Aiyoku no Eustia : Chapter 1 Fione’s arc

Only Fione, Licia, and Tia’s arcs are detailed because I kept falling asleep/getting distracted in Eris’s and Irene’s arcs. I won’t be able to fix it unless I replay and I don’t feel like it. So sorry about that ^^;; Also I probably won’t be summarizing any other ending besides the main.

Summary for Fione’s arc


Chapter 1 : Fione’s arc

Fione is the captain of the wing hunters.

In the prologue, Caim redeemed Tia from being a prostitute and moved to a new house to live with her much to Eris’s discontent. After that for a whole month he forbade Tia from going out in case the winged hinters were still looking for her. Melt felt sorry for Tia so she persuaded Caim that it was already safe. 10 days after, Caim takes her out and Tia asks Melt to give her cooking lessons. They don’t want her to get caught again so she’s still forbidden to walk around alone. He’s really protective of her XD

Later that day, a drunk man comes barging into the bar. Fione appears after him apologizing for the trouble. They just caught a winged girl and this guy, who was her lover, protested. Fione says he hurt her subordinates so they had to use force. Caim says its because the hunters use violence so the people react with violence. Fione replies that it’s their job to protect the people from the spreading of the disease and emphasizes that they simply “take hold” of the patients to transfer them to a recovery facility, not “hunt”.

Sieg comes along to ask Caim to help the winged hunters investigate about the mysterious “black demon” rumor going around in prison. The rumored black demon leaves black feathers on the ground and grossly mutilated corpses.. yeah. Probably the one that attacked Tia on the night she arrived at the prison. Oz confirmed that he found some feathers when he was cleaning up. Sieg agreed to cooperate so they wouldn’t be suspicious of them. However, Sieg is actually more interested in the governments’s top commander, Lucius. Everyone’s noticed that Lucius is doing a good job lately. He wants Caim to try and get info about Lucius. Caim’s not a member of the Golden Chain, so Sieg makes him a special case. He’ll order the guys to follow Caim’s orders just for this case. Caim’s still reluctant because of Tia, he doesn’t want to mess with the hunters but Sieg offers to pay the remaining amount from Tia’s price for Caim if he does the job. We all know Caim’s just complaining just for the sake of it, he can’t refuse Sieg anyway.

Caim’s partner from the winged hunters obviously turns out to be Fione. As Caim expected she asks about Caim, who told her he wasn’t part of the Golden Chain in the prologue. Sieg confirms he’s not but he can represent the group because he’s special. He also knows the prison areas very well. He’ll be a good help especially since the hunters want the DarkWing (or Black wing, but I like dark) captured alive. Fione also confirms with Caim that he’s not hiding any hanetsukis (people with the wing disease).. which Caim has to lie to that. Fione’s got good instict.^^

Her title has so many kanjis it's funny

They talk at Vinoletta (Melt’s bar). Fione says harsh things to the Lilium trio (Claudia-Risa-Iris), looking down on them because they’re prostitutes.. which turns into a argument about prostitute business and customers. They have a long boring talk about the killing cases and Fione plans to make whistles for the capture team. Fione’s quite fond of Melt’s cooking, she did’t know Melt was a former prostitute yet until Caim points it out to her. We get to know more about Fione, she’s headstrong and very persistent about rules, official names and uniforms. Also, her brother was part of the defense bureau too and she feels that this job is her destiny. Though, the first day of the investigation ends in vain because she refused to change out of her hunter uniform and the prisoner slum folk cower at and despise her.

Money has no color. There wouldn't be prostitutes if there weren't any customers.

The next day, Fione still refused to come in private clothes so they learn nothing again. However, there’s one old winged woman who asked to be captured. She asks the place be cleared up after her. Fione objects that after she’s recovered she may return but the woman has given up on life at this old age. She’s just looking for a place to die. She realizes Fione’s kindness and gives her a brooch. Fione strongly believes the woman will be in a better environment than that shabby room. When Caim asks if she’s seen inside the recovery facility, she says her job is just to send them there.

Then Risa runs in with news that Tia is in trouble. They rush out and find that Tia is safe with Eris. The attacker was probably the Darkwing so Caim and Fione chase after it to find the torn-to-pieces-corpse of a winged girl and some black feathers. The vice captain Lang, who tried to pick a fight with Caim in the prologue, tried to pick a fight with Caim again at the scene. After cleaning up and questioning the witnesses, they leave for the night. Caim learns that Eris and Tia didn’t see much of the Darkwing either. Tia bumped into him in a corner and Eris saw the black shadow and ran to help. They saw it only for a second and it was dark. Eris kept telling Caim to thank her with his body and Caim goes “shitsukoi zo” at her. I liked his voice – so badass XD

The next day Caim is Fione shyly asks Caim to choose some private clothes for her. She works all the time so she doesn’t have any. While she changes Caim has a chat with Lang. Today Caim and Fione check out the deeper parts of the slums in much better fashion. They find a corpse of a witness in a house, badly cut up and rotting. Somethings smells fishy so Caim suggests it could be a cover up. Fione admits previous witnesses have disappeared too but refuses to doubt her subordinates. She gives Caim the whistles to give to members of the Golden Chain to blow when they find the culprit.

