who was the teacher who said that phrase again scenario. /PLEASE STOP REMINDING US I MEAN ME OF KAGA SENSEI ;A; AHHH DIES FOR UMPTEENTH TIME ASJHSLFG

Then Shuuya wakes up and says something which I failed to understand the joke. Something about a boston bag? Anyway Tora tells him to drink water and chill off. Shuuya obediently says he will.. but then he gulps down the whole bottle of sake much to Tora and Nakaba’s shock. Shuuya invites Riichirou to drink too, which Nakaba says he shouldn’t coz he’s weak to alcohol. Rittan then goes tsundere that he’s not weak, he was just pretending, right Nadeshiko? But Nadeshiko answers that she doesn’t know.. 理一郎なんてもう知らない!Nakaba wonders what happened because Nadeshiko is half in tears. When Takato says he’ll defeat Riichirou for her, she tells them she hates them both, literally shocking them, then she turns to Shuuya saying she’ll drink too. Shuuya praises her for being strong to which Madoka quickly stops them, confiscates the bottle saying weak people should only drink a little. What immediately follows is this 「えー、円ひどーい」「ひどーいであるぞー」「ひどい」「円って…ひどいのね…」4 types of “you’re so mean” and even though Madoka protests, they start showering Madoka with complaints like an avalanche. 😄

Nakaba goes uh oh it’s not making sense anymore and calls out to Madoka ganbatte~. And Madoka complains back that why aren’t those two helping, thats what he can’t understand. Tora says well Madoka is the strongest of the bunch, so he’s suited for the duty. Nakaba comments what an awesome sight it is.. I love how Madoka is strong yet he’s always the one who has to clean up the mess 😄

Then Nakaba smiles at the scene again (again!?! aaa a Nakaba end!?!) and exchange a few small calm words with Tora while watching over them. He thinks about Kaga’s words again, remembering the past, enjoying the present, and moving into the future…

* Short Story END *

Yukiru’s rant/comments:

Nakabaaaaaa XDDDD *bricked* The rest is continued in CZ 2nd Drama CD : 『それから』の記憶 ~ぼくらの中学生日記~ which I’ll be writing about that too (when it’ll be finished I do not know) The good thing about short stories is that Nadeshiko can be in the story too, while in the drama CD it’ll be without Nadeshiko. (I wish Otomate would just voice all their heroines already so this problem wouldn’t occur). OK, on with my rants..

「Madoka is really good at seeing through people」

When going home with Madoka, instead of wanting to know more about Madoka, Nadeshiko asks him what he thinks of the CZ members. Instead of answering something like “a person who treats Nakaba blabla” .. Madoka actually made good answers, showing that he can understand the real personality of others very well. He said Takato is a smart person, but feels too perfect. Riichirou is a person who looks after other people well (面倒見のいい). Shuuya is a troublesome(面倒な人) but pure hearted. His comment for Tora is he doesn’t know him very well, yet he imagines Tora as the type who gives milk to a stray dog on a rainy day. For Nadeshiko, he thinks she’s meddlesome but doesn’t hate her. He thinks everyone is a good person.

「Madoka is really strong! 円は本当に強いよね」
Madoka is also really strong physically in Aikidou and can beat up Riichirou easily (sorry Rittan my impression of him was that he wasn’t really strong either).. and none of the CZ guards are brave enough to fight him. He’s good at machines and can create holes in CZ’s system security under Takato’s eyes.. or at least hold him off long enough until Nadeshiko could be sent back safely to her world. He’s also the strongest drinker. Madoka is awesome and kakkoi! 😄 Riichirou is the majime-type.. he’s not super smart nor strong, but hardworking ‘w’ He’ll make a great husband.. He’s also straightforward and has no tactics in negotiation lol.. see drama CD (next post).

