~*Happy New Year 2012*~

SYK-Genjou CZ-Nadeshiko Amnesia-heroine

Late! But Happy New Years to all! I wish you all the best this year and that there are lots of good new things to enjoy in 2012.

Last year was full of good memories (❛◡❛٭) I’ll also keep a list of my favorites for games/anime for 2011.. just as a reminder when I want to look back. And maybe for those who are interested. Of’corse it is biased (like me) *bricked* and I haven’t played that much due to being busy etc so I’ve missed out on a lot of things, don’t take it personally~

 Otome Games 

1. CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ PS2/Portable … The most influential thing for me in 2011 besides RL happenings. I’m so happy to have played this game! It’s my favorite not only because I love Takato but more because I love all the characters (plus side characters Rain and Nakaba) and enjoy their interaction, the story is so good and well written, it’s full of deep and strong love with kindness, and I just really enjoy seeing both the adult side and 12-year-old sides. I can talk forever about this game. All the merchandise from this game are my treasure. I’m supporting it with all my heart! ♥

2. Hakuouki

Now I understand why this game is so popular. It’s well written and has good strong likable characters with interesting character interaction like CZ (but unlike CZ, I only love one of them) I really really love Souji 😄

3. Natsuzora no Monologue

I really liked the story, the game’s atmosphere with beautiful blue summer skies, purple sunsets and starry nights with floating orbs of light, the music and all the characters in general. I guess I fell for blue (my favorite color) and the time loop plots.

4. Amnesia

I liked the delicateness of the choices you had to make to get the best/good/bad endings for each guy. They showed how to care for his feelings and read the situation around you. (Did anyone else care about this aspect? lol) Despite the boring daily routine aspect of the game, the story is good (true end is it’s best part). I love Ikki and Shin, and Toma created a lot of fun for me. I don’t care much about character interaction but I still like the game and am looking forward to the FD.

5. Hiiro no Kakera

My first otome game and my first love, Takuma. I will always remember it. The atmosphere of the game is really nice but a lot of the game needs more polish. My second fav is Mahiro-sempai, I really tried to like Yuuichi-sempai but couldn’t^^; and I don’t care about any of the rest..

6. S.Y.K

Gokuryuu was cute! I liked the shared route more than the individual routes in this game. Too bad I didn’t feel like playing the FD and my interest just never went back to it.

Favorite Characters 

1. Kaidou Takato (CZ) … everything about him

2. Okita Souji (Hakuouki)

3. Bishop (CZ) …I like him as Bishop more but I also like his young side second to Takato.

4. Rain Lindberg (CZ) …my favorite side character ever

5. Rittan, Shuuya, Tora, Nakaba (CZ) …..I love everybody in CZ seriously

6. Onizaki Takuma (Hiiro)

7. Ikki (Amnesia)


1. Tales of Xillia …I’m still playing it now and it’s so much fun (and difficult orz)

 Visual Novel  

1. Aiyoku no Eustia …see my Eustia impression at the end of Tia’s post for full detail ‘w’ Another good memory of 2011, I’m really happy I played this game.

2. Ever 17 -Out of Infinity- … It was awesome like everyone says it is.


1. Guilty Crown …the concept is too irresistible for me and I love the music. I enjoy rooting for Shuu even though the storyboard isn’t as well written as it could potentially be.

2. Steins;Gate …have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love these complicated time travel theories and plots centered around it? And those stories with romance mixed into it. Steins;Gate is truly awesome.

3. Madoka Magica …It was surprisingly dark! Then there was some time concepts in the end ‘w’

4. Ao no Exorcist …Rinnnnnnn<333


Namikawa Daisuke <333 I love his sawayaka voice so much! Naturally it was Takato who made me fall for him so hard. His painful voice resonates into your soul.. I also went and watched Kimi ni todoke after playing CZ, and loved it. There are so many games I have to play to hear his voice!

I also started liking Sugita Tomokazu (Takuma in Hiiro, Alvin in Xillia and etc), Kaji Yuki-hime (for Shuu in Guilty Crown and Hope-kun in FF13) and Yonaga Tsubasa (Shinohara from Natsuzora, Jude from Xillia) Kaji and Yonaga sound somewhat similar and I like them for the same reason. Also Morikubou Shoutarou (Okita Souji<33), Nakamura Yuuichi, Terashii, Hinocchi, Morikawa, and Okamoto Nobuhiko and probably I’ve forgotten some.. (I’ve always liked Fukuyama Jun, Toriumi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Ishida, Hoshi-san, Sakupyon same as before and love them now too)

 Favorite Theme 

Time-space/alternate dimension … more than half of the titles I’ve mentioned fit into this category. I’ll jump immediately when I see a new title with this theme. This is almost a year of time traveling for me. Btw, my favorite movie for this year is Source Code ‘w’

What I’m looking forward to in 2012

…….Cleaning up stuff in my backlog. Seriously lol. Now I’m playing Shinigami to Shoujo. I’ve yet to finish CZPSP <– *hopeless CZ lover* Anyway I’ve decided to throw away all my plans and just play whatever I chose at that moment. No more plans! I’ve also got a lot of RPGs on my to-play list including FFXIII-2, FF Type-0 and another run of Xillia. The games I’m looking forward to most in 2012 are Black Wolves Saga, OZMAFIA!, unENDING Bloody Call and Miko’s new game. And whatever Director Shima is making.. I HOPE IT’S CZ’s FD. Probably my one-and-only wish for all 2012.

