Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 5 Tia’s arc (Part 2) + Final Impressions

I’m back! Finally I finished writing the ending…

Summary for Ending


Cont. from last post. So finally Caim decided to visit Tia.

Tia has been suffering a big lot and now she can’t remember the faces of the researchers. She’s sad that Caim won’t come to see her anymore. The researcher lets her rest. She lies crying out of loneliness when Caim pops up and she hurriedly wipes her tears and says she’s not crying. Caim takes her for a walk. She starts telling him she’s been trying hard and acting cheerful so Caim glomps her on the bridge.

She feels safe in his arms and gets sleepy, so they go to a guest room in the palace together. And….. they both fall asleep. Without doing it. HAHA.

Well, they wake up later and do it.^^ Caim started touching Tia’s wings and they talked about going back to their house after everything’s over. Suddenly Tia wanted to become Caim’s and he promises that when they go back he’ll make her happy and kisses her…

Too bad there are no kiss CGs……. and I have nothing but complaints about the scene. It just didn’t fit in. It felt like a typical ero scene which was hardly story related. The wheat field appendix scene was better. I was expecting some sweet innocence mixed with lots of emotions strengthening their love but painfully heartbreaking at the same time. But it turned out to be total nonsense which turned me off so I skipped it. Caim’s not voiced either. *thumbs down*

When they wake up again, Tia asks Caim not to come to see her again. If she sees Caim, she might give up. So it’s for her sake and for all the people of the city too. Caim simply agrees. =_=; What was that? Mood killer? Caim no baka!

The next morning, at the balcony with Licia and Lucius, they see the lower city has been fully taken over and the holy church overthrown. The scale of people involved is now too big, therefore Licia wants to surrender. She tells Lucius it’s enough and thanks him. The city isn’t just a place to fulfill only his desires but everyone’s. Battling is useless. However Lucius turns on her and has her study in her room for a while, saying the battle is not over yet. Then there’s a big earthquake which makes an enormous hole the middle of the lower city, where all the protesters are gathered. In an instant, they all fall into oblivion much to Caim’s shock.

But not to Lucius’s.

I made that hole.

Caim can’t believe it.. Lucius says he doesn’t know how many died but the number of people remaining is more. The city has a “release” function as an emergency measure. The prison fall was also Lucius’s doing. Caim gives him a big punch sending him flying onto the floor for killing Melt but Lucius says it was a coincidence that she died. He had no intention to kill her. He has been searching for the reason for the Grand Forte for a long time since Gilbert’s reign. He learned that the angel had little power left. It takes a lot of energy to maintain people so some people had to be purged, in order for the city to stay afloat. He swore on the lives of the people he killed, to keep the city afloat for as long as possible, as long as some people remain on it. That he’d never let his emotions get in his way and make the right choice no matter what. Or else they’d all have died for nothing and say everyone should have just fallen down together from the start. Caim starts raging that the people in the city don’t want that so Lucius asks him what he will do. Caim can’t answer to that. Lucius asks him “what is the reason you were born for?” He wants Caim to at least choose his own path and walk it. But for Tia, she is a sacrifice for the city and he won’t let Caim get in his way. Lucius leaves.

I was really mad at Lucius first time like YAPPARI HE’S THE FINAL BOSS RAGEEE HOW COULD HE but he’s very understandable second time. I was waiting for Caim to stop Lucius and save Tia already but if you put yourself into Caim’s shoes, it’s not an easy decision to make. It’s normal for him to be confused. It’s the whole city at stake. And in real life, at times you’re lost even though the answer is right in front of you. I myself, also took a big blow from Lucius’s words…

Tia is now purifying some black powder (the drug that made Gau turn into Gaumon) it’s very concentrated and is causing her lots of pain. Lucius keeps unemotional and orders Sis to prepare the next release, which will take 3 days. He looks rather disturbed so Sis tells him she’ll always be by his side.

Caim stood thinking at the balcony until sunset. His conclusion is to negotiate with Sieg to stop or else Tia’s sacrifice will go to waste. If Sieg doesn’t agree, he’s gathering the will power to kill him. His knife gleams in the sun.

On the way he runs into…

Erissssssssssssss<333 and her beautiful song in the sunset.

