Hakuouki Junsouroku & Okita Souji pre-fangirl post

~ Because love often comes when you’re least expecting it ~

Okita Souji LEFT Saitou Hajime RIGHT

Okita Souji (Left) It all started with this picture.

Suddenly, I fell in love with Okita Souji..

I wasn’t in the mood for S.Y.K so I “tested” Hakuouki on my PSP instead since it’s been there since forever. I was attracted to Souji since his first appearance in the prologue. At first he was being rather evil/ijiwaru and seems to want to kill you but the next second he was laughing and introduced himself. His smile was just captivating. So before I knew it I was going through the game focusing only on him (I kept staring at him and thinking he was hot). Later when he started coughing, my heart just dropped out of concern, and I realized I’d fallen for him. I messed up and didn’t get into his route on the first try (obviously since I was ignoring almost everything else) so I had to replay it. I began reading the text properly in the second time, and fell for him even more…

Then I got Hakuouki Junsouroku…

So some parts in the shared route I’ve played 3 times already lol. I have a PS3 but haven’t been using it much (I cleared FF13 JP, my sis cleared FF13 ENG, that’s all. srsly underused.) so I just decided to go get Junsouroku and I don’t regret it. So what’s good about the PS3 version?

High Definition makes the game look REALLY good ♥_♥. Everything is super clear, big, crisp and colorful. Especially the kanji, it’s so clear and crisp that it makes you want to copy them onto paper as Japanese practice. It’s on a whole different level from PS2 games (in which the kanji breaks up on your screen because it is too LQ). Best way to savior the beauty of Kazuki Yone’s gorgeous CG, period.

AAS (Action Animation System) The blinking and lip movement looks really good XD ..Especially when Souji blinks twice AHHHH >///< But the breathing looks like the picture is distorting or like the character is on a boat. People actually don’t sway their heads like furafura all the time but oh well, the movements are subtle and don’t annoy you.

Custom PS3 Themes & Trophies
Souji’s custom theme is love <333 I mean, really love.
The background picture changes and they all look too hot.
Never loved my PS3 more. XD

Download Content (DLC)
I don’t have a PSN account so I dunno.

Hmm, other than that it’s pretty much the same. The last extra CG in the portable version isn’t there. (The one with Souji falling with sakura petals at his stomach) I think you need DLC to get that.

So if you have a PS3 and haven’t played or want to play it again, I highly recommend the PS3 version. Also because wireless controllers rock

Then I cleared Souji’s route.

The story was VERY GOOD and VERY SAD (it made me cry a few times especially at the end). Actually the whole route was just really painful. I felt like my heart was getting trolled every now and then because my heart hurts when Souji gets hurt/suffers AND he’s like seriously ill, gets hurt and suffers ALL THE TIME. orz I’m a little bit ドS (sadist) so I sort of like it when my loved one gets hurt but since that’s because it hurts myself too, I guess I’m also a bit ドM (masochist) too? This got too much sometimes, and I felt tortured. But I still love it. But yappari I don’t want him to get hurt nor die;_; It’s a serious, bittersweet love story.. which I love very much. I love Souji’s character very much too. Everything about him and his life. <333 By the way, Souji is now my second favorite character behind CZ’s Takato. So now my otome favs rankings goes like this No.1 Takato No.2 Souji No.3 Takuma, Bishop <- Love them all to pieces and will always have a special place for them in my heart forever XD やっぱり切ない話しが大好き!

So now I’m attempting to write all my fangirl thoughts down, but same as with Takato it’s proving difficult because I can never organize my feelings once they overflow orz.. Apparently it’s going to take me a while so I’ll just post this part first and fangirl post later. There’s a little more rants of personal thoughts about Hakuouki below, no facts and very random.

