Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 4 Licia’s arc

Usually I don’t like lolis so I didn’t think I’d like Licia but it turned out that I loved her^_^ And I started thinking Aiyoku no Eustia was awesome. BTW, this post is ABSURDLY LONG, I swear it was an accident.

Summary for Licia’s arc


We haven’t really seen much of Licia since the end of the prologue, when she popped up for only a brief time to talk with Lucius. She’s the princess of Novus Aether, and has good ideals about the ruling but it obvious she’s clueless about what is actually going on..
CHAPTER 4: Licia

To continue his search for truth behind the floating city, Caim accepts a deal from Lucius. Lucius is plotting against the Chief Consulate, Lord Gilbert (執政公 shisseikou) who controls all the power at the moment because the King is bedridden. The Consulate has been conducting secret research and most likely holds all the secrets. And there’s a big possibility that the Grand Forte was human-made. The evil guy is also the one keeping the nobles from improving the situation of the prison. So Lucius is planning an armed revolution. He wants Caim on his side and to help protect him from Gau. (Gau is actually the Consulate’s “mad dog” – a corrupted bloodthirsty murderer.) In return, Lucius will tell him what he knows about the city and give him the chance to find out for himself. Caim accepts to do what he can, though he will not participate in the revolution. Lucius assigns Caim a position as his personal bodyguard. But his real job is to snoop around in the royal palace and find information for him.

Sistina shows Caim to his room in Lucius’s manor. Tia is in the room next door. She cries out of relief upon seeing Caim and cries until dark about Melt. Then she tells Caim she healed a winged patient and the wings turned into black water and vanished. Caim notices her wings have gotten bigger. Since then her dreams have gotten clearer. She’ll try her best to heal more people.

That night Sistina an Caim investigate a cart leaving the experiment facility. They confirm dried corpses being sent for disposal. Even though they know the patients are being experimented on and killed, the wing hunters must send some winged patients to the facility or else Lucius may be suspected. The next day, Sistina takes him into the royal palace. Sistina leaves Caim alone for a while outside the palace, and a sheet falls down from above. Caim looks up to the roof and sees a small maid beckoning him to bring it up for her. He goes to see the maid on the roof and they have a small chat. The maid is very interested in Caim since he comes from the prison and asks him to tell her about it. The way she speaks is superior sounding and Caim tells her to mind her words but she just chuckles. She seems to like Caim.

Later Caim and Sistina meet Princess Licia. Licia tells Caim to raise his face and he’s surprised to see the maid is the princess. Caim is to be punished for acting rudely to Licia earlier. Sistina says Licia likes to dress as a maid. However the punishment is go to Licia’s room and tell her about the prison.

Caim’s first visit to Licia’s room. Licia tells him to come in but when he does, he saw Licia naked and immediately backs out. Then Licia goes “What are you waiting for? I said come in” and even orders Caim to come in after Caim asked to wait outside. She’s used to the maids seeing her naked all the time so she doesn’t feel embarrassed. LOL OK Good excuse. She also orders Caim to talk to her normally instead of formally. After a long chat, Licia says Caim is a good talker. She’s pleased when Caim is not interested in any reward, just that she tells him about the castle. She also apologizes sincerely when Caim goes you should have told me earlier. 素直で可愛い!Also, everything she knows about the city including about the experiments for “saving the city” is something she heard from other people, she doesn’t know the details nor has she seen them for herself. Her determination to become a good ruler is fine though.

On the way out Caim chats briefly with Gau, who warns him not to trust Lucius. Caim goes to Lucius’s house and they have a small chat where Lucius leaves the task of convincing Licia to Caim. A strange bell rings and Lucius leaves at once after hearing it. The maids won’t tell what it’s about. Then Caim goes to visit Tia. Caim tells her that he wants to get Licia to want to visit the prison so Tia tells him to lure her with food. LOL

Valius. His name is actually spelled Varrius (gomen)

The next day Caim brings some food Tia made to Licia and she is very pleased. She tries to make some herself in the kitchen but Valius finds her and the cooks are to be punished for letting Licia cook. Caim takes the punishment instead of the cooks. (He gets whipped again for 6 people this time  OW) Licia is touched though. Valius is very hard on Licia and always tries to preaches her to become a good ruler.

