CLOCK ZERO Portable & Random rants

CLOCK ZERO Portable is coming 2011.9.22 !!

I’m so happy~^__^ (I’ve been very happy ever since the announcement from Famitsu last week) I already can’t wait to replay the game so now I’ll wait for the PSP version instead. <- Yes, my obsession over CZ is WAYYY overboard.

Today the official site just opened with that Takato x Nadeshiko picture above which made me squeal with delight & surprise when I first saw it. You can get a big wallpaper version of it by registering in the banner campaign. *has made it my wallpaper, happily* It had a lot of funny questions. I chose Takato as my lover, Rittan as my best friend, Madoka as my little brother (young ver.) + as my big brother (adult ver.), Nakaba as my older brother (young ver.) and Rain as my younger brother (adult ver.) XD And naturally the King has to be Kaga Akira.

Official Site

Let’s see. This is from both Famitsu and B’s Log :

  • New scenarios ..Does that mean new routes or just new scnenes? *wants Nakaba and Rain routes*
  • Added scenes after the ending  … YES! Can’t wait! I can never get enough of CZ!
  • Data install / 4:3 & 16:9 selection for CGs …basically like the S.Y.K ports. Shima-san must be pro at it by now which is why CZ’s port is getting released so fast. Shima-san bravo!
  • CG comments and more system voices

Now if only the sales are high enough so we can get a Fandisk after this, for the PSP. I hope Shima-san restarts the CZ staff blog too. *geasses everyone : Support CZ with ALL your power!* *Pastes CZ banners all over side widget WAHAHA XD* ♥♥♥ *gets bricked ack XD*

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Below are some very random rants about the games I’m playing and upcoming ones.

Did I ever mention that there’s SO MANY games getting released in the upcoming months?
Must plays/High priority are in bold and lower priority are in italics.

June : Moujuutsukai to Oujisama PSP & Quinrose’s Mother Goose. I’m passing Rewrite.
July : Shinigami to Shoujo … Looking forward to No.1
August : AMNESIA … Looking forward to No.2
September : CZ PSP, Tales of Xillia <- Now I’m only going to play CZ because I’ll be separated from my PS3 at the time. And I’m passing WOFII.
October : Kaminaru Kimi to, Arcana Famiglia
November : Kannou mukashi banashi … or I guess I should play HanaIchi. (It’s FD is cominggg)
December : Final Fantasy XIII-2 <- Chances are I won’t get to play this either. I was so looking forward to it ;_; (Please release HanaIchi Kinema at the end of the year, Otomate..)

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to finish all those even if I played games for a living, so with RL in the way and my silly thinking-too-much attitude – its simply IMPOSSIBLE. But I believe I’ll be having a lot of fun for the rest of this year! ^_^

Sangoku Rensenki

Now I’m playing Sangoku Rensenki, it’s quite nice.. even though the strategy stuff makes me very sleepy. And I unexpectedly got into Koukin’s route without trying nor noticing which question got me there. Haha. You ruined my mood, Koukin! I wasn’t even interested in you yet! On first impressions, I like Gentoku (yasashii onii-san) and Moutoku (kind?mean? smart. unreadable. HOT. srsly attractive – like I want to know more about him plus he made me blush already), Oh and Koumei (WHAT ARE YOUUUU!?!) I don’t know much about Chuubou yet. I kept nodding away doing the normal route because I knew there’d be no romance.. might as well quit that and just go for Gentoku.

Oh, and about what happened to S.Y.K Renshouden ^ ^;;; I cleared Gyokuyuu’s route already and it was very nice but since I’m wasn’t going MOEEE over it that much it must be that I’m not in S.Y.K mood much. Why does this happen to me ;_; I still haven’t reached Shinkun’s route yet..

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  1. I hope the added scenario to CZ portable will be sooooo much so I can look at new CG or something… Ahh… now I’m being stress because many games come earlier in the past get ported to PSP or PC version and adding new CG or scenario in it!! Must I play them again? Example: MIYAKO, Zettai Meikyuu Grimm> I’m happy for CZ though.. I don’t have much time this and next year for all of that (But I want it)!! Plus, the story takes really long to finish!

