Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 3 Irene’s arc

I’m troubled about this chapter because the talks between Caim and Irene are SO LONG that I had to press skip or else I’d never finish it. Before I started skipping I was bored and got distracted by other stuff numerous times.. I watched Madoka Magica XD (which was really awesome). Yeah, so the summary is rather short… After I fixed it, it became rather long.

Summary for Saint Irene’s arc


Saint Irene is the 29th Holy maiden of the holy church. Her job is to pray to keep the city afloat. She’s also blind. Around 500 years ago, humans neglected their prayers to the gods so the gods left, leaving the earth for destruction. The city Novus Aether was saved because a single maiden prayed to the angels for forgiveness. She became the first holy maiden, Irene. Her prayers lifted the city into the air and blessed the city with water and a high yield of agricultural products.

Caim has seen Irene the 29th in the prologue a few times, the first time is her official appearance in front of the prison (on the balcony of the barricade building, which is also the only proper way up to the lower city). Lavi, the holy maiden’s personal assistant, also met Caim at the place where Tia was first found. Lavi went there because Irene sent her to investigate if something happened there (possibly about the fact Tia’s body shone with the light of Tragedia) and Caim helped guide Lavi back to the main road. Irene was in the carriage and thanked him. The night Caim saw Tia shine again at the end of the prologue, Irene was also outside looking towards the prison from the bridge because she had a premonition that something important would happen.

CHAPTER 3: Saint Irene

We get a small scene about young Irene and Lavi, they were orphans starving in the cold. Young Irene asked if there really was a angel, if there is why doesn’t the angel help them. Young Lavi tells her that it’s not that if the angel helps them, then believe. It’s if they believe, the angel will surely help them.

Since the case with Eris has cleared up, Eris moved back to her own house. At Vinoletta, Melt asks Caim what he wants to do about Tia. Melt is happy to keep her because she’s a great help. Caim asks Tia, who is troubled (she’s become quite attached to Melt), so Caim lets her think about it. Then Lavilia comes in with a letter to Eustia. Caim remembers Lavi from the meeting before and he knows she’s a follower of the church. He’s skeptical of Lavi (protective of Tia as usual XD). The letter says Eustia is the Angel’s Miko (child) and she wishes for Tia to come to see her. Tia screams EHHHHHHHH when she reads that it’s from the Holy maiden, Irene. Caim is doesn’t believe it at first but Lavi insists its true and she won’t leave unless Tia goes with her. They let her wait outside for a while. Caim isn’t really happy with the Holy maiden because he blames her for the Grand Forte. Lately, the earthquakes have gotten frequent. Tia insists she wants to go, to find out more about the strange power she has. So after a lot of convincing, Caim poses as Tia’s brother and they go up to the Holy Church together.

So, for the first time in the game, we enter the upper city.

They meet Nadal, the high priest, along the way. He questions them before letting them enter the holy temple because its off-limits for only a selected number of people. Irene didn’t inform him so he will listen too. They enter the Holy maiden’s room but she isn’t there. Caim finds her playing the harp in a flower garden. She’s blind but somehow she can see only in the temple grounds. She’s overjoyed to hear Eustia came and arranges a meeting to announce Eustia’s presence to the church followers at once, before Caim can fire questions at her.

Irene seems sweet and gentle, but she’s actually quite cold to Lavi (she treats her like a servant). She also holds herself higher above Nadal and does what she wants. In front of all the followers, Irene introduces Tia to them. She says she heard the angel’s cries in a dream and learned of the presence of the miko, the angel’s child. She will protect the miko, and the angel will surely bless them. Afterwards, Caim demands an explanation. Caim wants to leave but Irene asks them to stay until the angels tell her what to do next. Caim is not satisfied with the dream talk but Tia also wants to stay (Tia can hear voices in her dreams too). Irene asked Caim if he hates the previous maiden. Caim says sure thing, she was the one who caused the Grand Forte. Irene then says that he should be grateful to her. Caim doesn’t get that. Irene says if he stays, she’ll tell him what she knows. She’ll pay him to be her opponent in chess. Caim is accepts the deal.

Caim goes back to the prison to tell Sieg and co. that he’ll be staying at the holy church for a while. On the way he runs into Lucius, who invites him for a walk out of the blue. Lucius is well informed, he already knew about Caim and Tia. They walk past the place where the previous holy maiden was executed (it’s a stand overlooking a cliff), then to the edges of the Grand Forte. Lucius warns him that the church has its rules and complications. However the nobles are thankful to the church because just a word from the holy maiden can calm people down. He’ll gladly give advice if Caim has trouble with them. (He’s weirdly kind^^ can’t trust him) …Sieg’s fine because Benard is dead. Eris however, isn’t happy about it and says maybe she’ll go to visit him some time. Caim tells her many times not to come, she says “leave it to me”. XD This is the Eris I like!