Caim persuades her to see the prison with her own eyes. Licia says tomorrow she’ll pretend to be sick and they’ll sneak out. That night Caim reports to Lucius and he goes into a wrong room and sees an old man. The old man is the one ringing the bell calling Lucius and when Lucius goes into the room late, the man beats Lucius up.

The next morning Caim takes Licia to the prison. On the way they meet Fione and Licia introduces herself as Caim’s sister. Fione isn’t convinced of’corse so they run off. The prison is full of beggars and foul people, and Licia is shocked at how the prison fell this low yet the government did nothing. Then they meet Eris and Iris. Licia wants to make Iris a maid so she doesn’t have to be a prostitute but Iris gets angry and throws tea at Licia’s face. Her parents were nobles but were disposed of by the Consulate. She needs no pity and leaves. Eris tells her that not knowing is a sin for adults and asks her to get out. Licia is sad that she didn’t understand Iris and tried to solve problems with money. They also see the wing catchers brutally take someone away. Lastly he takes her to see the grave field. She was always told that the casualties were small but now she realized everything was a lie. Caim says Lucius is wondering if the Grand Fall was human-made and wonders if she knew anything about how the city stays afloat. Licia doesn’t know either. She realizes how little she knows.. Meanwhile Tia collapsed from using to much power or something.

There’s a cute scene of Licia as a child, she made a flower crown for her father but he wouldn’t accept it. It was a dream that’s been haunting Licia for a while, and makes her cry every time. She remembers Caims words to her before leaving the prison. “You can change, now. If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll never be able to. the Consulate’s words may not all be lies, but if she thinks before believing them, she’ll surely be able to change.”

Next morning, Licia attends the meeting and tries to find out more things but when the Chief Consulate mentions doing everything for her father’s sake she can’t doubt them. Caim tells her to ask her father (the King) directly but she needs some time to gather courage. She thanks Caim for making her change even though that’s not what she wants to hear. Later Caim has a duel with Valius and loses because he’s not used to swords. After Caim leaves, Gau blackmails Valius into letting her off for killing his subordinates during training for some info about Caim. Later while Caim is talking with Licia in her room, she seems to like Caim a lot and wants to know about him. Caim lies to her about his old profession. Then she gets an anonymous letter and finds out that Caim was an assassin before. She got angry that Caim lied to her about not killing people and told him to go back to Lucius. Caim meets Gau and Sistina outside and learns the letter was Gau’s doing. She was playing around. (HATE HER)

Later Caim reports to Lucius. Caim warns her not to trust Sistina much because he saw her with Gau. As for Tia, she has been healing 3 people per day and looks pale. Caim is worried. Anyway since Caim can’t meet Licia, Lucius asks him to check out some underground passages under the palace that’s been sealed off because of ghost rumors. Tia wants to go too because she dreamed about some passages before. In the passage, they find a black slime thing that attacks them and gives Caim burns. They can’t escape it and before getting killed Tia vanquishes it with her light before falling unconscious. Soldiers come running at Tia’s screams and it’ll be a mess if they’re caught snooping around.

Fortunately Licia lets them hide in her room saying it’s to help the girl. Caim tells her what they found in the passage. He confronts her to find out the real truth about everything especially the experiments. Not knowing is a sin, but not doing anything while knowing is worse. Caim wants to find the truth about the floating city because it means the future to him, he can’t ignore it anymore after what happened in the past. Licia realizes that she is now involved too. She says she’s actually scared of confronting the politicians and even the others cower before them, why does she have to do it? She hates Caim for pushing everything on her, she wasn’t born a princess because she wanted to. Caim says he can’t pity her because he knows other people in the prison are far worse off than her. He pushes Licia so much she realizes how much responsibility she has and she starts yelling that she hates him. *This was a really good scene.. the details are really good.*

Meanwhile Tia wakes up and tells Caim to stop saying bad things to Licia. She says she had a dream about Neville and a person who said “wait for me, Clovis” Licia acknowledges Tia’s powers because she saw the light from her wings. Next meeting Licia asks Gilbert (the Consulate) if he knows about a woman named Clovis. He’s evidently shocked but lies that he doesn‘t. Naturally Licia and Lucius noticed that.