A little talk/rant about Hakuouki (no facts)

This game was so famous and so is Kazuki Yone but I never really started playing it. (Though I did put it on my list, and on my PSP) I finished Souji’s route on a whim rather than by plan. So, I don’t know whether I will play the other characters. I didn’t make a plan to. Also, I have eyes only for Okita-san XD

My impressions of the other characters. Saitou = SHORT. Why are you so short?!? A very serious Toriumi-san. I think I like Bishop/Madoka more (come to think of it he’s rather ijiwaru like Souji?XD) But he might turn out cute <- OK. I read/heard that somewhere. (will play his route next) Kazama Chikage = kakkoi! I’d like him a lot more if he didn’t mumble… (will play his route) Heisuke = Gomen. I don’t like shotas, noisy guys nor guys who accidentally blurt out secrets. I like smart guys. Harada = Gomen. Just simply not interested in big guys. Even if I heard his route was the sweetest. (maybe will not play) Hijikata = …gomen but will play because his route is the main. He the type of guy that I’d look up to as a senior but can’t think of kissing him/etc. I don’t care for him much either. Also since he’s voiced by Miki, I can’t help but think I like Gentoku more than him. But everyone seems to be good people, I think I can like all of them.

Now, I can understand why Hakuouki is so popular. I don’t regret playing it so late, a good game is still a good game. The writers did their homework and explained history well, while the added rasetsu element just made everything a whole lot more interesting since the guys wouldn’t just simply die off too easily. I actually wasn’t expecting another vampire element.. but it is hot and makes things popular (like the Twilight series, insanely popular although I don’t really like it) … oops spoiler/off-topic *bricked* *also shot by Twilight fans* …The story has really good characters who are all very unique. The stories are unique too. <- Er, I haven’t finished the series so I’m not supposed to be talking too much (just realized) …and it’s sad, realistic and portrays the Shinsengumi and samurai ways well. It gave a meaning to all the character’s lives and the love romantic stuff for otome is there too, woven in very nicely. For Souji’s route, things were happening really fast and I never fell asleep or felt like taking a break. It glued me to the game, which is good since my mind has a bad habit of wandering off (and sometimes not going back) once I’m bored… Last point, the guys are just seriously hot, making this game awesome.

Random thoughts on anime: I watched the first episode and it changed a lot of stuff. I like the script in the game more. And Chizuru is so pushed towards Hijikata. It also feels like they loli-ed her a lot. Or maybe it’s my vision of Chizuru that’s wrong.

Ends this post to start making Okita-san fangirl post. *evades bricks for ranting too much*

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  1. Euryx

     /  June 30, 2011

    *flails* Okita~~~!!! Sorry I can’t help myself fangirl about him first without reading the entire post beforehand.^^;; He’s just my favorite character in Hakuoki!! >/////////////////<
    Will properly comment afterwards.^^;;

    *back to reading the post*

    • YATTA!! Another Okita fangirl XD *happy* If you feel like fangirling about him, I would love to fangirl with you~♥

      • Euryx

         /  June 30, 2011

        He is loveable indeed, right?? XD I have only watched the anime and when I first so him, he had this dangerous, cold aura yet he’s still adorable. >///////////<

        Is the anime really that different from the game? I'd love to play the game but my Japanese is still *sigh* lacking so maybe in the future? XD

        *PS I could stare at your sidebar forever! XDDD Kagaaaa~

      • Yes, the anime is quite different from the game (judging from the first episode and clips on youtube) Mostly because it follows Hijikata’s route. If you choose Souji’s route the story will turn out very different : Chizuru and Okita will fall in love, fight for the Shinsengumi in his own way and also for Chizuru, and they’ll get a happy ending allowing them to live peacefully for some time after that. Instead of you know, coughing up blood and dying after mass killing a bunch of guys targeting Hijikata. *hates Souji’s fate in the anime.. it feels like a Souji Bad End*

        And they keep cutting out his lines like in the first appearance scene, in the game Okita teased Chizuru by telling her to thank them for saving her, and he’ll laugh and introduce himself to her after she thanks them innocently. Then Hijikata will tell Okita off for introducing himself to her. In the anime, Hijikata will introduce himself and the Shinsengumi to Chizuru then Kondou-san will tell Hijikata off. I was like EHH?!? Hijikataaaa– if you lose in cuteness, don’t steal the scenes!!

        I can stare at Kaga Akira on my sidebar forever too XD *bricked* (must add Souji to sidebar)

  2. Hmm, Okita just be my second fav chara in this series. I love Saitou more, because he can be cute, can cook well, but yeah, he’s short. Nevermind that, I love him when he’s blushing!