She was looking for Caim because she had something to give him. It’s the money that Caim used to redeem her. Caim says the city is falling apart this isn’t the time but Eris says because it’s a time like this, she has to do it no matter what. She says Caim doesn’t understand because it’s not logical. When you’re about to die, it doesn’t matter what happens next. She just doesn’t want to regret anything. Like Sieg, rather than waiting for death he has chosen to fight until the end. So she wanted to show Caim that she became herself, the money was just a method.

I loved Eris in this scene. Erissssssss <333 It was a touching and impressive scene.

She wants to thank Caim but then again they had troublesome times together. Caim says even so it was fun. So she says “see you again” and walks away.

While Caim just stands there thinking until night falls. lol

Meanwhile Tia is in so much pain that her thoughts are pulled into the spiral. The voice of the angel in her head starts telling her that Caim betrayed her. He chose to live on her sacrifice. It tells her to imagine Caim hugging another girl. Tia can’t stand it the thought and gives in. The room is flooded with light.

Caim is still telling himself to go do the right thing already (he’s still thinking about killing Sieg, srsly.=_=’ C a i m . . .) but his legs won’t move. Then he sees the tower shine and thinks of Tia. Then he FINALLY REALIZES. He doesn’t want to live in a world over Tia’s sacrifice. He turns and runs back. There are flashbacks of Eris and Cougar as Caim realizes that unknowingly he became a doll like Eris was, seduced by Lucius’s words of righteousness. He was using it as a way to ease the pain of abandoning Tia. The first rays of sunrise shine as he runs up towards the tower..

Caim has reached the palace. Licia’s words “what you ‘can or can’t do’ is very different from what you ‘do or don’t do’..” come into his mind. He knocks out the guards and frees Licia before going on. Licia asks him if he understands that saving Tia means abandoning the city. He answers that he does, and Licia laughs. But she’s content that Caim is like himself and says she doesn’t hate him. She leaves to do what she has to do. Caim encounters some of Lucius’s soldiers protecting the tower.

Lucius is desperate. Tia still hasn’t awakened yet so Lucius orders the researchers to purge the prison entirely and infuse the power into Tia. The preparation for the release isn’t complete so they won’t be able to control the falling areas, yet Lucius insists. Sistina has nothing else to do so she offers to stop the pursuers by taking the black powder. She has sworn to give her life for Lucius. She blushes when Lucius says her name and gives her permission.

Colette and Sieg continue to lead the prisoners up to seize the palace. Eris watches them and thinks to herself, if it becomes peaceful she’ll open a bar like Melt’s. Fione is intercepting them with her soldiers. She doesn’t know why she is fighting when Licia arrives.

Licia announces her presence and surrenders herself on the condition that the soldiers will be pardoned of their sins. They only were acting under her command. Everyone puts down their weapons. Fione offers to accompany Licia so Licia asks her name. She has heard about Fione from Caim so she thanks her for protecting the barricade even though it was hard to hurt the citizens. Licia says Fione did well, and the sin for letting the prisoners suffer should fall only upon herself. Fione is touched to tears that she’s found the person worthy of following.

A scene where all the girls are awesome *likes it*^_^ Then guess who appears…

Yep, it’s Sismon. And she provokes a fight. =_=’ The two sides join hands to take her down. Then the ground starts shaking violently.. the land starts falling all over the place.

Lucius now has Tia bound to the pillar but she still won’t awaken. Lucius then remembers Caim telling him that Tia resurrected and shined before so he starts stabbing her with his sword.. making the researcher freak out and quit. It works perfectly though.

Then Caim arrives to stop him and announces that he’s taking Tia back. He’s back to the cool badass Caim.~♥ Lucius looks pleased that Caim has found his choice. He refuses to return Tia so they duel.

CAIM<3333 OMG I love them both <333

Lucius has always hated his fate. Why did he have to become someone he wasn’t, to do what a mad noble wanted.. if he didn’t he would be killed. He changed his name, his appearance, his speaking style, everything to become the man called Lucius. Finally he found the cause of the Grand Forte but instead of taking revenge, he became the one to cause more falls himself. He was pleased to be a politician because he could change the lives of the people. If there weren’t any people he would lose his meaning of life… now he has truly become the person named Lucius. A lot of deep talk, but obviously it’s a bad idea to talk too much while dueling, Caim stabs him in the stomach.