Back at Lucius’s manor, Caim explains to Lucius all about Clovis. He says there’s nothing more he can do but Lucius tries to get him to stay by saying is his resolve only this strong. He expected more. Which makes Caim ask him why does he have such high expectations of him and why is he making reasons to keep him by his side. Lucius says he is worried about him which Caim doesn’t know why until Lucius asks him.

Did you find your reason for living?

Promise me, become a great man ... live for my part too..

Lucius is actually Caim’s brother, Aim (pronounced to sound like Caim) He miraculously survived after he fell from Caim’s grasp. He was picked up by the noble, Neville, and adopted into this house in place of the real son who died. He didn’t tell Caim that he was Aim right away because Caim would have avoided him and they wouldn’t have been able to cooperate like this. He’s not pitying Caim but just wants to see how he grows up, which path he’ll take and if possible, that their paths are the same. asfshfasdfjk <- excuse me *gets sentimental T-T* Caim says he’ll continue the bodyguard job.

After a day full of politics, Caim gets a letter which feels like a trap saying Licia is in trouble. He goes to her room and finds her bound to the bed, and a mysterious person attacks Caim. It gets away. Licia admits the royal family is always in danger but she never thought it would really happen and was scared. She asks Caim to stay with her for a while. They make up. Licia understands that Caim didn’t become a killer because he wanted to. Caim advises her to tell Valius about it since he’s in charge of the guards. If Valius had wanted Licia’s head she’d be long dead by now. Licia decides to believe in Valius and Caim for now. BTW, she’s cute. Licia!♥ On the other side, Gau and Gilbert make a plan to get rid of Caim and Lucius.

The next day Caim brings Eris to the palace to let her check up the King. The King has been sick ever since Licia was young. Eris comes out and said the King has signs of half poisoning, and most likely has been given small portions of poison for a very long time. There’s no hope of healing him. It’s weird that the doctors have ignored this all this time. Eris also says that when she mentioned Licia’s name, the King said something about Valius having something. Caim tells this to Licia and Valius gives Licia a letter to her from the King. She reads it and gets very upset. In it was everything that Valius tried to teach her and that he acknowledges her as the future ruler even though she’s not his real child. All Licia wanted was to know that he loved her. She whispers in tears that can’t she wish for happiness like a normal person? Caim doesn’t say anything kind to her because it won’t be for her sake. Licia acknowledges that and asks to be left alone.

Another view: Valius  He’s been thinking about Licia and how hard it is for her. He knows what that creep Gilbert is doing but he can’t do anything about it because his wife is Gilbert’s daughter. She comes out and asks if he’s troubled. She always knows his feelings and he loves her very much. She tells him she’s pregnant and Valius hugs her.


The next day, Caim asks Sistina if she was the one who attacked him and bound Licia the other day. Sistina refused saying people with the same stature can be anyone. Then Lucius tells them that before morning the King’s condition has suddenly become critical. Obviously Lucius, Caim and Eris are the suspects. Lucius says they’ll just have to start their plan early and he asks Caim to convince Licia that he’s not the culprit. The guards wouldn’t let Caim in to see Licia, until she heard the noise and lets him in herself. Caim is the person who saved her life after all. Licia has already thought that Gilbert could be behind everything. Caim tells her that Lucius is trying to make a revolution to correct the wrong ways in the world. He’ll also improve the circumstances of the prison. Lucius wants Licia as his ally. Licia says she’ll think about it.

Caim goes back to Lucius’s mansion to find it a mess but Lucius, Sistina and Tia are all safe. They’re attacked again in the night and Lucius gets wounded. He’s not bad with the sword though. He goes off to save the other nobles while Caim is to sneak into the palace and talk to Licia. Lucius is confident that they’ll win if they have Licia on their side.

It's not Caim's fault, I was careless..

Caim sneaks into the castle and chats a bit with the gardener who loves and adores Licia. With the gardener’s help, he gets into Licia’s room. Licia has been thinking a lot about what Caim said. She thinks that even if they overthrow Gilbert, but she has to stay as a doll princess, it’s the same for her. She didn’t become a princess because she wanted to. She starts asking Caim to take her away, she’ll cook and do housework for him. She wants to forget it all. She’ll do anything for him.