    • I totally understand XD I’m trying not to think too much about the too many games, they’re meant for having fun Getting excited over everything is fun too. I’d rather put the newer games on higher priority and maybe fast-forward through the older games just for the new scenarios / CG. CZ’s a different story <- *loves it too much* I'll surely make posts on CZ about the added scenes and recollect my thoughts on it too, since I haven't written much about it here..

      • Oh, by the way, most of your answer for Otomate CZ’s site are the same for me. Takato as lover (both normal and dream world), Madoka (young) & Rain (dream world) as my little brother, Tora (adult) & Rittan (young) as my friend, the rest already forgot… And of course Takato as the King (none can be the same as him).

        I loves Grimm, so I must play it (MIYAKO is just… waiting for FD, I think). Plus, there’s new song for Grimm (I think I just get the OST this year and then must come the new one….).

  2. Silvra

     /  June 20, 2011

    (now I’m not sure if I told you my other nick, so just in case – it’s auburn_leaves from LJ 8D)

    So I couldn’t help commenting, lol. Because I saw you mentioning Sangoku (I was curious which charas you like so far) xDD And Koumeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *w* I love him to bits, he’s so awesome (smart, cute, funny+the voiceeeee) :3 He’s my fav chara in Sangoku xD His ending was sad, too T^T I cried, lol. Though at first I was like wtffff D: You have to see the normal ending to be able to get him though ;w; And Moutoku is on 2nd place, he’s awesome too *p* Sexy, mysterious, smart, a bit possesive+the voiceeeee as well xD *bricked* Sadly, I don’t like Gentoku too much because I’m not a fan of yasashii onii-chans ;w; And Miki isn’t helping >.< Well, I guess I'm just neutral to his chara xD
    Generally, I like Sangoku as a whole. It's a nice game I think. Only I screwed myself up by going for Koumei first, and then I couldn't focus on the other charas properly, because his storyyyyy T^T That's the type of stories I love for my fav charas, and they get in the way a lot if I go for them first… ^^;;;; I'll play it again for the PS2 8D
    Not sure if you know or not, but replaying a character's route makes you see some extra scenes that were shown on the ending. I thought that was pretty nice, and with skip it's not really that much of a hassle to see them /o/

    I'm glad Clock Zero is getting the PSP port 8D It's always good to have an excuse to replay a game you love ;D I'm pretty sure this game will always be special for you, no matter how many others you play, just like Hiiro no Kakera is special to me :3 I think it's nice to have a game like that 8D
    I wish I didn't go for Rittan first T^T I have a tendency to screw myself in games like that… orz But I think of getting back to it /o/ At least I managed to finish SYK 100% (so happy ;w;), so now I can finally move onto the fandisk 8DD I'm looking forward to it, because Youzen has a route there, and I want moar Gokuu, cause these 2 are my favs *w* xDD

    Sorry for the sudden random xD;; *bricked*

    • Yes, I knew it was you ^-^ *remembers seeing it on your LJ profile or around there* And yes I had guessed that your favorite is Koumei. yappari ne Sugita dakara ne! *has started to mind-read you XD*

      …From the start of the game there was a part where you could pick what kind of person you’d like, and then the book told me I should go to Koumei. I thought that was judgement based on my choices and was planning to go after him. But when he wouldn’t appear properly I started getting it that he was a mastermind or someone behind the curtains so I’m saving his route for after the 3 mains. So my plan is Gentoku -> Moutoku -> Chuubou -> Koumei -> the others. (a tension controlled plan 8D) Miki = Lockon (Gundam00) to me ^^; And I like Morimori’s voice as Moutoku even more than as Youzen.

      Yes, CZ is exactly that to me *hugs you* BTW You obsessively love Hiiro no Kakera / Takuma and love 1 character from CZ = Rittan. I obsessively love CLOCK ZERO / Takato and love 1 character from Hiiro = Takuma. *onajijanai kedo sugoku nitemasu! .. I mean I’m so happy to have a friend that obsessively loves one game/character to pieces*

      Thanks for replying my post! ^-^ If possible PLEASE ALSO CONVINCE ME TO FINISH S.Y.K TAT *bricked too*

      • Silvra

         /  June 20, 2011

        Haha, I’m so easy to mind-read xD; Though it’s true that my fav charas will generally be the Sugita-voiced ones, if he’s in something xD I can’t resist his voice ;w; And he has a lot of characters that are my type, so no problem there 8D