I really love CZ’s message to the readers. All the things Kaga Sensei taught everyone was really full of kindness. Takato’s route just emphasizes it more. Although it’s quite weird that Kaga sensei was able to teach everyone like that, yet he couldn’t do it himself because when he’s King.. he’s attached to the past and his time had stopped.. He was broken. Part of what made it triple painful for me was that his kindness was still there all the time, but something was wrong. Something was causing a lot of conflict and contradiction. That something is 「君のいない世界なんていらない」(I do not need the world if you are not there). CZ’s story touched me in all the right ways, strong heartwarming message, deep strong love, painful sadness, full of kindness and unique lovable characters that make me moe in their individual routes and amused me with their interaction throughout. And then it’s just really interesting to see them grow up and love both their child side and adult side. And that their adult side in the broken world is yappari them in the normal world.

* * *

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  1. Uwaa you wrote out the short story from the limited edition booklet. *A* I love the short stories from it, they made me smile like an idiot. Especially the Yuushinkai drinking one where Riichirou keeps wailing on about Nadeshiko. I feel so bad for him pfft. And yes, Nakabaaaa~ ///

    I have yet to listen to that drama CD you mentioned though eheh, I should probably get to it soon.

    • Yep I wrote them out of pure love XDDD *bricked* The extras in CZ make me smile like an idiot every time.. XDD

      I have yet to listen to the last time machine drama CD too uwawawawa… now I remember why I didn’t listen earlier … I don’t want to run out of CZ fangirling material ;w; うん!Do listen to the last one, it’s another piece of my beloved CZ treasures..^w^

      • あはは、さすがだね IKR. Ahh and how could I forget the hints they included for Rain who kept flirting with Nadeshiko. X3

        な、なるほどw I hope they release more CZ too though. All the potential material~ ;w; Yup yup, I hope to get to listening to it this weekend. ^^

  2. asjdfoasidfa thank you for the short story! Drunken Takato and Rittan dogfight ffffffff my life is complete. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Two points I thought of really quick, I might comment again if i think of something else:

    – Whoa, that Nadeshiko synchronization theory with the letter – is that canon? I thought the conversation she has with young Takato in Takato’s route was a dream.

    – Riichirou definitely knew it was Takato that snatched her away according to FIRST MEMORY. He just didn’t know Takato was King I think, hence his shock in Takato’s route. Unless you were referring to something else with his timeline?

    • You’re very welcome~! ^w^ I’m happy to have another person to fangirl CZ over with~

      – It was a dream but then in the future, Takato said the exact same thing as the dream (return end epilogue).. confirming that it couldn’t have been just a normal dream ‘w’ Yeah, the CZ authors are afraid the readers wouldn’t understand the deep stuff so they have it explained or hinted somewhere in the story but some stuff you still have to read behind the lines ‘w’

      – Yeah he knew.. but then he keeps searching for her in all other places instead of the place where he knows she should be. He doesn’t even have it in his goal to look for Takato. AHHH Rittannnn why lol (I could never understand this part about Rittan properly)

      • – Hmm, I don’t think that confirms it necessarily. All the characters and their alter egos in the alternate timeline act the same because they’re fundamentally the same person, e.g., Madoka and his bracelet. IMHO Takato saying the same thing as dream!Takato doesn’t confirm the dream is abnormal; they share lines because they’re both Takato. I guess there’s plenty of room for different interpretations though.

        – Riichirou was time/space traveling in order to look for pre-accident Nadeshikos only (so that he could figure out a way to prevent her coma). His goal was to save her, not physically obtain her I think? Because by the time he gets his hands on the technology to jump dimensions her body is already secured by the Yuushinkai. I admit my memories of his route are a bit fuzzy so some of this might be off idk… or maybe I’m missing your point entirely lol.

  3. Thank you for the booklet translation!! It’s really fun to know their drinking party’s conversation. Madoka-Nakaba’s past is really cute. I want more of adult Nakaba. And Tora… how can he straightly told that everyone there fall for Nadeshiko? Ugh.. that would reveal everything (it’s true). I wonder about the continuation of their adult’s bet over Nadeshiko, though it seems there won’t be any of it. It would be fun to know their way to get Nadeshiko. I will read your review about drama cd. I can still remember I was listening to it while doing my thesis and couldn’t hear what happened clearly. But drinking time is the best while everyone complaining their minds! It’s when everything’s revealed…

