Aiyoku no Eustia : Licia’s Ending

This is the last of my Aiyoku no Eustia posts. First, character popularity poll results! Then it’s Licia’s ending which is really short because there’s not much.

Girl’s side: 1st place = Licia! .. As expected. You can’t help loving her. She’s not a silly loli princess at all. 2nd place = Fione .. Not expected. She’s a very good girl but not my type I guess. 3rd place = Tia.

My favorites are Tia & Licia (can’t decide who I like more) and Melt.

Gentlemen’s side: results not announced yet. You can vote until Jun.15

I love Caim and Luciusssssss XD and I really like Sieg too. I also ship him with Eris.<3

Licia’s Ending


The events are the same as Licia’s arc until they follow Gil into Gil’s mansion and end up back in the palace. Then they’re encountered by Gaumon. But instead of leaving Valius to fight alone, Caim stays behind too. They help each other defeat Gaumon and Valius doesn’t die (YAYY!), though he does lose a few fingers. Licia and Lucius confront Gil in the palace (they don’t go into the tower) and Licia kills Gil by herself. She cries while hidden in Caim’s arms and Caim decides to be a place where she can cry.
After that 7 days, Licia gets the crown and cries after seeing her dried flower crown inside the real crown. Instead of going parting ways on the palace stairs like in Tia’s route, Caim accepts Licia’s offer and agrees to stay by her side although he won’t become a noble. She thanks him happily.^_^Licia kawaii!
A few days after that Licia calls Caim to her room. They watch the stars together on the balcony while Licia is sitting on Caim’s lap. She thanks him for the words he said to her last time they were at this balcony because they changed her life. Then they go to her room. She’s been thinking of a solution because the King is the father of all people, but she’s a girl she can’t be a father. So she’ll be a mother instead. First she’ll be a woman, then a wife. She says the only one she can ever choose is Caim. So Caim makes her a woman.
Later things are starting to fall into place. The preparations for freeing the prison is almost finished. The research for stopping the earthquakes is going along well and Tia is absolutely fine. Lucius suggests a plan that Caim will become another son of the Neville household. They’ll become brothers again. Then he’ll gradually work to become a person suitable to be Licia’s husband. Licia was feeling insecure and worried that Caim may leave her side so Caim promises her he’ll stay by her side forever. That day they went down to visit the prison together so Caim massages Licia’s feet. Which turns into another make out. Caim kisses Licia in the moonlight.

Hmmm.. most of the details are just lovey-dovey talk. Licia is cute so it was fun. She’s also not too innocent like Tia is. I especially loved it when Caim whispered to her once XD That was hot! *wanted Caim in thee scenes instead of the girls =_=’*

The ending is so happy it’s unfair to Tia. Valius lives, the earthquakes stop, the prison gets released.. Caim and Licia live happily ever after.. Caim and Lucius go back to being brothers.. Lucius lives too ETC *Throws a table out of rage for Tia, but likes this ending anyway*

More thoughts about Tia’s ending… if Irene the 1st hadn’t created Tia and just let herself run out of the power, the world would surely fall into destruction like she wished. But she entrusted the task to Tia, so Tia used that power to save everyone. HMM… Perhaps she was giving the world another chance. If Caim didn’t come to save Tia, Tia would surely have destroyed everything forever. Caim’s awesome XD
*Sigh* It’s been a long time with Eustia. ^_^ Finally I’m through.

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[Summary Quick Index] 
Prologue / First Impressions
Chapter 1 : Fione’s arc
Chapter 2 : Eris’s arc
Chapter 3 : Saint Irene’s arc
Chapter 4 : Licia’s arc 
Chapter 5 : Tia’s arc Part 1 / Part 2 + Final Impressions
Licia’s Ending

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  1. Silver

     /  August 26, 2011

    Wow you’re right… why does Licia get such a happen ending (not that I’m complaining since I love it) but Tia get a bittersweet one? One thing that I don’t like as much about this ending is that I kind of hope that the entire city also goes back down to the ground. Well at least Tia is absolutely fine. She can go back to being Caim’s little sister haha.

  2. zaldar

     /  December 26, 2011

    hmm have to ask do they do any scenes that might be considered objectionable? I mean she is like what 12….do they show anything that might make it not able to be shown in America?

    Also how are you doing? Lost the link to here so haven’t been able to comment in awhile. Hope you are doing well!

    • Yes, the game has a lot of objectionable scenes and there are a lot of explicit CGs. Even Iris (the little girl prostitute) has a scene and she’s even younger than Licia^^; The game itself is R18 but *if* it becomes an anime, there won’t be any scenes like the adaptations of Key’s Kanon and Air.

      It’s term holiday now so I’m doing some part-time jobs while playing Tales of Xillia. (❛◡❛٭) Thanks for dropping by again although I haven’t been making any posts lately & Merry Christmas to you~♪

      • zaldar

         /  December 27, 2011

        ug….that is to bad. Not sure if I want to import this now….ah well.

        You are in South Korea right? Things ok there? With the world situation the way it is now I know it must be tense there…

      • I just skip past the scenes and think of them as just part of the product to satisfy eroge players’w’ They’re easily ignorable so I wouldn’t make it a reason not to buy it if I had wanted it. (Though in my case, I’d just google for it XD)
        Nope, I’m in Australia XD It’s a peaceful and not too hot holiday season here.

  3. zaldar

     /  December 28, 2011

    wow…so knowing English I understand then (why did I think you were in South Korea) but knowing Japanese as well as you obviously do is incredible. I have been burned by googeling for files before…..

    You will have to tell me how you learned Japanese as I would love to do so but can never find the time. Glad it isn’t to hot in Austrailia. Some of the media here (in the us) is saying dust storms and such in the outback are larger because of global warming.

    • USA sure is strict ‘o’ Although stuff that aren’t licensed in the US shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Google hongfire?

      I started by taking beginner Japanese classes in uni ‘w’ You can easily study beginner level by yourself since now there are plenty of good books.. and it won’t take as long. Just keep going. After beginner level I stupidly used more study books to self study and used JLPT as my goal (boring method, not recommended).

      I recommend using Ankisrs (flash card program) together with beginner books to help remember vocab/kanji so you won’t keep forgetting older stuff. Keep watching anime/ getting lots of input in Japanese that interest you and look up words that make you curious. Keep reviewing and adding new cards (don’t add more than you can review, always review first, even you only add say 10 cards per week–you’ll get 500+ in a year ‘w’b So even a few per day counts). Anki is good if you don’t have much time, you can go at your own pace. Then forget the study books after you’ve passed beginner level for visual novels (unless you like them, just do what you like or a bit of both). You can also practice making your own sentences/writing down thoughts in Japanese, I use Twitter for example.’w’ Anyway it’s not easy, takes lots of time and effort so がんばって!


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