Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 5 Tia’s arc (Part 1)

Last arc.. I had to divide it into 2 parts because 1)it’s that long; 2)the end isn’t ready because I lost a portion of my notes due to a crash; and 3) I’m going on a field trip/holiday for 5 days. I really wanted to finish everything first but this is all I could do ^^;

Summary for Tia’s arc


In the prologue, Caim found Tia among a group of to-be-prostitutes who were all brutally murdered. He saw her body glow with the light of Tragedia, and the light gathered onto wings on her back. She was alive, so Caim took her home and was kind to her for a while to get her to talk about the incident. She’s been a slave and faced hardships all her life, but is still cheerful, sweet, pure and optimistic. He found himself changing because of her. Tia was thankful to Caim too. But after she saw the winged hunters and how terrified people are of them, she decided to tell Caim she knew nothing, and ran away so she wouldn’t cause Caim any trouble. By the time Caim found her, she was lying in a pool of blood with a grave slash on her body. She died in his arms. Then she glowed and resurrected right in front of his eyes. So Caim took her home again, redeemed her, and asked her to stay with him, because he wanted to know her mystery. And that led to all the events so far.

CHAPTER 5: Tia’s Arc

5 days after Licia’s coronation ceremony, Caim and Lucius go on a walk. Lucius has taken control over the experiment tower. He’s changed the research focus from resurrecting Clovis to keeping the city afloat. Caim suspects Lucius still knows more than he’s telling. He asks Lucius to take him to see the angel so they visit the tower.

Tia is there, her wings now clearly visible. They all climb up the tower together. At the top of the tower, there’s an angel pinned to the center pillar. She’s sunken as if only skin and bones are left. She’s the source of all miracles of the city, the biggest miracle being the fact that the city is floating above the clouds. It isn’t affected by the wind, there’s sufficient water and crops yield extremely high productivity. Suddenly Tia starts suffering and her body becomes hot. Her wings glow with the strange light and also the tower starts shaking. A moment later it stops and Tia is surprised that she’s in Caim’s arms. She freaks out so they figure she’s OK now and Caim drops her. Tia says she heard the voice in her dreams saying “You came, good. I’ve been waiting for you.” Lucius suspects it’s the angel’s voice. He wants the researchers to give her another check up so they go back down.

Caim is worried that Tia will end up like that angel, but Lucius promises that he won’t do such a thing. (I don’t believe that) Licia and Sistina come to the tower too. Licia seems much more mature and majestic, and has the air of a grown woman♥. Sistina has bad news that a roit has broken out in the special administration district because the people are in fear of earthquakes. They’re suspicous over how the falls only effect the prison and demand to be released into the lower city.

Tia’s inspection reveals that her wings have gotten bigger. They want to do more tests and Lucius says Tia may be able to save the whole city. Tia is very willing to help and asks for Caim’s permission since he bought her after all. Caim’s still worried about her but he lets her do as she wants. Licia reminds Lucius and Sistina that she will not tolerate any bloodshed towards her people. She goes back to work. Before Sistina leaves too, Caim makes her stop calling the prison “the Special administration district” because they aren’t being treated specially and it pisses him off. Even Licia calls it the prison so Sis uses the word too. Then Caim leaves to check out the situation.

At the prison, Sistina and Fione are observing the roit from the balcony of the barricade. However Seig tells everyone to scatter before the soldiers had to act. Caim goes to have a chat with Sieg. Even after Caim explains the situation to Sieg and asks him to keep the roit under control, Sieg cannot say he’ll fully cooperate. That’s because their goals are different. Lucius may be forced to make decisions based on sacrificing the minority for the majority but Sieg will never put anything on higher priority than the prison and the people here. Sieg will act for the prison even if that means hindering Lucius’s research which may end up in the whole city falling. (Sieg doesn’t fully believe Caim’s claim about this. He knows it could be something Caim and Lucius are making up to keep him from acting. Smart.) They have some small chat about how Caim is becoming an upper-class person now but Caim insists he’s still him. Then Sieg tells Caim Eris has been missing him. He tells Caim she’s been working really hard.

Caim goes to see Eris. She’s treating the wounded in the emergency shelter. Her apron is dirty and she wiped the sweat from her forehead before coming to talk with Caim. She’s been working all day treating everybody and thanks to that, she’s become even more popular than before. (yokatta Eris!) Caim sees a patient who has burns and recognizes it. He asks the guy how he got those burns and he answered that it was the black mist. Eris explains that the black mist appeared the other night, leaving corpses with severe burns. This man ran for his life and got away. Eris also asks for clean water since the half of all the wells are now polluted thanks to the quakes. Caim promises to tell Lucius about it.