So Caim tells her to be the city’s ruler for him. He takes her to the balcony and they look at the city.

Her burden is heavier than other people’s but if she tries she can change everything. Licia asks what can she do.. to not be a doll-princess. Caim tells her that she must be suspicious of everything. To believe only her own eyes. She can’t believe anyone. She whispers softly that it’s so lonesome. The King probably faced this lonliness and solitude too. If it’s unfair that one can’t be loved, then it’s also unfair for the one that cannot give love. Licia made her decision to be the queen and Caim gives her the flower crown from the gardener. Licia thanks Caim for guiding her when she was lost.

Later they start discussing plans. Licia says she’ll have Lucius work for her then. She’ll write a letter to him and have Caim pass it. He leaves and Licia goes to see Valius. She tells him she’s decided to become a person fit for the throne. She asks for Valius’s cooperation but Valius can’t because he can’t betray the Consulate (his wife). Even so, he won’t get in Licia’s way.
//Licia was awesome here. She’s changed so much and she’s very queenly. She looked into Valius’s eyes and made him swear an oath not to tell about this to anyone from the start. She also acknowledged Valius’s loyalty.

Caim brings the letter to Lucius and they are to agree to Licia’s conditions in order to be accepted by the soldiers. Lucius thanks Caim for his work but Caim said all he did was give her a push. The rest was all Licia’s intentions. Caim doesn’t want to be involved in the revolution (for fear his prison friends may get involved) so he and Tia leave to safety in the prison.


She made a speech in front of all the followers she’d gathered and won all of their hearts and mine too. It was awesome OK?

Then we get a flashback scene of Gilbert and Neville talking. Gilbert has tricked everyone including the King, all because Neville did something to Clovis and said that it couldn’t be helped. Gilbert was furious about that and said that if Clovis couldn’t be helped then none of the things he’s doing can be helped either.

The rebellion has started and soldiers are fighting on the stairs. Fione is fighting too. Gau comes and makes havoc. She attacks Lucius and Sistina, they can’t hold her off. Lucius tries to help but is useless because of that wound earlier.

But then Caim comes to save the day with new BGM 8D

Finally I get to see Caim's face properly *_*

Gau is happy to fight Caim but happier that Lucius started the rebellion so she can kill lots of people freely. She sent letters to keep Caim from being killed for this matter. (Man, she’s sick) Sistina finally jumps in to help so Gau retreats. Caim says lets go to Licia.

Licia is in the middle of the fight, and she’s so small she’s swallowed in it. Caim calls out to her. (Love Caims voice here “Licia!”) Licia asks what is he doing here and he returns that question to her. Licia says she can’t let her soldiers fight alone. Caim says if she’s prepared to die then use that determination to convince Valius to help even if she has to bite her tongue in front of Valius.

So Licia goes to do just that. She talks with Valius and orders him to help her defeat Gilbert. Valius however says he wields his sword only for those he believes in. He points his sword at Licia and she uses her bare hands to stop it. For his help, she’d gladly exchange her fingers for it but her body belongs to the people. She must stop Gilbert and correct the government no matter what.

Valius is touched that she became a person he can believe in. Then Valius puts on his helmet swears his oath to her. And starts helping out.

I call it the mood destroying helmet XD

With Valius and his soldiers help, the revolution fight is an easy win. They approach Gilbert’s manor and search it. Licia herself volunteers to go into the underground passage along with Caim, Lucius and Sistina. They wind up back in the palace. With Gau waiting for them. She took the drug that Benard was spreading around, but it’s the pure black powder. Take too much and you’ll turn into a monster like, the Darkwing. Gau turns into Gau-mon. Valius intercepts Gaumon and tell Licia to go after Gilbert. Licia says Don’t die. GREAT. VALIUS YOU BETTER NOT DIE.