        LOL I thought the same xD At first I was so happy I got Koumei there xD And then I was sad it was the same result each time ;w; *bricked* I think that’s a good plan 8D It’s really good to leave Koumei for later, especially if you like him. I’m really happy that he was 1st in the chara popularity poll, and that Moutoku was 2nd – it was so rare to see my favs lined up like this xD *w* Chuubou is nice if you like tsunderes that appear as spoiled brats, too. I didn;t like him too much in the beginning, but he’s not bad in the long run 8D Kinda cute, too :3
        I never really liked Miki, so I can’t do anything about that ;w; I dunno why I’m not too fond of the most famous seiyuus out there x.x It’s making my life way harder xD Yessss, Moutoku sounds much sexier than Youzen 8D I still love both though xD

        Wow, now that you pointed that out… it’s kinda awesome 8DDD I will love Hiiro forever for having the plot that had enough tragedy and dokidoki to satosfy my needs *w* Not many games can do that T^T <- which also leads to me loving Takuma, because his story was the best to me 8D And of course there's the fact that he made me love Sugita, which is making me very happy almost every day xDD Things like these always stay with you :3 I'm happy about the similarities there between us, too 8D

        No need to thank me ^^ I did it with pleasure :3
        xDD I'll try after I play it 8D I'm looking forward to the past routes, and to seeing the characters again – I hope it keeps the humour of the original game xD

      • Namikawaaa<33 <- My response to your Sugita love *bricked* Too bad I can't follow Namikawa everywhere and love all the characters he voiced, because he's quite a rare one and does a variety of roles. Ultimately it still depends on the character. I'm starting to like Sugita too, because of Takuma<33 *loves CZ like that too, most likely forever, just thinking makes me want to play it again, then fangirl over it a LOT more.. I really can't wait for the PSP ver. LOL*

        I will get back to Sangoku Rensenki .. it'll take me a while to reach Koumei. *looks forward to him and the main 3* (WIll also replay Koukin if feel like it) I'll write more opinions afterwards!

  3. Adrienne

     /  June 20, 2011

    Hi there Yukiru! This is Adrienne from Neo Forum ^_^ Lovely post about CZ portable, and love the info on upcoming game releases too! (I am a total otome game nerd by now, because I have pre-ordered almost every single game you mention above XD I am so happy I have already finished college and have more free time now, because there really is no time to play all these games that are released so fast!)

    I think that it is safe to assume that a CZ FD will follow soon after CZ PSP port, because, a) CZ was extremely popular b) CZ PSP port must be the fastest port for an Otomate title as of yet! Even all the various Hakuouki ports take longer to be released than CZ did! and c) just because this game is awesome XD

    HanaIchi Kinema FD will most likely be released by October/November, judging by Otomate’s PSP game releases page 😉 If you haven’t already played it, you are missing great, great fun! I spent almost all summer slowly, slowly savoring playing this game because I didn’t want it to end XD

    May I add a few more interesting upcoming Otome game releases to the ones you already mention?

    June – Mother Gooze マザーグースの秘密の館 => will be my first QuinRose game 😉
    July – Musketeer => Otomate’s version of the 3 Musketeers, looking forward to it!
    Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – 絶対迷宮グリム DIRECTORS CUT~七つの鍵と楽園の乙女~
    => PC port with extra content, loved the PSP version, can’t wait for it!
    August – 月華繚乱ROMANCE => Otomate game, I am looking forward to it mainly for the voice cast^^
    September – お菓子な島のピーターパン ~Sweet Never Land~
    => QuinRose takes the Peter Pan story, and gives us a sexy Captain Hook, a sexy fairy Tink (supposedly Tinker Bell’s brother XD) and sexy brothers for Wendy XD After a long wait, this game’s release date is finally confirmed, and will be released for the PSP 😉

    P.S. WOFII has been delayed for so long, that it will soon be almost a year since I pre-ordered and paid for it! LOL

    • Hi Adrienne! XD Thanks for visiting my blog!<3
      I was too embarrassed to fangirl too much in the CZ thread in MNR lol. *is jealous of you for having lots of time~~ LOL just kidding – I always like to read your opinions when you get your games*

