Thoughts on Amnesia

Amnesia Later Fandisk 発売おめでとう!

I enjoyed Amnesia, even though it’s not one of my favorites. (Thankfully, since I lose a lot of money for my favs) I’m looking forward to Ikki, Shin and Toma. ^__^ I had this draft of the first game which I was trying to write up a review which I never finished because I never got around to playing Kent.. I’m polishing it up (a little) to refresh my memory before playing the FD. Nothing but a short review and a personal impression aka. wtf messy thoughts about the game..

Side notes: I’ve started my new semester already and am getting overwhelmed by new subjects again. I’m still planning to finish my StS posts in detail so I don’t plan to write anything about Amnesia Later unless I feel like it. I may write just only my impressions. The only games I’m planning on clearing are Tales of Xillia (Milla’s side remaining) and Final Fantasy XIII-2. For otome I’m looking forward to Atelier Elkrone, Miyako FD and BWS:Bloody Nightmare.. and many more although I just can’t keep up anymore.

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Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.5 Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo

Somehow Nanaki’s route felt really quick and I was pretty much .____. the whole route because I couldn’t really synchronize with the whole story about Chiyo. I really enjoyed Nanaki’s moments near his ending– but they came so late so I felt there wasn’t enough ;w; I don’t have much to say like in Hinase’s route so I’ll just be quick. Feel free to (actually please do) enlighten me about the story, I love discussion and I love learning other opinions different from my own. Nanaki and Chiyo’s relationship is only half of the importance of this chapter. (I ended up writing an analysis section on it, feel free to criticize my unorganized tl;dr writing) The other half of the chapter contributes a lot on moving the story forwards the next chapter in Shinigami to Shoujo. So I’ll be covering all about Ao and Tooya in this chapter too.

Voice actors = Kirishima Nanaki: Chiba Susumu // Chiyo: Nojima Kenji

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post.

[ Chapter 5 : Kirishima Nanaki & Chiyo’s story ]

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Shinigami to Shoujo: Ch.4 Hinase Mitsuru’s story

I love Hinase’s story to pieces and I couldn’t stand missing details so the post turned out really long.. Now I understand how other bloggers make such long posts and I admire them for being able to keep it up. This post covers all of Chapter 4 and Hinase’s route. The post is different from the previous posts, and is divided into 5 parts but it’s still a huge slightly over 10k word wall of text ;w; (one with all my love). Please take your time reading? The next posts I make for StS will be similar to the first post. Hinase’s really special that’s why it turned out like this ;w;

Random edit: Hinase is voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa (FF:FFH FF Versus 13’s Noctis)
His voice acting and singing is so good I pretty much became a fan of him now..

Note: This post contains spoilers, and continues from the previous post. Important events about Hinase that happen during Ch.1-3 are also in the previous post.

[ Chapter 4 : (Hinase Mitsuru’s story) ]

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Shinigami to Shoujo: Prologue, Ch.1-3

死神と少女 応援中!

Shinigami to Shoujo official site :

I recently started playing Shinigami to Shoujo. It’s a very enchanting story filled with deep meanings, and is as good and fulfilling as everyone says it is. I’ve finished Hinase’s story (Ch.4) and it’s already my second favorite game after Clock Zero. It’s a story I’d recommend with all my heart; its beautiful, heartwarming and bittersweet. If you’re going to play it, please don’t spoil yourself because my writing can’t do it justice.. in fact, please read Chocolatemix’s non-spoiler review if you’re still deciding. Otherwise I’d love to share the story and my thoughts about it with you. It’s also been a long while since I wrote full summaries/impressions of a game since Aiyoku no Eustia. がんばったわ \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/

 This post covers the prologue, Ch.1-3, Kaho’s ending and everything about Hinase before entering his route. It’s around 3400 words long. Not too long. This will not be the case for Hinase’s post *rolls eyes*

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Anticipating Hakuouki in English / Otome Games are Visual Novels!

I love this MAD so much! ❀(*´◡`*)❀ All my thanks to the creator for making it and to Kokia for creating such a beautiful song. Kazuki Yone sure draws good expressions for the guys and for Chizuru, she’s unbeatable in this aspect.