    I know why you’re so pitying Okita’s condition so much. Me too. Well, I’m a bit forgot since I played it on DS and the sound, picture, etc doesn’t appear good. The last moment for them really feels sad for me. I didn’t know if he’s sleeping or dying, but I wished he was sleeping that time.. *sob*

    I agree with you about Hijikata. He’s too old. And… what’s been really annoyed me is his voice! Shinichirou Miki’s voice really small and too quick-feels like he is mouthwashing in there, I can’t hear him very well. This matter is similar to Kazama Chikage. Maybe because DS’ sound stupid..! (But I love my DS where I played otome game for the first time-which is Hiiro no Kakera)

    • Saitou tops the B’sLog polls all the time (even now – the latest volumes) so I’m sure his route must have something. Like Rin said, Souji-san was just sleeping in the ending so it’s alright. ^-^ *though it makes me want to cry anyway ;_;* If you ever buy a PS3, do try Junsouroku.. the quality difference should be amazing compared to DS *_*

  3. Souji~! ♡ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ♡
    I know what you mean, I’ve been a fan of his too ever since I touched Hakuouki. I just can’t resist that teasing-ijiwaru personality of his.. and when they threw Chizuru on top of him I went 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ↑↑ so much my mom was staring. I can’t stand it whenever he started coughing because I know he doesn’t have much time to live.. but at least Otomate stated officially that he’s just asleep in that ending.. ;_;

    Besides Souji I loved Chii-sama and Saitou too. Saitou’s route was focused too much on his bushido though.. so it was a bit too manly for my taste. My second favorite route is actually Sano’s married couple route. It’s the happiest and most ero route in Hakuouki, and Sano looks hot after he cuts his hair. That’s why I loved his route too. Not more than Souji’s though. 8D

    …and I dropped the anime after the first episode. I guess I give up too quickly.. orz

    • でしょううう(>∀<*)♪ He's really irresistible from the start! That scene when they threw Chizuru onto Souji I was in the same way, especially because of the stuff he said XD *died* (it took me a while to find the right choice too, so I was really (pleasantly) surprised<33)

      Come to think of it, everyone cuts their hair when they change to western uniform. Heisuke looks a lot better after he cuts it, I can't remember Sano..

      I'll probably continue watching the anime just to see them wield their swords and fight .. I really want to see that. Just sword slashing effects isn't enough, plus it's also good memory testing spot the differences game lol.

  4. I’m sad that you don’t want to play Heisuke or Sano-san ;_;
    Okay…Heisuke I can understand but Sano is so awesome! His is truly a good happy ending! (Even though there is some sadness on the way there and if you hate Yusa’s yandere/haraguro type roles Sano will definitely make up for them!)
    I can understand why you like Okita he is pretty cool and he’s in my top list too. LOL I can’t hate him at all.
    Saitou’s route is kinda boring…but he is sweet but I like him in the Zuisouroku better LOL

    • まあ、I might change my mind eventually (especially if my Hakuouki mood sticks) Let’s see if when I play the three I have in mind, I stop skipping their dialogues.. ←ああああ私ひどいですよね

  5. Adrienne

     /  July 1, 2011

    Yukiruchan, we have so similar tastes!!! I also recently bought and began playing Hakuouki Junsouroku because I wanted to play this game in high definition and I totally enjoyed it!!! I played Hijikata’s route in my PS2 version of the game, and because my TV was a newer model with newer technology, the screen and kanji was all blurry, the sound awful, and I hated Hijikata a lot too (must be the most boring character in the game >.>) So I thought what the heck, and I ordered the PS3 version, since I wanted to play Saito’s route without blurry kanji and awful sound making me curse older generation PS2 games…It was an awesome experience like you describe, it makes a huge difference to play Otome games in PS3 and a huge TV like mine XD I liked the lip movement and eye blinking, totally hated this body movement breathing thing, it was a disaster and not very realistic. I was so excited to see you gain custom themes with the guys, loved that aspect. And although I have a Japanese PSN account that allowed me access in the Japanese Playstation store in the past, I am now not allowed access after the Sony hacking incident. So I can’t download the DLC for Hakuouki, uuuuuuu T^T