Lucius asks him one last thing. “Has he found his reason for living?” Caim tells him he was always afraid to choose his own path, with no righteousness to support it. He says he’s found it now and Lucius smiles. Caim tells him “don’t die” and admits that he was sad when he thought Aim had died back then. Even though he secretly hated him because he could never beat him in anything. Lucius admits he hated Caim too because he could get off with anything just because he was younger. //Luciusss ;_; Caim starts saying some stuff that implies that he liked Aim so Lucius says that he is really kind which is why he’ll fail.. Lucius throws the knife from his stomach at Caim. Lucius says that now he is a worthy rival, he can’t lose. Caim easily dodges the knife but Lucius was aiming at Tia from the start. The knife plunges into her heart. Suddenly Tia shines brighter than ever..

The sky glows with the light of Tragedia. The angel’s voice calls out to Eustia for her to awaken. The voice belongs to Irene Anastasia, the first holy maiden, who turned into the angel for the sake of the city. Now she has no power left therefore, Tia, her child, is to destroy the world and all humans in her place.. that is her destiny. Humans have always betrayed gods. The gods stopped believing in humans and left the lands in destruction long ago. Irene the 1st begged the gods for forgiveness so the gods turned her into an angel and entrusted the task of watching over the humans to her. But the humans betrayed even her and bound her to the tower, sucking her powers to keep the city afloat. Yeah, so now she’s pretty pissed and regrets saving them in the first place.. she entrusts the task to Tia. “destroy.. all humans.. who betrayed me..”

Caim puts the pieces of the story together and gathers that Tia was probably born at the day of the Grand Forte, by borrowing Clovis’s body. O_o He calls out to Tia but she doesn’t hear him. She goes “yes, Mom” and makes a big earthquake which blows up the tower.

Lucius saved Caim from falling debris….!!! //Luciussssss UWAA

He wants to save the city and Caim wants to save Tia… their objectives are still different but finally their paths are the same…;_; “you can do it.. because you’re my brother” OK That did it .. I broke down 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–!!!! In his last words, Lucius even said “ore” like Aim used to instead of Lucius’s “watashi” He’s still Aim… UWAAAA ;_;

Caim walks up to Tia but she’s got a barrier on which starts burning him up as he gets closer to her. Even so Caim reaches out to her which makes his arm drop off.. and his leg too.. OW. It’s the pain Tia has been experiencing all along. But he starts yelling at her that he doesn’t want to live on her sacrifice, so stay with him. Stop trying and just stay with him. He won’t give her to anyone. Let’s just build a small house in the fields and live together quietly.. like we promised. The words finally reach Tia.. (she thought it was just her imagination at first) but when Caim gave the necklace back to her. She starts complaining that Caim was so slow. She can’t go back or smile anymore. Caim apologizes for letting her suffer but she says its ok. She did something worse, she wished for the destruction of humans like her mother wanted her to. Caim tells her to forget all that and just stay with him. He hugs her and the city starts falling down slowly.

Caim whispers to her that he would surely regret it if he didn’t come to save her. Once Tia hears the word “regret” she says she has regrets. She regrets not being able to be closer to Caim.. so her pulls her into a kiss<3 But once they let go, she stands up and backs away, smiling and says that she has another regret. Suddenly the falling city starts sinking into a sea of black mist.

She would regret it to no end if everything ended here. She was very happy that Caim came to save her and all. So she wants to live without regrets too. Caim protests that she’s been suffering all her life, what did she get? She said that she couldn’t be happier because Caim chose her in the end. And now the only one who can save Caim is her, that’s her reason for living.

She purifies the black mist from the lands and protects the city with an orb of light.

Then Fione, Licia, Sieg, Colette and all the others still alive all wake up and find that they’ve landed safely. Colette heard the sad voice of the angel but she doesn’t understand all of it. However, she and the 1st Irene are probably connected by blood. Eris and Lavi are fine too. // BTW I ship Sieg and Eris<3 They hope Caim is alive.

Caim wakes up but Tia is nowhere to be found. He hears her voice saying she didn’t become a sacrifice, but chose this path with her own will. She is now one with the earth, water, air, everywhere.. giving power to all living people like Irene once did. Therefore, she will always be with him. She loves him and will always wish for his happiness. Caim sets out to rebuild the new world that she created…


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

~Final Impressions~

The final message of this game can hit you really hard.. well, at least to me it did. Even more than the ending, though Tia’s wish in the end emphasized it. Living without regrets… “What is the meaning of your life / what reason were you born?” …. it surely got me thinking…

I cried a lot ALL BECAUSE OF LUCIUS XD I mean I want a big brother too UWAAA He’s so nice and he loves Caim;_; But even more so, he was true to his wish until the end. I’m so glad he and Caim were finally able to walk on the same path.. And since I was already in tears at the time, I just kept crying for Tia too. My summaries are just a little bit, but the full thing does build up the emotions quite nicely. Enough to leave me very satisfied with the ending.