      I hope so 🙂 I don't know how popular CZ is compared to the other games that got a FD already. It always seems Moujuu / Miyako / HanaIchi / Nise got their FD announcements much faster. And Nise and WOF's staff blogs never stopped… At least I know that a lot of CZ fans in Japan are all overjoyed today like I am. And that there are quite a lot of Takato fans <– sugoku ureshii! Also I'm quite sure CZ PSP is fast because Director Shima-san is awesome<33 (but poor Nagaoka must be super busy) Also because the other Directors are too busy with the new games so Desert Kingdom & Natsuzora haven't been ported yet. <- LOL turned into an Otomate discussion. How I wish I could join them and localize CZ for the rest of the world *off-topic going out to sea*

      OH YES 月華繚乱ROMANCE <– I forgot this!! Another good looking game! Mother Goose with be my first Quinrose game too, I'm still very new to them. I've been wondering why they like fairy tale adaptations so much. If I like Mother Goose, I'll consider Peter Pan. 🙂

      P.S. WOW that's a really long preorder XD Yeah, WOFII's been in the making for a veryyy long time. It must have a very large fanbase, as it gets a lot of pages in B'sLog every month.

      • Adrienne

         /  July 1, 2011

        Yukiru-chan, don’t be embarrased to fangirl more for CZ at MNR, let’s fangirl togetha!!! And I also wish I could convince Otomate to localize CZ and other games of theirs for the rest of the world, they have such a huge fanbase overseas, what are they waiting for??? And you know, Otomate recently said that they don’t plan to release any of their Otome games overseas, which is a stupid thing to do, IMO. A lost opportunity for sure, because my Japanese seller tells me that the Japanese fanbase and Otome game players in Japan is not very big at all, and that the fanbases of such games overseas is definitely larger than the domestic one…

        Thank you for liking to read my opinions at MNR, I am happy to see that you enjoy reading them^_^ Well~~~Yep, HanaIchi is the no.1 most popular title from Otomate’s recent releases (I’m leaving Hakuouki and Hiiro no Kakera games aside), I think Moujuu and/or WOF might be second most favourite, and I seriously think that CZ is 3rd place, and not lower. CZ was a very, very popular and successful release for Otomate, and it can’t, just can’t be less popular than Nise or Miyako (haven’t even played these latter two, what’s the deal with these 2 games, totally feel that they’re not worth the trouble, so I really just didn’t ordered them ;D I heard they were okay, but not that good) Have you considered that perhaps Otomate didn’t announce the CZ PSP port right away maybe because it was considering a FD first instead? It is quite possible, especially since if they were to go on with a PSP port of CZ first, a FD would definitely have to wait for later 😉

        I think that Nagaoka being too busy shows when you see how the quality of the character design in Kami-Kimi is so low, I mean at first I was excited and impressed, seeing the 2 main character designs. But then, those other characters except Narumi and the heroine looked so weird, almost bad in the CGs (referring to megane chara CG), and that makes me unhappy, because I don’t want Kami-Kimi to be a fast, half-baked game release. But what can you do? If Kami Kimi turns out to be a mediocre game, it will be Otomate’s fault for rushing to release games so fast, without enough and proper planning, and too much recycled content >.>

        I quit playing Desert Kingdom after clearing a single character route, that game was so not my thing, and Natsuzora, I heard it was a nice game, but I will definitely wait for a PSP port of the game before buying 😉

        I heard that Mother Goose was a disappointment, because there wasn’t much otome and sexy element in the game like in their Alice series, and because it felt more like an educational, instructional game, with how elementary school the quizzes the game had were XD Which is not so bad for me, to be honest, not now that I study for my JLPT LV3 exams LOLOLOLOL I also pre-ordered Peter Pan without hesitation because Sexy Captain Hook is a must buy for me XD

        WOFII has been in the making for the longest time… It does have a very large fanbase, I am sure of it. it is the only game for which my seller has failed to secure the pre-order tokuten with my copy of the game, even though I had pre-ordered it since the first announcement of the game being in the makings.