    Saitou is my favorite chara in the game (Toriumi Kousuke = <3), and I am also annoyed by how short they depict him in the game! Kazama is quite possibly the BEST chara in the game, but his route IS SO SHORT, that I honestly fail to understand WHAT the heck was Otomate thinking when giving such an awesome chara and voice actor such a short route in the game….his route in the fandisk part of the game totally made me drool (that kiss scene, OMG, just listen to Kazama's voice actor, that's all I am saying XD) Not playing Heisuke for now, his chara and voice actor make me go うるさい! 黙っていろ!, and I am leaving the awesomeness called Souji Okita for last 😉 NOT PLAYING HIJIKATA'S ROUTE A SECOND TIME, NEVER AGAIN. And I am playing Harada's route at the moment, and all I can say is DON'T YOU DARE NOT PLAY HARADA, YOU'LL BE MISSING MAJOR FUN AND KYAAA MOMENTS XD It's the only husband & wife route, how can you not play it??? Leave the boring Hijikata aside, and the horde of boring stuff and kanji you have to go through in his route, and play Sano instead, he's awesome, and him being voiced by Yusa Kouji makes for an awesome combo in the game, too sexy XD

    I also didn't like the anime much, I think the game is 10 times better. Full-stop. lol

    • XDDD YAYYY *can totally fangirl together with you* It’s so good to have a PS3 ^w^ I just found out that the DLC is the watermelon scene with Souji in Zuisouroku ああああああ *WANTS IT* But at least it’s on the PSP version already. *copes with it*

      AHA seiyuu fangirling~ XD I will start on Saitou’s route soon… Tori-san charas have big potential of becoming my second favorites who I turn out loving very close to the fave. But this time my love for Bishop is having a bad effect on Saitou because I can’t shake him out of my head and Bishop is really tall and I’m in love with teasing-ijiwaru charas at the moment = Souji Souji Souji Madoka あああ *um, excuse my madness for Souji* ……….. I was forcibly going through Zuisouroku to get the SSL scenes so I found out that Hijikata’s route has 9 chapters (zuruiiiiiiii), Saitou has 8 while my beloved Souji and the rest have 7 except Kazama who has only 6. (HIJIKATA-SAN ZURUIIIIIII) HMM.. Heisuke and Harada both thought Souji is the strongest one in Shinsengumi so.. XD and Hijikata was really worried about Souji … If they all keep being so nice the chances I’ll play them will get higher *BRICKED* XD いいえ、いいえ、原田さんのこと本気で考えますよ、やっぱり皆おすすめしてるからさ。

      • Adrienne

         /  July 2, 2011

        Yey, let’s fangirl together about Hakuouki too, awesome XD You are lucky to have the PSP version as well, I only have the PS2 version of the game apart from the PS3 version, and I am not sure these extra scenes are included *sigh* Don’t mind though, I will settle for the FD scenes which are yummy enough ;D

        Hehehe, yes, seiyuu fangirling time! I feel the same way for Tori-san voiced charas, they are always my second top favourite ones, he’s an amazing actor (if I go to one of Otomate’s parties in some years from now, and if I am able to secure a front row seat, and if Tori-san or Hatano Wataru are on stage, I HAVE DECIDED, I AM STANDING UP AND PROPOSING FOR SURE XD MAYBE TO BOTH OF THEM LOL)
        Of course Bishop is hotter than Saitou, considering Hakuouki is more, er, reserved when it comes to doki-doki Otome scenes, but Madoka is also simply totally adorable, and ijiwaru, and sexy and totally my type, poor Saitou can’t win when it comes to comparing these two XD So yep, it is a little difficult to adjust to Tori-san as Saitou after Alfred in BM&P or Bishop/Madoka in CZ, but it is a nice experience, have fun playing Saitou’s route~~~
        LOL don’t be fooled by their concern for Souji, Hijikata is so boring, and Heisuke simply annoys me personally, but I guess it is all about personal tastes XD And you are totally hooked on Souji, being swayed by characters for such a reason XDXDXDXDXD But I don’t blame you, I just love ijiwaru bad boy types like them too ❤
        It is totally unfair that Hijikata has more scenes than the rest of the characters (poor Kazama ^^; ) But what can you do? Otomate decided to give Hijikata more of the spotlight, but I am sure they regret now not giving Kazama and Souji more scenes in the end, after seeing how insanely popular Souji and Kazama are 😉
        ああ、なら 良かったです!ちゃんと 考えて 下さいね。。。原田さんは 本当に 凄かった ですよ!XDXDXD