The next day Fione takes Caim to her house up in the lower class. Caim suggests the possibility that there may be a person related to the Darkwing in the hunter group. Fione is enraged about it and says she trusts her subordinates. Caim convinves her to check that they’re innocent then. On their way home, Caim stops by at to look at the edge of the lower city. It’s the place where Caim lost his family. Rather than feeling they’re dead, he feels like they just disappeared. They return to the prison and hear the sound of a whistle. Caim runs to the scene and starts chasing the Darkwing. He runs into Lang then Fione and she follows him as he takes shortcuts through the slums. Caim says its not human.. and Fione half laughs at that. A second later, the thing appears right behind Fione…

..but it misses. Caim dragged her away from it’s grasp. It disappears as quickly as it came.

For another 5 days, they try to find it, then they finally find what seems to be it’s hideout. Fione judges by the number of old feathers that it may have moved to another place already. Fione looks like something is troubling her but she says she’s tired. Caim noticed that but Fione says she can’t tell him yet. She goes home alone in the rain, refusing Cladia’s offer to lend her a raincoat. She goes back to keep the feather as evidence at the headquarters first and finds something odd.

Later Caim lurks around in the slums and sees the Darkwing from behind and he stabs it using stealth mode. He blows the whistle and chases afer it for a while but loses it. It’s not as monsterly fast like the day before. Fione and Lang rush to the scene, Lang saying he picked up a black feather. However Fione suddenly turns at Lang and locks his arm. She made a mark on that feather so she knows it’s an old one. Caim also finds the stab wound on him. He tricks Lang into admitting it by saying that his knife was poisoned. Lang has been killing the hanetsukis all along because he thinks they should be purged from the world. His mother was a devoted believer of the church and a kind gentle lady. One day she took pity on some winged guys and hid them. They raped and killed her so he killed them. From then on, he lived to kill the all hanetsuki and save the city from them. Before they could arrest him, he took his life.

After that Caim and Fione drink in the tavern, Fione is upset and Caim comforts her by patting her head. Fione gets teary eyed at that. The Lilium trio come in again and start making Caim apologize for making a woman cry. This time Fione accepts Claudia’s offer and borrows her overcoat. Then Fione tells Caim about how she adored her brother and how they took their own father to the recovery center for wing disease patients.

The next day they continue the search. They find another place with old feathers and an old medicine label. They go to ask Eris to decipher it. It’s a note of ingredients for making a really strong painkiller, so strong it’s toxic. Fione recalls an incident that happened before the Dark wing rumors started: A fire at a chemical research factory. They decide to check it out.

Risa asks Caim if she can invite Tia for dinner since she’s probably lonely with Caim leaving her alone most of the time.

Caim and Fione check out the burnt chemical factory and find lots of old dry black feathers there. They part ways. Caim goes to ask Sieg for more information about the burnt factory. Sieg tells him its main is in the upper city and deals with dangerous stuff like poisons. Sometimes a noble of very high status would appear. That night Risa invited Tia to play with the trio, Caim goes to check up on them and finds Tia in tears. The trio found out that she’s winged but they don’t mind so Tia was so happy, she cried. After asking the trio to help keep the secret, they leave. Caim sees the coat that Fione borrowed from Claudia the last night outside the door and he knows Fione must have overheard about Tia. Fione’s attitude is rather strange all day next day. After they part ways, Caim hears the whistle. This time Caim gets to see Darkwing up close.

He can barely hold off it’s attacks but it’s not intent on killing. Fione calls out to Caim and it backs off. They chase it but it’s too strong for them to catch. It kills two men. Caim tells Fione that it looked like it was trying to say something. Sieg is unhappy since one of the guys who died was well respected. The Golden Chain side will use poison to attack the Darkwing since they can’t afford any more loss. Fione doesn’t like that. She says she was ordered to capture it alive.

The next day they go to check out it’s hideout again. Fione confronts Caim about Tia and he explains everything to her, including how Tia shined with the same light as Tragedia, the cause of the Grand Forte. He asks Fione to wait until he learns more about the incident that changed his life. Fione then confesses that the Darkwing is most likely her brother, Cougar Silvaria. She knows because this place is a memory place for both of them. He was a good person. She doesn’t know why or how he became the Darkwing. Fione offers to keep quiet about Tia if Caim helps her save her brother. Seeing how Fione feels bad about making an unfair deal with him, he accepts. He also tells her that he had a brother too. He fell right in front of his eyes. Caim suggests Fione leave a message only she and her brother recognizes, and arrange a meet up.

I feel so sorry for Tia when they went to talk at Caim’s house. She apparently thought for moment that Caim was going to hand her to the wing hunters. They arrange a plan. Fione will find something that Darkwing will recognize so it doesn’t simply kill Caim off. It’s the family sword of her house.