    • You’re welcome! Tora also became more honest when he’s drunk.. he also reminiscences about the past (similar to Nakaba) maybe it’s the effect of beer? But the part about Tora in middle school probably wouldn’t fit into the drama CD so they put it in this short story instead. The topic about the bets is brought up in the drama CD again ‘w’ and yes, they think about continuing the bet (as adults with no holding back) ww There’s also more drinking stories (of the CZ government side and the Yuushinkai side) if I have time, I’ll write about those too 😀

  4. Link

     /  January 29, 2012

    Hi Yukiru! I’ve been stalking you for quite some time after learning that you loves Takato / Akira-sensei as well. ^_^

    I read about CZ via Rin’s blog and falls in love with Takato as soon as I read about him!
    Despite my inability to fully understand Japanese’s daily conversations yet, I still went through all the trouble to buy CZ haha. 😄

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could point me to CZ PSP guide? I tried searching for one and to no avail. D:

    Thank you for posting the short story, drama CD. ;3

    • Takato lover? (*゚▽゚*) OMG *HUGS YOU INSTANTLY* It’s a pleasure to meet you! ^__^

      I linked some CZ guides here:
      Those are the PS2 version guides. They still work for the PSP version but what you need to know in the PSP version is..
      You’ll get a special quiz in the middle of the first half. You’ll notice the special quiz when it comes up. There is one choice here with multiple answers with different scenes and CGs for every character. Just quick save and pick all of them.:D
      After clearing Takato’s return ending, a new choice will pop up before Nadeshiko runs to meet Takato in the greenhouse. Choose it for another ending. And press R while in the bonus scene menu to see the Another Epilogue.

      I think Twentyninenight also posted a link for a guide in her CZPSP post. I can’t remember if Yume did or not but she has very good CZ summaries posted on her site (Chocolatemix) see my blogroll for links. 🙂 If you ever want to fangirl over Takato with me, feel free to drop comments in any of my posts ♥ いつでも歓迎しますよ

      You’re welcome :3 I’m glad they were useful!

      • Link

         /  January 29, 2012

        Thanks for the link and detailed explanation!! Indeed, they are very helpful in navigating my ways through and your reviews + thoughts on CZ just emphasize and add more depths to the characters. I like sharing my thoughts and opinions on things that I enjoyed, so it is always fun to hear what other people think about Takato and CZ overall! ;3

        Yukiru-san, let’s fangirl over CZ again sometimes, though I’ll be missing on lots of points since I barely start on Rittan (following your recommendation, but leaving Takato for last… maybe.) I bet it gonna take me months away before I finish CZ, and I’m still in the middle of Arcana Famiglia as well, but I ditched it halfway and start attempting on CZ. ^_^ Hopeless, right? [strike]Even though I love Arcana F to pieces, nothing beat CZ haha.[/strike]

        I did check out Yume’s summaries and she did post a stellar review on CZ with detailed explanation and good use of grammar, which made the reading enjoyable. ^_^
        I will use it as a guide per character completion to conform my vague guess on the occurring events!

      • Hehe You’re welcome(..>◡<..) CZ is probably the only thing I can never get tired of *waits for FD forever*. Especially Takato because he makes my heart feel fuzzy when I think of him. Maybe I should summarize some more drama CDs.. whenever I get the time. Or actually I should play Arcana too.. everyone seems to be enjoying it so much! lol But I want to fish Shinigami to Shoujo first. I hope it doesn’t take a month ;w; I’m also hopeless in another don’t worry 😄 PS.If you have twitter, that would be handy too(❛◡❛٭) You’ll find lots of ppl to fangirl with (arcana’s very popular atm)

  5. Link

     /  January 30, 2012

    Hi-five on that! I’ve been ecstatic over CZ since last year and my love for Takato just grows with time. ❤
    I'm still elated now even though it's already about about a month my otome life began.
    I also loves Okita Souji! Can we share? xD I'm anticipating Hakuouki English as well since I don't think I will ever finish the Jap version one.

    I just have a personal soft spot for kind and gentle characters with extreme devotion. Luca from Arcana Famiglia is my third favorite character, since he portrayed such archetype brilliantly, although all is done in a different manner than the aforementioned Takato and Souji. Tooya from StS also seems to fit the archetype, though I can't acclaim this statement confidently since I never played the game… just not yet.