  6. rheira

     /  August 7, 2011

    YES. OMG, 110% agree with Adrienne. Even though you’ve probably done it already – PLAY SANO’S ROUTE. He is a bundle of AWESOMENESS wrapped in a layer of SMEXY
    … okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration – (*´ー`) he’s like a good looking お兄さんキャラ .
    But seriously, I found Sano’s route not nearly as boring as Hijikata’s or ear-gougingly annoying as Heisuke’s. Plus, like the scene where Chizuru lands on top of Souji and he smirks and acts all 俺様 [I LOVED THAT SCENE. I SHALL HAVE THAT AS MY WALLPAPER, I SWEAR], there were some ultra nosebleed inducing moments in his route too ehehehe. ...完全におっさんだな、私.〜(” ̄▽ ̄〜)

    The anime definitely would’ve been better with a Souji x Chizuru pairing, I agree. Hijikata seems to be more popular with the Japanese otoge fanbase than the English-speaking fanbase – he’s always ranking 3rd or 4th on polls (though Souji is almost ALWAYS 1st ehehe (≧∇≦)/
    I just don’t understand Hijikata’s popularity. Is it because of his coldness? or maybe his prettiness…? (>へ<”) さぁ~ . 

    I’ve only played Hakuouki on the DS and am *starting* on the PSP. Have yet to upgrade to PS3 – but am definitely considering it now~ (゚∇^*)

    • You’re right. I don’t know why Hijikata gets so popular in Jap. I thought he was more like Chizuru’s father or brother? I can’t stand his low voice (I can’t hear him well, especially the first time I’d played it on DS).

    • I haven’t >_< I have no time now so I'll be saving Sano and Hijikata for the English version. XD Sano's popular isn't he.. I like Nii-san charas when they're a little bit teasy instead just plain too-nice! And あああああああ Souji!! My eyes are too glued to him XD which is why I can't look at anyone else properly… I wish you could fall on top of other guys too (or have them fall on you – any way is good) The first half of Saitou's route didn't have enough doki-doki in it..

      …..Saitou is always first. (Why not Souji?!) __<''' His voice always sounds rather strained and I.. I don't wanna be near him ~ I'd much rather be near someone smiling and teasing like Souji-san..

      My advice : ignore the PSP version and just get the PS3! XDDD It's THAT much better!

  7. omg i feel the same way about souji since i went in expecting to go for saito(still havent done his yet) but souji stole me away cause of his sarcastic wit coupled with that gentle voice ahhh it gets me every time and his route i feel so sad that its bittersweet..part of me must be sm for being excited but at the same time i desperately wanted him to have a happy ending >< ahh souji!

    • SOUJIIIII~~~ Yes I am replaying his route again now in English at the moment. I love him to pieces XD I loved it when he’s playful ahhhh when he just put on his new outfit //// and I love it when he says he’s going to kill her (especially the last time, that sentence killed me) /// and the time he suddenly opened his heart to her then she said she believed him.. then he just felt like hugging her XDD /// ahaaa he’s not the type that knows much about love so I love it even more /// and the ending made me cry a lot the first time I played it but it was so happy ~~ <–lol I'm happy to meet a Souji fangirl! Thanks for your comment

  8. Yay we have the same taste, I love Okita so much. I’m smirking everytime he said that he will kill her but in the end he never bring himself to do it. He is so adorable with that kind of attitude. And Okita’s ending is so bitterweet, though I am so relieved that he is only sleeping not dying.

    I too don’t understand why Hijikata is so popular, he is ok but he sounds so boring to me.

    Ahh need more rabu2 scene with Okita lol ^-^

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! *hugs Souji fan*

      I also love his ‘I’ll kill you/I’ll cut you’ jokes (too bad they never used the words ‘cut you/slice you up’ in the translations.. I liked them). He always joked that he’ll kill her if she runs away and leave her to die if she’s in danger.. but when it really happened, he stood up and covered her even though he was seriously injured. 8D AHHH Then he goes ‘right. WHY did I protect you?’ like he doesn’t realize his own kindness. Chizuru made him realize his kindness and believed in him, so I was really touched the time he said ‘I just really feel like hugging you’. <333 Because of her, he was able to use the words 'I kill you' in the most kindest and affectionate manner ever! *DIES OUT OF LOVE* And I really love the ending that way.. it's so perfect! He knows he didn't have much time left so they treasure their time together. And he regrets nothing about his life. They're so happy ;w; *CRIES* ….I could go fangirling over Souji forever lmao *kicked for typing fangirl rant*

      Did you play Zuisouroku? There are lots of scenes there XD I should write about them some day..^-^ more Souji!