        I really can’t wait for the Musketeer game to come to me in the following weeks, along with BM&P Portable, Shin Hisui -Hiiro no Kakera 2 DS (must be the ONLY hiiro no kakera game that is not so boring, annoying and long enough to make you fall asleep like the other ones in the series LOL), and Mother Goose…I think Musketeer will be an awesome game, a pleasant surprise because it has a lot of game elements similar to the HanaIchi game, and from the CG and events I have seen in magazines, it is very, very interesting and sexy. And Hatano Wataru voices Porthos’s character in Musketeer, I WANT TO MARRY THIS GUY JUST FOR HIS VOICE, IT IS ENOUGH FOR ME, HE IS SO PERFECT XD Okay, I can settle for Toriumi Kousuke too, or Suzuki Tatsuhisa, I can totally marry any of these 3 awesome guys and voice actors XDXDXDXD Okay, I’m back to reality lol

      • *w* たくさん話してくれて、ありがとう!楽しかった!

        Well, the Japanese are like that sometimes – I think I can understand them. Especially since it’s hard to be able to listen to fans opinions/ answer fans requests if the fanbase if too large and multi-cultured. Otomate takes care of fans well, which is a good thing. Unless the localizer is willing to go to that length, they probably won’t allow any localizations.

        I’m quite sure CZ is more popular than MIYAKO (but Nise I don’t know) … MIYAKO is another stacked game of mine even though it has Namikawa voicing a really nice character in it, I’m just not in the mood.. and maybe because I heard it’s story isn’t very strong. It has mixed reviews. As for Nise, the reviews are pretty good but I’m not interested in the art/setting/seiyuu much. Yeah, so 同じですね。Switches to Kamikimi talk : If Nagaoka’s designs don’t look hot it’s all Director -Jo-‘s fault! *protects Nagaoka* LOL I can remember the Natsuzora characters well, and Kamikimi’s characters remind me of them so I’m sure it’s the character description and the Director’s instructions that they turned out the way they are. Nagaoka doesn’t seem to be too pleased with any of the characters except Narumi-kun either, judging by how she draws only Narumi for the promotional pictures in B’s Log. I really hope Kamikimi will turn out nice (or else I will seriously lose faith in Director -Jo- and the Natsuzora team) I’ll probably be sad too, since Natsuzora was really nice… and I love Nagaoka no matter what.

        …Hatano Wataru? S.Y.K’s Hakkai?!? あれ?(wasn’t very impressed with Hakkai) I’m neutral on his voice though. Suzuki Tatsuhisa = I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR HIM AS NOCTIS in FFversus13. Seriously. *is so fed up with waiting for that game but is still waiting* *starts thinking of all the upcoming otome games instead~ ahh saved ^w^ * I’ll be looking forward to your opinions of those games (I just can’t play them all orz)

  4. Silvra

     /  June 25, 2011

    I’m not sure how this site works… This is supposed to be the reply to your last comment, but there’s no reply button there, so I’m replying to this one >.<

    Woohoo, seiyuu topic 8DDD *lovessssss*
    Lol *didn't brick you* I think it's nice to really like a certain seiyuu 8D So I don't mind at all if someone writes about their favs, and besides, I do it all the time, lol *is the one who should be bricked* I don't think Namikawa is such a rare one? hmmm At least 13 otome games with him out there, and he's in quite a lot of animes. Then again, when you love a seiyuu there's never enough things with him/her ;w; so I understand you on that part. I usually like his characters, they're often really cute xD He has some cool ones, too *w* I like that his voice is unique, so I can recognize him anywhere 8D And it has that really cute sound to it, which I love the most about it :3 He's also a funny&cute guy xDD

    (The rest of this comment was longer originally, but it was just me writing about Sugita, and I guess there's no need for you to have to go through that xD 恥ずかしいx.x)

    I'm happy you're starting to like Sugita 8D He has a really sexy voice imo, even when he talks outside of his roles (which is pretty rare) *p* Then again, I LOVE deep voices, and his is pretty special among them xD It's also unique, so it's really easy to recognize him, which, like I said above, is a huge plus for me. He's also a hilarious guy, just listening to him talking makes me feel better xDD The way he tells stories is absolutely awesome, too *w* *stops self from pure fangirling* 以下略
    To me, I think that I can like most of Sugita's charas mainly because he can pull out what's best in his charas, and he can become these charas, creating a special atmosphere for them. He even made me love a hetare and yandere chara (Keisuke), lol. I usually dislike both… it does help that Togainu is an awesome game and Keisuke's story is great, but Sugita contributes a lot to this chara, too. Of course, this all may be just pure bias, lol. Oh well, I do admit I'm a hopeless voice fetishist and it's a huge factor for me when it comes to liking or disliking charas xD It also helps that Sugita rarely (never?) has the pure kind brother type charas, 'cause I don't like them usually, and I don't think he had any *real* shotas, which I pretty much can't stand most of the time x.x