So Caim and Tia stay at the holy grounds for a while.  They are allowed to watch her duties including a bath scene. The bathroom and water is really pretty… At night, she goes to an altar to offer her prayers to the city. Every evening, Caim goes to her room to play chess and gets to know more about her every day. She’s rather stuck up as she tries to do her role as the Holy Maiden, holding herself higher than others. I always wonder why she is so cold towards Lavi because Lavi, on the other hand, cares for her all the time and thinks of her as a sister. Tia becomes quite close with Lavi. We also learn that Irene has a stuborn side and doesn’t give up in chess until the last moment although she never wins. She only thinks about her own moves and ignores the opponent. She does get better though:) She also does not lie and is discontent when Caim doubts what she says, especially about hearing the angel’s voice in her dreams. Caim told her she should say something more convincing instead of the truth sometimes, it would make things easier for her. She gets angry, saying that because people believe in her how could she lie.

The evil Gau pops up here too. Now she’s with Nadal, the high priest. In the previous arc, she was with Benard. Nadal and Irene are on bad terms with each other. He wants her to act like she’s praying hard and let Caim and Tia leave the holy temple. Irene objects because it is unrelated. She says she wants the wing hunters stopped because she doesn’t like seeing people in fear. But Nadal has done nothing, what does it mean? They have an argument.. Irene says some harsh things to Nadal (like he has no quality to be a follower) and he gets angry. Lavi hurriedly tries to apologize to Nadal. Irene gets mad at them both. She thinks Lavi doesn’t believe in her either.

Nadal gets serious about having Tia and Caim to stay in the church area rather than the temple and he entrusts the task of convincing Irene to Lavi. If Lavi fails she’ll be punished. Irene still refuses to give in. Caim tries to reason with her but she tells Caim she must stick to her beliefs or else she will become just a doll. She is the holy maiden. Everyone listens to her because she prays for the city however, no one believes in her.

Anyway the earthquakes keep getting worse and one is particularly strong. Irene starts a nonstop prayer to hear the voice of the angel. She gets weaker every day. Everyone especially Lavi is worried about her but she refuses to stop. Nadal is already planning to select a new holy maiden. Tia is also reaching her limit, she can’t stand seeing Irene try so hard because of her. Caim and Tia ask to go back to the prison so Irene doesn’t have to do this for them. Irene is shocked that they don’t believe in her either. When Lavi agrees that Caim and Tia should leave too, she is shocked. Irene dismisses Lavi from her assistant. Lavi calls her Colette, but she denies saying she is the holy maiden, Irene.

Caim starts telling her there are people who jump off the cliff themselves during an earthquake. Unable to see what’s ahead of them, haunted by memories of the Grand Forte, they chose themselves to jump. Irene then reveals to Caim that her prayers are doing nothing. It’s funny how he doesn’t believe about her dreams but he believes that her prayers can keep the city afloat. She found out when she stopped praying for 5 days because she was seriously ill. But the city didn’t fall. The holy maiden’s role is a living sacrifice, to accept all the hate among herself if something was ever to happen to the city, and die along with the victims. She was so shocked she lost her sight. The holy maiden exists as only as a sacrifice to clam the people down in case of an event like the Grand Forte. She’s been hopeless ever since but suddenly she had a dream about the miko. Then she realized that there really is an angel protecting this city. The angel asked her to protect the miko, so that became the only thing she believes in.

Later Caim reasons with Irene to let them go back since there’s no sign of how long it would continue. She gives in and asks them to wait one more night. She nearly collapses but is determined to keep praying for that night, even if it means her life. The next morning, nothing happens and the parting time is inevitable. Tia offers to call Lavi while Caim tries to explain for the thousandth time that Lavi was acting for her sake. Moments later, Tia rushes back and blurts out that Lavi is badly injured and the blood wont stop. Caim calls for help and rushes to the scene. Lavi is lying with her upper body exposed, in a pool of blood coming from her back.

A knife is nearby and there’s some feathers. It appears she’s been cutting off her own wings all this time but this time they grew too big. The doctor is reluctant to attend her because he’s scared of catching the wing disease. Lavi loses conciousness and the blood won’t stop. At this rate, Lavi will die. Tia freaks out at that and suddenly shines with light and heals Lavi.

Caim and Nadal go to tell Irene but she tells them first excitedly that she saw the whole thing in a dream. They both stop doubting Irene’s dreams. She’s overjoyed that her belief can finally reach out to others. Irene wants to announce this to the whole city. Caim is against this but Tia is ok with it. It turns out she can release the power at will. Caim asks to take Tia back to the prison to think it over. They go to see Melt and she’s as nice as usual. Tia runs in to hug her XD Sieg and Eris are well too. (BTW, I ship Sieg and Eris<3)

The next day, the people of the prison are gathered at the square. Irene starts making her speech about continuing to pray and how she’ll never let another grand fall happen. However, ironically, before she can introduce Eustia, there’s a giant earthquake and half of the prison falls. Chaos breaks out and Caim brings Tia back inside. He hears Irene whisper that it’s the end for her. He rushes to observe the damage… The prison is in total chaos. As horrifying memories come in his head, Caim rushes to the street where Lilium is. He sees it there and Caim is relieved although he thinks it’s bad since many people are wailing in despair. He’s about to open the door to enter Vinoletta but Lilium trio stop him. It’s an illusion. Where Vinoletta should be, there’s a cliff where the sky extends infinitely. Caim screams… Melt is gone.