Caim goes back to report to Lucius. Caim is assigned to investigate about the black mist and Lucius wants Tia to go with him, since she saved him at the castle before. After Caim leaves, Sis asks Lucius if that’s really okay because Tia’s very special and they can’t lose her. Lucius says on the contrary, this may turn out useful for them. The city is running out of time and there’s no time for quiet methods.

Caim is tired and flops on the bed. He wanted to meet Tia but he’s tired so he’ll go tomorrow. He lies thinking about her when she knocks his door. She’s hiding something behind her. She can’t sleep because when she closes her eyes, she sees the angel. Caim says she can sleep here, and Tia reveals that what’s she’s been hiding is a pillow. Tia starts protesting when Caim starts making for the sofa so he says they should just both sleep on the bed then. Cute scene 🙂

The next day Caim takes Tia to be checked up. Licia is there too. Caim is surprised that she’s already taken care of the water problem and they’re preparing the ceremony to assign a new holy maiden. Licia is here to see Tia heal a person with the wing disease with her own eyes.

Tia is undoubtedly a beautiful sight with glowing wings. The patient’s wings dissolve and into black goo which is turned to light and absorbed into Tia’s wings. However, Tia is showing signs of pain although she seems to be trying her best to hide it. Licia notices it and they discuss about her health. Caim says the researchers should stop Tia before it harms her. Tia comes to chat. Caim tells her not to overdo it and Tia says she’ll try her best, only to get told off by Caim. Licia is amused and says Tia’s like a puppy after Tia goes back to the researchers. Though she can’t help but think it’s a great burden of keeping a while city afloat for such a small girl. Caim says she can’t act on puty or she’ll make mistakes. As they go back to work, Licia wonders what the angel feels like to support the city.

That evening, Sistina gives Caim a letter from someone who shouldn’t be around anymore. It’s from Colette asking Caim to come and talk to her ASAP.

The next day, Caim goes to the prison with Tia. Her wings are much larger but they still hide it under a cloak. (Obviously the sprite is her wings at max size, at this point in the game they aren’t supposed to be that big) They chat with Fione a bit, visit the market then go to the place where Vinoletta (Melt’s bar) was. Tia picks up a fragment of the wall there. She says she’ll try hard so something like this never happens again..

While Tia cleans up and cooks dinner, Caim goes to visit Colette and Lavi. Colette had a dream 2 days before (around the time Tia collapsed in front of the angel’s pillar) She said the angel was engulfed in deep sadness was asking for help. Caim doesn’t take her seriously and keeps his mouth shut about Tia. Nothing much, the two are getting used to their new prison life although people have been getting restless lately. Lavi invites Caim to dinner but he says he can’t.

At Caim’s house, Tia has cleaned it and she’s almost finished preparing dinner. Caim is strangely calm just looking at her and he murmurs that it’s not bad (being with her). Tia says what? and Caim changes the subject and asks her if there’s anything she wants such as clothes/accessories. Tia can’t come up with anything, she only wants things that money can’t buy like a normal life, and peaceful times. They talk about other things like how time has passed and Tia pouts a bit that there’s always a girl near him. Caim says well now there isn’t and Tia points out that she is a girl too. Caim tells her that there wasn’t any deep relationships involved with anyone. He asks if she likes him. Tia answers that it’s fun to be with him. She’s had bad memories all her life but since Caim picked her up, everything became fun. Caim tells her not to look down on herself. He thinks that he also changed because he met Tia. Tia then says she has something she wants now. She wants to have dinner and stay at this house with Caim again.

At night they go to investigate the black mist together. They wait for it to appear near the fallen areas. Tia seems cold so Caim embraces her. She’s warm. Tia says that from now on she wants to be with Caim forever. She’s always been alone before, but if she had to live alone from now she wouldn’t be able to stand the loneliness. She’s changing and it’s a bit scary. Caim thought her confession was like a beautiful song. They talk like that for a while. Tia likes Caim’s little house because it’s full of memories and big houses don’t suit her. Caim’s smiling and says he thought about running away with her. Tia doesn’t get that but she’s happy. Caim tells her he feels calm when he’s with her. She’s about to ask if that means he… and they’re interrupted by a scream.