    I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions about the game and charas 8D

    PS. Very randomly, Toward the Terra has Namikawa as well, so you should really watch it when you have some time 8D *brickedddd*

    • Ahh sorry for the late reply~~ EVEN THOUGH THERE’S NAMIKAWA FANGIRLING IN IT *shoots self* But your comment made my heart get warmer .. I’m so happy you love Namikawa too. Since I started liking him I also thought his personality is really cute. Seiyuu are difficult to recognize sometimes but now I can recognize him anywhere. (I have to watch a bit more of Sugita to remember him completely, but yes he’s very cute in person too) Ahhhh… I’m sorry I stopped playing Sangoku Rensenki for Hakuouki *Pls don’t get mad at Hakuouki*… I guess I have to take a different approach to the game so I don’t get bored from all the fights/strategy quizes before I reach the love parts…

      I’m secretly wishing Hijikata was voiced by Sugita-san instead of Miki-san. ← No deep analysis there, just that I want to hear Sugita’s voice but I want to play Hakuouki too.

      • Silvra

         /  July 3, 2011

        It’s ok, don’t worry about it ^^ My reply was late, too xD (I tend to reply late often ;w;)
        How can one not love Namikawa, his voice is so cute :3 And he can sound really cool, too *w* There’s only few seiyuus I don’t like (compared to the amount of the ones I like), and even then I mainly dislike them because their voice is not my type (like Hoshi&Yoshino Hiroyuki having pretty high voices in many of their roles, or Miki sounding very lecture-like to me x.x), and I still admit that they’re talented seiyuus (minus Miyano, but you know that story xD) and it’s not like I turn their voices off or anything xD I’m just less excited for the characters they voice, and they lose a part of their charm to me, even if I can say that the chara’s really nice ;w; That’s never the case with Namikawa 8D And like you said, he’s a cute guy, too :3 Did you listen to the Hiiro radio with him, Okano and Sugita? It was awesome and hilarious xDDD I love how other seiyuus react to Sugita, he’s such a weirdo. Namikawa and Okano tried their best to shock him with something instead (because usually they’re the ones being shocked), lolol. On a different note, I usually have troubles recognizing the cute-voiced (and I mean the high-pitched, childish cute) seiyuus or the ones with rather “standard” (or simply plain) voices that sound like 10 other people x.x <- I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just that I have troubles memorizing those seiyuu's names and recognizing them in that case. I can never figure out seiyuus like Yonaga Tsubasa, Kaji Yuuki, Okamoto Nobuhiko and the like ;w; They seem to be extremely popular though, so I guess people like cute voices a lot? xD Btw, are you interested in seiyuus from the side of what they do and how their work looks like? *random question*

        If you listen to some more of Sugita I'm sure you'll have no problems with recognizing him xD Even more so if you ever start watching Gintama, lol. Yeah, he's really cute, especially when he's being shy xDD And it happens a lot when he's dealing with his senpais, because he respects them a lot. He's also extremely kind and a really good guy :3 He'll even lose a game on purpose if someone else doesn't want to do a batsu game, and will say it was his fault ;w; And he NEVER praises himself (which I wish he did at least from time to time, because he deserves it)… he barely even advertises for himself, lol. Way too modest B| <- *heard too many radios with him*

        Lol, I'm not angry at Hakuouki, don't worry xDD I keep switching from one game to another myself. And I also found the strategy parts in Sangoku boring the 2nd and on time through it… it's good I was determined to play Koumei's route so that I made it through the boring normal route xD Take your time with it~ When you feel you get bored/tired with a game it's better to take a break instead of having to end up hating it or abandoning it altogether. I'll wait patiently, too 8D (and I wouldn't want you to rush to Koumei's ending because of that, because I think it's pretty emotional and worth seeing when you're actually wanting to play the game :3)