      • True… when he said why did I protect you? I was screaming inside. His words and his action is kinda opposite he2. Ah I didn’t play it yet, there are lots of new scenes? Definitely need to play it after I finished all the routes in the first game (I only finished Okita and Sano lol). Need more Okita xD~

        xD I’ll definitely looking forward to see your review if you are gonna write it ^^ My japanese’s language is still so so, when I played the game, I look into dictionary a lot haha, and that Kanji is killing me lol.

  9. Sound_Li

     /  October 26, 2012

    I;m having a hard time keeping a straight face whenever I see Souji– welp, I don’t have any of those, PSP, PS3, etc, but the anime makes up for it. If not a little. And Reimeiroku just made my inner fangirl to just..– dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, SOUJIIIIIIIII!! *w* ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ *needs moar rabu – rabu scene*

    • If you love Souji I highly recommend playing the game on PSP (Aksys’s version, at least it’s in English) :3 It’s totally awesome and made me cry buckets.. The anime doesn’t make up for the scenes when Souji is totally in love with Chizuru.

  10. yumi

     /  December 28, 2012

    Okita is also my favorite character in Hakuoki. He’s so hot and i can’t help but fall for him. I can’t get enough of him haha. I keep re-watching his scenes in anime and i can’t help but play his route. It makes me feel bad when i have to ignore him to be able to play with the other characters haha. I still haven’t finished the other routes though. I am so happy cause i get to see the good ending at my first try haha.

    I love his voice too. I can’t help but giggle when he says those sweet words.
    I like the anime too but yeah they pushed it too much for Hijikata and Chizuru. They don’t even have much scenes together at the start. Sigh.

    • Thanks for the comment and I’m happy you shared Souji love with me ^__^
      Okita-san is still ranked in my top favorite characters of all time .. probably tied for second place with Hinase Mitsuru or with Bishop So I love him even now.. his route is lovely and I could replay Hakuouki just for him countless times (but get nowhere playing other characters lmao) I also love the scenes in the fan disk Zuisouroku a lot (reason why I never delete Hakuouki and Zuisouroku from my PSP) XD

      There’s still more Hakuouki yet to come though I have no idea how it will turn out since Kazuki Yone is not doing the art for it anymore..

      BTW, if you haven’t watched Souji’s OVA then that one has many of Souji’s scenes animated<33 I think it's called Sekkaroku. (anime)

  11. Nymeria

     /  August 1, 2013

    I’ve already finished Okita’s route right now….and can’t stop crying. It’s a relief to know that he is asleep (and not dead as I thought which was a horrible moment T_T) in the last scene; but I feel so bad because in some fact is a little bittersweet. Btw, I didn’t know that you can get a bad ending…fortunately I had the good one, or I’ll be shaking my psp for hours.
    I don’t feel to play another character’s routes right now; should have save Souji’ for the end hahaha
    Like this character since the beginning but the best part is, the more I played the more I love him. It’s the awesome thing about his route. Oooooh, I’m absolutely in love with Souji *tries to go through the screen to be with him…taking with me some proper medicines*
    Need to play Zuisouroku as soon as possible!

    Love this post!
    PS.Sorry about my english; writing from Spain.

    • Thank you for the comment and I’m really sorry for the extremely late reply!
      Okita’s ending is really so bittersweet but it’s so perfect to me~ He can’t live for long, but he lived to his fullest, they’re both very happy now and will cherish their lives until the last moment.
      I don’t regret playing Souji’s route first even if I never managed to fullcomp the game because I’m too much in love with Souji to look at anyone else. I couldn’t really fall in love with Saitou ;w; but I really treasure my feelings for Souji so it’s okay (for me) even if I can’t enjoy the whole story (which is best). I hope you enjoy Zuisouroku! (I guess you’ve comped that by now…sorry T-T)


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