And that’s it! \^_^/ My new years resolutions include trying to keep making more posts (maybe once a month is my goal) lol 今年もよろしくお願いします〜

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  1. Happy new year to you too ^^. It can’t never be late to say it if it’s still January..

    Most of the first favorite goes the same to me. The thing I’ve been wondering is why many people disliking Guilty Crown. I know I don’t like weak hero (Shuu), but he’s improving slowly, unlike the hero in Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (Come to think of it, I dropped that in eps 7 or 8. It’s rare for me to drop watching anime before it’s end nowadays). But.. crying for Gai now when I remembered it again!

    About Kaji Yuuki.. Hmm, me too, becoming to like him even more from Erik in Moujuutsukai. He became showing here and there after that, that’s more of the cause to hear his voice everywhere. And maybe, one from very likeable Sakurai’s voice in VA is in KamiKimi (for me). Try hearing his sad voice, it’s piercing, similar to Takato. And yay, for Shinigami to Shoujo again! Will like talking with you more about that game too, after CZ. For HnK, I would choose Takuma too. Don’t know why I can’t prefer Yuuichi, maybe because he’s too quiet?

    • arigatouuu ^_^ kotoshi mo yoroshiku ne☆

      Yeah there are so many negative comments for Guilty Crown ;w; its not perfect but I guess people were expecting it to be and then they just keep criticizing it.. I don’t think that’s a way to enjoy anime. Although once something gets on my nerves a lot, I can’t enjoy it anymore too. That may be the case? I still really love it though.. I can’t wait for the next episode (with new music)! I’ll surely watch it live*w* Gaiii and finally the events of Lost Christmas with young Shuu and Mana! (Mana, this name again lol)

      I already decided to pick up Moujuutsukai again just for Erik (Kaji), Lucia (Hinocchi) and Silvio (Terashii). Don’t know when I’ll start but I hope I get the mood to do it someday this year. I’m really not sure if I will continue with KamiKimi again orz… I might need a really long break. But same as with Moujuutsukai, I may change my mind about it.. Hiiro~! I think Yuuichi-sempai’s story wasn’t that good (just a silly misunderstanding all the time–boring!) and also it just focused on Aria too much..’w’ zannen

      • I wished I could watch it live, but it’s always noises in the program. And I’d prefer to download it so I can watch with my sister. By the way, how about the game for Lost Christmas? The hero seems promising (I mean, cool).

        Moujuutsukai is quite entertaining for a while, although I can’t fangirl-ing to it. And Gekka, BWF, I don’t think I can like the art and how Rejet make a story (I don’t know more, but there’s something, which I think is too rough, maybe because of its new idea: cage, shoujo ai, etc. I don’t like most of their games, except TYB and BtF or maybe Tiny x Machinegun).

        I can feel it because it’s refreshing sometimes, to leave otome games for a while with this hectic live ‘coz me too, am in a break to play it. But then, they’re piling up again! And that’s why, I always wish time will stop.

      • Actually the live I watch is quite LQ but I watch it anyway then I download and watch it again in HQ lol … I haven’t decided whether to play the game yet. Just maybe. ‘w’

        Yep I also feel a similar idea to Rejet.. for me, I don’t really like the art of their TYB/Vitamin artist and I felt something similar with Gekka. I don’t really like guys that act seductive /try to be hot on purpose … probably because I prefer the pure type(?) I prefer guys who are hot without consciously trying. BWS is the first game I’m impressed with .. probably because it’s their first dark fantasy game instead of their usual high school stuff.

        I wish time will stop <— this sentence reminds me of CZ so much! Takatooo 😄 I completely agree~

      • TYB/vitamin/renai bancho. They’re the same. I don’t really like the art, but maybe, TYB/vitamin are the purest than Gekka. Yeah, you did mentioned about try to act seductive. I’m also feel the same, don’t really like seductive guys, except if the plot is pure (ex: shoujo manga?). Dark fantasy is quite interesting, but consider it’s Rejet again, I won’t choose it that fast. WIll wait for everyone’s comments about it.

  2. Euryx

     /  January 6, 2012

    Happy 2012~! It’s better late than never! ^_^

    Ever 17! Is it a PC game? I have been planning to play it since people have been comparing it with 999 (got to love that one). 🙂


    • Happy new year~! Thank youuu & yoroshiku~
      Ever 17 is a PC game and it’s also in English (thank god! because the content is quite difficult in the first place so if it were in Japanese I’d probably give up or Jap LV.up 20 levels) It’s very fun if you love complicated theories and science-fiction. What’s the 999 game you mentioned? ‘w’


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