    I'll be eagerly await for your review on StS since Mitsuru and Tooya managed to piqued my interest.

    Oh my please summarize CZ drama CD Yukiru!! I didn't managed to get CZ LE since I bought it only this month and PA doesn't seem to restock them anymore. You should really try attempting on FA sometimes when you have free time, if you want a few good laughs. ^_^
    FA is more about comedy although there is some bittersweet moment. FA's most remarkable point lies in its quirky characters and tasteful comedies.

    Yeah I was thinking about starting Twitter as well but… school just got into me and I don't know when I'll have time /lazy. For the sake of fangirling, I might as well join the pool sooner. Expect me to drop you a comment when I get mine.

    So what's your favorite archetype? Yikes, sorry my post got so long… D:

    • *hi5s you back* ヾ(≧▽≦)ノヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
      Come to think of it I’ve been obsessed with CZ for over a year now too…wow it doesn’t feel like I played it like one year ago.. yes and Okita too! Okita is probably my second favorite character after Takato.. and he still wins over Hinase because well well well ;w; I DUNNO. Because he’s hotter? XDD *bricked* I like Hinase’s story more though. Maybe because Hakuouki is longer/plentiful in terms of events compared to StS? StS is long and text but the story doesn’t span over a lot of time <–Oops I'm going off topic..

      I'll try to get to the CZPSP LE Drama CD (the Takato and his time machine one) when I have free time 'w' It's full of Takato how could I ever miss out on this one <–obviously lying/it took me months after the release to take out this CD and listen to it lol My favorite is still the middle school one I summarized. I really need CZFD ;w;

      My favorite archetype? HMM I think it could be 'geniuses' (*/∀\*) Then I tend to like the sawayaka type who is always nice to everyone and surrounded by friends/ natural leader. I like smily and cheerful guys. But then I like it even more when they have a dark side.. and a little 意地悪 (bad-habit)/selfish/dangerous side? And then I'm always touched by guys who have a kind heart. This fits all my favorite characters (the ones I go crazy for), Takato, Bishop, Okita, Hinase .. and also Lelouch and Athrun somewhat lol .. I wonder what type of guys you like?(❛◡❛٭)

  6. Link

     /  February 1, 2012

    Yeah Okita is hotter than Hinase hands down! xD
    It’s partly because I am biased towards the seiyuu cast since soft and kind voice are major win in my book.

    My favorite archetype is quite alike with you. I like nice and kind guys who never tire to offer smiles to others, even though they are troubled. I like them more if they have a sense of moral value. For instance, I really respect Souji when he said he’ll kill Chizuru if she get consumed by the darkness and as for Takato, I saluted his resolution on refusing Rain’s request on human resurrection and stays firm on his decision even after Nadeshiko was shot (Which also indicate his trust on Nadeshiko).

    Another Hi-five on genius guy!! I really like it when they are practical and logical instead of being optimistic on every occasion and purely depends on luck. So far, I think my favorite characters are Takato and Souji. And I just noticed both of them don’t really follow any common archetype. xD

    Did you ever play FF Tactics? It also have a good storyline.
    I do admire Lelouch though he’s not on the same level with Takato and Souji. If you did play FFT, you’ll spot another Lelouch there. xD

    • lol I just finished my Hinase post so I’m head over heels for Hinase atm.. Now I can’t decide between him and Okita anymore lol. But for sure, Takato will always be my number one! I will be fangirling about Okita in the upcoming Hakuoki English release. I’ve been meaning to do so for ages ;w;

      That Souji line (I’ll kill you myself if you ever give in to darkness) was the HOTTEST AND SWEETEST ‘I’LL KILL YOU’ ever!! XDDD ヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡ I never thought I’d be that happy and full of emotional love to hear something like ‘I’ll kill you’ and his voice was so soft and gentle ああああ *dies just thinking about it*

      Oooh the one with Takato. He nearly gave in there ;w; and he did lose to Rain’s words in the bad ending. I knew in his heart he was so conflicted and his mind is really strong so he feels even more contradiction that we all ever feel… I was so relieved when he didn’t give in to Rain ;w; It was an awesome moment for him to overcome it. ;w; *always overflowing with Takato love*