Their plan works and Darkwing comes. Fione calls out to him but as the another views have been hinting, Darkwing is can hardly keep his own consciousness and is constantly being overcome by killing intent. Fione doesn’t give up and says he can kill her if he wants. Finally he calls her Fio. But the whistle sounds and Sieg’s pursuers find them. They shoot poisonous arrows at Darkwing, so it flies away.

Caim follows him and and fight with it for a bit. Then Darkwing starts coughing up blood because of the poison and the red in his eyes disappear for a moment. He sees the sword Fione let Caim borrow so he knows he can trust him. He asks Caim to give Fione a message. “The recovery institute is actually an experiment facility. All the hanetsukis are being killed mercilessly. He tried to find out the truth, but he was caught and experimented on.” He asks Caim to kill him, he can’t be saved and he doesn’t want Fio to get in trouble for saving him….then his eyes turn red and he becomes a monster again. Fione arrives and she tries to call out to Darkwing but he’s completely gone. Caim throws the sword to Fione, telling her to kill Darkwing, to grant him peace. In tears, Fione thrusts the sword into Darkwing’s body. Before Darkwing dies, he told Fione that he was glad she was the one to strike the final blow. He told her to weild the sword with her own will, don’t let it overcome her. Don’t be binded to the house or anything. Fione recalls memories of him teaching her to use a sword ;_; (POOR COUGAR ;_;) This is the first time he lost to her in a sword fight. Cougar dies and the job is over. Fione is sad but tries to stand again by herself. She can’t let her subordinates see her crying.

Afterwards, Fione and Caim return to his house, and Caim tells Fione about what Cougar said. Fione is shocked and can’t accept it because she indirectly sent all those people to their deaths. She says she’s lost her destiny so Caim insults her saying her resolve is shallow etc. She gets really mad and leaves. Tia says Fione will hate him but he doesn’t mind. It was for her sake. After that she thknks carefully about what Caim said and decides to continue being a soldier. She’ll do her best to correct it from within and protect the honor of the Silvaria family.

Later Caim is called into the government building, he meets Lucius. Lucius demotes Fione to vice-captian and takes the position of captain himself. Fione has told Lucius about the case and he wants to investigate the truth. Caim makes up the story that he’s told some members about it already (if he was the only one who knew, he could be killed off) Lucius however, seems to be on their side. He just asks Caim to keep it a secret from any other members of the Golden Chain so he can investigate freely. After that Fione tells Caim her decision. She’ll also investigate the experiment facilities under Lucius’s commands. She’ll also keep quiet about Tia. Caim goes back to his house to see Tia, tells her the jobs finished and they go to Vinoletta together.

End of Fione Chapter

…Cougar;_; Fione is OK. She’s a nice person and I feel sorry for her that she was decieved in doing dirty work all this time. I liked her more as the story continues and less when I played her ending. (in which she turns into a normal woman). I was more interested in the setting/ story details than her though. Something very cruel is going on in this city…

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Licia’s Ending (coming soon)

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  1. Wow, I’m really confused about that DarkWing thing. How can they be like that? Because of experiment? It’s really scary if we live in that world… At first reading, I thought her conclusion would be some fighting against evil or something like that. But the main is to fight with her brother?

    I feel funny (considering you’re mainly an otome game, but the first long review in your blog is about bishoujo game)! When searching about this game, I felt interested with the environment, more like an RPG rather than H-game. Hmm, I shall consider this game if I have much time (yeah, if I can play H-game again)… I’d just played Snow Drop and Pianissimo (and really loved the two because of the color and background).

    I wish it will be make as an anime so that I can know the story without troubled (in real life) for playing it (I mean, so hard to play H-game in my home).

    • Yeah, crazy experiments turning humans into winged killing monsters… it’s a cruel world^^;; The prison in Aiyoku no Eustia is the worst place to live in ever probably. And yes, this game is full of plot twists like that. (I’m starting to wonder if I missed stuff in the summary that I know but other people don’t … ahh /orz\ considers summarizing the prologue if I have time)

      Actually I never planned to write summaries in my blog.. but I made notes for Eustia for a friend who can’t read Jap and since it’s rather difficult, to stop myself from forgetting everything since I wanted to make a post about it. (I forget things easily especially if I read too fast and don’t look up words in a dictionary .. yeah I forgot a lot in S.Y.K without finishing my post and I regret it) So it turned out like this. lol I’m also not very good at writing reviews.. orz (BTW I’m going back to otome after this…XD I won’t touch bishoujo for another while)

      If you don’t have much time, you can try just the prologue (takes 3-4 hours).. no H-scenes. If you follow the main route, you’ll only see 1 H-scene and a few H-CGs (not that often). If you’re going to play the game, my posts will probably spoil everything if you read them first^^;

      • No, I’m okay with spoiler…
        I, myself, is also easily forget if there’re so much scenes. So the long review is wrote slowly as I played the game.

        Oh, and, I love the OP song! I guess it should be expected since it’s Ceui

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