I’m Yukiru. Welcome to my new blog: Yume no Shizuku!

Finally, after becoming an otome game fangirl for a few months, I decided to create my own blog
to write down my thoughts about the games I’ve been playing and those I’m interested in.
I’m formally a RPG/anime/manga/seiyuu fangirl so from time to time I may write
impressions of those too. Simply, I’ll write about anything that captures my heart.

More about me: please see About page.

I’m new to both otome games and blogging so if anything is wrong please feel free to
comment and tell me. I also LOVE fangirl discussions! *_* (starry eyes)
Comments are always welcome.

Kore kara, Yoroshiku ne!

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  1. Congratzzz to your new blog! I think this will be a great blog.

    By the way, just wanna ask if I can put your link in my own blog…

    • Thanks~~ I hope I can keep posting because usually I’m so lazy.. XD
      I’d be glad to have you link me^_^ Can I do the same? *loves your blog/to fangirl with you*

      • Sure, you can… I’m not really active in network, so you’ll be my first friend’s link… Glad to know another CZ’s and otoges’ fans!

  2. Hi Yukiru, nice to see you have an otome blog too.
    I love fangirl discussions too so can we exchange links? x3
    Oh and I’ve followed you on twitter~ I hope you don’t mind.

    • Hi Rin! Hehe you found my blog.. なんかちょっと恥ずかしいです>w<
      I was going to ask you but you found me first XD …It’s my pleasure ^_^ Is it OK for me to do the same?
      BTW.. I saw you’ve started to play S.Y.K. Yatta! next fangirl target XD

      • Of course. Glad to find someone to fangirl with. xD
        Yea I’m following you and started playing S.Y.K yesterday. Still on the general route though since I can only play after work. How far are you into the game? :3

      • I’m quite sure you’ll pass me in no timeXD I’ve cleared Hakkai (not properly since he’s not my type and I started disliking him once I entered his route=I skipped to the end..) -> Gojou -> Now I’m playing Gyokuryuu<3

      • Ah I’m thinking of starting with Hakkai too so I can get him out of the way, but Gojou’s tempting me to do his route first lol. Those eyes.. ♥ Gyokuryuu’s really cute too so I hope his route is good. Have fun playing his route, I hope there’s a lot of moe moments~ xD

      • I recommend going for Gojou first, his route is good^_^ I think it’ll be easier to get Hakkai out of the way once you’re more familiar with the story and can skip. I’ve learned a lesson not to start with the guy I like least.

      • Oh, I have cleared the endings where Genjou finally reached Tenjiku. One is where she can’t open the door, and the other one is where she gets the kyouten and everyone’s back to their daily lives after the adventure. Now my second run feels like a skipfest. xD

  3. domshiki

     /  April 23, 2011

    ello there, nice to see more fellow otome gamers and bloggers around 😀 gonna link u on me blog, seems this is gonna be a fab blog! good luck; i love fanboyin over otome games too xD

    • Hi Domshiki~ XD
      Thanks for linking to my lowly blog *光栄です〜うれしい!*
      Your reviews have saved me numerous times (especially Hiiro no Kakera and SYK) and I have a lot of fun reading them^-^


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