Eris, the Lilium trio and Sieg are all safe. Sieg has been taking immediate action to gain control of the situation. Lucius is taking care of Tia. Back at the church, Irene is to be prosecuted the next day. She is not the holy maiden anymore, just a sinful woman. She says she’ll bear his hate but Caim can’t hate her blindly anymore because he knows the truth. He goes to see Lavi, who asks him to take Irene away so she can die in her place. Caim won’t do it unless she tells the reason so she tells him that she was supposed to be the holy maiden. But she wasn’t confident in herself and refused, pushing the position to Colette. She regretted it but Irene let her stay by her side as an assistant. So she vowed to serve her to her fullest.

The next day Caim comes to take Irene away. They play chess in the dark and he gives her hope, which makes her cry because she’s about to die. He knows she’s actually really scared. She wishes that it would end with just her but the next holy maiden would meet the same fate. Caim tells her he’s there to take her away, and she gives in for a bit and ask Caim to make her a girl. She also asks him to call her by her real name, Colette=Anastasia. Caim tells her she hasn’t lost everything, she still has Lavi. They play chess in the dark and for the first time, Colette is winning. She asks Caim to keep going out from the prison, there are losts of things he can do, keep going on for her sake too..  then she falls asleep because Caim drugged her wine.

Colette wakes up at Caim’s house in the prison and demands to know where she is and that he takes her back at once. She figures out that Lavi is behind it. Then she starts being tsun and she says if Lavi wants to die then let her die. POW=_=; So Caim drags her to the prosecution grounds so she can know Lavi’s real feelings. Feeling the hate of all the people around her, Colette accepts that she feels a bit relieved that Lavi is there in her place, but hates herself for feeling that way. Caim tells her Lavi feels the same thing. Lavi’s last wish before stepping off the cliff is to play the harp, the same song that Colette plays at night. A wish to go back to the way they were before. Caim tells her some people can strongly believe but some can’t. Those that can’t may be more generous than those who can. Finally Colette understood Lavi’s feelings. She can’t avert her eyes from everything anymore, and suddenly she could see. Colette rushes to Lavi, and as if answering her prayers an earthquake helps her slip through the guards.

Colette asks Lavi to forgive her that she wasn’t honest and couldn’t return the love she had always received from Lavi. Lavi answers that she’s such a helpless child. They fall down together.

But it turns out that Sieg and his men saved them both. Sieg said Caim came to him with a mound of money, asking him to save the holy maiden. The holy maiden caused the fall which killed a whole lot of people so he thought it was a really bad joke at first. He wants to hear it for himself that the maiden’s prayers meant nothing. Colette tells him to just kill her because she has no proof for him that what she said was true. Sieg is about to kill her out of rage for Melt*_* Caim however, is intent on finding out the secret of the floating city. In the end Sieg makes a deal with Caim, should Caim betray him he’ll take Colette and Lavi as prostitutes. Colette and Lavi find their new place in the prison. Caim will be leaving the prison for higher places in search of the secret behind the city. Colette says she’ll be praying for Caim’s success in the way he chose, and he thanks her.


Caim and Sieg are awesome ❤ Caim was awesome for using the money Lavi gave him to save her and Sieg was awesome for raging about Melt. MELTTTTT ;_; I think everyone’s raging about why Melt had to die. She was so nice. *Must vote for her* My first opinion of Irene was that she was stuck up, but after I cleared the game and replayed a lot of this route I liked her much more. She’s stubborn with her beliefs and it made her miss out on a lot of kindness but in the end she was able to clear a lot of that up and apologize. She still stays true to her beliefs all the way, which is rather admirable.

By the way, the character popularity poll (girl’s side) is open until 8 June. You can vote for 2 characters. I’m choosing Melt for one of them, that leaves one more choice which I’m considering Licia or Tia. Can’t decide who I like more..

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Chapter 3 : Saint Irene’s arc —This post
Chapter 4 : Licia’s arc
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Licia’s Ending (coming soon)

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  1. zaldar

     /  July 17, 2011

    so what happens with her ending….??? Sorry you didn’t like the bath scene…but it wasn’t put in there for you ;). 🙂

    • Well, as you can probably guess, Caim’ll choose one of them, do it a few times and live happily ever after. Colette will start selling fruit in the prison. Hardly any story and Caim just ditches Tia and his quest to find out the secret of the Grand Forte.

  2. zaldar

     /  July 31, 2011

    hmm do you get to decide which one he chooses? That could be interesting…


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