Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 2 Eris’s arc

I liked Eris a lot from the prologue, but I didn’t really like her much in her own route. I actually snapped in the middle of the route and took a break so I forgot a lot, so I’m sorry about the details. Eris was also much harder to understand than Fione. I really liked her in a certain part in Tia’s route. Oh, and her theme song is my favorite bgm track in the game. It’s really sweet and has an air of a woman’s deep complicated feelings.

Summary for Eris’s arc


CHAPTER 2 Eris’s arc

Eris’s BGM on Youtube :

Around 10 days after the Darkwing case ended, Eris is checking the ingredients of drugs. She’s a doctor after all. There is a drug spreading in the prison, and Risa comes running for Eris and Caim to help a prostitute going mad because of overdose. They help her and the girl tells them she got the drugs from a customer. Later that night Caim catches that customer. Eris tends to a slight injury Caim received and they have another fight about how Eris wants to be Caim’s woman but Caim wants Eris to live freely. Eris leaves, clearly upset.

The next day she barges into Caim’s house and makes breakfast although Tia says Caim will get angry. She says that since Caim redeemed her like Tia, she should be able to stay with Caim too. Caim tells Tia to stop Eris, but Tia says she can’t because if she tries, she’ll get turned into Eris says Caim told her to live freely so she’s doing what she wants. She also announces that she’s moving into this house. Caim explains to her he wants her to live freely away from him and use her time for her own purposes. But Eris still can’t accept the reason that Caim keeps rejecting her although he saved her from becoming a prostitute. Caim understands that she won’t back down so he tells her that he saved her because he was interested in her, but after that he lost interest that’s all. Tia says that’s mean. Caim says he’s going out to wash his face and tells Eris to be gone before he’s back. As he’s leaving the house, he hears Eris laugh to herself..-_-”

At Vinoletta, Melt and Sieg diss Caim about that being a lie – he was never interested in Eris. Benard (head of the group opposing the Golden Chain, Fuushou means wind-rust) comes in and harasses Melt. He brought the body of the guy Caim caught the day before, accusing that Caim killed one of his men and therefore, announces war. He leaves and the prostitute who loved that customer comes in. Once she got the chance, she lunges at Caim with a knife. It was close but Eris stops her just in time. The prostitute makes a big fuss, badmouths Melt for being lucky (Melt was redeemed by Sieg’s father) and then Caim because he was a ex-assassin. She accuses Caim of actually killing because he thinks its fun. Eris slaps her and asks if she’s a prostitute who can’t live one day without a man. Then Eris comforts the poor girl and takes her home. Caim rethinks about Eris because she understands his feelings but he’s always treated Eris rather badly. Melt also adds that how much being redeemed is like a miracle for prostitutes. Caim says he’ll think about it properly.

That night Caim goes home and finds Eris there again, making dinner. Because she did save his life earlier that day, Caim lets her. Tia is happy and asks if that means Eris can stay too. Caim doesn’t refuse so they take it as a yes. The next morning, Caim asks Eris to get out after all because the table is too small. Tia volunteers to leave and Eris quickly approves. Caim can’t stand the two of them fighting (Eris will probably clobber Tia for being in the way sooner or later) so he’ll ask Melt to take care of Tia for a while.

Along the way to Melt’s, they run into Oz and Caim goes off with him to help stop the fight between the Golden Chain guys and Benard’s group. Sieg’s men are eager to fight back but Sieg says its not the time. He has something he wants prepared before fighting breaks out on both sides. Once left alone, Sieg and Caim have a talk about why Caim became an assassin. When Caim was young, he had a cute face and was to become a prostitute. He injured a guard trying to escape, when the head found him and offered him the assassin job. Caim figured it was better than being with unknown guys all night. He becomes close to Sieg and they’ve been good friends ever since. Sieg asks Caim to be his bodygaurd for a special task. They go to the upper class town via back route. It’s a pretty dangerous route with planks nailed to the cliff. It turns out that Seig has a secret meeting with Lucius. Caim says Lucius doesn’t have to call him Caim-dono so he calls him Caim. XD ehehehehe (brief moment of chemistry there *bricked*) Anyway Sistina and Caim leave Seig and Lucius to talk privately for a while and they return. Sistina is like Lucius’s personal assistant, she’s very blunt and rather haughty, she thinks only of Lucius’s benefit. When Sieg and Caim return to the prison, Eris is waiting for Caim in the middle of the street, looking beautiful in the moonlight.