Licia uses the key Valius gave her to open a door off limits to everyone but the Consulate. They find the tower in the OP. Inside it is the research facility. Gilbert is there. There’s also a tank with a rotten woman’s corpse in it. It’s Clovis, Gilbert’s late lover, who was killed by Neville (Lucius’s father). Gil reveals everything. The city isn’t staying afloat because of the holy maiden. It’s afloat with the power of an angel bound to the tower. Long ago, when the angels left the lands, man was able to catch one of the angels before they all left. Now the angel’s power is gradually running out. At first, the experiments were conducted on how to keep the city afloat = to create a new angel. They had to conduct human experiments. Clovis was suitable for the experiment, but naturally Gil was against it. However Nev performed the experiment on Clo while Gil was away. It failed and Clo died, Gil was enraged.

But Gil didn’t go mad or any of that. He’s sanely evil. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for Clo. The Grand Forte was actually caused by a failure of an experiment to resurrect Clovis. They couldn’t control the power of the angel and it exploded into the sky. At the same time, a portion of the land fell. Some of the angel’s power fell onto humans, taking form of wings. Gil created the Wing hunters to gather all of them so he can suck their powers.

Gil says too bad the experiments had to come to an end. He’s holding a trigger for activating that same experiment, it’ll also destroy the tower and he’ll sink the whole city as a sending gift for Clovis. Suddenly drawing her sword, Sistina takes Lucius hostage and reveals that she’s Gil’s daughter.

Caim and Licia can’t do anything because if they lose Lucius everythings over. Gil orders Sis to stab Lucius, but she stabs Gil instead. She’s sworn her allegiance to Lucius long ago. So Gil dies whispering sorry Clo, I wish I could see your smile once more, haha this city will fall anyway you’re all doomed crap until Sis goes shut up already and finishes him off. But then Clovis’s corpse starts glowing with tragedia colored light and the ground starts shaking furiously…another grand forte is starting… Caim grabs a chair and smashes the container and it stops. Relieved everything is over, Lucius and Licia thank Sistina and Caim.

Back on the fierce battle Valius vs Gaumon.
…SHIT. Valius lets Gau strike a killing blow on him so he can finish her off. Licia rushes in at the final moment to hear his last words, “don’t forget, the King is the father of all people”..RAGEEEEEEE


During the battle, the King passed away. The crown is given to Licia. In the crown is the dried flower bouquet that Licia made for the King when she was young, and a secret message: “Thank you, my beloved daughter” Licia can’t stop her tears from falling… she whispers a thank you and swears to become a ruler as good as her father.

During the banquet, Caim meets the gardener who is retiring. Caim turns to leave too, but Licia runs after him. He tells her to talk to the nobles, even if they won’t become allies, at least keep them from becoming enemies. //WHY IS CAIM SO PRO AT BEING A RULER? XD // Licia asks Caim to stay with her, by her side. She’ll grant him a special position just to stay beside her. She’s not even asking with a childish expression, she’s much more feminine now. Caim still says that if he stays beside her, she’ll rely on him. His presence is actually a hindrance for her. Licia says he’s harsh until the last moment (that was the last time she was going to be childish). They go their separate ways: Caim down the stairs to the prison and Licia up the stairs to the palace.

Lucius tells his father, Nev, that he’s killed Gilbert. Nev laughs happily-crazily and praises Lucius. Lucius then tells Sis that he sometimes mistook himself because he was actually Aim, but he chose the path to become Lucius himself. Sis says the hell about that, she’ll follow him forever. He’s going to grant Neville peace and says oyasumi but chickens out, so Sis says lets do it together.

Caim brings Tia back to Lucius’s mansion. Lucius asks her to cooperate with the researchers and let them check her body in case they can learn more about the angel, expectedly. Since she’s Tia, she’s more than happy to help. The walk up the high stairs together.


orz It’s so long. Sorry if I bored you with too much details.

If I were Licia, I’d fall for Caim too. I mean, he’s like a born King .. how come he knows the best thing to say to her every time like that? Licia herself is awesome, Caim is too. XD Licia is honest and sincere, smart and pure. She’s also really kind inside. I’m sure she’ll become a great Queen. *Wants to see her when she grows up* To sum it up, I really enjoyed this arc down to all the small details. The relationship between Caim and Lucius; and of Lucius and Sistina are both interesting. The pure evil villains of the game have all been brought down in this arc too. The last arc is going to be around this length too, and it’s about just as awesome.

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