        Yesssss, I'm sure Hijikata would be a better chara if Sugita was the one voicing him 8D *bricked* And I'd play it ages ago xD You can always listen to Sugita after you're done with Hakuouki ;D After all there's nothing worse than being distracted by something else when you're playing/watching something, because then you can't concentrate on it properly. Then you can watch Toward the Terra 8D I'd also recommend Tokimeki Meorial Girl's Side 3 (did you play any of the games before?), Sugita's chara there is absolutely adorable and fun <3333 And the game itself is great *w*
        On a random note, it's pretty hard to play a serious shinsengumi game if you're a Gintama fan, lol. Somehow you get certain expectations about the charas even if you know that Gintama's far from being historically accurate xD Like, I LOVE Gintama's Hijikata and I can't get over the fact that I was disappointed with the Hakuouki one ;w; Gintama's Hiji has a better seiyuu, too, because it's Nakai Kazuya <333 And their Okita is a total sadist LOL /end of unrelated talk

        Oops, it ended up being long again x.x Sorry xD;; This is what happens when I talk about seiyuus&Sugita ^^; Sorry it's kinda one-sided T^T

      • Actually now I’m starting to like Morikubo-san <– Why do I fall for guys this easily Nooo I guess I am getting mesed up with my hopeless love for Okita Souji (has nothing in my head but him and some CZ lately) This is the usual pattern when I start liking seiyuu. I fall in love with a character first and start liking his voice. His voice doesn't "kill" me like Namikawa's voice though.. NMKW's voice seems to pierce me in the heart every time I hear it XDD Sugita's voice is awesome too.. it's just so "him" deep, sexy, and has this warmth and kindness within it… *yasashii koe ga suki* It is so not helping me play more games since I'm supposed to be playing Hakuouki/S.Y.K/Sangoku Rensenki but next guy I've planned to play isn't voiced by a guy I really love nor is super appealing from the start (like Souji) so there's a bit of lack in motivation making my mind stray off to other things… like wanting to listen to NMKW or Sugita (is tempted to find the Hiiro radios) or drifting back to dream about Souji *this is becoming very random lol*

        I can't recognize Kaji Yuuki's voice or the others you mentioned either. I like Kamiya Hiroshi though eh his vocie doesn’t count as small The only seiyuu like that, that I can remember his name/voice is Mizushima Takahiro. *small voices are futsuu* *shota ga chotto nigate*

        And YES!! I love seiyuu’s work and finding more about them outside of just hearing their voices in games/anime and stuff. I’m still very new in this, like I am new to otome games. It started while was still addicted to anime, I started reading seiyuu interviews and stuff for Code Geass XD Lelouch made me love FukuJun a lot and I had a lot of fun searching for him doing weird stuff like crossdressing and laughing with other seiyuu. Naturally I saw a lot of Sakurai-san and loved him too. Loved Sakurai-san as Cloud and Rimudo (FYGK) best.. ….You’re awesome too.. I mean your love for seiyuu and know so much *__* I didn’t know until recently that they do awesome stuff on stage too, apart from hosting radio shows, taking interviews and ofcorse, understanding their character so well and voice the character personality and emotions perfectly for each sentence… seiyuu ga sugosugiruuuu

        I guess it was that picture in Namikawa’s blog that I realized that Sugita himself was so … AMAZING XDDD LOLOL The way you describe him reminds me of Takuma. (yappari Takuma’s shyness is the cutest) I wonder why I planned so many characters before Koumei.. orz *must revise Sangoku plans after I’m satisfied with Hakuouki* And I didn’t know Gintama had Shinsengumi relations too O_O *downloads* *bricked because all my Shinsengumi interest is simply spawned from Okita Souji love* Hakuouki is quite serious on history though, not like I care about the details.. I just look at the big picture and focus on Okita *bricked again* But thanks to Hakuouki and Rurouni Kenshin, I know a lot more about Japan history now.

        AHHH This reply is so random …I hope it was readable XD *Seiyuuuuu daisuki* Or maybe it’s not readable ^ ^;; *glances did I write* ..Oh, and I can’t play TMGS3 ;_; an NDS is something I don’t have and I don’t like the emu (deleted it already).

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