At home she gives Caim a massage. She’s pretty nice at first. She says she loves him but Caim, knowing that he redeemed her because of another reason, rejects her again. Eris gets even more upset this time. She just wants to be treated like an object=_=” Caim cuts the argument and says they go to bed. The next morning, Eris asks Caim what she should do and is troubled when Caim tells her to think about it on her own. So he tells her to go to the market. She’s strange and has a doll-like smile.. but when Iris comes to ask her to help Risa, Eris returns to normal. Risa has been hit because she didn’t do what the customer wanted so it was punishment. Later that day Eris starts making mistakes on purpose(?) and smiling while saying sorry as if wanting to be punished (like Risa). =_=’ Not amusing, Eris. Caim told her to buy chicken but she bought WAY too much. Caim doesn’t hit her or anything ofcorse. He just tells her not to mess up again and goes to give the chicken to Melt.

That night Caim and Sieg go to meet Lucius again and on the way back, they’re lured into a trap and Caim saves Sieg from getting killed. Sieg doesn’t want the news that he got hurt to spread so they go to Sieg’s secret hideout to treat their wounds. Caim tells Sieg about Eris and that he was the one who killed her parents. He admits he saved her out of atonement for himself. How could he hug the daughter of the victims he killed? BTW I seriously like Sieg, he’s an awesome leader and an awesome friend too.

Meanwhile Eris at home alone, starts freaking out that she’s scared… and makes a mess looking for Caim in the house. SRSLY=_=’ But when Caim comes back she’s normal again. MOU WAKARANAI. I can’t understand Eris here at all.. she’s being YANDERE. Caim and Eris run into Benard. He knows Caim is Sieg’s right hand man so he offers Caim a house in the upper class if Caim agrees to work for him. Caim would never sell Sieg, but Eris seems to like the idea. After Caim comes back from another discussion with Sieg, she admits fantasizing about it.

I’m starting skipping around here. Most of what happens is a boring cycle between Sieg (going with him to see Lucius in secret) and coming home to find a weird Eris. She gets weirder every day, breaking plates etc. Sieg’s underlings become more restless each day along with the increasing smoke in Sieg’s room. Tia though, is fine with Melt. She tells him to be nice to Eris.

Tia♥ Melt♥

After a while, Caim becomes confused and tired of Eris He drinks a lot at Melt’s before going home one day. Melt is worried. Caim arrives home to see feathers everywhere. Even the food on the table is covered with feathers. Eris is there and blankly says that the place is a mess, and tells Caim to clean it up. Caim snaps and yells at her to get a grip. (He’s quite drunk) He decides to tell her the real reason why he redeemed her from prostitution. She doesn’t want to listen and ends up half strangling Caim when he tells her anyway.

Eris says she’ll go to Benard and Caim says he’ll kill her if she betrays Sieg. Eris says that’s even better, she wants to be killed by Caim because his thoughts will be filled with her at that moment. Caim is reminded of the time he couldn’t save his brother, and that he promised to live as a fine man for his brother’s sake too. When Caim saw young Eris who was like a doll, he felt he had to help her or he wouldn’t be able keep the promise with his brother. Caim feels bad over both Eris and himself(?). He doesn’t want to see Eris’s face anymore so he goes off to sleep at Vinoletta.

The next day, back from a meeting with Lucius Caim and Sieg learn that Sieg’s underling Sai has been taken down by the enemy. He’s still alive and Sieg rushes to see him. Sai is a mangled mess (all limbs broken, his ears and nose cut off..) Sai says he’s happy to serve Sieg because he looks up to him, not the Golden Chain. Sieg promises to get revenge and Sai asks for relief from his misery. Sai is touched that Sieg does it himself. Sieg was totally cool in this scene.

Caim goes home, and finds Eris gone. He tries to look for her and Tia says she saw Eris a bit earlier. He finds her and as expected she’s about to run off to Benard. Eris says she wants Caim to kill her so she’s doing all this. Caim can’t accept that but he can’t treat her as a doll or do xx with her as she wants so she leaves.

Soon after, the showdown between the Golden Chain and Benard starts. Benard attacks and take over Lilium but Sieg isn’t there. Eris is with Bernard and confronts Caim. Caim refuses to kill her. Suddenly Fione bursts in demanding to check the place for hanetsuki. The Wing hunters recieved confidential information that this place is hiding some. Then Tia comes out saying that she’s been held captive by Bernard. It’s all part of Sieg’s plan. Benard is arrested. (Not without a fight, but bottom line is he loses.)