OK, I’m not entirely happy with the way things ended. I’d prefer it most if Caim had become a god too along with Tia, and they’d protect the world together for eternity. (I sort of wished the same thing in Angel Beats! for Kaede and Otonashi but things never go my way. Oh well.) Or if Tia had just turned back into a normal human and lived with Caim in the wheat field. But they had to make it a bittersweet ending. Which I don’t hate. But I keep thinking : this is a game so why can’t there be multiple endings? I tried playing the game with all the choices aiming towards Tia and didn’t touch any other girl’s endings before Tia.. I was hoping for a secret happy end but no there isn’t=_=’ This is seriously unfair because the other girls all get their own endings in which they get married, pregnant, etc and the world doesn’t fall or anything. Why doesn’t Tia have one too?

… Back to the ending. So, Tia became a goddess/angel. This had less impact on me than Madoka Magica because Madoka transcends time-space too so that was awesome. Tia, however didn’t, so the bittersweet-ness did feel that it got pushed onto you. Why’d she have to become a god and disappear? She should have liveddddd (went back to the same point sorry) It’s not entirely bad this way, Caim gets to live on and you get the feeling that the story continues with all the other characters. It’s nice to imagination the after story… Caim might as well be mine *gets shot* XD Naww, he’ll never forget Tia.

…I might as well remember from now that floating cities just have to fall. ^^; Its happened so many times before (Ar tonelico, Gonzo’s Romeo x Juliet, FFXIII etc) but I still got excited for Aiyoku no Eustia anyway. If there’s anything else with floating cities I might as well pass go for it again anyway XD

The ending song is really nice and fits the ending very very well. It sings about the awakening of a great land, where you’ll (Caim’ll) continue to walk in. “in the beloved world where I met you, I learned the strength to believe” .. it’s in past tense ;_; She’ll always pray for his happiness… I really love it. Asphodelus makes more sense after knowing the ending too. Especially the entrust your pain and sorrow onto me parts *Loves both songs to pieces*

In the end Aiyoku no Eustia became another story that touched my heart. I’m very impressed and satisfied with it. ^_^ Yes! Finally I finished writing about this! ….Wait, maybe I should write about Licia’s ending too (just played it a moment ago). It’s a very happy ending and it even has an epilogue *0*!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Prologue / First Impressions
Chapter 1 : Fione’s arc
Chapter 2 : Eris’s arc
Chapter 3 : Saint Irene’s arc
Chapter 4 : Licia’s arc 
Chapter 5 : Tia’s arc Part 1 / Part 2 + Final Impressions
Licia’s Ending (coming soon)

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  1. Nice review! I really love it, especially for Tia!

    Her story is so sad. After reading your long reviews, I found that Tia’s time with Caim was just for a short moment (mostly because Caim hasn’t realize his feelings to protect her). And after that, Tia’s ending is really tragic (Her life is so miserable, so much in pain, and just living for a short time with her lover)! Maybe I can compare it to Key’s game (But I think Key made a happy ending too for Tomoya or Yuuichi-Though I never played that).

    • Thanks! ^-^ Yeah, Tia and Caim don’t get to be together much in her arc (mostly she was taking experiments).. The scenes in part 1 were nicer than in part 2. Even though she suffered almost all her life, but she was able to be happy and live without regrets in the end … and although she can’t be with Caim but she can keep protecting the world = I can’t help but admire her.
      For Key’s games, I’ve played Clannad. Its true end was very happy, The others Air, Kanon I watched anime only. Hmm.. Key likes crafting sad emotional scenarios which usually relies on a special situation. Eustia is a bit more realistic and focuses on delivering a final message. It’s interesting to compare it with Key’s games because they’re all games that are very strong on story.

      • Oh, right, it was taking experiments… Why did I told about something’s wrong with Caim??? Urgh, maybe because I don’t really like that confused part of him… But well, in the end, he did his job, realizing his feelings for Tia, so I forgave him (What, did he do wrong to me? No, I mean to Tia)..

  2. nowkung

     /  October 31, 2011

    good game , and you’re a good gammer. I want to cry!! T^T


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