CZ Drama CD information update!

Today CLOCK ZERO’s staff blog was updated again with information about the new Drama CD.

~正義の秘密戦隊ヘルズエンジェルズ 第613話 『黄昏の決戦』~
Release date 2011.5.18

The story will be based on the Hells Angels VS Heavens Devils story which was introduced in the shop-only Tokuten drama CDs, this time featuring all characters and resulting in full chaos! *w* The giant usagi-robot will be returning together with a Kaeru-robot too. (I’m sure Bishop won’t be happy about this – I won’t be surprised if he’s after revenge for the last incident XD) And Nakaba and Rain will get lots of parts! YES! Brotherly love between Nakaba and Bishop = ♥! King vs Bishop ..? In any case, I love this couple no matter they get along or not. There’s also some King vs Wanderer = ♥. And I really want to hear Rittan getting called “Wanderer? No, you’re Cosplay daro?” XD XD ..I’m still missing the Hells Angels CD so I want to hear him called that. *fangirls*

The story will be gag centered, but will have lots of delicious parts as Director Shima-san said in the blog. Read it for more details! Anyway, I’m totally looking forward to it!^_^

Link: CLOCK ZERO Staff blog
Link: Enterbrain Product page

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  1. Wow, another drama CD for Clock Zero? It sure is become a game that has a lot of drama CDs..


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