It’s the black mist. It’s so big they can’t escape and Tia is so scared she can’t move. Caim is about to be enveloped when Tia shines brightly, finishes it off and faints. People of the prison saw that and called her an angel although they’re scared of her.

Caim carries her to Eris’s. Eris comments that it’s rare for him to freak out so much he didn’t realize he’s covered in sweat. Eris says Tia seems normal and looks like she’s sleeping. She lets them stay for the night. (He stays up all night watching her *o*) The next day, with Fione’s help he takes her up to the tower. Caim and Lucius have another long talk about having to save the city at all costs.. I can only feel Lucius is planning something very bad for Tia and that he’s not telling everything. Colette dreamed again and heard the angel’s voice saying “awaken.. and take my place..” She’s worried about Tia.

After sleeping for 2 full days, Tia wakes up and Caim rushes to see her. She’s okay and says she’s hungry. Caim gives her the fragment of Vinoletta and tells her to keep it safely or Melt will be angry. Tia is puzzled like she couldn’t remember it but quickly accepted it to cover that up. Caim noticed. He tells her to take it easy. He then tells Lucius about in private. Lucius tells Sis to report to the researchers and he tells Caim that the researchers have suspected this before. There was no proof and Tia herself denied it so they didn’t tell him. Caim rages at Lucius.

The next day, the new holy maiden will make her first presence at the prison. Licia is also there. During the speech, it happens AGAIN. There’s an earthquake and this time, a big part of the cliff surrounding the prison area caves in. The crowd start protesting from fear. “The prison is doomed! “Escape to the lower city!” and they start rampaging trying to overcome the barricade. Both Fione and Caim shout to the crowd to calm them but it’s no use. Fione has no choice but to order fire to suppress them. Lucius has ordered to stop the prisoners even if it means destroying the building. Caim is shocked at the sight of the prisoners getting hit and he can’t move even though he thought he was used to killing.

Again, it was Sieg who stopped the fight and ordered the prisoners to scatter. Corpses are left on the grounds… Caim and Sieg have a brief talk. Sieg says Caim has changed, he can’t even stand on his own feet. Caim asks if Sieg will kill him, but Sieg says there’s no point in that. He will just forget Caim. Caim is shocked at those words.

//I don’t get the point why Lucius will not allow the prisoners to evacuate to other places of the city. His reason is not good enough, he shouldn’t be relying just on Tia. He’s either blinded by his ideals of sacrificing the minority for the greater good. Or he’s using that as an excuse to get rid of the prisoners because he actually thinks that they are all corrupted people and wants to exterminate them FOR THE GREATER GOOD ..LIKE HITLER UWAAAAAAAAAAA

Back at the palace, Licia has called for Caim to meet her in her room. Caim tells her what happened and that people died. Licia RAGES really hard, calls Lucius and unleashes her wrath on him. *LICIA IS AWESOME! XD* Lucius starts explaining that it couldnt be helped. Caim supports Lucius because it’s the logical answer. He can’t let the city fall. *CAIM! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I WANT TO KICK YOUR ASS AND SEND IT FLYING OUT OF THE WINDOW!* Licia isn’t pleased but she has to accept. She’s needs his help to run the city. Although her ideals are different. She has something she must do. She asks Caim to tell her ASAP if there’s another roit. She gives Caim a bird that will always fly back to her.

Caim is getting increasing confused from the events and is losing track of where he’s heading. YOU’RE LOSING EVERYTHING TIA, THE PRISON. WHAT’S LEFT IF YOU LIVE AND TIA DIES??? WAKE UP BAKA! LUCIUS HAS BRAINWASHED YOU <- sry I raged…^^;

The next day he goes to see Tia but sees her gasping in pain after healing 3 hanetsukis at once. She whispers Caims name and murmurs that she’ll try her best for him. Caim yells at Lucius to stop the experiments but Lu and Sis watch calmly as if they’re listening to music. Caim can’t bring himself to talk to Tia so he leaves and goes to see Eris instead. Eris is surprised that he of all people came to her to talk about his problems. The prison is quiet, people are losing hope. The black mist is still around. Rumors of a savior has started too, the savior can blow away black mist and heal even winged ones. Eris will live as she wants. She may stop being a doctor someday who knows. Caim goes to visit Colette next. Colette has been dreaming more often now. She’s seen the tower with a pillar in the middle. She asks Caim if he knows such a place but he denies it again. WHY CAIM? He does tell them that the rumors of the savior was really Tia and they’re happy to hear that. He listens to Colette playing the harp and it’s dark before he returns.