      I played FFT but I cheated for the battles to focus on the story and I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to get what was going on. My bad… I have no memories left of it now ;w;

      • Link

         /  February 15, 2012

        Sorry it took me long enough to reply. I went back to my village and there’s no Internet connection there. D:

        A contradiction between Hinase and Okita?! How intriguing…
        I must decide to buy either Amnesia / Moujuutsukai to Oujisama / StS. Can you help me break the tie? ^_^
        Actually, my Japanese is still on low level and Hinano recommended Amnesia / Uta no Prince for newbies on her blog. Rin suggested that MtO’s Japanese is easy for starters as it is set in medieval era.

        Indeed I was waiting to fangirl over Okita in Hakuouki too! That words alone are just so touchy. I wonder how I’m going to react when he says it. xD But of course, it’s not enough to beat Takato’s. Now I’m curious how I will like Hinase since our interest are quite alike. ;3
        But I still need to level up my JP T_T

        There’s a bad route for when Takato succumb to Rain’s words? Can’t wait to get to his route *sigh* Yet I’m still on Rittan since I keep replaying the OP haha.

        It’s been long time since I replayed FFT. I cheat on battles too since I’m just interested in stories. I guess I’m destined with VN since I played RPG usually for soundtrack / storyline. What do you look for in RPG? *Sorry my post got so long*

      • Aww you don’t have to apologize because I’m happy you came to talk and I don’t mind the delays at all! Feel free to drop by anytime!

        HMM.. StS is the best game imho as good as CZ. It even wins CZ in the story category. But it’s a text heavy and difficult game language-wise. Moujuutsukai is the easiest game language-wise and story wise (it’s very simple.. way too simple for my liking). Unless you like cute fluff, Moujuutsukai’s sweetness is second to none of those games. I cheer Amnesia lol. It’s the trend after all.

        I can’t choose between Hinase and Okita at the moment. lol I really really really love them both. But no one can win Takato XDDD

        I play RPG foremost for story, secondly for graphics. After that, I tend to praise how the music and system was if it was awesome. I love Tales/SO gameplay system but I can’t resist mothership FF titles. Lately I played Tales of Xillia, it’s system was very fun but I couldn’t bring myself to grind after the end to get trophies.. I SO WANT TO CHEAT!! 😄 lmao

        If you want to fangirl over CZ then any time 😄 Rittan route ganbatte!

  7. Link

     /  February 17, 2012

    Ah, thank you Yukiru for the warm welcome! *touched*
    I’ll be sure to come back and fangirl with you over CZ *Takato!! ❤ and Rain* and Hakuouki English version. I hope Okita won't bark LOL. *Does this sounds like I was trying to pinpoint wrong Vocab used instead of fangirling?*

    Thanks for the feedback! I think Amnesia is the best bet to hone my JP. Oh, MtO is that simple? *sigh* They could do something more with the medieval and warring settings.

    Honestly, your post just made my temptation to read Hinase's route exceed and I… spoiled myself. xD *Tries to stop self from reading your upcoming post… at least for Tooya and Ao*
    I must admit, I'm captivated by the whole setting and the questions raised! It open a new view on life reality and the bonus is, everything are told in fairy tales style, which made everything more beautiful, yet dark and very cold.
    I would like to give my insight on the question raised in your Hinase's post, but I think it's more appropriate if I read the story first, although I'm not sure when is that… D: I hope you won't mind it. ^_^

    Even though I usually dislikes liars, Hinase is a different case. C: He's a complicated character, full of sadness and wanted to be accepted for who he is, although he will remained alone, ever. Now I wonder how did he acquire the key? <— Sorry, I always get enthusiastic over anything that open a room for brainstorming. I think it'll be explained in later chapter and more importantly, must stop spoiling myself ack!

    I like Tales, too! Unfortunately, time-grinding feature always put me off though and the only solution is, cheating! I never passed an RPG without using a guide, so I am very amused with your achievement on RPG. C:

    Ah, Rittan! I loves his personality so far and enjoying his idling with Nadeshiko. ^_^ I keep thinking about replaying his route. (~.^)


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