Anyway Hakuouki English version will be coming in February 15th! I’m looking forward to it :3

Being the first otome game to be localized in English, Hakuouki is getting a lot of attention. The problem is, it feels like a lot of people are getting the wrong idea of otome games, and it saddens me when they think they’re just dating sims for girls and that the point is to get a love-love ending with the guy you want. First of all, most otome games including Hakuouki are not dating sims, but are visual novels. The word ‘novel’ should be emphasized much more because that’s essentially what it is. It has more qualities of a novel than of a game. Think of a novel with romance themes.. for example Twilight, or Meg Cabot’s stuff. The main character (a girl) meets a hot boy, usually more than one for the drama, and she falls in love with one of them while the story unfolds. The difference is in a VN, there isn’t only one ending. Suppose if Twilight were a VN, what if Bella had chosen Jacob instead of Edward? How would we know what happens to her and how the story turns out? Thats where the choices come in, to determine which scenes you’d get to read. If there’s only one choice, then it’d be too easy.. your choices could lead you to different endings with different characters, or a Bad End. You can explore the ‘what if’ possibilities by viewing all the scenes, devouring the story from different viewpoints. Second, to get a good ending with the guy you want is NOT the point. Why do people read romance novels? To reach the words ‘The End’? Just for the romance? You are meant to enjoy the story similar as you would when reading a book, not to win anything. The word ‘game’ misleads. Aksys’s product descriptions don’t do much good in solving this misunderstanding. Too bad Hakuouki counts foremost as a game so it draws more attention to typical gamers than those who would be interested. That and the cultural difference is just so large.

I don’t know if the English version of Hakuouki will be successful, though I hope it will be.. just so more people can enjoy what I enjoy ‘w’ Just as a side note, it was pretty easy for me to get hooked into otome games. I like reading books (mostly novels in English), I like anime/manga, I love RPGs and games with a good story.. I always wished there was more romance those stories.. Now I prefer otome games more than books/manga because of the extras (voice!, bgm, visuals). Yet I still enjoy a little bit of everything because everywhere there’s always something unique. I’d be happier if I had more time to clear the games in my backlog.

PS. I’m buying Hakuoki Limited Version to support Hakuouki and Aksys. It’s really cheap compared to the games/books I import from Japan. (Japanese LE w/o shipping costs twice as much as Hakuoki LE w/shipping) Even though I hate the logo font srsly + it annoys me that there’s a ‘u’ missing in the title. I literally read the English version as はくおき.
PS2. Come to think of it, Twilight and Hakuouki are rather similar. They’re not the best of their category but both enjoy huge popularity and countless adaptations etc. I do admit that the story and characters in both titles have a lot of charm. (´・ω・`)
PS3. I still think its a big shame Aksys couldn’t localize Hakuouki Junsouroku (PS3 version). I’d get that with even less hesitation. Even better, they should try port it to Apple’s products and distribute it through iTunes. Everyone has iPhones/iPads nowadays and have free time to spend with it.
PS4. I have an unfinished Okita Souji fangirl post in my drafts orz 済ませたいんだけど..けど!

CLOCK ZERO Drama CD それからの記憶 ~僕たちの中学生日記~

Promotion Video
Official site :

This drama CD continues from the PSP limited edition short story from my previous post (❛◡❛٭)  In short, the CZ members excluding Nadeshiko relive memories of their middle school days together. We get to hear both the child versions in flashbacks and the adults making comments about it. At the ending, love solfege’s insert song ‘Aozora no kakuritsu’ is played in the background. It makes you feel warm and bubbly inside like finishing another happy ending for CZ.

Track 1 : The album of memories
Track 2 : Glorious spring days of a new semester
Track 3 : Summer boys
Track 4 : Heated battle! Shuurin gakuen’s autumn sports festival
Track 5 : Small discrepancy in winter
Track 6 : Love rivals, sakura, and because there’s tomorrow

It goes from spring, to summer, autumn, winter and back to spring again..

By the way, my translations/summaries are far from perfect, please feel free to correct or criticize me for mistakes/bad word usage. I’ll be happy with advice so I can improve myself next time. And about my fangirling rants.. there’s a lot of them in the beginning but they tend to disappear towards the end because I gradually got tired translating lmao even though Track 5,6 are my favorites. I love the rivalry between Rittan and Takato, and the part Madoka attempts to come in so much. I’ll be happy if you enjoy this post~

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CZPSP Epilogue and Limited Edition Short Story

Truthfully I haven’t finished all of CZ PSP yet. >///< I don’t want it to end so I haven’t played any of the Yuushinkai routes yet. I did however, play the epilogue and loved it. But the more lovable thing is the new drama CD. I will write about that but since they are all connected, I’ll write about everything orderly.

The new epilogue continues after [End No.6 Autumn wind’s farewell] when the story ends after the first part in Shuurin Gakuen and nothing happens. After burying the time capsule , everyone lives on normally and Nadeshiko has not paired up with anyone… SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME AND ALL EXTRAS!

CZPSP Epilogue : ~Story towards the Future~

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~*Happy New Year 2012*~

SYK-Genjou CZ-Nadeshiko Amnesia-heroine

Late! But Happy New Years to all! I wish you all the best this year and that there are lots of good new things to enjoy in 2012.

Last year was full of good memories (❛◡❛٭) I’ll also keep a list of my favorites for games/anime for 2011.. just as a reminder when I want to look back. And maybe for those who are interested. Of’corse it is biased (like me) *bricked* and I haven’t played that much due to being busy etc so I’ve missed out on a lot of things, don’t take it personally~ Read the full post »