Another view:Eustia
She’s suffering a lot and murmurs Caim’s name so she won’t forget it. She’s scared that she will forget everything. She sees Vinoletta and Melt falling down the sky and visions Caim falling.. she won’t forgive herself if she lets Caim die. She thinks why does she always have to face terrible things? The angel’s voice repeats that question to her in her head: “why does she have to suffer for those humans?” Tia almost wished to be free from all the suffering but suddenly willed herself back. She wants to go to wash her face but suddenly she realizes something odd. She can see the angel..

Lucius and Sis talk. They’ve noticed Tia’s suffering is much worse than the day before. But they’re still worried whether she can awaken before the city falls. They talk about difficult things like how maybe humans were never supposed to touch the angel’s powers from the start and this is their divine punishment. However, Lucius doesn’t care about that. He must keep the city afloat no matter what. Sis says there are hardly any winged hanetsukis left for Tia to heal. They think about having Tia purify some more of the black mist. Which Sis also wonders if the black mist is a sign that the floating city’s altitude has dropped. Lucius orders Sis to prepare for the next “release” so it can be started anytime. They will take Tia to the prison without telling Caim. He may complain after but he won’t stop them anyway.

Caim is louching in his room, unable to find a resolution. If he’s to save Tia, he has to have the courage to abandon the whole city and everyone in it… but he can’t do it and Tia herself doesn’t want that.

That night Sis takes Tia down to the prison. Sis lies to Tia that Caim has been very busy so he has no time to see her. Tia is thinking of writing Caim a letter. Then they encounter the black mist and it’s gigantic…

Next morning Caim gets another letter from Colette. She had a very bad dream. There are people in the tower performing sinful blasphemy rituals. She has to save the miko. She pleads Caim to cooperate with her. It seems she knows that Caim is cooperating with the researchers.

Caim rushes to the prison fearing that Colette will do something rash. She’s always been very stubborn about her beliefs. He should know that best of all. He rushes to her house and finds it empty. Lavi left a note for him saying thank you and even if they’re in his debt, she can’t let Colette act on her own no matter what. Lavi will follow Colette until the end. She bids Caim farewell. End of letter.

Caim rushes to Lilium to ask for their wherabouts. Oz says Sieg will not see him. They are too busy to care about 2 girls. Oz tells Caim that the savior was here last night, she shined so brightly that it was almost like day. A group of 10 nobles came down to the prison last night. He realizes it must have been Tia, but he leaves to search for Colette first. Colette, is actually with Sieg in his room. She says it’s fine because there’s nothing to talk to Caim anyway.

Caim can’t find any traces of them so he calls Fione to ask her. Fione hasn’t seen them. She expresses some doubt about why the prison has to meet this unfortunate terms. Caim is blinded and tells her the same gunk Lucius brainwashed into him. She reluctantly agrees but points out that Caim is talking like a high class now. That night he can’t will himself into visiting Tia again.

Tia is slipping in and out of conciousness. She could recall that she went to the prison but how much time has passed since then, she has no idea. She tries to open her eyes, move her body, but each time a wave of pain echoes throughout her body. It’s all white in her head and she hears the angel’s voice “leave that place full of nothing but torment. Forget everything. You’ve suffered enough. Listen to me” Even so, Tia refuses to go and tries to go back. She has to protect Caim. She wakes up and still writhes in pain every now and then. It took her a few moments to recall Lucius’s name. She asked for a break.. tomorrow she’ll try hard again.

That morning Caim is about to confront Lucius about Tia again but Sis says it’s a bother to contact him about everything. There’s no use in telling him. He can’t deny that because he can’t choose Tia over the city.. then an urgent message comes. Sieg is starting a rebellion.