Finally Caim gets a chance to confront Eris properly. He won’t kill her no matter what. Eris then explains to him properly that she’s always been an empty doll and was raised that way since childhood. She only knew that she had to follow orders. If she didn’t follow them or acted on her own, she’d be hit. When her parents were killed, without someone telling her what to do, she was terribly scared. She didn’t want to be saved from prostitution. She wasn’t in love with Caim, she just needed someone to order her around. She lived by herself because Caim told her to. Now he’s been telling to live freely so she feels tricked. Caim understands her and apologizes for pushing his ideals on to her. Then he says that even so, he “wants” to see Eris living her own life. Finally she gets the message and cries her heart out. FINALLY.

Sieg doesn’t punish Eris because she’s a friend and not a member of the Golden Chain. He asks her to help aid the wounded members of the group. Eris made herself a new goal: to redeem herself from Caim. Everything starts returning to normal.

End of Eris chapter

I admit I was VERY ANNOYED with Eris when she started purposely messing up to get Caim’s attention. I was as frustrated as Caim was and I guess Caim was more patient with Eris than me. It’s totally not likable behavior and I was wondering why they had to make a character like this. After I finished her route, I understood that people are born differently can have totally different views on life. The freedom that almost everyone holds worthy, yearns and is grateful for, may not be for everyone. So this route holds a nice message to be more considerate towards others and their situations. In Aiyoku no Eustia, no one is born into a situation they want to be in, it’s different and unfair for all of them. In Fione’s and Eris’s arc, it’s about *understanding others*. It was well written and Eris’s case is a rare one, hard to find elsewhere.

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  1. I think her chara design is so cute! But her attitude…
    The end of her story moves my heart. She didn’t know what she should do. Kinda look like a doll. Poor her……

    • Yes.. those ribbons in her hair ❤ and green looks really good on her *wants a green dress now*
      Eris's story isn't ended yet, there's more in Tia's arc. (I loved her much more than after her arc)
      You can also choose to end the game by choosing Eris and Caim will marry her and she'll become pregnant. I didn't read that end… lazy lol

      • zaldar

         /  July 17, 2011

        interesting. I can see how as an independent woman (I think I can call you that) you wouldn’t like her arc much. I had dealt with a woman who was similar so early on when she was obviously purposely messing up I had the thought…oh somehow she is stuck with the mind of a two year old. If you have been always told what to do and never allowed to make and deal with your own decisions it is hard to make that leap…and there are people who don’t want to. Masochists are real. (a bird in a golden cage that’s all some people want to be)

        Any who going to stop reading this for a bit I think as after playing the translated demo I am going to play this/import it if they get it translated. Advice on how to import it to the states without um…A. looking odd to the postal service and B.spending an arm and a leg?

      • Wow. I never knew there’d be real people like that, in these times. Interesting. I keep judging people based on what I think is “normal common sense” so Eris’s route was a nice reminder for me to be more careful.

        Sorry I don’t live in the states so I have no idea about imports.

  2. zaldar

     /  July 18, 2011

    Well it isn’t normal but websites like collar me and such do exist and bondage clubs are still around here in the states. I didn’t realize you lived in Japan, I also need to be more careful. So are you a transplant from the states or is your English just incredibly amazing….

    • lol How I wish I lived in Japan. I’m just another normal Asian girl so thank you for complimenting my English ^-^

  3. zaldar

     /  July 31, 2011

    oh where do you live Korea? If you ever want to come visit the US…..

    • ….Will you show me around? XD Anyway, I currently live in Sydney.

      • zaldar

         /  August 13, 2011

        heh yes I would. Sorry for beeing the creeping web guy….how are you liking Australia? Is there a big Asian community there?

      • LOL XD. Australia is awesome and I love it to the point I never ever want to go back. Yes, there’s a big Asian community here and there’s little discrimination among different ethnicities.

  4. Zaldar

     /  May 19, 2013

    Hello long time no chat ;). Thought I would post here as I was updating my bookmarks and ran across this. Still want me to show you around the states sometime? Hope stuff is going well for you..I am on skype if you ever want to find me there let me know and I can send you my contact info…don’t wan to put here for everyone to see.

    • OMG I’m really sorry for the late reply T-T I was flooded with work and I only recently recovered some accounts so I could only just logged in after really long. I’m doing good, thank you so much!^_^ Since then I’ve jumped around 8-9 countries? I’m trying my best to make everything work well so I can continue studying. If you’d like to talk to me, that’s ok ‘w’? asdjhglsjk but really? Anyway a reply months later is somewhat orz my bad…


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