Aiyoku no Eustia : Prologue & First Impression

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been playing Aiyoku no Eustia. After so long (it took a whole month of my otome life), FINALLY I’ve cleared the main story! YATTA! \^-^/ The ending was really good and the story got really awesome by Licia’s and Tia’s arcs. I also cried at the end. ;_; The story is really good. I’ll be writing my impressions and also summaries for this game. No spoilers in this post.


[General Information]

Company: AUGUST

Genre: Fantasy, drama, serious, tragedy?

Release date: 28 April 2011

Official site:  here


Introduction & Review (English, non spoiler): UTW Fansubs Blog

Guide I used: here

List of Japanese blog posts about Eustia (Japanese)

2ch logs

[Prologue = Trial]

The trial contains the whole prologue. There is an English patch by Yandere Translations.

They did a really good job on it so I won’t be writing the summary of the prologue/trial here.

It takes around 3-5 hours to play. Minor difference of the trial and the real game is Oz has a sprite and there’s an extra fanservice CG of Eris and Eustia.


Story: The main game’s story progresses in continuous arcs, each arc will focus on one heroine and at the end you can choose to get her ending or continue with the game.

Prologue -> Fione -> Eris -> Irene -> Licia -> Tia

Tia’s route is the True end. The other character endings won’t give answers to the story so I recommend playing the main story first, then do the others later. Unless you want to see H-scenes that is, which in that case I recommend following the main story first until the chapter ends, save, then go back to see the normal end. You’ll only encounter 1 H-scene in the main route. There are no bad ends and only one ending for each character. (I’m spoiled by S.Y.K and CZ, I like multiple good and bad ends.)

Playtime: LONG. The main game takes 40-50 hours (no skips) or 20-30 hours (fast reader, skip voice) depending on your reading speed. (info taken from 2ch) My Japanese reading speed is really slow and I have to use a dictionary. It’s feels to me, the longest visual novel I’ve ever played. But worth it.

[First Impressions]

I decided to be short here. Let’s say I once I played the trial, this immediately became my highest anticipated game and once it was released I just had to play it as soon as I got it. The setting is irresistible for me. Novus Aether is a floating city in the sky similar to Ar Tonelico/Romeo x Juliet. (I love floating cities..) There’s a big gap between high and low society. The prison is very dark and filled with death and every bad thing you could think of but yet mysteriously attractive. The buildings have a European medieval fantasy feel to it. The first few scenes before the title pops up in the PV are the stuff that I’ve always dreamed of seeing. High stairs, long bridges.. a tower on the highest point. It’s just beautiful and so detailed. I was also in love with the OP and Ceui’s song Asphodelus. The characters were all likable especially Caim. He’s strong, a bit ichiwaru(likes to tease by badmouthing) but is actually kind inside. He also hides a lot of pain in him from the harsh life he led. I like his voice too, it’s a very good thing he is voiced since most VNs don’t have voiced protagonists. I really liked Tia, Eris and Melt from the start too. As for the story, the prologue was awesome.. I couldn’t help expecting great things from this game.

BTW, I seriously think this game is awesome anime material and an anime-adaptation is highly probable because it’s that good.

[Summary Quick Index] 

Prologue / First Impressions —This post

Chapter 1 : Fione’s arc

Chapter 2 : Eris’s arc

Chapter 3 : Saint Irene’s arc

Chapter 4 : Licia’s arc

Chapter 5 : Tia’s arc Part 1 / Part 2 + Final Impressions

Licia’s Ending (coming soon)

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  1. Anon

     /  May 26, 2011

    I’m all for an anime adaption, as long as it’s not done by the same people who did the previous August animu adaptions. They were pretty bad. :<

  2. Shiki

     /  May 27, 2011

    I am currently playing the web trial. It is my first VN and I am surprised that the trial aka prologue seems pretty long. Or are all prologue for others long like this (or maybe because it’s just my first game)? XD Sadly I can’t read Japanese at all so I will need to wait for a translation to play the full game. Can’t wait, I find the story really interesting. ^^

    • This game is quite long in my opinion.. it took me 6+ hours to finish the prologue in Japanese. I’m sure it’ll take a big while to translate this game..^^

      • Shiki

         /  May 30, 2011

        Nonetheless the prologue really does a good job to get people hooked. XD I was finally able to finish the prologue this weekend since my school work + anime convention took up all my free time. I really liked it! >< Caim is so badass XD Now I really want to learn Japanese so I can play this game and other games without waiting for English translation. =/

      • I’m glad you liked it! Caim<3 Yep, games are really good motivation for learning Japanese.^-^ It was my reason for learning too. A lot of games don't get translated at all so it's really worth the trouble.

  3. zaldar

     /  July 16, 2011

    could you translate the guide you used? As well have you tried any of the rance games I expect you would like them. Always interesting to here the viewpoint of a female playing what really are eroge games…

    • You need to choose the answers according to the guide so there’s no point in translating them. I can explain it though. Keep choosing the answers in the left column until you reach the red セーブ, save your game. Then you can choose the answers from the right column to get the heroine of that arc’s ending or keep following the left column to continue on the main route (Tia’s end). That’s all.

      I don’t have much time to play games at the moment, it may be a long while before I start another eroge (there’s so much otome to play).. I may try Rewrite when I get the time. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      • zaldar

         /  July 17, 2011

        Ah is this a guide for the prologue only….I only have the trial from yandre….Found this site from there actually. The trial doesn’t seem to have different endings, which I guess is expected. Not sure what an otome is but hope you enjoy them. If you haven’t tried any of the rance games you should consider it.

      • That’s the full guide. You won’t need a guide for the prologue, just choose anything – it won’t matter. 🙂 An otome game is like eroge, just that it has guys to catch instead of girls, and most aren’t R18.

  4. zaldar

     /  July 18, 2011

    Ah so none of the choices in the trial matter then, to bad. No replay value that way but ah well. Wow so they make eroge games with male characters in Japan, amazing.

    Wonder if we are going to get a soccer eroge now…


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