Fione is doubting herself while ordering her soldiers to fire arrows. Lucius suggests a much haughtier plan. Fione is shocked because it will cause many casualties but when Lucius says he will take command himself if she doesn’t, she says she’ll do it. Caim stands helpless until Licia arrives. She orders the soldiers to stop but they’ll only listen to Lucius. He says its no use but orders the soldiers to stop. Licia then makes a speech at the balcony asking for patience. She’ll provide enough supplies. She asks them to stop fighting. She then demand to speak with the commandor. The roit’s commander is…

Colette. She announces that she’s the 29th holy maiden, Irene. She was once dropped to the underworld but she’s returned at the will of god. The prisoners are calling her the savior. Licia is confused because she didn’t know Irene was still alive. Colette annouces that she is here to accomplish her mission. Sieg uses her as a miracle to encourage the prisoners.

MIND BLOWN…Colette just turned the tables and made the situation a lot more complicated. Her speech is really good. They made good use of the information and it sounds very convincing.

Colette starts making a speech about the cause of the earthquakes. The nobles have been using the princess and they’ve trapped the angel in the tower. They’ve been using her powers for their own greed. If this continues, the whole city will fall as divine punishment. Sieg says the holy maiden has revived in the prison, she is the savior from the holy light many people saw the other night. Therefore, only the prisoners can save the city. And the prisoners cheer with excitement.

AHAHA. Poor Licia ;_;

Colette asks the soldiers to fight for their city. It’s not too late to turn back and they will surely receive forgiveness. She even tries to reach out to Licia. Licia denies but she couldn’t say it strongly enough. Her confusion was used against herself by Sieg. Sieg and Colette encourage the crowd once more. Licia’s words can’t reach them anymore. Caim pulls her back.

Lucius orders the door shut even through Fione’s protests that many of her subrdinates are still outside. He orders they shoot fire arrows. Caim and Licia are helpless and unsafe here so they retreat.

Caim is sick of saying “you’re right” to Lucius. He checks up on Licia who is studying a way for the lower city to minimize the damage in the lower class. She gives Caim a token of thanks for sending the bird to her. He says she did a good job. Licia still acts strong even though Caim notices her eyes are a bit red. He leaves and arrives at Lucius’s mansion at nightfall. There’s a loud noise signalling that the barricade has been breached. The prisoners are now in the lower city.

Licia has spoken to the soldiers. The prisoners have been misled but they are still this city’s citizens. Do not harm them but do not let them take over. She prays for their safety and hopes they will meet here again. Licia hopes that Lucius will change his mind. She would be a good ruler if not for this critical situation. Lucius says he does have a plan and the research is progressing further because of Tia’s efforts. Caim finally decides to go to visit Tia…


Caim is annoying in this part. But it’s not as if I can’t understand him, he’s acting on logic and reason. So is Lucius, though Lucius takes it to the extreme..  I like how the other characters get more roles especially Colette. She stood up to her beliefs and did something awesome, combined with Sieg it’s even more awesome.

[Summary Quick Index] 
Prologue / First Impressions
Chapter 1 : Fione’s arc
Chapter 2 : Eris’s arc
Chapter 3 : Saint Irene’s arc
Chapter 4 : Licia’s arc 
Chapter 5 : Tia’s arc Part 1 / Part 2 + Final Impressions

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  1. Shiki

     /  June 3, 2011

    Enjoy your trip! I can feel a bittersweet ending coming… XD Even though I follow all your summaries I am still going to play the full game as soon as I can just to get the feel of the real thing. ;P

    • Thanks! I’m back now and had a wonderful time~ I’m happy that someone reads these walls of text and also that you’re planning to play the full game – the real thing is really good^-^

  2. zaldar

     /  July 31, 2011

    wow…I love japan never straying from the big questions. When does the good of the many outweigh the good of the few? Is it right for them to basically abuse tia to save the entire city and all the lives in it? Were the angels wrong to leave in the first place and condemn their creation..?

    Going to wait on reading the end here but wow…I can’t wait for this game to be fully translated. You ever thought about translating games? is trying to translate this one and would probably love your help!

    • Yandere is awesome! Their translations are really good too. Yeah, please do play the whole thing to appreciate the game’s story fully. It’s really good. 🙂 Unfortunately I’m too busy with studies now, I hardly have time to play nor blog anymore.

  3. zaldar

     /  August 13, 2011

    To bad but the studies must come first. I bet translating for them wouldn’t take you much time and it would allow you to enjoy the game again a second time!

    On the story, come on now Asians are supposed to be all about the good of the many out weighing the good of the few….;)

    • It would be a third time actually if I played this again. lol
      I’ve been ranting about how I started playing another new game 2 weeks ago, but have made no progress beyond the prologue since.. ooh the pains and pleasures of being too busy.


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